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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sisal Saturday

Maui here.
I'm in a tent on the sofa...can you tell?
Tents are rockin' good fun.
Sooooo....Guess what Daddy did today? He went to the Home Improvement store and bought some sisal rope.

Here's a picture...
Grayce! Get your bum outta the way!

There, that's MUCH better.
Thanks for posing, KonaKitty!

Kitties, you may remember on Monday we posted about Daddy doing some roadwork on our skyways. The section between the Blue and Red roads was bare wood...but today Daddy wrapped it with sisal rope!
For our mid-race scratching pleasure!

Look how far up our skyway is! Believe it or not, it took 75 feet of rope to wrap this section of road. Daddy soaked the sisal in water before he wound it, so it would dry nice and tight, and then stapled it into the wood to make it extra safe for us.
Helloooooo, down there!

Here is the first sisal ramp that Daddy made for us.

And a shot of the ramp looking up up up!

Daddy bought extra rope, which is a good thing.
Looks like he's got another project coming up soon.
heh heh.

Kitties, now I gotta get some sleep. Daddy's all done for the day and it's time for a little Man on ManCat time.

Happy Saturday!
Remember--play, snuggle and do some lovins' on your People.
XX Maui


  1. Your skyway already rocks, but the sisal just made it even better!

  2. We are wondeing if your Daddy would like a holiday here in Finland as we would like many of the most excellent things he has made for you here.

  3. Your catio is so great, and your Daddy is so good to you. Maybe if I get 11 siblings we can get a place like that, with sky runways, ramps, and all. Sigh ............

  4. Awwww what a clever and good daddy!!! Charlie is green!! Green with envy at your amazing skyways!! Wow!!!! And we never knew about sisal rope and how to use such things but now we do! LOL!

    Thank you adorable Maui for this fab post. We hope you and daddy have lots of man on mancat time!!

    p.s Charlie was most happy with Grayce's bum shot! LOL!

    Take care

  5. Wow! That is so super cool. We wish we had walkways in the sky!

  6. Oh wow. That is SO cool! Momma's planning us a floor to ceiling climbing pole and is going to wrap it with sisal but she never thought of soaking it first! Great tip. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that last photo!!

  7. Some guys just have really grrrrreat daddies. You sure are a lucky bunch. Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5

  8. your such lucky kitties.
    you have a beautiful play area and a lovely daddy!

  9. You kitties sure do have a good home with such great hooomans. Your Daddy is the very best. We love the last picture the best. All curled up on Dad. Now we need pictures of all of you walking on the red and blue roads.
    Have a great week end.

  10. Look at you having a great man to mancat time! I think you have a very nice daddy!

  11. Maui you look so small curled up with your Daddy.
    He made that new piece of roadwork a brilliant place with a birds eye view while you pause to sharpen those claws while are checking everywhere and everycat out.

  12. Hmmmm, our Moms use sisal to make some of our cat trees better, but they never heard of soaking it in water before wrapping it. They are going to try that next time!
    Your skyway is pawsome and so is your Dad!

  13. Awesome skyway! Lucky kitties.

  14. You guys are very lucky to have such great parents who care for you all so much...Your Daddy makes you guys some great, fun stuff!...Can we borrow him?...Happy weekend, sweet dreams Maui...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  15. Pawsome! Your blog is very inspiring, we want you to know.

  16. In that last picture, it looks like you Daddy hurt his finger fixing up all this sisal stuff for you kitties! No sacrifice is too great if it's something for your cats.

    You are certainly lucky to have such a loving and caring Daddy, and a handy one, too!

    What a fantastic place you have to live! Your environment is suPURR enriched!

  17. Wow! you have the coolest place to hang out and just look at all that your daddy has done with the rope. Can I come over?

  18. You have a cool dad to keep you in scratching posts and stuff! You are lucky.

  19. You kitties are loved big time! How fantastic that your Dad has sisaled your ramps and walkways for extra grip and of course sharpening fun too :-)

  20. Hi to our fave dozen kitties are so lucky to have such a creative Daddy and Mommy.

    They enrich your lives with all kinds of the best things we have ever seen,
    Happy Saturday,
    Madi and Mom

  21. You have one of the best daddies in the whole wide world and your mommy ain't too bad either. ♥

    Most of all you are all loved so much and taken care of so well that you are very happy babies in a wonderful home.

    My mommy loves me like that and takes good care of me and I show her love right back. I know you show mommy and daddy love as well. Aren't we lucky kitties?

  22. You have the best ever skyways. Your daddy is very clever to make such a great place for you all.

  23. How come we don't have skyways at our house? Can we come over and play? You have room for 6 more, don't you?

  24. Wowie wow, you have an excellent playground! Your dad is very talented to build all of that plus add a new scratcher area for you.

  25. You have one very handy Daddy! He sure spoils you kids!

  26. Your Catio is a total kitty wonderland!

  27. Can we borrow your dad?? Ours is useless when it comes to making us stuff. Mom tries, but she's not very handy with tools and stuff either. We wanna highway in the sky!!

  28. That erally is quite a KatnipCatioLounge!

  29. Excellent!!!
    He is a most awesome cat dad!

  30. That is really nice of your dad to make you such a great sisal scratching spot on your runway! He's very clever and does a very good job taking care of your catio!

  31. Sisal rope is one of the best things ever! We only haf it on one place, but rumor says The Big Thing is buyin a lot more of it fer a project for us...

  32. What I want to know is, Where did you get those Humans of yours? And, can I trade mine in somewhere?

    Because you know, I don't even HAVE a skyway or a Catio, and she has never built me a d*mn thing! I don't think she even knows what sisal rope is, or how to use a stapler for that matter.

    AND she has been totally neglecting my blogging and visiting needs. How much is a bus ticket from San Francisco to Las Vegas?

  33. Wow! Disneyland for these lucky kitties. Jules and Vincent are totally envious!


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