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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Low Cal Cheesecake


Salem here.

Mommy, in her OCD cleaning insanity totally refurbished the garden window today, and put down fresh un-furred towels.
I immediately took up residence, and shortly after that Mommy appeared with the camera.
I'm sort of vain, so I didn't mind...much!

Here's my toesies and plump juicy thighs.
My toe pads are pink & black, but I keep them hidden. 
 A LadyKat has to have some secrets...

Moving on to my tummy.
My white tummy furs are looooong!
I grow 'em that way special, for added softness.
That little divot in the middle is where my tummy button is!

Here's my front toesies.
They're multi-colored too!

Mommy had a booger of a time getting this shot...heh heh.
Maybe you should've growed taller than five feet, Mommy!
Or buy a step stool.
I'm using Mr.Cast Iron Horney Toad for a pillow.

We're good friends.
He makes sure I have good dreams.

Have a wonderful Thursday!

XX  Salem


  1. Ohhhhh, THAT kind of cheesecake.
    Though I would gladly nibble those nice ears (it works for Elizabeth!)

  2. Those tummy furs are a wonder. Do they ever need combing or do you take care of everything yourself, a a ladycat would ?
    It looks so comfortable there. Is there room for a little ginger mancat ?

  3. Oh Salem, A boy could DIE from this kind of cheesecake. I had to look away frequently so as not to become overloaded with the gloriousness that shines out from every.single.centimeter of your furry body!
    The coyly hidden toe beans!
    The whiskers!
    The TUMMY!

    Somebody bring me a tuna/vodka/valium latte. Quick!

  4. awwww Salem, you are adorable! Meowmy giggled about your plump juicy thighs...yummy! and such beautiful long whiskers, too!

  5. Salem, you're gonna drive all the Mancats crazy! You are gorjuss!

  6. You look MEGA-COSY there cosy that I think I will just have to come over and either join you in that spot or show you my 'furr-oh-shus' paw and scare you away (though that only works with Tiny and even with her it doesn't really work cuz she just gets annoyed with my inability to act and finally just gives me her spot..but hey, I get what I want!). No, I wouldn't want to SCARE you, but just CONVINCE you that I NEED that spot. I love all those close-ups of your got some nice furrs!! Please-oh-please can you show me your toesies?? Please?? Purrs, Lautrec

  7. MOL - my human was hoping there was going to be a RECIPE for lo-cal cheesecake. I bet all the boy kitties are glad that's NOT what it was!

  8. Ha ha ha! You suckered us too....Momma was reaching for a notepad to jot down the recipe! But we've already got the plump juicy thighs part so that's enough. Great pictures!

  9. :sigh: And we fort there was cheese cake being handed owt. The pics are adorable but it's not like getting free cheesecake is it?

  10. Mom thought there'd be a recipe for the other kind of cheesecake! LOL.

    We think YOUR cheesecake is amazing, Salem! Stunning! We laughed at the "plump juicy thighs." Derry has those...and so does our mom. Heh!

    P.S. Mom says Annie appreciates Felix's gesture very much, but in the interests of the continued health of the can opener (i.e. the mom), it might be better if he forgoes sending any more surprises to the crabby little crumpet. Unless they are of the cyber variety, of course.

  11. Awwwwww beautiful Salem!! What fantastic close-ups of you!! Yay for mum and her booger! LOL!! Me and Charlie love your juicy thighs and your long furrs for added floofiness!! We hope your crusty frog gives your tons of sweet dreams and extra naps!! We think you are a gorgeous Lady Kitty!!!

    Take care

  12. Salem, You look incredible comfy ! Great nap spot : )

  13. Those are lovely furry pics of you, Salem. The way your white tummy and neck furs go with the black is very special. Happy dreaming!

  14. You look beautiful Salem, and that's one big bunch of comfy cozy you caught there!

    I am co-hosting a blog hop today, please hop by and pawticipate!

  15. Your cheesecake is delicious, Salem! Our Mom gets weak in the knees when she sees tuxie toes, so she has passed right out!

  16. You look pretty! Harley has pink-n-black pawpads, too. He is very proud of his.

  17. Such great shots!
    Your mom did well even without extra steps!!
    I love the pix of you with your front toesies, great angle!

  18. We thought the title was an oxymoron, but now we agree! The "hard-to-get" photo is really well done - you are such a handsome guy.

  19. Salem...we know why you don't show your toes.....we expect you are sporting some very red and purple nail polish....
    Madi and Mom

  20. Um, Salem? Your pillow doesn't look very soft. We would nom you up even if you were high cal! :)

  21. Salem, you are lovely on your window sill. Your Mom must have done some climbing to get some of those photos!

  22. Salem, you're so pretty, and I love your window. Oh, how I would love to sun myselft there.

    I bet there are lots of mancats swooning today.

  23. Plump Juicy Thighs eh - no wonder the boy cats are thinking very naughty thoughts this evening!!

  24. Va-va-voom Salem! When are you putting out the calendar? Or is it just going to be a pin up poster? ;)

  25. Salem you are the most beautiful black and white girl I've ever seen and I want to come over and stroke your fluffy tummy so much. Newton had mixed black and pink toesies too and a fluffy white tum, though not so luxurious as yours! xx

  26. Toesies and thighs!! *melt* Salem, you are one gorgeous girl!

  27. Gorgeous as usual Salem! We are jealous of that nice sunny window you have!
    Our mom is totally in love with your Mr Horney Toad!! She's wierd like that.

  28. Oh SALEM! You have knocked the rest of us Lady Cats out of the box with that seriously delightful tummy furs and those TOESIES!! Oh MY! Those plump juicy thighs probably send Spitty off into a wild fervor despite his love of The Baby. I hope The Baby doesn't see that.

    I will comb out my tummy curls to try to look as svelte as you.

    Admiringly Yours,
    The Admiral

  29. Salem, you have the super grooviest window to lay in! You are so beautiful and we hope (one day) to see your toe pads.

  30. Sheesh, Speedy was reading over mom's shoulder and said to tell yoo he'd show yoo his if yoo showed him yoors and mom was a little bit shocked until he said MULTI-COLORED TOES and called mom a prevert. Mom is always skweezing Sadie's thighs and calling dem 'big 'n joosy' and she haf yoor mom beat by a whole 3 inches.

  31. Oh Salem! What brillant photos of you! Really shows how handsome you are!

  32. Gosh, does your mom poke at your belleh button and ask you if it's your belleh button? MY mom does. ::Sheesh::

  33. Ohhhh, I just love that fluffy tummy! That is a nice pillow :-)

  34. Salem

    We cannot believe our eyes.
    First we rubbed them and looked again.
    I mean how could Miss Boo be in the desert?
    Salem, you and Miss Boo could be twins.


  35. Oh Salem, you're a regular pin-up girl!!

  36. You have a cute tummy button, Salem. We like saying tummy button...

    -Pip, Smigen, Minnie

  37. ::swoon:: You got us with the plump juicy thighs.


Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!