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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Anatomy of a Swat

It is I, The Baby.

Here I am, peacefully snoozing on daddy's desk.

Daddy, you woke me up!
What do you want?

I'm going to ignore you.
Maybe you'll decide to go away.
I know I'm in the middle of your desk...
...ask me if I care.

Daddy, what are you doing?
Are you gonna get me?

You ARE gonna get me!


Kitties, there were no more pictures.

heh heh.

Photogenically Yours,

XX The Baby


  1. Uh oh Baby. Good job though. You told that Daddy. Hope you are all right. Take care and have a good week end.

  2. You have to show the daddy who is boss!

  3. But Daddy was a very clever photographer to be able to get a picture of that fast action swat!

  4. That was a lightning-fast swat!

  5. Wow! What a super swat! That should have taught him a lesson.

  6. Baby...Not only are you so very pretty you are also a little spitfire ! So, did Daddy learn his lesson ?

    Eva & Gracie's Mom

  7. We thought you were going to do bitey but we were wrong it was a big paw swipe. We hope Daddy learned his lesson Baby.

  8. Awwww The Baby!!!! What a fearsome warrior kitty you are!!! You show daddy who's boss! LOL!!! He'll just have to learn to wait his turn on the computer! :-)

    Awww but he loves you!

    Take care

  9. Oh BABY! I am SO impressed. And I might add that mommy and me think you are gorgeous! Of course, I think Rupert is too. wink wink.

  10. MOL!!!!!!!! Yup, Daddy needs to be put in his place sometimes....good job, Baby!!!!!!!

    Happy Caturday to all of you. xxxxxxxxxx

  11. Baby, we hope you got some quality napping after that Daddy smackdown...Sweet dreams beautiful girl...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  12. Being disturbed with anything other than a kiss is just NOT ON!

  13. MOL!!! You tell 'em, Baby! We must say, tho, that last photo of the swat in action was a fantastic capture! Hope all you Lounge Kitties are having a good Caturday otherwise :).

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  14. Oh, The Baby! I just knew you were a woman after my own heart!

    Did you make him bleed a little? Cause if you did, that would be pawsome!

  15. Can you replay that again in "super slow-mo"? I wanna take notes!

  16. MOL! We bet your dad didn't even see that coming! You are one quick swatter!

  17. That swatter you have is fast as lightning, but we do like to see pictures of your beautifulness, The Baby. And it's good you are on his desk, how else would he get his work done without your snoopervision?

  18. Haha!! We know you got him, Baby!! No pictures needed!! Good job!!

  19. Wow, one swat and he was done! Yoo are da great and mighty Baby...

  20. Oh oh, Target does that too! So he now has his own chew paper on the desk...

  21. Well done! We bet your daddy knows who is boss now.

  22. 'Ask me if I care'!!! Ha, ha, ha!!

    You almost don't need the narration. And that sleepy-to-annoyed look is almost as fast as the SWAT!

    This is priceless.


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