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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Every Day is World Cat Day!

Today is oficially World Cat Day.
Of course, EVERY day is Cat Day, at our house.

But it's not a day to celebrate for lots of kitties all over the world, looking and waiting for a Forever Home.
Kitties, if you can, honor the day by donating a few green papers, toys or blankets to your local shelter. Or better yet, let your Mommy or Daddy out of the house to donate their time to care for some Other Kitties. Or Woofies.
Thank You Kitties, and have a wonderful World Cat Day.
XX Lounge Kats,
MomKat and Mr. Crazypants


  1. Happy World Cat Day!

    What a fabulous idea. We will be donating some money to our local shelter.

  2. Happy World Cat Day!

    We would add: For the love of heaven, spay/neuter your cats, don't let them roam and make more unwanted babies!

  3. It's so true. There are too many kittehs and woofies without warm beds (or humans) to sleep on or tasty noms in their bellies. Spaying and neutering is the best thing you can do for an animal (next to bringing them into your home and drooling over them with love).

  4. Happy World Cat Day. Money is tight in our howse at the moment but mom has been sorting owt stuff and donating it to our local Cats Rescue shop. She figures that is a way of still giving to benefit cats, even when money is tight.

  5. Oh, that is a very good thing to do for cats less fortunate than us!

  6. Morning Delightful Dozen
    Mom and Dad are back and we're trying to catch up but we see we might not...MOL

    Mom missed the boat on celebrating World Cat Day!!! I'll have to talk to her about that.

  7. Wow, thanks so much for pointing this out to us. We will do something for the less fortunate kitties. Very good post.

  8. We think you're wonderful. What a great message.

    Oh and it hot in here or is it me? I'm looking at your stretched out gotcha photo. WOWwee.

  9. I agree it is important not to forget all the deserving kitties that do not have safe and loving homes and to donate whatever we can; time or money to help!

    Happy World Cat Day to one and all!

  10. What you say is unfortunately true - too many cats and dogs don't have homes and also need vetinary care.
    We would like to wish you a Happy World Cat Day.

  11. That is such a great idea. We will sure celebrate World cat day by donation or helping a homeless animal in some way. Good deal. Happy World Cat day to all of you.

  12. Happy World Cat Day to all of you crazy Lounge Kats! Good ideas and reminders - we mustn't forget the less fortunate and help - even the littlest bit can make a difference.

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  13. Excellent idea! I hope you have a wonderful World Cat Day every single day!

  14. To all you adorable and amazing kitties in Katnip Lounge - me and Charlie would like to wish you a HAPPY WORLD CAT DAY 2010!! Yay!!!

    And what great ideas to do to honour this fab day - especially letting the hoomans out so they could help with other kitties! :-)

    Have a lovely day
    Take care

  15. OH what a fabulous posting!

    Happy World cat day to all of you too.



  16. A great idea for this fun day!...Happy World Cat Day wonderful friends=we're sure you guys know you have really awesome parents!!...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  17. Happy World Cat Day! Your suggestions of ways to help kitties in need are a wonderful way to celebrate.

  18. Well, that's a great thing to do!! Our mom is always donating green papers to the local shelters (we have several in our area). And she is beginning to do some volunteer work with one of our rescue groups. Yay mom!!

    Happy World Cat Day to our favorite Lounge Cats!

  19. Howdy, and Happy World Cat Day! I'm just purrusing your blog for potential LOL-Cat photos, which is the first step.

    I did a big WCD post on the LOLSpot today if you haven't seen it yet.

    Have a marvelous day with your twelve!

  20. Happiest of World Cat Days to you!!

  21. My two kitties are the result of um-I-thought-they-were-spayed parents...Yeah. Poor little things - don't tell them, though. They are totally wanted by me now!

    Now they've got a great forever home with me! They are still exploring and finding new things to bring out into the living room when I'm sleeping. This morning, I woke up to a tinkling bell from a Christmas sock. Where the heck they found that I'll never know...

    Lots of shelters have walks and fundraisers and tons of great excuses to get together and donate time and/or money or meet and greet a potential playmate.

  22. And happy World Cat Day to you too!
    Funny you should mention warming the food, that is what the vet suggested too, but I haven't done it. I will now! He asks for food, waits for me to open the can but when I put it down for him he sniffs it gives it a lick or two then walks away. He had some more tuna water this evening, so at least there's that for him. I'm hoping the new antibiotics will kick in in a couple days. It is totally not right that he isn't eating. In fact my vet says that "a cat whose not eating is a cat in trouble" so I know I'll be in touch with them tomorrow!

  23. Mom was planning on doing that too! Happy World Cat Day!


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