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Friday, August 13, 2010

Flocking Friday!


Maui here.

I wasn't always a Indoor Kitty.  For a while, I had to survive on my own Outdoors. 
Kitties, I'll admit it, when I showed up at Mommy & Daddy's door, I was starving.  It was cold out and there weren't any birdies or mousies to eat.  Not even a bug.
To make matters worse, I still had my Manly Bits.  You might think this was a good thing, but really it wasn't.  Those Bits make us ManCats chase LadyCats and FightFightFight other ManCats that have THEIR Manly Bits.
Kitties, I was tired of fighting and being hungry all the time.
So I let Daddy pick me up and bring me Indoors where there's always a good meal to eat and all the Nip and Valarian Root I can poke my nose into.

But even though I have a full tummy and happy brain cells I still have a few reminders of my Outdoor Days.
Do you see my left Ear?  It's pretty rough. 
There's bald spots where SomeCat(S) bit through my Ear!
Multiple times.

And there are patches on both my Ears where the Velvet Flocking has worn off and doesn't grow at all anymore.
Just like bad wallpaper from the 1970's.

But despite my ragged Ears' need to be Flocked, Mommy still calls me" Her Handsome Boy".
Even when I squint at the flashy-box.

I love my Mommy.
She kisses me right on my whisker holes.

And I love my Daddy, too!
He eats my belly meat and makes farty raspberries on my tummy.

Now, if you'll excuse me...I gotta go sleep off the Nip!


Happy Friday Kitties,
 and I hope your Mom or Dad gives YOUR ear flocking a good rub today.

XX  Maui


  1. Maui, we know just how you feel. We still do live outside most of the time but we get to come inside and eat and some of us do eat out at the barn but at least we are getting food. It is really hard to sustain life living outside with no food other than birds, mice and bugs. You were very smart to let Daddy take you in. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Awww handsome Maui!!! Me and Charlie are so glad you now have a full tummy and a happy brain! :-)You are such a manly mancat with your scars of previous kitty battles - goodness!! We are in AWE!!

    But we are super glad you are all settled and getting tons of kitty kisses and tummy raspberries now. You really can't beat those!

    Yay for your mum and dad!!!

    Take care

  3. Maui, you are definitely handsome, even with a bit of your flocking worn off. I am glad you are a happy Indoor kitty now.

    Sometimes the things you say totally cracks me up. Whisker holes are cool.

  4. Your ears just make you look more handsome and rugged, Maui! We think you hit the jackpot with your home too!

  5. Hey handsome, your couldn't have picked a better family!!!

  6. Maui, you are one lucky mancat. I'm glad you found your mom and dad.

  7. Maui, thanks for sharing your story. You are one super handsome mancat, eevn with a bit of flocking worn off.

  8. We think you're pawsome raggerty ears or not!

  9. You sure knew what you were doing when you chose your home, Maui. You chose a really great one :)

  10. You are a very sexy and rugged mancat Maui - we like your little imperfections. You chose a really great home with lots of other kitties to have fun with and a great mom and dad.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. Maui - you are a very handsome matcat for sure ! I love the adorable squinty-face picture.

    Eva & Gracie's Mom

  12. Glad to see you are living the good life after not having it so great outside. We know how that goes.

  13. Maui we are so very very glad you founds the purrfect furever home. We agree it's not so great being a outside kitty.
    Enjoy your safeNwarm sweety, you've earned it.
    BTW- we totally agrees with your mom that you are a handsome mancat!

  14. We agrees with your Mom, you are a most handsome mancat.

  15. Hi Maui!!! We are so sorry for your early beginnings but very happy to hear how it all turned out. You were waiting for just the right family to take you in. Happy B-day to your Dad too.
    To answer your question about is a long story. Mom will give you a Reader's Digest version...bil got married for the first time at 57 years of age, wife was allergic to kitties, I helped him find her a home, that person kept her for 3 years, got a new job out west new apt. didn't allow pets...that owner gave her away...Poor sweet Lucy was on her 3rd home which we think was in the same city we are in but we don't know who he gave her too. Very sad...
    I could not take her because my daughter's elderly sickly cat stayed with us every so often and I didn't want her stressed out by an additional kitty. I really love my bil and his wife and I know he had to do what he had to do but it is still sad....
    Madi and Mom

  16. We didn't know that about you Maui! What a rough life it must have been out there in the wilds! Inside is the way to go, even if it cost you the manly bits, but hey, who needs them anyway?!!
    You are a very handsome mancat, and your battle scars just make you more kissable!

  17. Maui, we didn't know about how you came to live at the Katnip Lounge but we're sure glad you did! We think you are a very handsome mancat and think the marks on your ears make you that much more special!

  18. Maui! We are very glad you decided you wanted to come inside. Lots of kitties arent' that brave, and they just tough it out in the hard world. I was very lucky that my Meowm brought me home....someone else had thrown me away. It is much better inside!!!


  19. Maui we think you are super handsome! And we are glad you decided that you want to be an inside cat - and that you found the perfect family to help you do that!!

  20. Well now you really are a handsome boy and those battle scars just give you a rugged charm! But isn't it great to be a kitty inside where it's safe and warm?

  21. Good vote for the parsleypillars!

    My shelter for shade is still around - actually there are 2 tables. But we keep them at the north end of the deck, and at the south end, I have a small towel spot next to the potted ficus tree, where there is never any sun by the way the trees and house shade the deck. So I don't use a cabana top there.

  22. Loved your photos and post; we think you are a gorgeous mancat, Maui...We're glad you found your wonderful Mommy and Daddy and have such a loving home...We hope you all have a fun weekend, sweet friends..xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  23. Maui
    We are so glad you were ready to come inside when Your Daddy picked you up. Living life as a carefree bachelor had some drawbacks as well as some benefits, but we think you are much happier now.



  24. Maui, you have such beautiful whiskers and such lovely fluffy paws, I'm so glad you have such a loving home. xx

  25. Don't worry about losing some of your flocking Maui, it just adds character. The ladies love the rugged look.

  26. Maui, dude, we're glad you showed up at your humans' door that fateful day. You hit the kitty lottery when they took you in!! And we kinda like your ears that way...a new fashion statment maybe?? Should we rub some of the flock off of our ears??

  27. Oh yeah...our mom LOL'ed at the '70s wallpaper reference!!

  28. Aw Maui, yoo were furry smart to let yoor daddy pick yoo up and bring yoo inside. Us girls lived outside too, in fact, Sadie hadded two litter of kittens afore she let herself get caught. One litter did not make it:( Zippy gots hurted on her paws and had to be rescued. Speedy was borned to a feral in a barn where da nice lady took care of alla dem. Yoor handsome even wif missing ear flocking...glad yoo is inside now.

  29. You are a lucky cat! And we are glad Daddy kisses you on the holes in yer ear...

  30. We agree, it is very scary out there! Setzer was found in freezing cold temps in mountain lion territory!! It was found out that he was from a rescue, adopted, then purposely put out again. So, he was found, coat wet with icicles, he had to be rescued again. This time it was a forever rescue!! We are all lucky aren't we=^Y^=

  31. So glad you moved inside where you are appreciated as a handsome mancat and don't have to fight -- just eat and sniff nip.

  32. My friend, we're happy you're an indoor kitty, and so well taken care of! You have such big paws, like Rumbles!!

  33. You were lucky to be taken in by such nice people - and we agree, you are VERY handsome!

    About your question whether the religious police bother us... In theory the religious police only bother Muslims, however, I have friends who have been harrassed because they look Indonesian and the RP presume they are Muslim. Also, we've had Chinese Christians being arrested by ordinary police for holding hands - however, that appears to be tangled up with the police asking for a bribe and being refused.

  34. Aw Maui... you iz a purrty handsome feller... dat iz whats da momee sez. & we iz gladz dats you gotted ridz od da manly bitsez. We don't wants you to loze your earz!!! You need doze to hear your momee call you when its din-din time!!!

  35. we think you are very handsome and that you are very lucky to have such a wonderful family.

    you're balding ears make you look very tough!


    p.s. we hope you get this

  36. ooo yay, it worked, we can comment again.
    we tried from a different computer!

  37. Maui, yoo are absolutely adorable and our momma would kiss yoo on yoor whisker holes too. She does that to us all the time! We just LOVE that pic where yoo are squinting for the camera ~ in fact our mom kissed yoor whisker holes froo the screen. :sheesh: She's such an ambarrassment!

  38. You got yourself a nice place there Maui! Mom says she'd give you kisses too!

  39. Maui, you are such a lucky kitty to have such a wonderful home now!

    You look so much like our Gretchen! She also has some worn ears.


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