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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday is Toysday!


Please excuse me if I look a little wrecked. It's all Mommy's fault.

Mommy bought us some New Toys!

She bought us some pawsome Nip YEOWW toys from Baby Patches' store, Nip and Bones!

We love YEOWW toys and Nip and Bones have a great selection to choose from.

I got pretty baked playing with this one.

And Mommy bought us some Nip JellyBeans from The Casbah Kitties!

Jane and Alice were so nice, they sent us an extra JellyBean. They must know we're not so good about sharing, sometimes...Thanks you two!

Sweet Pea is a tiny bit nipped out.

heh heh.

May Ling is crazy about the JellyBeans...
Mommy tossed them onto the chair, and May Ling would bat 'em off. Do you see the JellyBean in midair?

Grayce went nutty on the YEOWW punkin.

And she enjoyed laying on the packing paper that the toys came in, too!

It was super duper Nippy smelling.

Mommy also got us some honeysuckle spray from Nip and Bones and sprayed a bunch of our toys...
...this ball is one of my favorites (once again!) and I've been batting it all over!

We also got a pink YEOWW pillow toy, but I hid that one right away...gotta save something for later!
We LOVE alla our new toys, and Mommy was happy to be able to buy from our CB friends, and not a big chain. You don't get a nice note from other Kitties and their Mommies when you shop at a big box store! The personal touch means a lot.
Hey! I gotta go...somecat is snooping around the credenza where I hid MY pink pillow...
Bye Kitties!
XX The Baby


  1. Woah! That looks like a huge nip session there. I am surprised you can still type straight. I hope your hiding places are all safe :)

  2. Wow! They all look like pawsome toys to play with! Have a nippy good time!

  3. Awww beautiful The Baby!! You look so happy with all your nip toys!!! My goodness - no wonder you look nipped out!! And May Ling is a a great batter of jelly babies - look at her hit that one right off the chair! Awww and sweet Grayce looks lovely enjoying the wrapper!

    These are fabulous toys! Me and Charlie agree that the personal touch is nicer when it comes to getting all these fab and personal toys!! Yay for the CB!!!

    Take care

  4. Wow, that looks like an awesome toyfest! We're so glad you liked our Jelly Beans. It's knowing that our toys are being loved/batted/bunny kicked/nommed/hidden/squashed and shredded that makes it all worthwhile.

  5. Oh Happy Day! Quite a nipfest. We don't know about honeysuckle spray - is it good?

  6. Wow new nip toys are pawsome! You look like you are having a great time

  7. We love our toys from Nip and Bones and Casbah Kittens! Sweet Pea and Deli just adore the jellybeans too!

    Thank you so much for coming to our party!!

  8. I have some of those jelly beans and they are great!

  9. Good morning Lucky Dozen!!
    I love new toys too but they do wear me out. So much to smell and figure out....then there is that trippin' nip...whoopee.

    Have a good day.
    Hugs Madi

  10. Wow, pawsome nip toys! And we've heard about honeysuckle, not ever smelled any, though.

    Have fun!

  11. You do look a little nipped out. You need to take a break during your playtime. Take a long nap.

  12. You guys got some great toys=we love our nip toys too!...We need our Mommy to check out the honeysuckle spray=we've never heard of that but it sounds interesting...Have fun with all your new stuff, sweeties...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. It looks like you are all on a 'high' with your nip toys - they all look great especially the jelly beans. We didn't know about honeysuckle spray - we'll get mum to investigate.

  14. Those are a lot of great toys. I'll have to check out Nip and Bones and the Casbah Kittens to see what I can get for my guys. I can't think of a better endorsement than your kitties at play :-)

  15. YEOWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What fun!!!! What a wonderful mommy y'all have!!!! Gorjamous pix, too!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx

  16. Wow, fabulous toys! I love Nip and Bones but I need to check out Casbah Kittens. I enjoyed these pictures of you guys enjoying these toys. I'm intrigued by the honeysuckle spray as some of our toys have lost their oomph. Yes, we've kept packing paper on the floor for days for this same reason. :)

  17. Wow that is a lot of nip toys! And it is so cool you got them from the Casbah Kittens and Baby Patches! We love to shop with them - those jelly beans are addictive, and we know that the Yeoww toys are super fun and nip filled too!! It looks like you all really got a lot of awesome stuff!

  18. Y'all sure know how to pawty!

  19. WOW~!!! Them's is some furry cool toys! Mom agrees, when we're due for toys, she will buy from our CB furriends as well...

  20. Toysday! What a great idea, especially if you have a whole bunch of new neato toys!

  21. We love our jellybeans!
    Ah yes it was toy day at your house!

    *woo hoo*

    Have fun efurryone playin with your new toys.



  22. those look like great toys! Ours are really sucky. Don't smell like nip at all, but they do come from the big store and its a waste of money because the nip is all faded out by the time we buy them.

  23. Those toys look like a lot of fun! We love Casbah Kitten toys but we've never tried the others yet - we'll have to tell our mommy about them! Isabella loves the jelly beans too and puts them under the closet doors for fun!


  24. PARTY!!!!

    The Blackie says, NO MORE SWIMMING, EVAH! (And he really looked like a duck, a surprised duck!)

  25. Wow! Wot a pawsome bunch of noo toys! You guys is furry lucky! Nip and Bones iz da bestest!
    A werd on hidin' your toyz: Best hidin' place where no odder cats dare snoops iz under your belleh while yoo iz nappin! Munchkin does dat alla time. She iz a toy hog.

    We also wanna fanks yoo fur stoppin by our bloggie! We kno we haz not been bisitin furry much ourselves, cuz mom typist haz been so buzy werking. But we do luvs our furriends who still come by to bisit us anyways. It means a lot!

  26. Our dad calls dat "getting baked" and we like to do it offen! Dem look like some great baking toys...heehee

  27. Hey, you had a Christmas in July, and a fun one at that!! We got our Ham-micks from Forty Paws and we LOVE them! Aren't those jelly beans magic.........they kinda send ya away to never never land..LOL=^Y^=

  28. NIP!!!!!!!!!!!! TOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NIP TOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WOO HOO!!!!!!!!!! Glad to see you all having a good time with those nip toys!

  29. Ooooh...Score! Those new toys look absolutely pawsome! Not to mention the packing paper...

    Our mom likes to shop at the "indy" places for our toys too. Have fun!

    -Pip, Smidge, Minnie

  30. We LOVE those Yeoww toys!! We got some from Nip and Bones too!! And y'know what else?? Our mom just ordered us some nip jelly beans from the Casbah Kitties! We haven't gotten them yet, but we can see how much you love them...we know we're gonna love them too!!!

  31. New toys? Awesome! Glad you're having a good time.

  32. Totally cool to patronize our blog pals stores! (and you all look very happy!)

  33. Are you sure you are not developing a little "problem" with your nip consumption, The Baby? Is it time for a little intervention? No? You got it under control? Well, okay then, but I'm keeping an eye on you.

    My Human says Fanks to your mom for telling her about her job, but she IS a little disappointed. She was imagining like, Pole dancing or something, 'specially considering where you kitties and your Humans live, LOL!

  34. WOW! Awesome toys. We have some jelly beans from Nip and Bones too ~ and we LOVE them.

  35. Those are our favorites too! Just this morning we woke up to Nigel loving on his Yeoww nip nanner...and we have nip jelly beans all over the house...uh...I think it's time for mom to get them all out from under the furniture!

  36. Wow, you all got so much great new stuff. We will hafta get The Big Thing ta visit that Nip and Bones place!


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