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Monday, September 13, 2010

Lounge Lizards


Mister Lizard (George) barely escaped with his life today, but not for lack of trying on our part!

Here we are, hanging out on the Catio.  There's nine of us you see us all?
Here's the story:

George the Lizard lives in the lantana garden on the corner of the Catio.  He drives us crazypants with his rustling and skittering around!
Salem is reaching...reaching...Rats!
Missed him.

Rupert approached for a closer look and Salem got a little Hissed Off.
Rupert has a tiny problem with "Personal Space".  His preferred method of greeting is to stick his snooter all up into the greetee's business...his nose is COLD!
Felix, oblivious, slumbers.

George makes a break for the other side of the garden!
::rustle rustle rustle::
::chitter chitter chitter::

Hey!  There he goes!  Over towards the wall.
Double Rats!
Someday, George.

You can't escape us forever.
Rupert stalks off.

May Ling settles in for a nap.

Scouty ponders lizards he's eaten in the past.
Mmmmmm, tastes like chicken!

Felix, oblivious, slumbers on.

And guess what, Kitties? 
Later in the day WE GOT GEORGE!

But Salem and Sweet Pea made the fatal error of bringing him in alive, whereupon Mommy rescued him and put him back Outside. 
Triple Rats!

Oh well, there's always tomorrow.

Have a great Monday!

XX  Lounge Kats


  1. That was so exciting to watch you all watch George! We can't believe Felix slept through the whole thing! It's too bad your mommy believes in catch and release but guess that just means you'll get to enjoy catching George all over again!

  2. Great photos and story...We hope you guys will have fun catching George again soon...We think Felix was busy dreaming of gorgeous Annie :)...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. What a great fun on Monday ! And Cool photos . Love Felix, he has a relaxed personality..His dream must be exciting more than the real world !
    He made me wondered what is his dream about ?

    Love and Purrs
    Boom and Puddy

  4. Hehehe, you cats are sooooo good at hunting! But glad your mum rescued him.

  5. Just let me at this George! I will catch and bash and biff and kill the critter. I would love to taste lizard: I would like to try some foreign foods. I hope you will be spending all of today trying again to get him.

  6. By George, he had a lucky escape!

    (By George: An expression used as an oath or to express surprise. By George is also the modern version of the old battle cry of English soldiers, most well known in Shakespeare's Henry V where the King shouts: for Harry, England and St George!)

  7. Love, love, love it!! Kitty t.v. in 3D!!! And you don't even have to wear those funny glasses!! Dang, life looks like a serious party 24/7 over at your house...can we come visit? We'll bring food and nip. You have such cool toys, beds, hangin' out spots and entertainment!! We'll just have to remember to keep our tails down so no cold noses surprise us!! haha! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  8. How exciting to have George to play with! Those photos are so fun. . . it's like you're watching Lizard TV.

  9. Felix missed all the action! I'll bet the cats had a blast -- my cats love to sit at the door and watch chipmunks :)

  10. Many small lizards get into our house, I think through the tracks in the sliding glass doors. Harley is a notorious lizard-catcher, and once he gets one he will NOT unclamp his jaws no matter what our mom tries. He has learned to swallow them in a single gulp so they do not get taken away! Our vet told us this is Bad because we can get liver flukes from eating lizards!

  11. Love that with all this going on, Felix is just napping away! Too funny!!!

  12. Wow, we boys want to come over and help you catch George again! How thrilling!

    Annie thinks Felix is just being sensible; he's above all that nonsense!

  13. We can't believe your Mom let George go! We are sure you'll get him again, unless he's smart and stays away!

  14. We are so glad to hear that George escaped with his life. Lucky Lizard. At least you all had the fun of the great chase. Looks like George kept all of you well entertained. Have a great week.

  15. Morning Gorgeous Dozen...
    That lizard must be a touch off in the brain to be flirting and flaunting in the presence of you all.
    Hugs Madi

  16. What a cool catio you guys have! We just have big windows to look out of. None of us have ever seen a real live lizard before, but there is a chipmunk in our backyard that we watch...a lot!

    Clarissa & Co.

  17. Oh that was so close, but y'all sure had a good time!

  18. Kitties, doesn't that just toast yer tail when mom rescues the prey right after you caught it? You don't even get a chance to ded it! Gee. Moms!

    Pee Ess Rupert...let's see that snooter up close and purrsonal)

  19. We know you let him go on purpose so you can have the thrill of the chase again another day.
    Poor George!!

  20. That's quite a sight to see all of you on alert like that!
    We bet George will be back to taunt you very soon!

  21. Great lizard excitement! I cracked up at Felix sleeping through it all.

  22. I just adore that last photo of Felix, oblivious to all the action going on around him!

  23. We love dat Felix slumbered on thru da whole thing. We don't haf lizards here, but mom found a tiny tree frog hanging on da window last night.

  24. They sure do have fun, don't they. Loved the post. Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5

  25. What fun!!!!!!!!!!! We can see there is never a dull moment at your house.


  26. Aww... Why oh why did your Mom have to rescue George?! Lizards is good eatin'!! Our Mom did that with the couple of mousies I caught at our old house in Virginia - not fair!! Don't they know we are vishus predators??

    Oh well, there's always next time for George!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

    ps. Simon: May Ling - I'll be right over! *bounding happily*

  27. What fun you had with George the lizard!

  28. Oh my goodness! A lizard! What fun! I love the picture of the group of you looking out at George. Felix cracks us up. Scouty, I sure wish that I knew what lizard tastes like. If you say they taste like chicken, I believe it. Salem sure is territorial over her lizard, but I understand.

    Mama's glad George was rescued.

  29. We love these pictures - we're in awe of your catio anyway, and now we're even more envious because you have a built-in lizard! Franklin says to tell Rupert that that is his preferred method of greeting too - he can't understand why the other cats don't like it! (Maybe it's a gray boy thing...) And Felix is too funny.

    P.S. Our mom says to say that she is very glad George escaped! Purrs to your mom for helping him.

  30. Oh, my gosh, YOUR CATIO!!!! My kitties thought they had it made. I'm not going to let them see the pictures on your blog today. They do, however, occasionally have a lizard to watch. There was a slow moving stick bug on the outside of the screen for a whole day recently. Not as exciting as a lizard, but still entertaining.

  31. Wow, how exciting, a lizard! You guys are all so intent (except for Felix *g*...that guy knows how to sleep!). Your mom spoiled your fun, get to chase George again some day! Meowmy tells us all the time about Babka, the cat who came before. He was part Manx so only had a little stub of a tail. He caught the there were lots of Manx chipmunks walking around. He caught the there were lots of Manx skinks walking around! (Meowmy read later that skinks are poisonous, but they never bothered Babka..he didn't really eat them anyhow...he dropped the tails when they stopped wiggling.)

  32. I might marinate one of those lizards in a buerre blanc and serve it over arugula with a dusting of roasted hazelnuts.

  33. You kitties are SO clever! Catching George sounds tricky.


  34. Leave it to Mom to ruin the fun! Better luck next time guys!

  35. What no picture of George?
    This is one clever lizard!

    Good lucks!


  36. That looked like great fun with all of you watching George. We have never seen a lizard so we wish we could come over and catch George. We had to laugh at Felix. He missed all the fun and didn't know it.

  37. Hahahahaha!!! Bet Sweet Pea & Salem won;t make that mistake again ;)
    Poor George,there are lots of you interested in him,heehee
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  38. It's so cute that Felix is sleeping while other kitties are in action!
    Have a great week!

  39. This is a really exciting story, kitties! Still, the Human says she is a little glad that George escaped. She doesn't like to think of him going to a toothy death, though it sounds nommy to me!

  40. George is just plain carzy to come so close to all of you! He surely must have a death wish!

  41. Holy Moly!! You mean you caught George and you didn't get to keep him?? What's up with that??? George must be paying off your mom.

  42. Mom rescued so many lizards from the clutches of Chica and Yoko when we were in Florida! Mom actually liked those things!!!!

  43. Having read this post after Tuesday's, I know how this all really ended. PURRseverance is the key!

  44. So cute, all of you there trying to catch the lizard! Amazing that so many of you were together in the shots!

  45. Oh and what happens in Tennessee STAYS in Tennessee. Rupert..don't worry!

  46. Ooops..I forgot to make mommy log out of her blog. Sowwy. This is Rupert's diva flame speaking..not mommy.

  47. Oh my goodness! WOW!

    Me and Charlie were on the edge of our seats with this amazing and thrilling adventure! Wow!

    My goodness!! What a story - phew!!

    It was a very divided household here! I was cheering for sweet poor George and Charlie was egging beautiful Salem and joining in with the stalking and the watching! LOL!!

    Awww but we were both cheering for adorable Felix! What a cool laid back kitty!! LOL!

    I say *yay for George and mum*! Charlie says *I feel your pain fellow kitties!*
    Take care


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