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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Off the GRID!!


We are doing a quickie post...

We are alive, but just barely!

Last night about 6:15 we were cruelly torn from our internet teat.

No innernets, no cable, no phone.

Mommy & Daddy were reduced to playing music and romping with us on the Catio...SCORE!


they weighed Johnny!

Leave your guesses in the comments and we'll tell all tomorrow!

XX  Lounge Kats


  1. Wow, imagine functioning with no internet, cable or's a wonder the human species has survived eons to this point at all. ROTLF!

    We guess 21.5 pounds for Johnny. :-)

  2. We hope you get gridded again soon!

    19 pounds for Johnny?

  3. We were wondering where you guys were, and if all was well. But weighing TJ is just not nice.What are we to guess???? If we over estimate we may cause an international incident and you guys could declare war on FInland (North); we underestimate and we lose! Help! Well, I am going to be brave and guestimate that Tiny is 8kg.

  4. How dare you not have internets! I trust it is fixed... For Johnny... let's see a petite 20.12 pounds.

  5. We think Johnson is mostly fur. We're guessing 17 lbs.

    Glad to hear you are out there still, we were wondering what had happened.

  6. Oh no - no internet AND no cable. That is just awful! Mom says she couldn't have done it - she would have gone crazy to have no internet or cable - we hope you at least had power!

    And hm, weighing Johnny - hm, well, he looks big, but that could be floof - hmm..well, he kinda reminds us of Floyd, and Floyd was big. He doesn't seem pudgy, so we are going to go with 18 lbs even.

  7. We were so disoriented to go visit you & there wasn't a new post! The morning just wasn't right!
    We'll guess he's around 19.5 like Shaggy. Although Shaggy was 21 at his heaviest.

  8. We are going with 12 pounds, cause of the floof. Were U the kitties that wanted a doggied but the Dad was being difficult. Here are some points to help bolster your request. A doggie can protect U when your Daddy isn't home. A doggie makes a great scapegoat. Doggies need homes too.

  9. Yikes, my mom would lose the last of her marbles if she lost the internets. As for Johnny, well, I have lived with big mancats before, but not fluffy ones. I'm going to guess that he weighs 22.2 pounds.

    Your friend, Fuzzy

  10. 18.5 pounds.

    My mom goes crazy if she loses the internets!

  11. What???????? No innernets???? Now that's a sin!!!!!!!!

    We're afraid to guess anyone's weight, cuz then they might want to guess ours....and the less anyone thinks about Sammy's weight, the better it is!!!!!

  12. How foan? No nuffin?

    17 1/4 pounds. ♥

  13. Oh, Johnny is 19 1/5 pounds, just like Speedy. Our beans lost da innernets once and just about lost der minds!

  14. We're going 15.3...sounds like you all had a blast during the power outage!!!

  15. 16.5! He can't possible be more than that!

  16. Hope your internet comes back soon!

    I will guess 21 pounds.


  17. We hope you get your innernets back soon!

    We're going to guess that Johnny weighs 16.5 lbs!

  18. My guess is bunches! I sure hope you get your signal working again...quickly!

  19. No innernets!!!??? No cable!!!??? How horrific!!

    We are guessing Johnny is a muscular 20 pounds.

  20. Johnny is a lot of floof but he also looks solid. How about 17 lbs?

    I hope you get your "grid" back soon.

  21. I don't know how you all are going to manage!!

    I'm going to guess 16 lbs. I think it's mostly dog-fooling fur that makes him appear bigger.

  22. Oh, we hate Internet problems! They stink!

    I have no idea about Johnny's weight. :-/

  23. No worry, we will wait for your next post because we addicted to your blog so bad : )

  24. He looks like he's be a big poodin even if he didn't have lots of floof. He looks around the same size as me and I used to be 23lbs but am now 20lbs, so I will go half way and say 21.5lbs.
    Hope your innernets and phone and everything is back to normal now.

  25. Oh no!! Kittes of Katnip Lounge - you must tell your mum and dad to lay off the nip!!! LOL!!!

    Me and Charlie think adorable and lovely Johnson weighs a very svelte and mancatly
    16 lbs.

    Take care

  26. No internet! No phone! No power! Nnnnnooooo!
    That's when your people start coming up with other ideas! But I will amit that it is fun when they bring out the board games! I enjoy playing too!

  27. Wow! With no innernets, we would hafta watch old tapes all day!

    We were gonna say 21.5 lbs, but thats taken. So we'll say 21.75 lbs...

  28. No internet?! Hope you survived!

    My guess is 17.25 lbs!

  29. When our internet goes out here, my human 1) has a broadband connection she uses, and failing that she leaves the house in search of WiFi! She is totally addicted... although she claims it is for "work." I wish I could convince her that paying attention to me is the perfect replacement for an internet connection.

  30. Guess what?
    We've been 3 days without innernets!!! It would come on and BOOM go off, then on then OFF, then on and stayed OFF! We called A#&T and they made us do all kinds of stuff -- they didn't believe we were still in the "outage" -- finally after more than an hour they believed us. Mom was gettin cranky. We hope we are back on for good now. *sigh*

    OH...and our guess is 22.5


  31. Yow! We have managed wifout tv and simply substituted the innernets...if we went off the grid...(shudders)...major withdrawals! Hope you all are connected again soon but enjoy your extra mommy and daddy time in the meantime! :)

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  32. We hope you all pitched in to entertain the humans - we know they must have been distraught!

    We're guessing 18.5 (really we have no idea!)

  33. Nigel just weighed himself at 18.2 pounds so that's his guess!

  34. Not fun to be disconnected! We guess 19.5 pounds.

  35. We're glad your innernets are back! And we think Johnny weighs 20.3 pounds!!

  36. Haha, a real family night huh? Love it. Hmm, we're thinking 5 kilos?

  37. Holy Cod what a horror show!!

    On the other note I'm gonna go with 22lbs.

  38. Eeek, no internet?! How did you survive?!??

    I'm going to guess a nice round (heh) 20lbs for Johnny.

  39. The internet connection here has been awful for the last 2 weeks. It would be okay then it would take forever to load! Frustrating.
    Great that you had fun on the Catio!


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