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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Silly Suprise!

Guess what?
We got a strangely shaped package in the mail!
Last week we won Sparkle's contest for her new book by guessing the correct combined weight of Sparkle, Boodie, and Binga. It was a real nail went down to a tie and we had to make a SECOND guess for Boodie's solo weight.
But we were the closest!
So we were waiting for a book-shaped package, and we were a little confused.
But LOOK what Sparkle sent us!

Our book has a dedication in it to us, and it has Sparkle's PAWPRINT, too!
(Mommy failed to photograph this...lame.)

We got a wand toy, too!
It's a "Play-n-Squeak Bounce & Pounce" mousie toy!
And that's why the package was a long triangle shape.

Kitties, this is the BEST toy in the world.
We are NOT kidding.
Not only does the mousie bounce and jump around, it SQUEAKS!

Just like a real live mousie.

The Baby went wild!

Sweet Pea gave it a try...

...She really liked the feathery part !

Salem rassled and killed the squeaky mousie about 672 times.

She wore herself out!

Sparkle, we had a ton of fun playing in your contest, and Mommy is all excited about winning something for the first time in her life. Even though WE did the guessing.
Mommy is going to start reading your book tonight. We're hoping she'll be able to learn SOMETHING from all your sage advice. At least she was smart enough to give us the toy to play with immediately!
We'll allow Mommy to post a book review as soon as she's done.
Thank You for our prizes!
We Loves you lots.
XX The Lounge Kats & Mommy Trish


  1. I'm so glad you guys enjoyed the toy! I thought it might have enough action in it to go around, even in your large kitty family.

    I am glad your human is reading my book. She will probably be amused by it, but in between the lines there are lots of kitty lessons for humans!

  2. I am pretty sure that it is indeed the best toy in the universe!

    *mental note*: Got to get mama to get one for me.

    - Sherkhan

  3. Wow! Congratulations on winning the contest. Those are pawsome prizes.

  4. Wow. That looks like serious fun. Congrats on winning, guys.

  5. We'll look forward to your review of Sparkle's book.

    That toy looks like loads of fun, and it came to the right house, with so many candidates who can play with it!

  6. You kitties are gonna love the book. And what an awesome toy!

  7. Congratulations on your fabulous prizes!

  8. Yay!!!!! Me and Charlie are so so so so super extra pleased and happy for you lovely kitties and mum Trish at katnip lounge!!! What exciting prizes and what a fiendish competition! But you did it and you won it and you all deserve your fab gift!! WELL DONE!!!

    We hope you have tons and tons of fun with your squeaky mousie and we look forward to mum Trish's book review! Yay!

    Take care

  9. It sure does look like you had a really fun time too!

  10. That sure was a great win. We can't wait to hear the review, but we know it is a great book. That toy looks fantastic. We will have to beg and meow and cry and purr so we might get one. Have a spectacular day.

  11. Well done all of your for winning that pawsome prize. It looks as though you are all going to get great fun from it

  12. Morning to our dozen friends...nothing finer than a surprise box filled with fancy feline fun!!
    Happy Sunday
    Madi and Mom

  13. That toy looks great. We want one here! Afterall, it's getting cooler outside and need some indoor fun. Very clever of your Mommy to guess the weights right and not be too polite or rude by under or over-estimating!
    Have a great Sunday.

  14. congratulations on winning the contest! That toy looks great...I love Baby's action shot :-)

  15. Very cool prizes! That was a difficult contest, you should be proud of winning it!

  16. Wow, that's a tough toy to survive all of you! We'll have to get mom to get that book so she can read it to us!

  17. Your toy looks fab - squeaks and feathers, what more could a cat wish for? Archie came to us with a squeaky mouse toy - at the moment it's left in his bed ontop of the washing machine and every time the machine goes through a spin cycle it vibrates the mouse and it starts squeaking!
    Thanks for asking how I am - all my blood tests came back normal, but I'm still very up-and-down monthly - always have been but this is much worse. But there's a fair bit of stress floating around - my 82 year old mum has an enlarged liver, doctors don't know why yet, and her brother is very ill too, so that's all at the back of my mind, but I definitely feel I can cope with life some days and not at all on others - I'm monitoring when I feel dreadful and then may go and talk more with my doctor - consistency would be good, at least you know where you are then! Female hormones can be a challenge............... xx

  18. What a great prize package! We like those two pictures of Salem and also think that's wild how The Baby went crazy over it! Have fun!

  19. That is a great prize for all of you. The toy looks the best fun. We are looking forward to the review.

  20. All of you babies look excited and surprise there. Winning contests are fun! Mommy is interested in getting me such a fun mousie bounce and pounce. Then maybe I will go back to denting her arm instead of...gasp..piercing it ever so little. Just a tiny barest bead of bloods. (mommy should have stopped brushing while she was still ahead).

  21. Concatulations on your win! The toy looks like a lot of fun and you all demonstrated it very well! It's cool it has a mousie, fevvers and string - all the bestest things to play with! We can't wait to hear your mom's review of Sparkle's book either!

  22. Well congratulations on your big win, Lounge Kitties! You even got a lot more than you bargained for. That Sparkle is very generous indeed.

    And The Baby, Sweet Pea and especially Salem really got a good workout playing with that awesome toy.

  23. Congratulations on winning the contest; you guys got a cool book and fun toy from Sparkle...It looks like you all had a great time playing with it...Happy week, sweet friends...Get some rest, beautiful Salem!..kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  24. ConCatulations on your win! Sparkle sure is a cool kitty to have such a great contest!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  25. Concats! Wowie, somefing fur mommy and somefing fur yoo guys, da ones who akshooly won...heehee


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