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Friday, September 3, 2010

Filthy Friday


It is I, The Baby.

Since I am so special beg relentlessly to go Outside, Daddy gives in every morning and takes me Out for a little supervised snoop around the back yard.

Sometimes Daddy does a little project while we're Outside, like fix a irrigation nozzle.

This is a great opportunity to get a little dirt in my furs!
My Tail.

When I first came inside to live with Mommy & Daddy I had a black streak on my forehead.  Mommy thought it might be grease and tried to wash it off...but the streak was really Black Furs!

Mommy later learned that pure White cats are commonly born with a "Kitten Cap", which is what I had.  I shedded my Cap off and now I am all White, all over, with pink paw pads and nose leather.
See?  Pure White.

I have Goldy-Green eyes, and I'm not a Deaf Cat.
And although I can HEAR you, it doesn't mean I'll LISTEN to you.
Daddy, I need to roll by the Lemon tree.

This is where Daddy needed to do the nozzle repair.
::roll roll roll::

So Daddy dug a hole.
How embarrassing!
I didn't see you take this picture!

I got all sorts of debris in my fur.  Plumbing repair is dirty work!
This will be great to deposit indoors on the rug!

Much to my dismay, Daddy brushed Me off before we went in.
Here I am, mostly clean again.
Please note my disgusted Look.

Kitties, I like being a Dirty Girl.

Happy Friday!

XX  The Baby


  1. I love the big hole - I think Äiti should dig us a big hole so we can stick our bottoms out of it. Your furs are magnificent, and I think perhaps a little dirt sets them off beautifully.And I love the idea of your 'kitten cap' - do you have any photos????

  2. The Baby, you sure know how to have fun!...You are a gorgeous, flirty girl and we're sure all the mancats are going to love this post :)...Happy Friday, sweet friend...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. We bet your daddy appreciated your help fixing the plumbing problems! Getting dirty looks like a lot of fun. We didn't know that about white cats getting whiter. My sisfur Angel was borned almost all white but got different colors as she got older. She must be backwards.


  4. Getting dirty is fun, unless yoor a silly boy like Speedy. If yoo are den yoo hafta run to mommy to haf her wash yoor butt and brush da ickies of yoor back if yoo happen to get into a "dust bunny".

  5. How could your daddy brush off all your hard work! The nerve! :)

  6. Being a dirty girls rules! I don't know why humans can't understand that.

  7. Rolling in dirt is a great thing to do and we can clearly see the extra lure it has for a white cat like you. We heard that white cats do have a genetic colour, but that the white covers it like a coat. The kitten cap shows the genetical colour, so that means you, the pure white Ladycat, are actually black! Ha! It's weird world.
    Have a pawsome weekend efurryone at the Lounge.
    Siena & Chilli

  8. My dear, you are SO lovely and sweet. We'd love to see more photos of you!!

  9. Pretty Cool Idea ! you use your white body like a canvas : )

    Everyday Cat Visitor

  10. You're such a pretty girl, Baby! We loved the candid picture!

  11. I wish I could get all filthy just like you!

  12. Oh The Baby, Charlie here. I thoroughly understand your need to be the filthiest, dirtiest, nastiest kitty.I aspire to be all these myself. I don't understand why my hooman despairs and insists on chasing me around with a wet towel, kitty shampoo, dry towels and such like. Everytime I get a good black oily streak across my white furrs, there she is with said contraptions!!

    Really, the indignity!

    So I feel your pain, The Baby!!!

    Have a great Filthy Friday!!!

    Take care

  13. We know very well how much fun it is to get really dirty. We especially like to roll in the dirt then get in the dew on the grass and then track it all into to the house. Now that is fun. Great pictures of you Baby having all that fun.
    Hope all the Loungers have a great week end.

  14. We think you did a brilliant job snoopervising the repair!

  15. Getting derty is ALWAYS fun! We don't know why the beans make such a BIG thing of it!


  16. Seems like you have special times outside with Dad.

    My Mom and Dad's first cat Smudgie had a black forehead smudge, but it never completely went away. How interesting that many white kitties have them!

  17. Now that sure looks like fun, especially scoping out that hole!

  18. We like that your name is "The" Baby instead of just Baby. Have a great weekend friends!

  19. Your Daddy should have let you keep a little dirt so the others will believe your story of rolling in the dirt!

  20. That is funny about the black furs! When Charli came to live with us, she had black dirt on her white furs but it was really dirt!

  21. We never knew about Kitten Cap. Thanks for telling us about it.

    Thanks for your purrs and prayers for Sniffie. She did eat a bit last night and Mom has been giving her nutrical. We keep hoping things will "pass" and that she won't need another surgery.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  22. Sometimes a girl just has to get her hands dirty...right?
    Happy Weekend,
    Madi and Mom

  23. We almost forgot! Mom wants you to know that she roots for the Chicago Bears (yes, it maybe a long sad season) because she grew up just outside of Chicago. She also roots for the 49ers because she lived in SF for 12 years and loves those Niners!

  24. Hi Everyone -- Thanks for your post on my blog. You're right about the Castle Box!

    Your Friend,

  25. Great job Baby! Four of our white cats had black smudges on their heads. Mom tried to clean us up too before she realized it was fur!

  26. Dear The Baby! I know that Spitty is going to do some rolling on his own as soon as he sees that pole dance you're doing there at the lemon tree. Of course your mommy took that picture without saying may I? I'm sure but how charming, Your furs are pristine and beautiful, No wonder Spitty is dazzled by your beauty. Oh, and please tell Rupert I said hello?

  27. We're still amazed that you can look so clean even after rolling in all that dirt!

    P.S. Our mom AND her vet thought Dobby was dirty when we first adopted him. It turns out he has ghost Siamese markings!

  28. White cats are the BEST and only look better with a little dirt here and there. My Lily loves to get down and dirtyfrtttttttttttttt (sorry, that was Ginny walking across the keyboard, she's blind, ya know. She needs a horn. I loved your post and if you have a minute pop over to see the cat-house I posted.OUTRAGIOUS and fun. Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5

  29. What a lovely coat-it reminds me of a crisp winter day in the Alps!

  30. Ohhh..dat looks like pawsome funz! We neffur gets to go owtside, effur, unless mom and dad puts us on a leash and harness contrapshun!

    The indignity of it--being treated like woofies!

    But we don't go owt.. Munchkin no likes it, Jigsaw no likes anymore either, and last time mom took da Tigger owt, he slipped owt of his harness and skeered mom, so she hadda grab him qwik and bring hims back inside.

    Only I, dat Patchy-cat, gets to go owt fur sun baffs in my harness, cuz I knows how to behaves. (Well, really, I iz just allus sleepy frum my medicins..but I likes to lay in da sun.)

    You looks like you had real funz decoratin' your furz.
    Signed, Patches

  31. Mom's first cat was a neighborhood feral that she earned the trust of when she was 11 years old. He was pure white with big green eyes. So she is sentimental about white cats. Which means every time she sees your picture she thinks of her first cat.
    That is an interesting fact about the kitten cap! We are so glad your daddy understands your needs and lets you go out with him every day.

  32. Oh The Baby, you are a girl after our own hearts, you dirty girl. We love to go and roll in the dirt too and then take it indoors on our furrs and leave it all over the bed.

  33. Hi Baby! We've never heard that about white cats having kitten caps! That's kinda cool!! You sure are doing a good job snoopervising! It is dirty work for sure!!

  34. The best part of getting dirty outside is tracking it back inside the house. Doesn't your daddy know this!?! ;-/

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie
    pee ess: we are going to tell our mom to check out ebay for cat trees too, a cat can't have too many. Thanks for the idea!

  35. Baby
    We can see why you earned your name, especially cuz you like to be a dirty girl!
    But we think you are a sweet girl who likes a little dirt!


  36. Do you get baths when you get that beautiful white floof dirty?

  37. Oh Baby, that is so cool ya got ta get dirty! I love doin that myselfs. The patio allus has lots of plant debris on it, an I make it a point ta roll around in it as much as I can!


  38. Pure white - with pretty debris. LOL I love the way you roll!

  39. Hello Baby! Looks like so much fun outside!!!!
    Rock & Roll Baby!

  40. Hi Baby, I think your all white fur is just beautiful and I would brush you off too! Your papa is lucky to have such a good helper when he does the plumbing repairs :-)

  41. The Baby! I love your dirty-girlness! And I think it IS because you are so special that you get to have a little supervised stroll.

    I am glad you are not deaf. DO you hear me across the miles, meowing your name in my sleep?


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