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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thursday in the Garden with The Baby


The Baby here, your Garden Tour Guide.
 C'mon!  Let me OUT!

There...that's much better.
I love it in the lantana garden  There's a lot of Georges living in here.

Kitties, I talked it over with Mommy and she agreed that for my first Garden post I should show you some "before" and "after" pictures of the front and back yard...bearing in mind that "after" is NEVER done!  Daddy is always fine tuning and improving our yard.

Here's our front yard, the day it got landscaped.
 Actually a TON of stuff happened before this, but this is the day the trees moved in.

Here they are, brand new!
 The iron rail is installed. too!

And here's our front yard this Spring.
 I don't get to the front yard too often.  I have to sneak out the front door, or take off like the wind  (with Mommy or Daddy puffing behind me) from the back to make it this far, which is a bummer, cuz there is some PRIMO barfing grass to eat in the front.

I spend more time in the back yard.

 This shot is pre-Catio, in early Spring.

And then in Summer.
The tree in the back of the photo attracts Hummingbirds all year round!

Here's the back yard with the Catio built.
Kitties, I hope you enjoyed the quick overveiw.
Next week we'll look at some plants!
And maybe I can persuade Daddy to draw a map.

Oh...and Kitties, I'd like you to check out Mommy's Gardening Outfit.
Mommy, this is what you get for letting a Woofie in the house.

Sartorial humiliation.


Go and visit Jonsie in her Garden and see what she's up to this week!

XX  The Baby, DXG
(Desert Xeriscape Gardener) 


  1. Hi Baby! Thanks for that tour. We always imagined how your house looked, but now we have a very clear idea! It looks so wonderful!

    The garden must have been a lot of hard work, and it certainly looks like paradise! Our Mummy and Daddy cultivated theirs in Adelaide when they built their house in a new development, so they remember all the digging, having sandy loam delivered, carrying it to the back with a wheelbarrow, flattening it out, raking, etc etc etc...

    You guys are so very lucky to have a catio!!!

  2. Wow--how cool that you have such a cool garden!

  3. You have a beautiful yard. My mom says she wishes she liked working in the yard, but she doesn't, so we don't get too much done outside.

  4. A pretty yard with a lot of work put into it; we really like the iron rail garden and appreciate the tour, The Baby...Hope you all have a fun day, lovely friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. That's a lot of nice landscaping! My human would like to have the back yard landscaped some day, but she is NO good at gardening, so she will have to figure out how to afford to hire someone!

  6. Thanks for showing us the scenery! And I like your mama's gardening outfit - it looks very much like my around-the-house outfit (and if I had a garden, I'm sure I'd wear it then too). :)

  7. What a transformation! I bet you kitties helped with it!

  8. Hi Baby! Wowee! Can I rent your mommy and daddy?

  9. I'm lovin' the new garden ~ so beautiful ~ and of course mom's garden outfit looks very comfy! :)

    xo Catherine

  10. You have a very pretty yard Baby! Thanks for showing us around! You're mom is very colorful and we think that is very fun!

  11. What a garden. That's fantastic to escape into...... Georges, hummingbirds - all sorts of yummy snacks there too. And all that dirt to scrape and roll in and use for toileting - it looks fantastic. Can I visit on holiday ? When the winter snow is deep there's no greenery here and we could all do with sunshine :)

  12. Great garden ! Great to sneak out , isn't it ?
    I love to do too


  13. Just the sight of your sprightly ladycat tail makes me swoon, my Goddess. I have to revisit your furz again soon, and drink in your intoxicating scent!

    Oh, my. Well, I got a little carried away there.

    Your Mommeh's outfit today seems quite sedate, except I can't quite see the pattern in those jammy bottoms. Or perhaps they are real pants?

    All I know is they're not furz, so really, who cares?

  14. My dear Baby, we would follow you to the end of the earth! *swoon*

  15. Great Garden Tour, Baby!

    1. We are glad ta see what the pre-catio looked like.
    2. We never quite realized the catio had solid walls (we DID wonder how it stayed dry).
    3. The outside plants and fence look wunnerful!
    4. What is that tree what attracts all the hummers? Year-round?

  16. Greetings Baby,

    We are so glad that you were able to show us around so that we could see the many changes that have happened since the beginning of the year. Your humans certainly have created a low maintenance so that this way they can spend more time with you in the super luxurious catio.

    Tell your humans they have done a beautiful job.

    Today we too did our first garden post.

    Wishing you a wonderful day,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont (dad)

  17. Hi Baby ~ I love seeing yoor garden. It looks like yoor fambly have put in a lot of hard werk to make it so nice ~ and also keep it nice.
    I love seeing the landscape too ~ Mom and Dad have been to Las Vegas and they said it reminded them of what they saw on holiday. Awesome post! Welcome to our club!

    Love Alfie xx

  18. Momma says she loves every garden, but especially the ones other people have to tend.

    We love your catio... is that screened with vertical bars? We've never seen anything quite like it.

  19. Oh The Baby!!!! What fantastic before and after shots!! Me and Charlie are so impressed by your garden transformations!! What a lot of work but it's so worth it! We love how your front garden looks like now - what lovely landscaping!!! And you backgarden is very pretty!! Your Catio is the best and it's surrounded by a really lovely garden!! WELL DONE KATNIP LOUNGE MUM AND DAD!!! We are so impressed!!

    Awwwww we are totally crazy about your mum's pink socks!!! What a fashion icon!

    Take care

  20. Your garden looks great! It looks like your mum and dad have put a lot of effort in. Only things that aren't meant to grow- like big dandylions!- grow in our garden.

  21. I love your garden and your fabulous desert view. If we had a choice, we would rather live in a desert climate than here where it is so humid and tropical.

  22. The Baby...Thank you for the tour of your gardens. Looks like Dad & Mom worked very hard. And, your Mom is vision of garden loveliness ( she makes me smile )!

    Eva & Gracie's Mom

  23. Your garden is beautiful.....well done Dad and Mom

    LOL at the last picture....revenge is sweet.
    Madi and Mom

  24. Love seeing the Catio before it was a Catio! Jonesie is just purring up a storm to see a garden that is so different from should see her getting all dreamy about the sunbeam and stuff that you get to enjoy.

  25. We had a great time looking round your gardens.
    You get such an open view from your front garden - we wish we did too.

  26. That was a great tour, your place sure look very nice and the views look pawsome!

  27. Heheheheeee - Your mom's outfit made us smile BIG TIME ... we are laughing, rolling.... muahahahah- Yeah - cat's unite!

    Wait till we post our Mom's silly pink PJ pants... muahaha ..

    Thanks Baby for showing us around!
    Your home is lovely! Your Dad & Mom are awesome in gardening and landscaping!!

    Lots of love from us ALL here!!

  28. What amazing gardens you have. Thank you so much for the tour and sharing them with us. Love the gardening outfit by the way!

  29. Your mommy has a similar gardening outfit to MY mommeh's outfit!

    Baby, I can plainly see why Spitty is so in love with you. You are just glorious looking. That tayel you have waving up in the air must act like a beacon to all the man cats in the CB. I concede to your beauty. As long as Rupert snuggles with me that is.

  30. Excellent garden...not sure how I would feel about no grass, but I bet the stones and such are easier to care least you don't have to mow! Love the different flowers and pretty. I think it is fantastic that you have hummers all year...ours are getting ready to leave until next spring.

  31. We love your yard!!!! It looks so inviting. We've never been to the desert but our mom has! She has been to Lost Wages twice, and for the past three years she has spent a long weekend in Phoenix right before Christmas.

  32. Awesome post! We love your desert paradise!

  33. WOW, that was some transformation!!! We love your catio.....on Home & Garden channel, one of the shows had a back patio just like yours before the catio and the designer had it pulled down!!!! Mommy was calling the designer "stupid!" The designer also replaced a nice ceiling fan with a fancy hanging light, how "un-green" is that! You however did a great job!=^Y^=

  34. Baby, what a grand can be our tour guide any time!!!!!!!!!!

    Love to all of you.

  35. We enjoyed the tour Baby. Our Mom dresses worse when she gardens, we thinks you has to dress funny to garden, it is a rule beans have or something.

  36. Thank you for the tour, Baby! I love the "hummingbird" tree! I think your Daddy and Mummy did a fantastic job with the garden.....Looks like you'll be quite busy with the "Georges" that'll certainly be lurking around.

  37. What a grand tour, Baby~!!! The front yard turned out beautifully, as well as the backyard! Your mom and dad did a wonderful job!

  38. We here all agree that the catio is a much more excellent use for that space than a people patio!

  39. What a great garden, Baby!! Your mom and dad did a great job :)

  40. Thanks for the tour Baby! We love seeing the before and after pictures! Meowm was just gazing at the new picture of your catio on the header....and she is green with envy. She so wants a catio for us!

  41. Thanks for showing us around! It's really interesting to see your desert landscape!

  42. Thank you for taking us on a tour of your garden The Baby, it looks lovely.What a wonderful transformation.

  43. Yoor dad does a great job wif da landscaping...our mom just grows vejabuls. Dis year da weeds seem to haf taken over.

  44. You've got a great home! Hmmm, maybe we should think of Vegas for a future home....

  45. Thanks for the tour, The Baby. Very nice yard! We'd love to learn more about the hummingbird tree. Oh, tell your dad to plant some of that yaky grass in the would look very nice...maybe along the edge of the catio...;-/

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  46. Thanks for that tour, Baby! You got a really nice yard!! And we think your mom deserved that last shot...hahaha!!

  47. Your garden is awesome, and that iron fence is so pretty! Thank you for the tour.

  48. We love your gardens!!! And our mom has a lot of silly outfits like your mom's too. She says they are very comfy.

  49. Wow, we loved the garden tour and thought your place was amazing and so different from any gardens we get to see. We also loved your whiteness. Love Darcy and Bingley xx


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