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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday Thirteen-Plus!

We told you on Monday that Mommy LOVES to read.
And you may have figured out that Mommy also loves CATS!
So, what could be better than:
Presenting: Mommy's Cat Book Collection!
There's some duplication in the photos...

...but we wanted to make sure you got a good look at them all!

This one is hissterical! Mommy got it from Daddy for her Birthday. The book came with some pretty funny magnets that are various types of Cat Butts. For easy identification purposes.

In fact, most of these books were gifts from Mommy's family and friends.
They understand her nuttiness.
And foster it too, apparently!

This author used to maintain a blog; these are some of her essays from her entries.
It's available through

There's a Famous Local Las Vegas author's book in this you know which one it is?

Mommy's Mommy gave her this one. It's a great children's book and has fabulous illustrations.
We like the lil' fang peeking out!

If you're a CatDaddy, please don't be offended by the "101 Reasons" book.
Seriously, we read it and we just didn't get it.
Mommy says it's full of ribaldry and innuendo.
And she said it like that's a good thing.

So Kitties, we hope you enjoyed the tour through Mommy's bookshelves. How many books did you count in all?
Nothing is better than sitting in Mommy's lap while she reads a book.
(except fudz, of course!)
Happy Thursday, Kitties!
XX Lounge Kats


  1. Cool post, our Mommy has a lot of those same books=brilliant minds think alike, eh?!!...But that cat butt book does look like a funny one she's never seen before!!...BTW, of course, we are not stuffed except after we get stinky goodness :) (Mommy just takes hundreds of photos of us a week!)...Happy day friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. Now that's a library that has got Äiti twitching to go to Amazon..... She has many books too and kids herself that if she gets the same book in English and Finnish it'll help her learn my magnificent language. She hasn't quite realised she has to open the books though and READ, not just look at the pictures.
    I think we can write a new book of cat butt identification between us, but I want to be in charge of the camera !

  3. Our mum loves to read cat books as well. Good ones that she ahs read lately are

    Dewey the Library Cat (Be prepared to cry)

    Paws in the Proceddings by Deric Longden

    Play On Words by Deric Longden (about other things, but his cats feature highly)

    The Cat Who Came In from the Cold by Deric Longden

    Tyfoon's Tail (again have tissues ready)

    One mum is hoping to get soon is A Cat Called Birmingham.

  4. Well, I have Fin's book and I have an advance copy of Sparkle's book but that's about it for cat books in my house. Oh wait, we have two more. So that's four.

  5. Cat books are the greatest! When my Mommeh was young, she fell in love with all of the James Herriot books.

  6. Awwww I have Dancing with Cats!!! I love that book - I must show Charlie so maybe he'd take the hint - LOL!!

    Awww we love your mum's amazing cat book collection - they're brilliant!! Oh the best one tho has GOT to be Cat Butt field guide - now that;s got to be a classic!

    And there's got to be more than 101 reasons... LOL! I'm kidding!! You have a lovely daddy! :-)

    Take care

  7. When you said your Mom loves to read, you weren't kidding!! Great books! Our Mom saw quite a few she'd like to read herself

  8. OH MY! Your mommy has more cat books than MY mommy..well, some different cat books. We do have some of the same. Mommy said she saw that famous Las Vegas author's book! MEOW out LOUD! She didn't now about that till now..and neither did I. She sure wants to read THAT! So do I. Does it have sweet handsome dreamy man cat Rupert in it? Ooo la laaaaa!

    Oh, and I show mommy the best cat butt in the house every day. Especially when she wakes up and I am standing there presenting it within inches of her face.

  9. This is a very nice collection. We has a lots of thees books, including Fin's and all the Max (the PsychoKitty)ones. We not seen the Cat's butts book either. Now we has to have it!
    This a fun post, I bets it takes a while to put together. Great job!

  10. Great selection! We have quite a few, but by no means all of them!

  11. Mum has a few cats books but none mentioning cats butts!!

  12. These all look great! We especially like the Cat Butt Field Guide - we need one. Our mom says the Kliban book is a classic - she has one around here somewhere. And she has a Nicole Hollander book too (she's a great comic artist!), but it's called "Women who Love Cats too Much".

  13. What a great collection of cat books! We have an autographed Nicole Hollander book, she is so funny!

  14. What a great collection. Mom has read a couple of them, as well as Dewey, but you have LOTS!

  15. I see enough cat butts when I'm chasing after them `casue they snatched my pen or shoe or whatnot and are making off with it!

    Awesome collection!

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Our mama has a collection of kitty books, but she saw some she doesn't have....she'll be requesting them for Christmas and/or her birthday.

    Happy Thursday you darlins. xxxxxxxxxx

  18. We have Fin's book too, but Cat Butts sounds pretty interesting!

  19. Your mommy has a great library full of kitty books! We saw several that we might have to get our mommy. She can't read sad ones cause she gets leaky at the thought of something sad happening to a kitty but we see several happy looking ones we'll get her!

  20. The Human used to have a large collection of kitty books, including many of these, but recently (CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS???) she gave them ALL away in a great purge-a-thon of her stuff!
    She went on a rampage of disposal, and when she decided what she was keeping, the books just didn't make the cut.
    She made a faux-paw though, because when she gave some of the books to Aggie & Wally's Dad, he told her that he had given one of them to her as a gift some years ago. Oops! MOL!
    Why do humans have such good memories?

  21. What a super groovy collection of kittie books! The BUTT one looks furry funny! And mom LOL'd at the 101 Reasons one! Our mom loves to read too..she reads scary/horror books. She's reading Eclipse right now.

  22. P.S. The Human is happy that someone noticed the plant Aggie & Wally ruined is indeed in a bedpan. This reflects their Dad's lame, 3rd-grade sense of humor. Ha ha ha!

  23. Wow that is a lot of cat books! Our mom has a couple of them, including that one by the famous Vegas author. And also French for Cats - we didn't listen when she tried to teach it to us though!

  24. Wow, mom haf some of dem books too! She's what dad calls a book worm and along wif her sisfur in law and a frend dey trade books! Der are some dat she insists she get back when dey is done (mostly da cat books) and she read alla da "Cat Who" books. We like her to read out loud to us, we find it furry alaxing.

  25. "and then there are cat mysteries and SF/F books with cats like our mom reads plus a couple other cat books she has. She even has something about a Natural Cat and How to Speak to Your Cat and a homeopathic/natural book but it includes dogs so we try to ignore it." - Star

  26. Thats a good collection your mum has there.. My mum is much the same.. Funny things our mum's Hugs GJ x

  27. Excellent collection. Our mom sees many she wants to add to her book wish list. She reads to us from a book called Poetry for Cats by the same author as the French for Cats book your mom has - hilarious! Tho as usual, dog things, including books, outnumber the cat things here...hmmm...we feel a revolt coming on...

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  28. Momma has a whole bookcase full of cat books. She loves reading true stories about kitties. She must admit when she was reading Dewey's book it was a shock all of a sudden when Dewey went to the Bridge that Momma just started boo-hooin and I came running to her and patted her shoulder and whisker kissed her and made her feel all better. She is funny that way.



  29. If you want to add to your collection and you like mysteries, have you read any of, "The Cat Who" books by Lilian Jackson Braun? Our Grammom loves her stories and has all of her books. She also likes Jill Churchill's Cat stories named after song titles. Mommy hopes to find the time for reading......someday=^Y^=

  30. Wow your Mommy has lotsa books on kitties - she must be darn near an expert on us!! That's a little scary - does she know when you're about to do something naughty just by your body language??? Ours doesn't - but she catches us in the act all the time with that stupid water gun!!!

    We hope you have a wonderful day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

    ps. Simon didn't go for the shirt idea - he flipped out... So Mom has just taken to scooping him up & loving on him whenever he starts to scratch!

  31. An excellent collection. Our mom has one of her own going too!

  32. Most said there are sum excellent books there ~ and we recognised Fin's book.

  33. Ha! There is Fin's book!!! Pawsome!

    My mom has some of the same books, and she has others too! I think she should do a similar post because she has a lot of kitty books too. Kitty books are better than other books...unless they are books on how to grow catnip.

  34. I know which one is MY favorite!! How cool!


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