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Monday, September 6, 2010

ManCat Monday, Labor Day Edition


It's a well known fact that We Kats here at the Lounge laze around toil endlessly, training our Parents in the ways of Correct Feline Servitude.

It's exhausting.

So we are taking a well-deserved rest today, and catching up on a few things.
My ruff is reprehensibly filthy, I need a spit-shine!

And Daddy, I Do Not have to pose today.
I'm outta here!

This new Scratchy Pad is just my size.
I will rest here a while.

I Do Not feel obligated to look into the camera today, either!

CC is so lazy, he's gotten Rupert to do his face and ears.
Please note they are hogging the sofa blanket and Mommy has to do without.

Scouty sees no need to be photographed, at least fully frontally.

CC and Scouty at rest.
It's a full time job eating chicken jerky treats.
But somecat's gotta do it!

Rupert and Felix stake out their territories on the apartment complex.
Felix will later retire to the Purple Hut in the center.

Once inside the Purple Hut, Felix says:  I will only work to win Crabby Annie's heart!
Otherwise, forget it.


Kitties, rest and relax today.
Tomorrow your labor to train your intractable Humans can resume.

Happy Labor Day!

XX  Lounge ManCats

pee ess:  Mommy says "Thank You" for all the good thoughts you sent her way yesterday...she had a much better day today and she is so happy that you all had such a good time at her Pity Party.
She would also like to thank Captain Morgan for his fine Rum.


  1. wow! We're the first ones into the Lounge today!
    Excellent Labor Day post!
    It is important to Do Nothing all day!

  2. You set an excellent example for how to celebrate Labor Day. In the spirit of internationalism we think we will join you and go right back to bed!

  3. It really is tough work training beans in Correct Feline Servitude so you deserve the rest on Labor Day! We just love all your photos and The End always cracks us up!

  4. YOu know what I think? I think we need a kitty AFL/CIO! American Feline Liberation/Cats International Organization.

    And that's what I think.

  5. ESPECIALLY no photos on Labor Day! That is a law!

  6. Y'all certainly deserve a day of rest. Enjoy it!! Oh, and we LOVE your apartment complex, that's really cool.

  7. Our mom is laughing at the "pity party" and "Captain Morgan." Everyone needs that now and again!

    We love those apartments, they rock. Felix is lucky he has his own suite. Annie has decided she would like one too, since she just had a snarling match outside with Nicki. Oh, the sounds she to Felix's ears, she hopes.

    Happy Labour Day to you all; it's a holiday here too and our mom is thrilled to have another day away from the office. :-)

  8. I can see you are all celebrating non-Labor Day today!

  9. What a fantastic post. We're in awe of all your wonderful cat stuff.

    Have a great Labor Day!

  10. AWwwwwww Happy Labor Day all you sweet kitties at Katnip Lounge!!! Me and Charlie hope you continue your parental training in feline servititude! LOL! We think giving mum some fine rum from Captain Morgan is a good step too! :-)

    Floofy KonaKitty and equally floofy Johnson - today is both your rest day from daddy's flashy thing! Awww Rupert is a sweetie helping CC with his boudoir! And Scouty needs his rest after all those treats with CC! And most curmudgeonly Felix - sweet Annie is worth all your effort!!

    Take care

  11. We are just in total envy of yoor lounge. It's so awesome that we want to come and visit. Wot a great place to hang around on Labor Day.

  12. Great pictures gang! Hey Felix, I don't think sweetie Annie can resist least for too long!

  13. O mai goodness! Your apartment complex iz awesome! You will 'prolly do some excellent relaxing in there for sure!

  14. That is exactly what Labor day is for, napping all day, even if we do do it on the other days too. Love all the pictures of you guys. We love to hog our Mom's chair here. We just don't understand why she can't sit on the floor.
    Have a marvelous Mon.

  15. We don't have a labor day here so mum has got us skivvying as usual LOL!!

  16. I've only just found you. Happy Labor Day you have really pretty cats and great pics, Thanks

  17. We would say have a nice relaxing Labor Day, but you obviously don't need us to tell you.
    We are glad Captain Morgan helped your mum feel better.

  18. Looks like a perfect Labor Day at the Lounge!

  19. Maui and Johnson, I like your style. As soon as I hear the camera turn on, I look away from the camera. Scouty and CC look so cute. I wish someone would do my ears. Simba is useless for that. That last picture is too funny!

    I love your apartments and purple hut!

  20. As always a great post and "fab" pics.

    Happy Labor Day. xxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. Happy Labor Day to all of you!!!!

    Wow, we never noticed before, but we have a few dopplegangers at your house!

  22. That is what Labor Day is all about. Doing absolutely nothing! Happy Labor Day!

  23. Um, Rupert? Which one is your apartment?

    (This is the Admiral's mom..she forgot to log out of her account..sigh..silly momma)

  24. OH.....WE WANT TO COME AND PLAY WITH ALL OF YOU! What fantastic pictures today!!! You are all just so cute!

  25. Hi to our Fav Dozen!!! We read that mom had a bad Sunday...good she had you all and Dad waiting for her at home. We are sorry she had to work today but we see that you all are taking enough naps for the entier USA!

  26. It's good to have a do-nothing day and just catch up on things!

    Sorry I missed your post yesteray, I didn't know your mum was having a bad day. Yes, the best remedy for that is to curl up with some feline love :-) Hope all is well now.

  27. What an excellent way to spend Labor Day - Yay!! We're doing the same thing... Yay!!!

    Have a happy day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

    ps.Simon: I'm SOOO sorry May Ling, my MOTHER lady was too busy to let me teleport over this weekend - can I come over today??

  28. Happy Labor Day to you too! Enjoy your day and take it easy.

  29. Always enjoy your photos; just so many adorable babies to see :)...Glad everyone is resting today, training Mom and Dad is a full time job!...Happy Labor Day, sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  30. Lounging, yoor doing it right. Our mom thinks dat Captain Morgan guy is awesome too.

  31. Awsome photo ! and every time, you posted the happy time in your lounge, Puddy is so jealous !
    Please have a great week : )

  32. Of course, you see that I call it LaPURR Day for cats -- they don't get a break like humans do. They always have to pose even if they don't want to. Humans are relentless that way.

    And I think you spell "Labor" in a funny way. "Labour" is the original English, and Canadians are still part of the British Commonwealth.

    Maybe we, in the Cat Blogosphere, should all just spell it LaPURR and be done with it! LOL!

  33. We're spending the day much the same way you guys are! Labor Day should really be called No Labor Day!!

    And we're glad to hear your mom is doing better today...our mom says that Captain Morgan (and a few kitties!) work wonders!!

  34. We like how you kitties think! A cat's work is never done so enjoy your day of rest today.

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  35. Now that was the purrfect Labor day post!

    We;re glad you're Mom is doing better.


  36. I love these pictures! The XXL size scratchy pad must be very comfy.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog.

  37. Hi Darling!

    I just absolutely love cats, so making art with cats just combines my two loves! How about you send me the pictures that you love best? And anything you might want included. I'll have some fun and if you give me your address, I'll mail it off when I am finished :) My email is themusefactory (@) gmail (dot) com



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