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Monday, September 20, 2010

ManCat Monday: Felix's Rebuttal


Contrary to popular opinion, I Do Not sleep all the time and miss all the "excitement" of George catching and consumption. 

I Scorn this opinion.

I am aware At All Times what's happening on the Catio.

I just like to set my predatory sights a tad higher.

To wit:

Meet George's cousin, Joe.

Joe is a Rattlesnake!

I chewed off the tip of Joe's tail.
heh heh.
There was a big ruckus on the Catio over the rights to Joe after I captured him. 
Daddy came outside to investigate...
...and he hot-footed it right back inside to get Mommy, and a pair of shoes!

Mommy tweezed up Joe with a pair of kitchen tongs and put him in a box, and then she and Daddy took Joe across the street and gave him a new home out (way out!) in the Desert.

I was Not Pleased.
I hope My Girl Annie is impressed by my hunting prowess...I think it's only fitting that I caught a venomous viper as a present for Her.
Seeing how we are both pretty dangerous, too!

Happy Monday!

XX Felix

Note from Mommy:  This is the second snake the Cats have caught (that we know of) in the nine years at our house.  Hubby and I did a paw/nose check on everyone afterwards.  How they manage to stay unbitten is beyond me.  The same for the scopions...they pull the stinger off!  I sure wish they'd stick to murdering George.


  1. Scouty? Felix? Dat U? Dat both of U?

    I'm mortified that I can't quite tell. I think I'll go with Felix.

    Somebody's having a busy day. Dat snake looks all dedded to me!

    Did somekitty have a snack?

  2. OMC! That's a scary looking creature! Glad you woke up for that Felix!

  3. I AM IN AWE. Aren' t humans scared of them? And you just chomp the tail off calmly. You are truly King Felix of the Desert. ALL HAIL.

  4. Felix, ya need a better publicist. Really...

  5. Oops--somehow I commented before all the facts were in, LOL.

    Guess that snake was NOT dedded after all!

    But I was right about Felix, eh?

  6. Oooh you are so brave! And dexterous! And the parentals are brave and dexterous too. Glad you didn't kill it.

  7. OMC! You chewed off Joe's rattles? And didn't get bit?! I don't know if you're my hero or if I'm afraid for you and your bravado, Felix! That was REALLY dangerous!

  8. Oh fur da love of...dem is danjerus! Yoo should not be playing wif dem! Yoor so brave, or foolish, or crazypants!

  9. Yow! We are impressed, Felix! Thankfully we don't have rattlesnakes in our neighborhood; even so, we'll stick to spiders and Georges! Glad none of you kitties were bitten!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  10. Oh jeeze you guys. Be safe. My little city slickers would have no idea what to do with a Rattler. Yikes!

  11. Oh Fantastic Felix!!! Me and Charlie are in AWE!!! You are just insane! LOL! In a lovely and very sweet way!! LOL! Your girl Annie is sure to be amused by your shenanigans!

    Awww but that icky snake looks like it's only a baby!!! Awwwww!

    p.s I'm sort of glad it was ok and rescued in time. I'm quite partial to reptiles.
    pps. Charlie says: so partial you scream and run away even when it's only a picture.
    Take care

  12. Yoo chewed his tail off? AWESOME! Did it taste nice?

  13. Yikes!!!! What a wild place you have!! I don't know if I'd tango with those critters!

    Purrs Goldie

  14. Wow. It's dangerous there. You have a scary job protecting your family from rattlesnakes! Oooohhhh, now Momma is all shivery because although she doesn't mind snakes too much, she doesn't like RATTLESNAKES!

  15. That is one of those "Dear God" moments. I swear I'd have a heart attack if either of my two found one of those. - the Mom.

  16. That was quite a tail chompin' pawty y'all had!!!

  17. AAAIIIEEEE! SNAKE! Did you save the chewed-off rattles as a souvenir?

  18. Holy mackerel!!! Our momma would have freaked!

  19. You are very brave Felix. Are there any single boys left in your family?

  20. OH MY CATS!!!
    You all are fearless.

  21. Felix! My kitty-heart is all a-flutter! How very mancatly of you. How brave! I'm overwhelmed by your hunting prowess. Never has anyone performed such a selfless act and thought to give me such a gift.

    Yours in crabbiness,


  22. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! OMC!!!!! You are a super brave kitty, Felix! And your mum and dad are very brave, too! I once caught a legless lizard, and that was scary enough for our mum!

  23. Oh we are so proud of you! But you mustn't mess with dem rattlesnakes. They be poisonous! That means if they bited you you would be deaded! And we would be very sad if that happened. And so would your momma and daddy!!! Please be careful!!!

    Clarissa & Co.

  24. What a MANCAT!!!! :)
    I am sure Annie is impressed, BIG TIME!

  25. If we'd done that we don't think we would have ever seen mum again - she'd have broken the land speed record!! You were so brave - did the rattle work when it had been chewed off??

  26. YUCK! We hate snakes! The boys Who Came Before brought in little garter snakes a few times and my mom about peed her pants. If they would have brought in a copperhead or a rattler, she'd probably be dead of fright and there would be no one to feed us.

    Fuzzy and Zoe (a couple of Oklahoma girls who don't like snakes)

  27. Ok. Do we have this straight?
    Daddy put his shoes on and Mom picked up the snake? Good Brave Mommy!
    You kitta kats are pretty fearless too! Curiosity will do that, but we're glad you guys are careful!

  28. HOLY GEEZ~!!! That is some crazy antics going on over there! WOW! A poisonous vipor?!? You are SUPER Manly and Annie must be swooning at your manliness! Ya can make really kool maracas with the chewed off tail!

  29. Thank heavens it was a small rattlesnake.Yikes that is really scary. It is amazing that no one got bitten. We love to kill snakes here but so far we haven't run across a rattle snake. That is really scary. Hope he doesn't come back. Have a good snake free week.

  30. i guess Joe has a delishus tail... me and BA would have played wif him too! glad nobuddy got bitted though.

  31. Mighty hunters should stay clear of Joe!

  32. Eeek! A snake!! That's scary!!

    I love the pic of him peeking through the hole :)

  33. OMC!!! A rattler??? Mum gets worried when I catch snakes but if we had rattlesnakes here, she would have a fit. You are a mighty hunter, but be careful.

  34. OMC! I am tellin' ya...OMC! Felix..I believe how brave and studly you are,. Please don't do that agaon. I know your mom and dad must have felt all fluttery after seeing what you so bravely caught and brought to the catio. We know now..please don't prove it any more. WHEW! Annie will probably say near the same thing if she hasn't already.

  35. Oh wow, a rattlesnake - that is crazy that it got into the house! We are so glad that everyone is ok! You were very brave with it - but don't be too brave because we want you all to stay ok!!

  36. Holy Crap Felix!!!!! (We wanted to use a different word on the bad word list, but figured we better stick with that one). You are one brave mancat! We would stay far away from those slithery creatures! We are glad none of you were hurt!

  37. Oh my Felix! You are taking your life into your paws with that one! Even without the rattler on his tail, that snakey can put a big bitey on you that you won't recover from!

    You remind me of Steve Irwin wrangling with alligators -- except you wrangles with snakes.

    I agree with your mama. Now that you've impressed your girlfriend, stick to hunting George. There's lots of Georges around to find.

    Keep safe!

  38. Dear Lord! You all do live in some wild country! I can only imagine...


    Baby rattlers are dangerous!
    A few years ago a baby (and I think it was a rattler) got inside the house. I was home alone. I found the cats all cornered around in the dining room. I turned the light on (it was nighttime) and there was this snake coiled up wondering who to strike. At that moment Abby ran right in front of it totally oblivious. that was when I took action and grabbed the only thing I had near by. A plastic flat headed mop. (Like a Swiffer) I stood there pressing down for over an hour because I wasn't sure the snake was dead (I mean how deadly is a plastic mop?). I couldn't let go because I feared if it got loose I'd really be up a creek. After that hour and it stopped moving I felt like I had suffocated it (I had). The adrenalin in my system was so high I thought I was going to faint. All I had cared about was protecting the cats, especially Abby who has no clue on how to protect herself.I scooped the dead snake and threw it out the back door and called my husband and told him he was going to have to deal with a dead snake in the garage. I WILL NEVER FORGET THAT -- EVER.

  40. WOW!! That's all we can say! We're very impressed by your hunting prowess, Felix - & we're very glad that no kitty (or human) got hurt!!

    Even tho it makes our Mom a little skeeved to think about that snake in the house, she can't help but feel a little sorry for the little guy - life's going to be very hard for him if he can't scare off predators with his rattle... To us, we thinks he looked DELICIOUS!!

    Have a wonderful day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

    ps. Simon: May Ling, I really wish we would've been able to walk the plank together - with you that would've been fun!! Um, I have a request, does your Mom have a piksur of you that you really like?? I would like to put it on my (*ahem* - excuse me) OUR blog so that all the kitties know who the prettiest girl in the world is!!


    That was all of us, and Mom too!

  42. Oh no that's so scary! You are sucn a brave cat to chew off the tip of snake tail.
    Be safe and have a great week!

  43. Wow - a snake! Nothing gets into our catio except a cricket or worm!

  44. Holy Moly!! A snake!! We've never seen one of those before!! Felix, we are quite impressed with your hunting skills...and your chewing skills!!

  45. Felix you are rather clever! Aren't rattle snakes rather poisonous? Be careful!

  46. You kitties have to be careful! You wouldn't want an owie on your nose.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  47. OMC...remember to not have any of those come and visit if WE ever come to visit! That was darned scary, even from here! And pulling the stingers off scorpions? You guys practice Extreme Sports!

  48. Wow! We don't have snakes in Englandshire!

  49. Oh my Cat, a rattlesnake! Felix, you clearly save up your strength and interest for the really important battles. We bet Joe's tail tip tasted delicious...kinda like chicken...heh heh. Our Meowmy is all "yikes" and "yuck" thinking about a poisonous snake in the house. We actually had a little tiny snake in the basement a couple of weeks ago and Sylvie patted it and pushed it around (and nibbled off its tail tip)...Meowmy finally felt guilty and swept it into a plastic tub and carried it outside...she kept shaking the container 'cause it kept trying to climb out and she really really didn't want it to climb out on her hand or fall out upstairs! You guys be really careful, o.k.??


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