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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Easy on Sunday


Can you guess who's taking it Easy on Sunday up on the Skyway?
Hmmm, floof and black feets.

How about now?
Mackerel coloring!

Here's an even better Clue...
Bald tummy...

It's Me, KonaKitty!
...and no Grill Marks!

I just wanted to tell all of you "Hello"!


Have a wonderful Sunday, Kitties!

XX  KonaKitty


  1. Such a loving look ... and gorgeous green eyes just inviting us to admire this cutie!

  2. Handsome Kona is looking very relaxed and comfy=a purrfect way to spend Sunday...or anyday :)...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Hello Kona !
    What a great day you have : ) Love your gorgeous long hair, I wish I can give a hug : )
    Have a great Sunday

    Puddy & Boom

  4. Judging from your expression, that skyway is a heavenly place to relax!

  5. That's the way to approach a Sunday. We have been out partying again all night so it's time to snooze away the morning, and sleep off the poro! The litter trays are a bit stinky this morning after all that rich food. Hehehe.
    Relax well !

  6. Awwwwwww adorable and ever so floofy KonaKitty!!! Me and Charlie are waving to you from all the way down here!! We hope you have a super duper sleepy Sunday!

    Take care

  7. You've got a great place to hang out today!

  8. Awwwww ... HELLO right back yoo gorjuss KonaKitty, yoo!

  9. Hello there, Kona! Have fun up there on your skyway!

  10. You sure do know how to take it easy Kona Kitty!

  11. Hello Mr Kona Kitty - you were making it difficult for us to see you. Have a lovely Sunday everycat and their Mom and Dad.

  12. Hi there Kona, what a great place to relax. Love the last picture of you peeking at the camera. Very nice of you to do that. Hope all of you Lounge kitties have a great day.

  13. Hello Kona! Happy Sunday on the skyway!

  14. Hello and good morning you beautiful baby, Kona.

  15. Kona looks so relaxed....enjoy great Sunday!

  16. Haha ~ a very fun perch to view everyone from! Have a terrific Sunday!
    xo Catherine

  17. Kona, you are absolutely adorable! We hope you enjoy your Sunday!

  18. Hello precious Kona...such nice relaxing pictures,
    Madi and Mom

  19. Greetings dear Kona,

    It is a pleasure meeting you and it looks like your in heaven on earth. In the last picture you have a wonderful grin.

    Keep up enjoying yourself,
    Miss Kitty

  20. Hi guys! Thanks for popping in.
    Kona you look rather pretty in those photos!


  21. That looks like the best place to relax Kona Kitty.

  22. Kona, that's a great spot to spend a Sunday...or any day for that matter!!

  23. That looks like a very comfy place to nap. Your beans did a great job of designing the skyway so you can peek down and show your sweet face.

  24. Hey, Kona. It looks pretty nice up there. But yo, dood, why the bald tummy? (Hmm, it doesn't even really look bald--just creamy.)

    You're cool and all, but I'm a little bummed not to see The Baby (is she still unconscious?) or juicy little Salem!

  25. Uh oh. I'm in trouble now cause now I think you're a ladycat and I inadvertently insulted you!!! You are very beautiful but for some silly reason I thought you were, well, a boy. Let's face it--with long luxuriant furs like yours, it **can** be a little hard to tell. Sorries, gorgeous! ::runs and hides::


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