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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Easy on Sunday


Mommy had one of those Horrible, No Good Days. 
You know the type.
She did some shopping after work and everything that could go wrong, did.  At least she got home all in one piece to feed us!

So we're taking it easy on her for our Easy on Sunday post.

Mommy, when I come to bed tonight I'll make a TON of purry biscuits on you.  I promise!

Thanks for the grass Mommy!
I'll barf it where Daddy will see it (and clean it up) tomorrow.

Mommy, this tum's for you!

Grayce says:  I'll act all silly just to make you laugh!

I will direct my Scorn at Rude People...

...and I'll poop on their pillows!

We'll show you our best sides,

And our prettiest poses.


Give your People some Lovins...

they deserve it.

XX  Lounge Kats


  1. I bet she was thrilled with those tummys

  2. You are so kimd to your Mom. Maybe I should stop the toe attacks and be kind to Äiti as it's the bestest therapy for bad days andmaybe even gets us more treats. Have a great lazy, loving Sunday

  3. Give people some lovin'???? What, are you high on the 'nip or sumfing? Scouty, I can't believe you really mean that, dood.

  4. With you doing all that, your mommy's Sunday is going to be pawesome! (Daddy may not like the barf though). Your mommy is very lucky to have all of you making sure she has a good day! We'll give our people some lovin' too!

  5. What a wonderful way to treat your Mom after a bummer of a day! Now her evening can only get better....add some whisker kisses and tender tail touches=^Y^=

  6. Hello lovelies!

    I saw your sweet comment, and wanted to say, I'd love to do some art of you darlings if mom says it's okay :)


  7. You guys are very nice. Nicer than we are - sometimes when my human has a bad day, we get freaked out and forget to make her feel better.

  8. We hope your Mommy has a better day=be sure to give her extra cuddles...So many great photos!...We LOVE The Baby's gorgeous tail!...Have a fun Sunday, sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. Oh no!! What happened to MamaKat?!?!! Me and Charlie hope she is ok??? We wish a PLAGUE ON THE HOUSES of these RUDE people!! Booo to ill-manners and ignorance!!

    We hope you give your mum tons of cuddles sweet CC! And is that pretty Maui nomming the lovely kitty grass??? :-)And gorgeous Rupert showing off his yummy tummy??

    Awww beautiful Grayce!! We hope you keep mum laughing with your cute silliness!!

    Yay!! Gloriously curmudgeonly Felix!!! Your scorn worth the power of a million suns! Yikes!

    Sweet May Ling, Scouty and Friend! LOL!! We support what you plan to do to rude people!

    Now Charlie says that the pretty kitty posing is Sweet Pea. I'm sorta thinking it's the Baby. Hmmm!! LOL!

    Take care and extra hugs to your mum!

  10. You're all taking very good care of your mom! We're sorry she had a horrible day and are sending her lots of purrs. We hope today is TERRIFIC!

  11. Thank goodness Mommy had you all to come home to after her bad experience. Hope all the fambly has a relaxing Sunday, with no bad, rude people anywhere nearby.

  12. I'm sorry your mom had a bumscrubbly day. My Mommeh has a sad today, too. She thought she had Monday off, but now she has to work that day. Rats.

  13. You guys are so nice to your Mommy. Can you give her a headbutt from us? And an extra purr or two??

  14. I'm sorry your mum had a bad day, my mummy has had a bad two weeks! Maybe they can commiserate together.

  15. Y'all are so very sweet to take care of your Mommy like that!

  16. You are good kitties to make your mom feel better after her rubbishing day. Give her lots of kisses and cuddles and do silly thing to make her laugh.
    We hope you soon feel better Katnip Mummy - luv from Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  17. We're sorry that your mum had a bad day. We hope that today is much better for her.

  18. Oh you guys are purrfect babies to your momma cat! Everything you did was just exactly right..the best sides you showed her and the tummies ought to do it, but the tons of biscuits..that will tip the balance to extra dextra good!

    I bit my mom. :-( I'll do better at communicating. Maybe send her an email.

  19. Sorry Mom had a crummy day. You are such good Lounge cats to cheer her up and you did such a good job at it. We especially like the one of your 'best sides'. That is just purrfect. Hope you get lots of rest today.

  20. You kitties are so sweet for your mom! Sorry she had a yucky day and hope you'll all have her feeling better quick-like. Your plans look fool proof :-)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  21. Awww .. you furry ones are like angels.
    Go cheer your mom up.

    Sometimes all we need is just little hugs, purrs, loving thoughts and some positive chi!!

    We send our super purrs and our mom sends some of her 'intermittent' chis to your mom! :)

    WE are thinking of you!

  22. Kitties are just about the most reliable cure for terrible horrible no good days. A purr makes so much better! Hope your next days are better!

  23. What a wonderful post. And what thoughtful cats. Taking care of their Mommy like that. I hope sunday is a better day for you. with all that kitty love, you're sure to get better!

  24. Aww poor mummy having such a bad day, but I am glad you all are looking after her.. Everyone doing sweet things for mummy, just lovely.. Hugs GJ xx

  25. Hope your day is improved, mine has.

  26. Oh man! We're sorry your mom had such a bad day. But we know seeing all your faces...and in some cases, the other end...will make her feel better.

  27. Sometimes we think us kitties is da only things dat keep our peepul sane!

  28. Isn't it great to have kitties at home after a baaaaad day?

  29. You kitties are the best!
    When you band together there ain't nothin' you can't do!
    Bet you had her smiling in no time!

  30. Boy, can I ever relate to having a NO GOOD, HORRIBLE, VERY BAD DAY! (Loved to read those books)
    Even though I'm late to the party, I wanted to commiserate with your Mommy and tell you kitties that you certainly cheered me up. Kitty therapy is the best!!

    Love, auntie deb

  31. So sorry that your mom had a bad day. I'm sure that all of you kitties cheered her up quickly.


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