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Friday, October 8, 2010

Lounge LadyKats in Hats!


The Talented and Generous Mommy of
Sammy & Andy Hatted us Gals!

We were so excited to get our hats...we think they're splendid!

 I've still got it...even as a Senior out boys!

 My softer, more feminine, less bloodthirtsty side.

Hellooooo, Simon!
::blows kisses::

 Orange you happy to see me?

 Let's play with these feathers together, shall we?

C'mon over and see me sometime!

Want to wear a hat?  All contact Sammy and Andy!
It's FUN!

Happy Friday!

The Baby
May Ling
Sweet Pea


  1. OOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Ladies, you are gorrrgeous in your hats!!!

  2. Oh ::Thud::

    Wait, wut? Did I just hit the floor?

    No, wait--let me go back and look again. Nope ::thud::

    Maybe later I'll recover my wits enough to comment. I think it was Salem that did me in.

  3. How fantastic...all of the ladycats look so beautiful!!! Casper says a special hello to Sweet Pea :-)

  4. You ladies look just lovely!! We were going to say we liked Kona Kitty the bestest, but when we looked again, we couldn't pick a favorite!!

  5. You are all very beautiful ladycats in those fancy hats! The boys in the blogosphere will never be the same!

  6. So many gorgeous ladycats in pretty hats with fun captions!...We love your photos and hope you all have a festive Friday...kisses, lovely friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. Nice bonnets! You need them in that hot Nevada sun!

  8. Oh my, yous all look so purrdy and beautiful in dem hats! Da boys here are fallin all ovfur dem selves...mol!

    Da Kittys

  9. Wow ! very delightful with all beautiful you and hats toady..Fabulous Lounge : )


  10. Awwwwww what a bunch of beautiful beauties!!! Me and Charlie love your hats! You are cheering us up as we are slowly not liking blogger and may leave it!

    Sorry beautiful kitties!! Kona Kitty you are just so lovely and can show these young uns a thing or two!! :-)

    The Baby - awwwww you are just adorable in floofy pink!

    May Ling - Simon is one lucky lucky kitty!!!
    Sweat Pea!!We are orange happy to see you!!!
    Gorgeous Grayce - Yes Please!!!
    Awwww amazing Salem!! You are HOT!!! Sizzling hot!!!

    Take care!

  11. You're all extra pretty in your stunning hats! Judi always does such a fabulous job!

  12. Oh how gorjuss! Do they do hats for boys?

  13. You all look just FABULOUS in your hats. Sammy and Andy's Mom does such a good job hatting kitties.

  14. Salem really does look rather Mae West-ish!

    Ladies, you all look so gorgeous! Judi did a wonderful job hatting you all!

    P.S. We hope you'll all join us for Nicki's b-day party on Sunday. We don't have a catio, but we do have the enclosed outdoor space to tear around in, as well as the house, of course. Annie will be in a room upstairs, away from the chaos, and she wouldn't mind a certain mancat's company, if he's so inclined. Or, he could lounge in the room across the hall and they could just hiss at each other through the doors. :-D

  15. Morning all, I see a lady cat parade in your future!! You are all looking very lovely today,
    Sammy and Andy's mom is the best...she made us a new header...we love it.
    Madi and Mom

  16. The ladies all look lovely in their hats.

  17. Oh!!
    All of you girls are sooo pretty
    glamour pusses, yeah, that is what all of you are!


  18. Oh my goodness, you ladies look so stunning...I had to go back and peek at them a second time!!!

  19. All of you ladies look lovely in your hats! We hope you have a lovely weekend, too!

  20. You all look absolutely gorgeous! We like your captions a lot too - very apt!

  21. What beautiful hats you have, my dears.

  22. Yoo ladies look beyootiful! Yoo look like yoor ready fur a fancy tea or sumthing. Gorjus, just gorjus.

  23. WOO~HOO now yer a bunch of Hatted Hotties!

  24. What fun!!! We tinks you all look so cute in doze sillee hatsez. I yam not sure I wouldz haz enuff nerve to wear a hat... but seein' how fashionabull you all look, I might be willin' to try!

  25. We saw you all over at Sammy & Andy's. You ladies look hot! Baby, you got the same hat I got. I must say it was a great choice for you. We laughed about your less bloodthirsty side. All you gals just look wonderful, and like we said over at Sammy's, we think there's going to be a lot of mancats coming to Vegas. :)

  26. Oh you kitties look bea-uut-iii-full! Did you share a pot of catnip tea?

  27. Ladies you look so beautiful in your hats!


  28. So glamorous! We will have to ask to be hatted too!

  29. Oh, you ladies look gorgeous in your hats! Grayce, you have a very mischevious look on your face...

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  30. Oh wow!! Now those are some hats!! Looking good, girls!!

  31. Wow... Those hats are amazing, and the ladies beautiful!


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