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Friday, July 30, 2010

Fev-vers on Friday!

Sweet Pea here.
We got a package in the was Fezzant Fevvers! Mommy ordered some offa eBay to make us one of our most favoritest toys in the world...Fevvers-Onna-Stick.
Me and The Baby are checking out the fevvers and the work area.
There's Daddy in the background!
Mommy uses an old radio antenna (the collapsible kind) for the "stick". Daddy dipped both ends in liquid plastic to make a handle on one end and make the other end safe for us to bite.
This is the fevver/bitey end.

Mommy puts three fevvers on some tape and wraps then onto the stick.

Here I am inspecting the initial tape job.
After lots of tape wrapping (We LURVE to bite the tape) our new toy is ready to go!

I'm inspecting the final product.
Quality control is important.
So is speed. Mommy has to make these fast cuz we are impatient!
Looks good...properly taped, fevvers in good working order...

And here I am with the finished toy!
You can see the red plasticized handle.
I gotta go!
Mommy is swishing the fevver toy on the floor!
XX Sweet Pea


  1. Sweet Pea!
    That's one cool fevver toy! :)
    Your mom sure goes the extra miles for you furry ones!!!

  2. What a cool toy! You are all set for the weekend now!!

  3. That looks like a very most excellent toy!

  4. Your mummy is way more talented than mine. She even needs help to find my Sardinie.

  5. Wow! Your mum has the best ideas! Can we come and live with you?

  6. What an excellent toy and creative Mom you have. I wish ours would take a few hints - we would love toys like that.........

  7. What an excellent idea. You must have such fun with that.

    Tell your Mom that her tidy uncluttered kitchen counters put my Mom to shame. I guess she doesn't have to keep the decks cleared because I don't go up there and whap stuff off. Do you guys do that?

  8. What a great toy! Your humans are so creative - we wish we could say the same.

    P.S. our mom says she agrees with Simba about your kitchen counters!

  9. Oh my, my, my Sweet Pea!! Your mum is super duper talented and ever so clever!! Charlie is quite envious as all I can muster is erm... dangling a piece of string...ahem!

    Anyway!! We are so glad you are keeping a very close eye and paw on the manufacturing of these fevvers onna stick! You are doing a grand and important job there adorable Sweat Pea! Well done you!

    Have a lovely day pouncing on these fevvers!

    Take care

  10. Our assistant is going right over to Ebay to check out the fevvers. That looks like such a super toy and we just have to have one, or two, or lots of those fevver toys. Your Mom is just so smart. Have a fantastic week end.

  11. Cool toy. Have a great weekend all.

  12. You guys are so lucky to have parents that make you such cool things=we love your feather toy, we know how much fun it is because feathers are awesome!...Happy Friday sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. Wow, that is just the coolest toy ever. Your parents are just pawsome--we wish our human was one-tenth as clever and creative as yours are!

  14. Your mom is very clever to make that toy - we bet you all have great fun with it. Well done to dad too for doing the handle and making the ends safe.
    We can just picture a stampede of kitties chasing your mom and the fevver toy!!

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  16. Excellent job, everybody! Kittehs are now ready to play.

  17. Your mum is fantastic and very creative to make you kitties such great toys! Sweet Pea you are very good too; overseeing the project and giving direction if need be

  18. Oh, what fun, Sweet Pea!!!!!!!!!!

    Love to all of you from all of us!!!!!

  19. WOW~!!! That is such a grand idea! Our beans get LOTS of fevver sup in the mountain. We'll have to ask our mom to make us some! When we get a good amount, we can send ya some TURKEY fevvers!

  20. Excellent snoopervision Sweet Pea!
    Your people have such great ideas for toys & such for you cats. Making your own fevver wand has to be way cheaper than buying the overpriced ones at pet stores.
    Our Dad golfs at a place called Pheasant Acres and he sees lots of pheasants there. Do you think he's ever thought to bring some fevvers home? No. Probably figgers his golfing buddies will laff at him.

  21. Hi to our delightful dozen...
    your mom and dad are very inventive and clever. They make so much fun for you all every day.

    Happy Friday,
    Madi and Mom

  22. Annie here, for Felix:

    I just want you to know that you have an admirer in Me, Felix. I am a skinny, grumpy middle-aged Ornj Cat and I think you are just beautiful. We could make lots of crabby music together...I have a lot to complain about, too. Like 11 siblings, for a start.

    Felix, you sound like you could be my kind of cat. I don't know how you can stand to live with 11 siblings. The two of mine are bad enough. I mind my own business and Nicki is attacks me without provocation. I'm sick of him.

    Prove your sincerity and worthiness and we'll meow further.

    Just don't expect me to be sweetness and light, 'cause hey, that's not the kind of girl I am. Unless you're a human bearing turkey Temptations. Then...maybe.

  23. You are very, very lucky to have such fun and creative 'rents!
    Enjoy your feathers!

  24. Sweet Pea, you are so lucky you have such creative parents. Mine are duds when it comes to anything like this. Your fevvers look so fun to chase and chew. I hope you have lots of fun!

  25. Miles and I love fether toys too. I like to jump high to get it! Your mom did a good job.

  26. Wow!Your Mom makes toys for you? Don't let my Copper & Outlaw hear that!

    And let me guess Sweetpea - your Mom HAS to keep the counters clean or you it for her????

  27. Wow, dat is a cool toy. Our mom agrees about da counters, course if dad would throw away or at least move some of his stuff der would be more room. Um, is dat a "stop it now" skwirty bottle we see in da background?

  28. Sweet Pea
    Your Mom and Dad are so inventive. That is a real toy and we bet all of you have a great time playing fev-vers!



  29. That looks like a FANTASTIC toy!!! All we ever get is a loose fevver to play with.


  30. You kitties have pawsome folks! The toys our mom makes for us are along the lines of crumpled paper and paper footballs. Got room for three more kitties? We're small and you'd never know we were there. Seriously on that last bit.

    -Pip, Smidgie, Minnie

  31. That is one cool fevver toy! Your mom and dad are furry smart to make those for you!

    PeeEss: Is that what kitchen counters are supposed to look like? We must have faulty counters here cause ours have stuff all over them.

  32. Fev-ver toys are our favorite too! Shadow likes to walk around wif the fev-ver boas and meow like he's calling a lost kitten. Its furry funny!


  33. Unbelievably cool! I get to play with feathers only under supervision--my mom says I groom them too much. (So what?)

  34. Whoohoo! That is one awesome toy!! Get that fev-ver!!!

  35. Neat toy and home made too. What fun.

  36. That is an awesome toy, you guys are gonna have fun this weekend=^Y^=

  37. That's one cool feather toy you've got there, I'm so impressed you've got such a devoted mum and dad to make it so carefully for you. Archie crunches up feathers in our room under the bed while we're trying to sleep, loudly. xx

  38. WOW! Yoor beans are so skilled ~ do yoo want to rent them owt? They cud make us a fevver toy, and a den and stuff.


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