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Starring: The Baby *Tiny Johnson * Felix * Rupert * Scouty * CC * Sweet Pea * Maui * May Ling * Salem

and...*Angels Grayce, KonaKitty, and Sylvester* always loved, never forgotten

Thursday, September 2, 2010

More Catio Fun


We have been out on our Catio non-stop since the weather cooled down.

Mommy was up at 7AM this morning, fed us, (note from Mommy: slopped the hogs) and had her coffee on the Catio.

Of course, she had to run in for her camera after a few minutes...

...cuz we're just so darn cute! (And Modest.)

Four little kitties all in a row...

Maui, Sweet Pea, Salem & Scouty

We're on the West skyway here.

But wait--

there's really six of us!

MayLing is on the left, and CC is on the far right.

Rupert guards the door to the yard.

The password is *Meow*!

KonaKitty naps in apartment "A".

May Ling practices her

"Double Front Paw Hang-Down".


Later in the evening, we're still hanging out!

CC rests on the ramp side of the West skyway.

He's thinking about running a few more circuits...

KonaKitty, all pooped out.

She's on part of the East (House) portion of the Skyway.

The Motel rooms are ready for occupancy!

Here's a wide shot of the North side of the Catio.

If you biggify, you'll see each little room is lettered, so Mommy can say to Daddy "So-and-So's in Apartment C!" (or wherever)

The CatLump on top of the complex is Maui,

In case you were wondering.

Here's Salem!

Yes, we know this is a "Day" Picture.

We're trying to do a narrative here...roll with it!
Salem is modeling the apartments.

The Baby...will she leap or use the Green Section?

Or will she just turn her nose up to the camera?

The fresh air did Sweet Pea in.


So Kitties, we have reached


Happy Thursday, Kitties!

XX Lounge Kats


  1. I was SO worried that there wouldn't be a picture of The Baby, but then: There she was in all her gloriousness! And Salem too! My evening is complete now.

    I think I'm going to buy a bus ticket soon, or else make the Human knock out a wall or two and build me one a them "catios" because, really, it's my right to have a playroom!

  2. Such a great day out on the catio! I love it. I want my very own catio!

  3. Loved the post, especially the end!!hehe...Your catio is really awesome; we are impressed every time we see it!!...You guys have such great parents!...Enjoy the day, sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. Your catio is so awesome! On the other hand, your human's comment about "slopping the hogs"? Not so awesome!

  5. You have the coolest Catio ever! It's better than Disneyland at your house! Well, except you need a mouse or two and then it'd be really purrfect!

  6. Oh .. we drool over yoor catio. And those gorjuss little huts in the skyway ... awesome ...just awesome. And yoo all look like yoo have such fun! We gonna call dad to look at the pics >>>

    DAD! DADdddddddd ... D A AD!

  7. Yay!!!! Me and Charlie loved your story beautiful kitties of Katnip Lounge!! We are on the edge of our seats and nearly didn't finish our popcorn! :-)

    Awwwww we absolutely love your wonderful catio/motel and skyways!!! They are just brilliant!!!! We love the lettered rooms too - the bedding inside looks ever so comfy!

    Mauie Sweet Pea Salem Scouty May Ling and CC - what a row of fantastic furries!!

    Adorable Rupert - you are a very good guard kitty and so handsome too!

    Sweet dreams Kona Kitty and Sweat Pea and CC!!

    We hope you are enjoying your window whiffin pretty Salem!

    Have a fantastic Thursday too!

    take care

  8. I would like to place a reservation for Hotel Room D. Do you have any vacancies?

  9. We are so very neglected. How did you get your parents to build you such a fabulous catio? Sweet Pea looks so much like Lishy when they sleep. Lishy's little fang pokes out too :)

  10. We especially loved "the end" too! :-D

    You guys have the coolest home on this planet, we're sure. Seriously. Nicki, especially, would have a blast in the Catio. We're all drooling with envy! Your catio is probably bigger than our whole downstairs. LOL.

    P.S. We're doing a special "crabby" post for Felix tomorrow!

  11. Your catio is superb! We're on our way! We hope we remember the password!

  12. Morning to our favorite dozen...ok it is official there is just TOO much kitty cuteness in one room to take in all at one time...oh my cats.

    Happy Thursday,
    Madi and Mom

  13. That catio really is terrific. We are coming right over to enjoy all of it with you many lounge cats. We love the sky walks and the apartments.
    Hope all of you have a great day.

  14. I thought we were loved until we saw your catio and all the cat trees and all the skyways and the little motel rooms and....sigh.

    What a fantastic place you have!

  15. Do y'all have a map of your catio in case you get lost?

  16. Have you got room for two more please - we won't take up too much room!!

  17. You should run a cat-boarding business with that beautiful catio. Any kitty that had to be boarded would love it there. Nicer than most I have seen. Your cats are all so gorgeous. Hygs, Deb =^..^=x5

  18. We were thinking maybe a weekend in Vegas would do us some good. Do you have room for two more on the catio?

  19. We are so impressed by your wonderful catio! It's obvious that it was made with love and care - many purrs to your humans for being such great cat parents,

  20. What a wonderful catio you have!!!!!!!! Do you take friend reservations for weekend visits???

    You are truly blessed with wonderful parents....and we hope they will be greatly blessed for taking you all in and making you such a wonderful home.

    Fab pics!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. I agree with Deb--you could board cats in this lovely room. Love the kitties in a row photos, so cute!

  22. What a great post! We simply love your Catio and wish we could come and visit.

  23. Oh Rupert! MEOW!!! I hope you heard me? MEOW! That's the password remember?

    Maybe we can snuggle in the motel?

    Spitty loves The Baby.

  24. When can I move in? Maybe could I come for a week next time my parents go on vacation?

  25. What an absolutely beautiful catio you have!

  26. The Catio is such a fantabulous place to hang out!

  27. We is making reserfashuns fur da weekend...rooms fur three please. No rooms available? Dat's okay, we'll bring out kwilts and sleep on da floor.

  28. Your catio amazes me...everytime I see something new. I had not noticed the motel rooms before, just fantastic!!!

    I love the picture of six cats in the morning and the one of prince Rupert looking so beautiful :-))))

  29. We love your catio more every time we see it. Do you let out your motel rooms? We would like to rent them when the Beans go on holiday.

  30. We love your catio! Meowm had to chuckle at the litterbox. ;)

  31. OMC! You guys have the most coolest catio we've ever seen!!!!!

  32. We oh so want to come visit you and see your catio in purrson!

  33. We just love your catio...our little screen porch is only 7'X11" and we have to share it with Mom and Dad and their furniture. It would be so much nicer if it was ours alone. We could have a skywalk like you have...sigh...oh to dream.You have our dream house.


  34. Kitties,

    We've said it before & we'll say it again - you have a Pawesome catio (& wonderfully pawesome parents!!) We want to teleport over there & play around on the skyway!! Can we??

    Oh, & of course Simon wants to teleport over to snuggle with May Ling!!

    Have a great day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

  35. Oh how we love your catio! The apartments are cute! And the skyways...yow!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  36. The catio is amazing! It's like cat nirvana! My girls would love something like that, I'm sure. Maybe someday...

  37. Your catio is lovely and you cats are sooooo handsome!

  38. Man, we love that catio of yours!! What an awesome place for all of you to hang out!!

  39. Do you kitties know how lucky you are to have such a pawsome place to live? You all do look pretty cute and we are sure you are modest too!

  40. Your kids are luckiest kitties in the world ! Really Cool Catio

  41. That catio is one great place for all of you cats!


Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!