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Friday, October 1, 2010

Friday Wrap-Up


This is kinda a mishmash post...hang on!

It's been unCodly busy around here with Mommy offa work.  She's been cleaning like a madwoman, getting rid of our furs inside and out.
Between hiding from the Evil Vacuum and re-furring everything up we're exhausted.

Not to mention our breakfast has been TWO HOURS LATE every day.

Daddy has been running errands...we had a BIG pickup truck for a rental while our Explorer was in the shop getting fixed, and Daddy took advantage of the bed and suspension:

 One hundred cement blocks, bags of sand, dirt, et cetera.
Daddy is gonna build another sitting area in the Northwest corner of the yard.
The Baby can hardly wait to snoopervise!

Mommy has decided to start doing a Gardening Thursday...she thinks that Daddy works so hard in our yard that we should show it off.   Hurrah!  Now we can tell all y'all about desert landscaping.
 We got our car back! 
(Mommy calls her new car the SS Tuna, any ideas what we should call Daddy's car?)

Many yummy snax are being doled out at odd times.

How can kibble get our whiskers so filthy?
 ::lick lick lick::

Gotta get that sixth toe clean!
 Cat Spit, the universal solvent.

Maui watched the show "Survivor"
 He sits in front of the infrared controls for the remotes.
It drives Daddy Crazypants!

Hmmm, looks like Mommy needs to dust.
 I'm outta here!
They voted Coach Jimmy Johnson off.  GRRRRRR.

Daddy started us two lawns!
He bought some sod at the hardware store.
 He brought the smaller one in for us to try out.

We LOVE it! 
It's still early days, if we don't nibble it to death it should come in nice and lush real soon.
I'm never moving.
So, last night when our cable went out from 6:15 PM to 7:50 PM.   
 We're telling you, when Humans don't have something to occupy themselves they get crazypants!
They weighed this Big Boy...

...who is HUGE!
All 22.8 pounds of him!

Yup, you read it right:

22.8 POUNDS!

So kitties, that's what going on at our house.

Mommy is planning on doing NOTHING Saturday & Sunday except watch football and blog, so we'll be around visiting soon! 

XX  Lounge Kats


  1. Mum wishes she could do nothing this weekend. She has to toss stuff, move stuff and clean stuff. She is tired just thinking about it.

  2. I never would have guessed that Johnny was 22lbs...I thought it was mostly floof! Enjoy your weekend, hope it is super relaxing :-)

    PS - I loved your cat modeling post, it made me laugh!!!

  3. Maybe your daddy's car can be the SS Ham! We saw Jimmy Johnson voted off too. Not sure that was a good idea for the older folks. We really like your patch of sod! That's a great idea and we're looking forward to your gardening posts for other great ideas too!

    Johnny, dood, you are one big kitty!

  4. We love the photos - we keep pointing to them to give Äiti ideas! We have translated Tiny's weight as 10.3kg and are astonished. We know never to upset him or steal his food......... Have a great Friday.

  5. 22.8 lbs?! WOW!

    Happy Friday friends! Bet the week went by way too fast for your Mom. That's what always happens when you have a week off.

  6. 22.8 lbs, really?! Wow, we thawt Speedy was "large and in charge" but he hasta bow to Mr Johnson (note the respect). Yoo know, for a guy who is limited on what he's allowed to eat he sure does haf a big butt. Speedy dat is, we find Johnson's butt kinda cute.

  7. I say SS Salmon should be the name of your male human's car! And wow, I cannot believe all the stuff your humans have been doing! Don't they realize that all this busy-work only creates MORE work for kitties?! They will never learn, I guess.

  8. Wow, you guys have had lots going on! We can't believe the 22.8 lbs!! that's like, both of us together! Your box o' grass is really cool...we need one of those for this winter. And we can't wait to see some desert landscaping.

  9. Holy CROW!!! 22lbs?? That's even bigger than ME!

    We wanted to thank you so much for all your kind words and thoughts while Inigo has been away. The cat blogosphere is such a blessing for all the wonderful new friends (like you)we've met.


  10. My idea is " SS PURRING "
    by the way I love your box of grass. Look very special : )


  11. 22 lbs is BIG. Which you knew of course.

    I had a lawn in a tub last year - Dad planted the seed for me. It was fun!

    How abut SS party Boat? Though I like SS Purring too.

  12. Wow, your mom has been very busy! She needs a vacation from her vacation. :-)

    22.8 pounds, huh? Tell him he can come here and keep some of the nasty, yippy little dogs in line. Heh.

    Have a great Friday!

  13. I think Dad's car should be the CatioLac! Looks like you are going to have a fun weekend with all that yard work going on!

  14. Kitties of Katnip Lounge!! Me and Charlie voted for your mum to be like a slug and not run around de-furring everything! LOL!!! We think you should hide the evil vacuum cleaner!! We are glad she plans to see the weekend out in style!!:-)

    We vote to call your fine car SS Noms! LOL!

    We think Salem's beauty regime is just fab! And Maui has got a lovely sense of humour driving your dad crazy! LOL! But your dad's gardening efforts must be celebrated - yay!! We love your new lawns - it's great for resting!!! We look forward to seeing more on Thursdays!

    Oh yay to Mr Johnston!!! All 22.8 lbs of him!! It's all that gorgeous mancatly floof!! :-)

    Take care

  15. We cannot wait to learn more about desert gardening from you all! Um, and now I want my own little patch of lawn.

  16. Yup, Johnson is a big boy! We will be interested to see desert gardening. When mum was in Spain 18 months ago, she bought 3 cacti and they were only about an inch high so she put them all in a big pot together. She didn't think they would survive because it's not hot here, but now they are about 12 inches high and she is going to have to put them in separate pots.

  17. I also vote for the SS Salmon. That's perfect!!!

    Johnny, you are a formidable dude!!

  18. What fun pictures! And Tiny, you win the prize for the largest cat we've seen! Is yoo a Maine Coon? We thought our brofur, Spunky, was a big boy at 17 lbs, but yoo has him beat!

  19. Wow! that was a mishmash of very interesting things. we love that you have your own inside lawn. We want one too now! Muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum!

  20. Wowser, our Mom is exhausted from reading how busy it is at the Lounge but looks like you are getting lots done. Tiny you sure are a huge cat. You don't fit into any kind of box or we should say, you need your own size box.

  21. What a cute post!!! WE love Maui blocking the remote...Mom said Maui you daddy wasn't a glass maker and to move. I haven't a clue what she is talking about...she said you humans would know....something about seeing through muddy water etc.
    Madi and Mom

  22. wow! your hoomans have been super-busy. good thing u still got ur snacks!! Maui - thanks for that tip about sitting in front of the remote control ray catcher. We's got to try that sometime. OMC almost 23 lbs!! Johnny, you are Stretch's new inspiration!!

  23. Jonesie is all excited to learn all about desert gardening...and here I was all upset. I thought you meant dessert know with butter and whipped cream until Jonesie whapped me back to reality.

    22.8 pounds of kitty is a whole lotta kitty!

  24. Wot an awesome post! If mom's arm wasn't poorly and in a sling ~ we'd say a lot more. Smoochies.

  25. Wow you all have had a lot going on! We think it is a great idea to start doing a garden post - you can join the society of feline gardners!

    And as far as car names, well, yeah, we don't have a good idea for that. Mom is stumped too - she is usually not super creative with names.

    And Maui - it is so awesome you blog the TV infrared - Virgil does that too and mom goes nuts trying to find just the right angle to get it to work (luckily that is only for volume - the cable box is low so he doesn't block the chanel changing).

    And wow, 22.8 lbs - that is impressive! At his heaviest Floyd was about 24 - we were using him to judge - we should have guessed better.

    Amd we are totally jealous of your lawns - we wish we coudl have one like that (mom thinks it would be cool too).

  26. HAHA Maui! Our dad would go nuts if that remote blocking was to happen here. He constantly holds that thing in his hand, even when he's not changing channels!

    Two Hours Late for breakfast is unacceptable! She oughta know that. Although the kibble treats almost make up for it.
    What a great idea with the sod box! Your people have such great ideas for all of you!

    We can't wait to see the desert landscaping too!

  27. Oh noes! Our mom doesn't watch Survivor, but she's disappointed that they voted off the Coach! She did watch the first episode and was impressed by him (except when he was barfing). We were a little off with our guess of Johnny's weight - he is really a healthy sized boy! We keep hoping our mom will grow us some grass, but she says we upchuck enough as it is.

  28. Looks like you kitties have been busy!

  29. You kitties are so funny and cute! Banjo sits in front of the TV control box so that we can not change channels too! :)

    22.8 lbs ~ that is a lot of fluff! Banjo used to weigh 30 lbs, now he is a mear 18 lbs. Haha! Well... just more kitty to love I say!

    xo Catherine

  30. Oh Katnip Kitties! I am missing you dreadfully. My Human just won't behave, but I put her into a deep trance and forced her to do my bidding at least for a minute or two. While The Visitor is here, she becomes very inattentive to me while they gossip and chat and have general family hilarity in which I do not partake because, truth to tell, the Cousin is an evil Man and I do not like him in MY home [Ed.: Whose home?]. He should be gone by Sunday, Thank Cod! XOXO

  31. I'm intrigued by that patch of lawn. What a great idea. Do you also have a tiny lawn mower?

  32. If mummy's car is Tuna then daddy's car should be shark.

    Hey, what's this about late breakfasts? If the survunt is home, shouldn't breakfast be whenever you want? Like 2Am and 3Am and 415AM?????

  33. Wow!! So much going on at the Lounge!! We think your dad's car should be called SS Moby Dick!! It's a whale of a car! And we guessed wrong on Johnny's weight...he's much bigger than we thought!!

  34. Wow, lots of things happening!

    And man, Johnny is big!

  35. By golly. 22.8pounds! That is one HUGE Johnny.
    Sounds like your dad is going to be very busy in the garden. Can't wait to see photos on Garden Thursday!


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