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Friday, September 24, 2010

Formerly Feral Friday, and a POLL!


Mommy is gonna be off work next week!


We have a poll up on our sidebar...we're trying to decide how much work she should do for us while she's home.
Plese help us decide by voting. 
You kitties might be more fair than us!

Today, we decided that we would celebrate being Formerly Feral, each in our own ways.
The Baby lounges Outside, while Mommy reads a book.

Johnson hangs out in his strange scratchy enclosure.
SomeKat yakked on the scratchy pad and it cracked.
Mommy glued the pieces back together once it dried, but before it did, we had fun with the halves.

KonaKitty, Rupert & CC share Mommy's lap.
CC just started sitting on Mommy last week.  He is a TOTAL love sponge, almost as bad as the other two pictured here.

Sweet Pea and Salem enjoy the Blue Cat Tree.

Grayce snuggles in her lil' round bed.

Scouty (and CC) enjoy the Catio.

Maui rests.  When he was feral and had his huevos, he never could relax and take it easy.
He's making up for it here!

Felix enjoys thwarting Mr. Crazypants, trying to get a good action shot.

May Ling plays with a Casbah Kitten JellyBean.

Kitties, we love living Inside.

Have a wonderful Friday, and don't forget to vote in our poll!

XX  Lounge Kats


  1. Well, we voted but no matter what your mommy does on her staycation...don't let her adopt a woofie. That's what happened to us this past week. Ugh.

  2. hmmm...staycation or no she still must cater to you kitties' every whim...perhaps even moreso...just sayin...

    -Pip, Smigen, Minnie

  3. You know, I WANTED to vote "Post and Comment" (I mean, she's not at work for heaven's sake! What else does she have to do with her time?), but the Human overrode me and voted for "Be a total slug."

    And by the way, I am just noticing Grace, who is quite a fetching little feline! She has really soft and smooth gray furz...Hmmmm, I know I'm pretty busy with The Baby, and Salem and KonaKitty, but there's always time for a pretty gray girl.....

  4. We think your mom should be a total slug except for feeding you, playing with you and dispensing plenty of treats!

    We think The Baby looks so pretty in all that yellow!

  5. Greetings everyone,

    Boy oh boy! As I look at these photographs and see how much fun my feline friends are having, I feel I should tell daddy he needs to build me an enclosed catio for me and then fill it with wonderful goodies.

    Great to know you have off all next week and this means your furry friends will be getting extra attention and hopefully also extra treats.

    Now I am off to check out your poll and then dad has to work on Friday's post.

    Take care,
    Miss Kitty

  6. You know the Woman wanted be a total slug, but I made her mark post and comment. And I want to see her on that blue cat tree--I mean it looks way cool and if she wants to be a slug, she needs to hang on a cat tree, right?

  7. Let Mom be a total slug for a week. We'll be here after.

  8. Cory makes a good point - do not let her get a doggie! Cats for life!

    Have lots of fun with days full of cuddles! See how many rules you can break with her at home and let us know!

    Oscar x

  9. Whatever the result, we know your Mom is going to be completely under the paw (all 48 of them) and do everything she can for you. And we cannot imagine that happening without a camera so there'll be more posts...and then she'll just look at the comments...and decide to read other kitty blogs...and then have to comment........ so we expect we'll see her around next week :)

  10. Regarding that poll... you can see how many kitties vs. humans visit your blog, because all the kitties will vote "post and comment" and all the humans will vote "be a total slug."

  11. Awww me and Charlie vote for your mum to be a total slug cos she's fab and she deserves it!!

    What a fantastic Friday Post! The Baby is looking wonderful surrounded by all those pretty yellow flowers! Lovely Johnson's tail is just amazing!!! Awwww and KonaKitty, Rupert and CC are just adorable snuggly kitties sharing mum's lap and fab quilt!! We love SweetPea and Salem on the blue tree!! Enjoy your naps on your round bed lovely Grayce!! And look at Scouty with bestest brudder CC!! Maui has really grasped the art of r&r!!! Good for Maui!!! And where would we be without feisty Felix thwarting Mr Crazypants' attempt at an action shot?!? LOL! Awww lovely MayLing - enjoy the Casbah!

    Have a brilliant Friday all at katnip lounge!
    Take care

  12. You all look like you're celebrating the Indoor life very well! And yes, we voted 'post and comment' because it's just not good for humans to be total slugs....they get slimy.

  13. We're for the post and comment and wait hand and foot on your kitties' every whim (more so than normal!), but our mom is for the total slug idea and since she has the opposable thumbs and could vote....Well, you can see how it went.

    Happy Friday to all!

    P.S. Annie is high-fiving Felix for his efforts to thwart a clear pic!

  14. Gorgeous pictures!!! I, Madi, have cast my vote for mom to post and comment. Being off from the paying job...means there is more time for the dz. need to have a meeting of the feline minds so you can make a list for the mom.
    Madi and Mom

  15. Yaay for mummy being off work!

    Looks like you kitties have a lot of fun at the 'Lounge'!

    - Sherkhan

  16. As soon as I put a claw to post and comment, I regretted it and should have said be a total slug. I was being selfish and mommy said that was not nice.

  17. Loved seeing all the kitties about their day. Of course they love living inside! They have such a great place to be. Grayce reminds me of Lucy loving her round bed, and Felix reminds me of Lucy in avoiding a good picture. Baby looks so content in the garden. How nice to have three big kitties to cuddle with! Well, I voted for total slug. I love your blog but know it's nice to have time off. I'm kind of the opposite though. It's much harder for me to blog when I'm working and find that I'm doing less and less of it because of my schedule. Regardless of what you decide, I hope you have a wonderful week. How nice!

  18. Indoor life is mighty fine fur sure...y'all look so ready for staycation!

  19. We all so enjoy all the pictures you get to post. Mom is jealous of all the photo ops.

  20. We always say that we're in awe of all of the pawsome stuff you guys have. That's because it's true, we are.

    We have voted that your mom should post and comment. After all that should be the only reason you mom is having a staycation. To catch up on your blogging ; )

  21. We voted for Post AND Comment!!! You are all so super lucky to have such an amazing place to call home!

  22. We voted and we fink she shud slave after yoor every whim and let yoo do EXTRA posts and comment as well. So there!

    Alfie is a love-sponge too!

  23. We voted!!!! We know whatever she does, you will have a wonderful time with her. xxxxxxxxx

  24. We agree - living inside is the best! Although we think living in YOUR inside place would be the most bestest of all. You cracked our mom up with the comment you left us about Johnny - you described exactly what Zoe does with the moaning. She thinks it's funny during the day, but she doesn't think it's funny at all after midnight.

    P.S. Our verification word was "inget", kind of cool for Formerly Feral Friday (like get in, but backwards... oh well, nevermind!)

  25. We let our mom vote and she picked "Be a total slug" because that is what she would do. (We disagree, of course!)

    We love all the pictures today - we agree those jellybeans from Casbah Kitten are the best!

  26. Although we long to be outdoors, we know we are safer inside. We do love always beings warm enough of cool enough...and we always have plenty of food and a safe, comfortable place to rest. Maybe one day Meowm will get that cat stroller and we can again be outdoors.

  27. P.S. From the human, re Tasha's eye:
    Tasha had a bad eye infection when my husband rescued her. Our vet said this can happen with kittens - he thought it was a herpes infection? (not sure!) We gave her eye drops and ointment for weeks and were able to save the eye, but her cornea was destroyed, so we think she can only see a little bit of light (not really sure about this either!) She's seven now and has not had any problem with the blind eye since way back then.

    P.P.S. Just read all the comments - and Sparkle is completely right! Too funny!

  28. I am so glad all of you are FORMERLY feral!

  29. I especially love Sweet Pea and Salem on the very beautiful blue cat tree. I cannot get enough of pictures of that amazing catio. (Of course, I don't let my kitties see it.)

  30. Good to see all your pictures as formerly ferals. Looks like you are just happy cats. That is terrific. We love being non feral. Hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.

  31. The Katnip Lounge looks like a perfect place for a staycation!

    We have a cat here name Moe Ling. Her real name was Maureen, but that name didn't seem to fit her & everyone at her foster home called her Moe. My mom person added the Ling, cause she's like that, BOL!

    Nubbin' wiggles,

  32. Well you kitties at the Katnip Lounge certainly have everything a cat could ever want! I hope you like living there! And there seems to be plenty of love to go around, too.

    That's what mommy can do while she's off -- love all of you up some more. I'd like to see all 12 of you on her lap at the same time. LOL!

  33. Funny dat our mom thinks yoor mom should be a complete slug, maybe it's wishful thinking on her part. Well, maybe she could be a slug a little bit den yoo guys could haf some snuggle time. Either way, it's soooo much better to live inside!

  34. We don't think we could survive without our daily Lounge fix, so we voted for her to at least post.
    We love seeing you all relaxing and just hanging out taking it easy. Just an ordinary day at the Katnip Lounge!

  35. We voted for post and comment but mum said we should have voted to be a slug. Maybe she can do a bit of each. We liked all your chillaxin pics.

  36. Oh my we hope your Mom will post and let you visit friends...but we know sometimes when they go on staycation that's not what happens. So we'll have to wait and see what happens next week.


  37. We voted for being a slug, but that doesn't mean we don't like hearing from you! My human bean says that it's good to have a little break once in a while, though. Some blogging and some being a slug seems like a good compromise.

  38. Oh we voted fur da slugzez... buts den again, slugzez iz nots good fur da gardun. Mebbe she shoold postee 24-7.Den she couldz be a non-stop blogger. Hmmm. doez you tinks she wooldz do our blog fur us too? Da momee oefvur here turned into a slugzez a long time ago!!!

  39. We loved seeing all of you in your natural "habitats!" We think your mom should post and comment, of course. We wanna see all you guys and we wanna hear from you too!!

  40. WE voted! We voted for what we would want our mom to do. Hee hee. You all look so cute and comfortable in all your pics.


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