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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Saturday Shoes, Red Crocs Style


Tiny Johnson here.

It's no secret that I LOVE my Daddy!  And one of the best things about him is his feet.
Boy oh boy, Daddy's feet are the best.
Even Scouty nibbles on them from time to time...under my supervision, of course.
If I can't get to a toe or two I go for Daddy's slippers. 
This is an old picture from The Archives--can you tell?  I'm a lot larger nowadays, and my floof is almost twice as long.  But I even as a youngster I loved Daddy's feets!

::La di da dah::

 Hey, what's this?
It's Daddy's Red Crocs!
Mmmm, they smell like valerian root. anybody watching? 
Good...all alone...


What a great way to spend a Saturday. 
Inhaling the overpowering odor hypnotic smell of my Daddy's feet.
Kitties, I hope your day is as aromatically enticing as mine!

Happy Saturday!

XX  Johhny


  1. Your dad human's feet smell like valerian? How cool! The humans here smell nowhere near as good, and their shoes are downright boring. Lucky you, Tiny!

  2. Johnson , I'm the same ! I'm a fan of my daddy's feet, daddy's socks, Daddy's slippers. ...he has the most pleasant smell in my house. His smell is Purity, after soothing, it will uplift my fresh feeling.

    That's why I'm his favorite ! even my human sister got jealous sometime. She can't appreciate daddy's feet smell. She got no ideas what she miss out ! and if one day she figured's too late, I'm not going to share with her.

  3. Mmmm, feet...we love mom's minty foot lotion, it's like nip to us. She hasta hurry and put on her majik bed sox afore we lick all da skin off her feet!

  4. I find the scent of the Human's shoes rather pedestrian--ha ha ha ha. I'd sure like it if her feet smelled like valerian. That is potent stuff. The Human has to ration my access because I do get a little squirrely when I'm around it.

  5. Wow, you DO love your Dad's feet, don't you Tiny? We think your Dad must be a really cool guy to rock those red crocs.

  6. MOL! I do this too!!! Lurve that foot smell....

  7. We make "ewwwww" faces when we sniff our mom's feet or shoes! MOL!

  8. MOL! This post made us larf and larf. In our howse Milo is the king of feet ~ well socks actually. He attacks all socks and then sniffs them. Sumtimes he nibbes them too.

    Alfie xx

  9. Awwww gorgeous Tiny Johnson!!! LOL!!!! Me and Charlie love how you enjoy sniffing your daddy's crocs!! That is just brilliant!! You look so happy too. Daddy's feet must smell of crushed valerian with a sprinkling of nip!!

    Enjoy your day inhaling!!! Take care

  10. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, our Mom's socks or shoes sure don't smell like valerian, but we won't discuss what they do smell like. We do like to chew on her feet every now and then. She doesn't put up with that very often. Glad Dad has such good smelling feet, that is good information. MOL.

  11. My mommy's shoes and her bean kitten's shoes are my idea of paradise. I park on them! I also roll around in her PJ's if they are awaiting collection to the wash. I wear her other clothes too..and I have laid in her oldest's bean kitten's clothes when he leaves them here after a visit.

    Johnson, you and your brofurs and sisfurs make mommy smile..that's a good thing. I like her to be happies!

  12. pee ess:

    xoxoxo ♥♥♥ to Rupert (with the long arms and toesies)

  13. I cant agree wif ya more! I LOVE da crazy lady's feets, and shoes! She wears fuzzy socks dat I just luv to roll on and bitey! Sniff away dood!

    Beefy and da critters

  14. MOL, MOL!!! Loved this! I have red crocs too but I bet they don't smell as good as your Daddy's!

  15. Johnny, do I need to stage an intervention?

  16. I don't bother about mum's feet but I do have to throw myself onto her warm bit of bed and roll on it when she gets up in the mornings! Pure bliss.
    Luv Lucy xx
    ps Hannah's more interested in her brekkie!!

  17. Hahhh!! I bet our cats would do that if Briar wasn't busy EATING all the shooz.

  18. How odorfull!

    Mom will email you when she gets her thoughts together.....

  19. Even though I love nipping Äiti's feet (and tugging playfully at toe hair) I cannot say the smell is that great. Those crocs of your Daddy's look as though they should smell great though. Could your Dad perhaps sell his dirty socks on the old interwebs, to raise money to buy proper nip (or a fruit identification book ?)

  20. HE HE - The kitty before me I guess used to love Dad's feet too. He'd maul her with his feet, the more he did it and the harder - the better. To me feet are stinky. he he - I want no part of them.

  21. How is Kona Kitty now? Are her furs starting to look better?

  22. Wow, your Daddy is special to have feet that smell like valarian root=that is just too cool, handsome Johnny!...Halle likes to hide her toy rats in shoes and then bunny kicks the shoes to get them out; sometimes, she forgets about them until Mommy finds them stuffed in the shoe=used to scare her when she put her feet inside (she hates bugs and that was always her first thought), but she kind of expects it now...Happy Halloween weekend, sweet friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  23. My peoples feet smell like stink! I'm glad you have a nice smell to enjoy.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  24. I think your Dads feet are there just for your enjoyment and you sure are having some fun!

  25. OMC your Dad has lots of nice shoes....maybe you all should secretly sale them on Ebay to make some spending money. MOL

  26. MMMMMMM!!! STINKY!!!! :D
    So funny

  27. Hi Mr. Tiny! Since you told us your dirty little secret, I'll tell you mine. It's kind of embarrassing, and my mom will probably kill me for sharing this, but when my mom takes off her pants, if she doesn't put them in the hamper right away, I crawl right in them. I LOVE them!

    Your friend, Fuzzy

    P.S. from the mom - if I had a bigger place (in an apartment right now), I would have brought home one of the shelter kitties about 20 minutes ago! He's the sweetest thing - black boy about 8 or so years old. I almost adopted him when I got Zoe, but chose her instead. He may be the cuddle buddy she needs - but I just CANNOT right now (I have to keep reminding myself of this...)

  28. ACK!!! That message was from me, ZOE, not FUZZY!! CRAP! MOM!! Type better please~!!

    I don't crawl into pants. You suck, mom.


  29. Thanks so much for your wonderfully supportive comment, its a scary and exciting time for me.

    LOve the pics especially the slipper sniffing!!!

  30. Johnny, we think you're pretty silly sniffing your dad's shoes! If we sniffed our dad's shoes, we'd probably pass out! Haha!! Mom says he's got stinky feets!! They don't smell like valerian!

    Now, I like my mom's shoes. I like to chew on them. And that gets me in lots of trouble!!


  31. MOL! Johnny, you made us giggle seeing you sniff your daddy's shoes! We have never tried sniffing our daddy's shoes because Mommy makes him put them in the closet. Maybe she does that because they smell like valerian!

  32. Hahahaha! Our Mommeh has Crocs in orange, purple, pink and white (she used the white ones when she worked at the shelter). She used to love them, but now she is too self-conscious to wear them.


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