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Friday, September 17, 2010



Salem here with a horrendous tail tale to tell.
And not just for me.
Mommy and Daddy have had (can I say it?) the week from HELL.

First, Mommy didn't feel well.  After feeling awful for two days she realized that she hadn't taken her prescription medicine!  Sure, she NEVER misses a chance to stuff a pill down OUR gullets.

Because Mommy felt icky, Daddy went out to run a few errands for her.  While he was out, some crazypants lady T-boned Daddy's car when he was making a turn!  He's OK, just a little sore.

Then, the next day the video card on Daddy's computer spazzed out.

And this is where my tale of woe begins.
While the computer magician was here Mommy had to get some information for him.

It was stored in this closet.
Which I entered to explore.
This was at 3 PM.

And here is the HERO of my story!  Scouty.
At 11 PM Scouty was camped out outside the closet, which is very unusual for him.
Daddy noticed him there, and got curious enough to look in the closet...and out I strolled!

Here's a shot of my lonely cell.
Get away, May Ling!

So, to wrap up the week...Daddy's computer is fixed, Mommy got her medicine refilled, and they might get a new car.
And I got to lick the butter this morning.

Happy Friday!

XX  Salem


  1. Oh Salem, you poor thing! We're so glad Scouty saved you from that lonely cell! You certainly deserved to lick the butter after spending so many hours in there!

    We're also very glad your daddy didn't get hurt in that car wreck. That was pretty scary too.

    Hope your mom gets to feeling better after taking her meds again!

  2. No way! What a week. I am glad you all survived. That imprisonment must have felt terrible - there's no comfy blankies to sleep on. Did you cross your legs or did you have to pee on all the human unnecessary gadgetry?!
    Wer all hope your weekend is much better for everyone

  3. OMC!! What a horrendous tail, um we mean tale!!! Salem, we are so very glad that Scouty helped your Dad find you!!

    We hope your Mom is feeling better now that she has her meds & wow - your Dad is sooo lucky that accident wasn't worse - that's SCARY!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

    ps.Simon: May Ling, please be VERY careful around such a dangerous closet!!! I couldn't stand it if my beautiful girl was locked away!!

  4. Oh Salem!!!

    We hope the weekend will be better for all!

    The "crazypants" lady didn't happen to drive a very old white mini car???? and in pink flora pants? That will remind me of MY MOM!! Then again, we are 12 hrs ahead, so, it can't be her! Phew! Otherwise, there goes our reputation!

    Give your mom loads of hugs and purrs from us to feel better soon. Lick her when it is time for her meds!!! :) And give your dad a little "massage"!!!

    And to Scouty - what a bright furry one you are! Looking out for Salem! That's just so sweet!

    Lucky signing off with loves from US all here to YOU all there!!! Yay!!

  5. Well that is certainly a series of unfortunate events. I hope you all have a restful and relaxing weekend!

  6. Starting with the most important thing: Salem! You poor little darling! Didn't you just scream and scream and scream?? Perhaps you were too stunned to do so? What a handsome, heroic mancat Scouty was to save you like that! You should give him a big kiss!

    On to the Humans now: Poor momcat! I hope she is taking her medicines properly now! You know if she got sick, it might interfere with your feeding schedule and that would be just AWFUL!

    And your CAR! Oh kitties! I am glad your dad did not getted hurt or nuffing.

    But just think: If there were no C-A-R, maybe there would be no V-E-T!

    Hope everyone can recover on the weekend!

  7. Oh no! Sounds horrible! I am glad your dad is okay! But I hope that you were not locked in for too long!

  8. Wow, that was an awful week=glad it's over for you guys...We are really relieved you were saved from the closet, beautiful Salem and very glad your Dad is ok...Hope you all have a wonderful, uneventful weekend...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  9. Oh my gatos! We sure are glad your daddy is ok! Salem, we also cannot resist exploring closets and such when the opportunity presents. Good thing you had Scouty to save you! Hope you at least had some interestin things to inspect there, while you were in solitary...

    Here's hoping you all have a calm and relaxing Friday and weekend!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  10. So it all ends well. But youch what a baaaaad week.

  11. Poor Salem!!! Luckily Scouty came to the rescue :-)

    I'm so glad that your Dad was not hurt in the accident and that your mum is feeling better too. TGIF, let's hope everyone at the Katnip Lounge has a quiet weekend!

  12. Licking the butter is the LEAST you should get, Salem! Actually, it sounds like your humans need to lick some butter themselves.

  13. Oh Salem, they say bad stuff happens in threes so you have exceeded your quota in your house. Did you go ahead and pee in the closet?

  14. Oh no, what an awful week. We are glad your dad wasn't hurt. Cars can be replaced but hoomans can't. We hope your mum is feeling better now. Salem, no more sneaking in the cupboard when no-one is looking, okay?

  15. Your dad are ok. and your mom got her medicine. That is the best ! you all take the best care to your parent, ok ? That's the priority 1.

    Weekend will be better, and next week will be more better

    Lots of love and lots of purrs to your family
    Puddy and Boom OXXOO

  16. Oh noes! That sounds like the week from H-E-Double-Toothpicks! I am glad today is starting off better for you.

    It looks like the car crash could have easily been much, much worse and I am very glad your dad is okay. Bad things always come in groups! About a month ago, our mom was sick and on her way home from the doctor, she stopped at the store to fill a prescription. When she backed out, the front bumper made a terrible screeching sound. After getting home, part of the bumper had been torn off! She just went inside and cried.

  17. Oh Salem! You've got a good pal in Scouty! We hope your weekend is much improved!

  18. What a horrible week! We're just glad nobuddy was seriously hurt. We're sending purrs to your Mom and Dad and especially to you. But dont' run into closets again, ok?

  19. We are sorry about your Dad's car but very glad he is OK.

    Grayson likes to sneak inside closets and cabinets and sometimes our Nana and Grampy don't notice... he's spent some time imprisoned, too!

    You got to lick the butter?! We don't even get to SEE the butter!

  20. OH MY CATS!!! That was a WEEK we hope you all never repeat!!!
    Thank goodness everyone is ok. It is too funny Mom forgot her own meds but Never yours!!! She is a good mommy. Dad's car looks almost new..we are so sorry it was damaged by someone who was probably on their cell.
    Salem...I've been trapped in a closet too but not as long as you were. I was in the peeps closet which is totally on the other side of the house from the family room. Mom kept hearing a knock from the pantry(shares a wall with their cloest) she kept opening it. Finally she stood in the pantry and finally heard me. I was jumping against their closet door!!! Whew!!!
    You know what they say about cats and curiosity? MOL Madi and may your weekend be uneventful

  21. Oh dear - what an awful week you've all had. We hope your mom is feeling a little better now. Thank goodness your dad wasn't badly hurt in the accident. Salem you poor sweetie - isn't it horrid when every/mom/dad/or/cat keeps walking by the cupboard and no-one opens the door so you can get out. You could have starved to death in there - we bet your bones were poking through your lovely furs by the time you were let out.
    Thank goodness for Scouty.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  22. Oh goodness. This is a terrible week. I'm so sorry! That's just terrible about your dad's car. I hope your mom is feeling better now.

    Salem, how great that Scouty took care of you. Plus! You got to lick butter!

  23. Oh Salem...that was awful and Scouty, besides running and managing a Pet Food Store also runs a rescue service. I know you'll happily pay the invoice when it arrives to your box soon. Thank goodness he was on the job and alert!

    Your Daddy had a terrible time. I hope that crazy pants lady's insurance company pays for a whole new car so you can all go out and find a good preening another sun puddle..."over there". Those "over there" are always better.

    You better stand over your mom and watch so she will be sure to take her medicine like a good Mom cat!

  24. Glad everyone is ok...licking the butter makes up for a lot of bad in life :)

  25. What an awful week! Oh MY! We are glad that your daddy didn't get hurt! Happy to hear your mom is feeling a bit better. And grateful to hear you were saved from your cell! HAPPY weekend!

  26. Oh, Salem. Our Pitter Patter got trapped in one of the rooms in the basement last week. Two of the boys (Suds and Magic) kept trying to lead us down the basement stairs, but we kept ignoring. Finally, they got my attention and I checked - poor Pitter talked about this for an hour afterwards. So glad you've been released.

  27. Wow, you've had an unlucky week there! We are glad your dad wasn't hurt, though. We prescribe your mom and dad lots of cuddle time this weekend with all the kitties there!

  28. Oh no! That tale was just too awful for words! We are glad mommy feels better, and daddy is OK, and hope the car insurance people pay up ~ AND we are very relieved yoo got owta the closet! (Where did yoo pee in there? Was yoo hungry?)

    Smoochies from us.

  29. What a harrowing account!
    HooRay for Scouty to not leave you alone and askeered and for alerting the people to your predicament!

  30. Oh poor Salem!! Awwwwww!!! Me and Charlie would like to give wonderful Scouty a great big kitty hug for rescuing you!! You poor brave girl!!! Awww! We are so glad you are out of your prison!! Yes, sweet May Ling, don't go near there!

    We are also glad that your dad is ok and that your mum took her medications! Phew! We think you all deserve extra treats!!!!

    Take care

  31. What a week that was, but at least everyone is OK! Y'all have a nice long nap and the next week will be better!

  32. Salem, we are very glad you were released from the horrible closet! Good thing Scouty was on the job! We have gotten "locked" in mom's sewing room several times (she's supposed to KNOW when we sneak in there!) but we get back at her by chewing on stuff while we are in there. You might try that next time - although licking the butter sounds good, too.

    We are also very, very, glad your dad is OK - that looks like a scary accident. We're sending him, and your mom, and all of you, many purrs!

  33. Oh noes! What a rotten week for all of you. But we have to say- Scouty, you are a HERO!

  34. Wow, what a horribul, no good, rotten week yoo haf had. Glad yoor dad was okay. Car aksidents can be purrty scary!

  35. EEEKKK!!! What a terrible week! We are glad all of you are okay and that Scouty rescued you!

  36. We're sorry you've had the week from hell. We think there's something in the atmosphere, globally, for humans, because our mom has had had a sh*tty week too. So have some co-workers and our Grandma, too. Plus others around cyber-space, in Malaysia, in Sweden, in the UK, etc.

    We're REALLY glad your dad is okay. Did he go to the doctor and get checked out? If not, he should, just to have the accident on his medical record, in case, goddess forbid, there's a problem down the road.

    Lots of purrs and kitty kisses to you all. Mom stopped at the liquor store on the way home and can't type very well now, owing to the bottle of whiskey she purchased.....She's gonna pay for this tomorrow....

  37. Wow, what a BAD week! But things seem to be getting better so thats good.

  38. There have been a few cats who have had rough weeks this week, Salem. Your story might be the roughest of all!

  39. Ah, reminds me of the time I was trapped in a neighbor's garage during my reckless youth. I still get a little peevish when I remember this unfortunate incident. Have an excellent weekend and do stock up on the Devon Cream!

  40. Just saw your message about chestal scratches. Meowm had to laugh cause our rainbow sisfur, China, scratched Meowm purrty good near those protuberances too. AND she got Meowm on the face one time too. Meowm bears a scar on one of her eyelids from that one.

  41. I guess the last part is the silver lining they're always talking about.

    Sorry to hear you had such a bad week. And I'm glad that your Dad wasn't hurt very badly. That looks like it could have had dire consequences.

    They do say that bad things happen in threes -- and I guess you've had that and more.

    Eight hours in a closet must have seemed awfully long to you, Salem, unless you just napped the time away. Next time make more noise so they can hear you!

    By the way, CC and May Ling are on the LOLSpot today. Thought you might like to see.

    Hope you have a great weekend and put all this bad stuff behind you.

  42. Salem
    We have to agree that is the week from hell.
    YIKES we are glad your Daddy is OK -- his car is all mashed up. Him was furry lucky. Good that your Mom is feeling better and that the computer is all fixed up and well that you are out of jail. Wow be furry careful.


  43. We are glad your Daddy is OK, hope your Mom is feeling better and so happy you were released from the closet.

  44. Wow! Whatta week!! Aren't you all glad it's over?? The best thing is that you got to lick the butter!! Man, I love licking the butter...and I hardly ever get to do it!!


  45. I'm just sitting here trying to think if licking butter is worth spending 8 hours in a closet...I think it is!!

    We are purring that your mom and dad are doing ok now.

    Did you know my momma Ellie once spent about 3 hours trapped between the screen door and the back door when she tried to dash out when mom and dad were leaving? They didn't figure it out until they got home. Lucky momma is a little kitty!

  46. That was a real claw biter! Glad everyone is okay!

  47. No, we can't pet Orinch yet. He is getting closer to us though.

    Luf, Us

  48. What a terrible week you has had. We is so glad your daddy is ok!
    Scouty you is a troo hero for looking after your furend. It always amazes our mommy that we looks out for each other like that.
    We purrs your mommy is feeling all better soon!

  49. Oh Salem what a terrible week you've all had -I'm so glad things are a bit better now and you got to lick the butter! We lose Archie ever so often as he's so black - we've shut him in the porch and in the downstairs loo, but he has a medium sized miouw so we could hear him. The last time we lost him he was in the washing machine asleep - this is a very, very bad place to sleep but at least we never shut the door, and now the machine has a big sign on it to make sure we check it all the time.
    Hope you all have a much, much happier week. xx

  50. Hope everyone's weekend goes much better!

  51. Wow...what a day! We get incarcerated in closets quite frequently and have been known not to be able to 'hold our water'. We also know how to open bi-fold doors so Teri has doorstops to keep us out and she grumbles every time SHE has to move them to get into the closets...why not just leave them open for us to investigate? Cuz we knock down boxes of undies and snag her clothes she says...oh, and Brighton chews on her Crocs (not to be confused with chewing on Rattlers!)

  52. we're finally catching up with visiting and commenting...that was very funny about your Mommy forgetting to take her medicine even though she never forgets yours! good thing she's feeling beter...and thank Bast that your Daddy wasn't badly hurt in that car accident. That must've been very scary...almost as scary as being closed in a closet without food. Yay for Scoutie your rescuer!


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