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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wednesday Winner!

May Ling here!
Do you see me smiling from whisker to whisker?
That's because I get to announce the winner from Our Contest we had last Thursday!

We had four finalists from all our expert paw identifiers.

Mommy wrote them in random order on a piece of paper, and asked Daddy to think of a number between one and four.
And the winner is:

Four Crazy Cats!


Please email us (katniploungeATgmailDOTcom) with your address and we'll get your gift certificate from Casbah Kitten on it's way to you ASAP!

Looking through all the entries, the biggest foolers were Rupert and Grayce's toes. We're not suprised...Mommy & Daddy have problems telling the entire CAT apart, let alone the toes.

The owners of the toes are:
1. Friskies kitty
2. KonaKitty
3. Maui
4. Sweet Pea
5. Tiny Johnson
6. The Baby
7. Grayce
8. CC
9. Scouty
10. May Ling
11. Salem
12. Rupert
13. Felix

Kitties, we had a lot of fun with our contest and we sure hope you did, too!

Thanks for playing!

Happy Wednesday!

XX May Ling & the Lounge Kats


  1. What a fun contest - concatulations to the Four Crazy Cats!

  2. Concatulation to Four Crazy Cats!
    That would have been a really hard contest to guess too

  3. Well done winners!

    I am of course not sulking because I didn't win.....

    When's the next competition ?????

  4. Congratulations to Four Crazy Cats!

    Don't worry about the biscuit giveway only being for the US. Shen could do with losing some weight anyway lol ;)

  5. Congratulations to Four Crazy Cats!! They are really smart to get those right...we sure had a tough time...

  6. YAY!!!!!! Well done Four Crazy Cats!! Yay!!

    Awww me and Charlie had such fun with your great and fiendish competition!! You all have fabulous pawsies!!

    Thanks for hosting this!

    Take care

  7. Congrats to the very observant winners!!!
    Oh my we could never have done that.
    Madi and Mom

  8. Congrats to Four Crazy Cats. Well done. It sure was a fun contest. All those hundreds of paws. Who could tell whose was whose. But it was great fun.
    Hope you have a really fine day.

  9. That was a fun and challenging contest. Concats to the Four Crazy Cats.

  10. Congratulations to the Four Crazy Cats - we were rubbish at doing this contest!!

  11. Hooray to the Four Crazy Cats for winning a not so crazy prize!!!

  12. Congratulations to Four Crazy Cats!!! What a fun contest that was :-)

  13. ooh...I bet I wouldn't have done very well but I do like kitty toes! Fun stuff, you guys!

  14. We are so excited to have won this fabulously challenging contest! We admit, we were simply guessing :)

    We are looking forward to a shopping spree at the Casbah Kitten, as we love the products, especially the jelly beans!

    Thanks again!

  15. Concats to the Four Crazy Cats! That was a great contest!

  16. ConCats to the winners! That was sure a fun contest!!!

  17. Congrats to Four Crazy Cats!

    We are just overjoyed we knew who all of you were. It is embarrassing when you don't recognize your friends. With our Mom we gets embarrassed lots.

  18. Wow! Great job to Four Crazy Cats.

    Fun contest - I didn't even try but I was following to see how it went.

    I'll just have to keep following and keep my eyes peeled so I'm ready for the next contest!

  19. Ignore our above comment about the biscuits. That was meant for Marg's Pets giveaway. sadly our mum has no brain of which to speak of. She has been suitably punished.

  20. Mommy wishes to goodness she hadn't been so busy out of the house!!! She'd a guessed those toes. She's a toe fan!

  21. Concatulations to Four Crazy Cats!

  22. Congrats to Four Crazy Cats! And boy, we that is one of the toughest contests we have ever seen!

  23. Concats to Four Crazy Cats (we love dat name)! We woulda played 'cept Speedy kept licking da screen while we was trying to identify dem paws and mom finally hadda just take da pikshers off her laptop afore he licked da glass clean off da screen!

  24. May Ling is so pretty. Love her smile. What a fun contest. I'm sorry we missed it. Congrats to the winner! Sounds like a great prize!

  25. Congratulations you. . . . crazy cats! That was a really cool contest!

  26. Concats to the winners and wow what a fun contest.



  27. Concats to Four Crazy Cats! We sure had fun trying to guess all of your paws.

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  28. YAY!! Concatulations to Four Crazy Cats!!! We didn't get a chance to paw-ticipate because SOMEBODY didn't let us visit!! (Um... In case you missed it, Mom/Lady - WE MEAN YOU!!!)

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

    ps. Simon: *blush*blush* blush* Miss May Ling, You're SOO pretty!! (I devoted my latest (tomorrow's) post to you!!)

  29. Congrats to the winners. This was hard ~ cud we suggest yoo all start wearing diferent colour collars ~ ready for next time we hafta guess! MOL!


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