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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Scouty on Saturday


Hi Everybody...Scouty here!

I have two Special Buddies here at the Lounge.
The first one is Johnny.  He was my substitute Mommy when I was unwillingly captured and dragged inside to live in captivity.

Me and Johnny hang out together a lot, and at night I cry and meow and pester Johnny until he jumps on me and well, you know, "jumps" on me.
Mommy says I can't show any pictures of that.

So here is me and Johnny in the new Cat Tree Daddy bought us last week.
Do you see my long tail?  It has a cream-colored tip!

My other Special Buddy is my littermate, CC.
CC is a lot braver about Humans than I am.  He loves Mommy and Daddy and he loves getting petted.  He protects me from Evil stuff.

I love Mommy and Daddy too...But I Do Not like being Touched.  Although I do get Touched once and a while, quite by accident I assure you!
Like the other day when I was busy playing with Feather-onna-Stick...I ran right underneath Mommy's hand and she stroked me from head to tail!
Please don't tell anyone, but I kinda liked it.

Me and CC cuddle almost every day in the Big Cat tree.
Cuz that's what Special buddies do!

Kitties, Have a Super Duper Saturday!

XX  Scouty the Semi Untouchable


  1. Hei Scouty! Good to hear you - you sound like Harris-veli who doesn't like to be touched (but sometimes he forgets himself and will purr....). Stran-veli is his special buddy.
    I love all the pictures of you hiding out and being protected. Have safe Saturday!

  2. Scouty, there is no shame in being a semi untouchable. Lola is very much the same, she will not let anyone touch her, unless she's in one of her loving mood and then she simply demands that eveything must stop whilst she gets stroked. Best of both worlds really.

  3. Awwww sweet and beautiful semi-untouchable Scouty!!! Me and Charlie are so sorry that you were captured and imprisoned against your will! Boooo!!

    Oh but we are so glad that lovely Johnny was there to comfort you in more ways than one! Yay!!

    And even better that gorgeous CC is there to protect you from Evil!

    Beware the feather onna stick trick!! Tis the way hoomans use to get to touch your gorgeous fur and cream coloured tip tail!! :-) (Not to worry, we know your mum and dad are lovely and that you really kinda like them stroking you but you like to keep that all hush-hush, so your secret is safe with us)!!!
    Take care

  4. Y'all sure do look like you get along so well! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  5. Hiya, Scouty. Nice to learn more about you and CC and Johnny. Sorry you don't like to be touched (I have my RULES about touching - no tummy, little sides) so I kinda understand. It is lovely you have 2 special buddies there.

  6. We love your new cat tree!!!
    Mom and I are very impressed with what good buddies you all are. Your Mom and Dad are doing a great job!!
    Madi and Mom

  7. Hi Scouty. It's a shame you don't like to be touched because that is some of the best times I have with my mom.

  8. Scouty, don't worry abowt being semi-untouchable ~ Alfie is too. Alfie is very loving but will only be touched or petted on HIS terms ~ unless it is his tummy being tickled, then he's wanton! He never scratches anybuddy though.

    We're glad yoo've got special buddies. Have a great weekend.

  9. Scouty - you have a beautiful coat - such a beautiful colour and so lush. We are sorry you don't cuddle too much with your mom and dad - play with your feather on a stick more often and see if your mom accidently runs her hand on your lush coat again - you might even try it without the feather stick. We are pleased CC is your cuddle buddy - everycat needs a cuddle buddy.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. Hi Scouty, we undertand perfectly about the no touching deal. Some of us hate that too. We just weren't born to be all touchy feely. Why can't the hooomans understand that deal. But we are so glad you have CC to be your friend and litter mate. And Johnny too. Hope the whole lounge crew has a good week end.

  11. It is good to have such close friends.

  12. Ahhh great pictures.. I think you secretly like a little stroking realy.. Hugs GJ xx

  13. Scouty, You are such a gorgeous kitty!!!!!! We purr that one of these times you'll totally forget yourself and let your mommy and daddy pet you all the time!!!!!

    Thank y'all for coming to Andy's birthday helped make it a most special day. We love y'all.

  14. Hey Scouty! Maybe you're slowly finding out that being touched isn't so bad after all? We're glad you have your special buddies, though.

  15. Hi Scouty, I'm glad that you have special friends!

  16. Hi Scouty! We're glad you have such great brofurs and we won't tell anyone that you kinda liked being touched by your mom! We think you're very handsome by the way!

  17. Scouty: There's no shame in being extra friendly with Johnny, if you know what I mean and I think you do ;-)
    I'm totally there with you on the semi-untouchable thing, though lately I seem to have sort of violated some of my rules.

    No pictures of The Baby today. ::sigh::

    Tell Momkat there might be some NipNews tomorrow!

  18. Scouty, it is so great that you have kitty buds to hang out with and that will look out for you. It's ok to like the scritches, really! Have a great Caturday!

    -Pip, SMidgen, minnie

  19. Hey Scouty, guess what? I am a floofy orange kitty, just like you - and I have a cream colored tipped tail, too! But I'm a girl. And I didn't used to like being touched either. You see, I lived in a shelter for the first 3 1/2 years of my life. The people there are very nice, but I was a shy girl. When my mom adopted me, it took a while for me to get settled. But now, about 10 months later, I LOVE petties! And I even love belly rubs!

    Your new friend, Zoe (whose mom sucks and doesn't let me have a blog)

  20. It's so wonderful to have very special buddies like Johnny and your brofur, CC! Efurry kitty is diffurent and some never really like to be touched. Our Dylan doesn't like to be picked up at all, but he does the same thing, by walking back and forth in front of us, hoping to get petted as he passes by.

    Maybe one day you will linger a little longer for even more touching, Scouty! I'm sure that you secretly like it.

  21. It is great to have a special buddy, so that means it is double great to have two special buddies.

  22. Scouty, we are so happy that you found a forever home with such nice humans! We know that some kitties don't like being touched (not us!) so we think it's very nice of your humans to respect your space like that.

    Lotsa purrs from Franklin, Dobby, and Tasha

  23. We have a couple of kitties like you Scouty - Mom has to sneak a petting! Some day you will come to like it and not run!

  24. Socuty you must be so tantalizing to your mom since she isn't able to pet your stunning floofyness and adore you properly. Maybe you wanna work on that a little.
    We are glad you have Johnny for a friend and also happy to know you are together with CC your littermate. Scooby & I are littermates. We've always been together & always will be. -Shaggy

  25. It's great to have special friends! I don't mind being touched but I don't like to be picked up at all. China Cat & I love your new cat tree!

    Purrrrrrrrrrrs, Willow

  26. Hi ya Scout. You are so lucky to have two special friends--including your own brother. Louie's brother Pierre used to live with us but then he disappeared. (Meowmy still cries about that. That's why we're indoors-only kitties now.) Maybe one of these days you will let your mama pet you just a bit more, like while you're eating something really good and feeling all happy and secure. You have good people, though, since they respect your desires and don't force you to be held and snuggled if you're not ready!


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