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Friday, August 6, 2010

Fun on Friday

Hi Kitties!
Miss Salem here, with some exciting news...
We got a new Cat Tree!
The Man in the Brown Shorts delivered it.
I want to tell you all about it, and some of the other things we did today.
Mommy and Daddy were lazy slugs, and just hung out around the house. Of course they fed us and played with us and cleaned our boxes and vacuumed up our furs. But other than that, slugs!
Here I am in the top part of the new Cat Tree. It's got plushy Faux Sherpa Fleece on it.
In Blue!
Pretty classy for us Cats.
And here are Me and Sweet Pea checking it out.
Did we mention Daddy bought the tree for us?
He spoils us rotten.

Hey! This is NOT my best side!
Please pay no attention to the light-colored bit on my bum.
I'm sure it's some sort of camera malfunction.

May Ling likes the top spot too.

Sweet Pea got tired of playing "Top Cat" and crashed in her bed ON TOP of the dining room table.

So, let's see, what else happened today...

Johnny isn't into heights, so the cat tree didn't interest him.
He likes feet and shoes!
These shoes belong to Mommy, in case you were wondering.

The Baby hung out on Daddy's desk.
Daddy said to The Baby: "I pinch your head!"

Daddy, you are Crazypants. Srsly.

Felix helped Mommy pay bills. His theory is best way to deal with paperwork is to eat it!

Grayce is taking bets on *just* how long Johnny can stretch his neck.
Daddy bought us this snuggle sack and is trying to convince Johnny to get in it by luring him with snacks.
As you can see, Johnny got the better of Daddy...
...until Daddy picked him up and stuffed him inside!

And after that, a nap with Maui was on order.
So all in all, not a bad day.
Kinda all silly and mixed up, just like us.
Kitties, I hope you are all having a great day, too!

XX Miss Salem


  1. A cool cat tree and so many photos of gorgeous sweethearts!...Happy Friday wonderful friends...kitty kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. My mommy's school papers are very tasty, but I prefer paper towels. My grammy and mommy keep them way up high though, in the cupboard.

    - Nicky

  3. Wow! Spoilt rotten eh? Maybe we should come and live with you. We haven't had a new cat tree in the whole year we have been here. It's not on !

  4. Awesome new cat tree! You guys really get all the cool stuff!

    P.S. We love the reference to The Kids in the Hall, if that's what it's from...I'm crrrushing your head ha ha!

  5. What a great new cat tree! It is a pretty color, too. I like your mom's shoes. They look like they could be Danskos?

  6. What a pawsome new cat tree! You guys are all so lucky--you have the best human parents on the planet. Seriously. And our human wants to catnap Johnny for a while.

  7. Awwwww Me and Charlie love your new cat tree!! Sky blue is a fab colour!! And Miss Salem!! ALL of you is adorable - backside included! LOL!

    And Sweat Pea - you are just too cute!

    We hope May Ling has a lovely nap on top of your new tree!

    I am super glad to know that fab Johnny shares a fetish for shoes as I do - LOL!!

    And The Baby!! Daddy is so silly but we like your beautiful eyes!!

    And sweet Felix - well done you for eating up all of mum's bills! :-)

    Graycie - you just look so huggable!

    Have a lovely nap Miss Salem with gorgeous Maui!

    Take care

  8. What a great cat tree, and such a pretty blue ! Miss Salem and all the other kitties I sure enjoy reading about you - you guys always make me smile and give me a laugh. Your Mom & Dad sound like a couple of characters !! Aren't you all lucky to have them !

    Eva & Gracie's Mom

  9. What a great new cat tree! You are definitely loved...and we think your dad is funny! Being a crazypants is a good thing.

  10. Oh, we think you guys had the most fantabulous kitty day! The new tower is pawsome - love the color.

    -Pip, Smidge, Minnie

  11. Wow, your new cat tree is so cool, I think your weekend is gonna be purrfect now!

  12. We love your new cat tree - that blue is a purrfect colour to go with any coloured furs.
    We like to help mum with the newspaper - we always sit on the article she's trying to read to warm it for her. We go missing when she's paying the bills in case she raids our kitty banks.

  13. We would LUFF to have a cat tree! Yours is very pawsome.

  14. Great report of your day, Miss Salem. Your new cat tree is just luverly. The blue is so pretty.

    You Daddy is a funny guy, isn't he?

  15. Thanks for a most informative report, beautiful Miss Salem. There are always a lot of interesting things going on at your house!!! We luvsy'all.

  16. Great cat tree! We have the smaller version of that tree. We love the blue fleece. (except it does shed a bit)

    We're off on staycation for the next week while our Moms jet off to NYC. We'll see you when we get back, have a fab week!

  17. A new cat tree, and snuggle sack. We are truly deprived here!
    We need to do something about this.......

    Have a good weekend, playmates

  18. That is a PAWesome cat tree! man, we SOOOO wanna come spend a week at the Lounge!

  19. Salem, you and your bruffurs and sisfurs have the best mommy and daddy you could have. That is just the nicest new tree that ever WAS! I'm trying to convince Mommy that I need one too, especially after seeing this one. I could relax so much better after sailing the high seas if I had a great crows mean a tree like this. I might sing like the Siren in mythology (mommy spelled that for me) on a rock and see if Rupert, Roop a Doop would like to come and see me. Plenty of room here at the house for an admirer.

  20. That is a very stylish cat tree!!!!!

    I like shoes too!!~Orion

  21. We like your new blue cat tree! We've been trying to get our mommy to get us one forever - we didn't realize we should be working on daddy instead. You have a great mommy and daddy - it's funny that your daddy is such a crazypants but that just makes your house that much more fun!

  22. You guys! My bro Russell had to run in and see what I was laughing about!!

    Oh, and that is one great cat tower!

  23. Oooo! Cool cat tree!! It looks like there is room on there for all of you at once! Would you believe that we don't have a cat tree and have NEVER had one? I think we are underprivileged kitties...Mom tells us to go out and scratch a real tree...uh, yah right Mom!! We want the kind that is cool looking like the kids over at Katnip Lounge have!! Or maybe we'll just move in (for a weekend) with you guys! Your Mom and Dad probably wouldn't even notice us. What do you think? Shall we pop on over to spend some quality time with your new cat tree? Purrs, your pal, Lautrec

  24. Salem
    That is a fabulous cat tree -- in blue no less! How exciting! And well, to me it looks like you had a very active day today. Lots of new things to check out and of course playing with the pawrents is always fun. Salem did you ever tell us how you got your name?



  25. Sounds like you all had a good day. . . and to score an new tower! WAY COOL!! Your Daddy may be Crazypants but he's good.

  26. It is a good day at your place, a good day, a really really good day when daddy buys you new stuff too!


  27. Great new tree! Lucky kitties :)

  28. What lucky kitties you are to have your very own cat tree. We have never had one of those but we have all the real trees outside and they are great fun. Miss Salem, that was very rude of the photographer to take that picture of your bum.How embarrassing. Oh Felix, shred those bills, that makes life a whole lot easier. Daddy is a bit of a crazy pants, squeezing your head. What is wrong with him??? LOL. But thank heavens for that Dad, he did get that cat tree.
    Thanks for your great comment on our blog. That darn Mom of ours, fell off her chair as usual laughing. She didn't hurt herself though. Take care and have a good evening.

  29. Oh The Baby! Your close-up is breathtakingly awesome (even if I did have to click on a blank blue square to see it--are you teasing me on purpose???)

    The Human says to say Thank You to MomKat Trish for the nip advice. The little pot has been brought inside, covered with plastic wrap, & pierced appropriately. We shall see. Meanwhile, Mr. Nippy? He's always there for me.

  30. WHERE did you get that tree ... Fabulous!! Daddy is a funny guy.

    Hey come back to our bloggy & do the Woofie vote.
    Yes Mom is nuts.
    She says 6 will be enough!

  31. Dat is a fabyoolus cat tree! Salem, dat is what happens to Sadie when mom gets pikshers of her turned around. It's a camera trick. Good thing yoor daddy din't really skwish da Baby's head or yoor mom might haf gotten really upset.

  32. Wow it sounds like you kitties had a great day! And what a cool new cat tree that is - we don't have a cat tree but we think they are so fun looking! But we kind of have to agree with Johnny about not getting in the snuggle sack - it could be good, but it looks too much like a cat trap to us!

  33. That is a truly awesome cat tree!
    All your pictures are great but today we especially like the close up of The Baby!

  34. More stuff! Boy, you cats are so lucky. I love Baby's face. I have a 'thang' for white cats. Hugs

  35. Hi Miss Salem, I love your new cat tree. You guys have a great life there. Oh, Mama thinks your bum looked cute peeking out. May Ling is so pretty. Baby, I have a crazy daddy too. I like Grayce's cute sleep face waiting for Johnny to stop looking for treats in the snuggle sack.

    Have a great weekend!

  36. That new cat tree is awesome!! Tell Crazypants he did really good!!!

  37. That is one sweet new cat tree!

  38. We never saw such a soft looking cat tree before and we love the color too!

  39. WOW! We LOVE that cat tree. Yoo are ALL very lucky indeed to have such a jenerus dad.

    BTW, Mom said can yoo send Felix over to eat our bills pleese?

  40. Such cute pictures!!

    One year, I had to send my taxes in with a corner chewed. The government now has the DNA of a vicious kitty that would make a great super-soldier.

    I'd LOVE to see pics of this tree in one week and see how many claw marks and cat hair are on it!!!!! (Which means it's being used and loved)


Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!