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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Halloween Post!


Happy Meow-o-ween!

C'mon in...
Mommy is channeling her Inner Kitty!

 And Daddy is, well, being himself.
Mr. Crazypants!

heh just knew we'd get them back for dressing us up!

We've got some yummy treats for you...

but first some BIG MEWS:

Today is Salem's One Year Gotchaversary!
She showed up just before midnight last Halloween, which is why Daddy picked "Salem" for a name.
Turned out to be a good choice, cuz she's bewitched us all!
We lubs our Tiny Tuxie Sisfur.

Now on to the goodies!

EveryCat say:

"Nip or Meat!"

Grab a Pumpkin,
And fill it up with Friskies Minis!

Don't be shy... 
...there's enough for everyone!

There's Trout Treats and Tuna Crunchers, too. 

Mommy filled the fountain with Ghoul-Aid if you get thirsty 

and we have plenty of Nip toys to play with! 

We have something for your (in)Significant Humans, too!
Make sure you get a few pencils and flashlights to take home.

Happy Halloween!

Stay safe, all you People and critters.

XX  The Lounge Thirteen


  1. Oh boy!!!!!!!!
    Looks like things are really fun at your place!! Glad we dropped in for some pawsome fun,heehee
    Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

    Happy Gotcha day Salem!!!!
    Looks like you picked the right home :)

  2. NIP OR MEAT ? oh this is Heaven !!!! Thank you for the pumpkin ! I have meat flavor..YUMM !!!

    And Salem, Happy Gotcha Day !!!!! I hope have double fun today : )

    By the way, I really love ideas when cats knock your door, we got Friskies but Human kids have pencil and flashlights : )

    Love you guys a lots

  3. Happy Gotcha Day to Salem! We hope you get extra treats today!

    We like your mom and dad's costumes but we love the treats at your house! Friskies has minis? We didn't even know that! All the kitties in your neighborhood are going to be knocking on your door!

  4. Time to PARTY! Happy Gotcha Day Salem!!!

  5. Looks like there are going to be lots of great Halloween parties this year!

    Happy Gotcha Day Salem!

  6. HAPPY GOTCHA DAY SALEM! Oh wow, Friskies, our favorite! Can we hang out on da catio wif yoo today? We bet yoor beins won't even notice three extras.

  7. YoW! Happy Halloween to all of you and Happy Gotcha Day to Salem! Don't mind if we stay a bit for some long as we dont have to go near Mr. Crazypants...he's kinda skeery...;-/

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  8. Salem is a great name. Happy anniversary.

  9. wow, you guys are going to have the best halloween ever!
    we don't really celebrate it much in Australia, but we wish we were at your house right now. Those pumpkins filled with goodies look great and that fountain is amazing, by the way!

  10. Oh my goodness ~ so much to celebrate here this weekend! Gotcha Day and Halloween ~ lots of partying going on I think. Love mom and dad's costumes ~ looks like they are getting in on the fun ~ good for them! :)

    xo Catherine

  11. How fun - all treats and the only tricks are on the humans! Happy Halloween!

  12. MOL!!...We LOVE your Mommy and Daddy's costumes=they are so silly, you guys have awesome parents!!!...What a fun post...Happy Gotcha Day to beautiful Salem and Happy Halloween sweet friends...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. What great Halloween fun! LOVE the mini kitty treats, and the flashlights and pencils are a terrific idea. Happy Gotcha Day, Salem.

  14. Happy Gotaversary Salem!!
    This is a great post - love the mini kitty treats.....I love the little pumpkins too!!!! Have a spooky Halloween!!!

  15. Yay!!!! Awwww Paw-ty!!!! Wow!! Thank you!!

    HAPPY GOTCHA DAY BEAUTIFUL AND ENCHANTING SALEM!! You are bewitching in all your tuxie-ness!! Have a lovely day!!!!

    Me and Charlie think your mum is doing a grand job channeling her inner kitty!! Your dad is fabulous as Mr Crazy Pants!!!

    And these treats with no trickery are AMAZING!! Yay!!!!!


    Take care

  16. Wow what a fabulous Halloween Party there!
    Have fun dear friends!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  17. Happy Gotcha Day Salem. Nip or Meat is an excellent idea - I wonder if Äiti will give us both ?

  18. Wow, what a great party! Between you guys and Gracie, we are going to be sooooo hungover tomorrow! MOL!

    A very happy Halloween to you and a also a very happy Gotcha Day to Salem!

    Annie sends extra-scary hisses to Felix!

  19. Happy Gotcha day to Salem! And the pics of yoor mom and dad are brilliant! Hahahhaaaaa!
    And Happy Halloween to yoo all! We hope yoor day is full of treats.

  20. Happy Gotcha Day, Salem! And happy HOWLoween to you all. It looks like a blast at your house. Sorry, Harley tried to take TWO of the pumpkin treat bags.

  21. Wowie! You guys go all out! Happy Helloscreamz, everybuddy! s-s-srsly. muahahahahaha!

  22. Lots of Halloween fun going on at your house & lots of treats too!
    Happy Halloween!
    your pal,

  23. We want to come to YOUR house! You give out great treats for Halloween!!!!

    I see your mommy and daddy have a few screws loose lol (kidding!!!!)

    Happy "Gotchaversary" Salem!!!
    Love, Caren and Cody

  24. Happy Gotchaversary Salem! Boy, did you ever pick THE best home to come and live! You look like a Statesman (woman) in that pawsome picture! I'll vote for you!

    I want to come to your house first thing for Nip or meat. What a great array of party fixin's. Will Rupert help serve? I love the fountain stocked with Ghoul- Aid. Perhaps a certain man cat will sip from the other side when I am there?

    What fun and tasty treat bags! I'll hide an one in my blankie for later on if that's OK. See you soon..started on my way. Looking forward to seeing effurryone.That'll be glamorous me ringing your chimes (Rupert)


  25. Happy Halloween!!
    Looks like you're all set up there. Um, but your parents are kind of scary......guess that's the point though.

  26. Happy Halloween to you! And a furry great first Gotchaversary to Salem! What a clever girl to show up just before Halloween.

  27. Mom and Dad, you really are scary. MOL. And happy Gotcha day to Salem. You sure did find a great home. Happy Halloween to all 13 and the beans too. Hope you have a great day with tons of treats and no spooks.

  28. What a GREAT party!! Love the human costume -- you look just fabulous :)

    I'm sure the kitties will enjoy those treat-filled pumpkins (with the kitty faces...awwww). I wish you were my neighbor...although I don't know if one neighborhood could contain our shenanigans!

    Happy Halloween, everyone!!

  29. Looks like there is a fun time to be had here.. Fabulous post.. Happy Gotcha day to Salam.. Hope your day is fabulous.. Hugs GJ xx

  30. Happy Gotcha Day Salem! Mommy and Daddy look ready to pawty!

  31. Nip or Meat! Perfect!
    Happy Gotchaversary Salem!!!
    It's neat knowing how you got your name!
    Those treats are awesome! Never seen those mini's - not here anyway. They are just perfect for kitty trick or treaters!
    Have A Ghoul Day!

  32. Happy Gotcha Anniversary Salem - what a fun filled home you have.
    We'd love to have a fishy pumpkin and a meaty one please (well there are 2 of us so we don't think we're greedy.)

  33. Hi Salem! Happy Gotcha Anniversary. We read all the way back to when you came in.
    What a great lay out you all have for Halloween!
    We love, love your Catio, it is wonderful.
    Happy Halloween to you all!
    ~ Anna Sue and The Bunch

  34. Wow! Wat a pawsome party!

    Happy Gotcha day Salem! xxx

    Happy Halloween to you all!

  35. Happy Gotcha Day Salem! We wondered about that name of yours, now we know! It's purrfect.

    Happy Halloween! Thanks for all the treats!

  36. AWESOME! I want to come trickortreat at YOUR house! Happy Gotcha Day to Salem, and very happiest of Halloweens to you ALL!

  37. I have really enjoyed your Halloween post - great photos and great ideas! I work in an industry where brand touchpoints are part of our everyday lingo..and kudoos to carrying out a theme which touches on all the elements for an excellent and enjoyable presentation. I laughed out loud at the pumpkins - and it was so nice to see the link in from Salem's Gotcha day (meant to be!)

  38. MOL! Your humans made me smile! My human bean is dressing as herself, thankfully! Thank you for the nommy treats! Now I can kidnap that flash light and shine it in the bean's eyes all the way home! hehe.

    And, Happy gotcha day Salem! You are a gourgous halloween cat!

  39. Love your beans costumes! Great party and we wish you a very happy Gotcha day Salem and Happy Halloween too.

  40. Oh wow! what a fantastic party! you guys did a great job. Yeah, we'll even give your beans some credit for helping you.

    Happy Gotcha Day Salem! We think you're the best treat your beans could have asked for.

    I think I'll take a pencil too if you don't mind. It will make it easier for me to poke my mommy in the night. I won't have to move so far! ha ha ha

    PS my daddy has been in Victorville for a week now and will be there at least one more. They went to a microbrewery last night. We hope they have fun. He has already worked more than 70 hours there!

    Mr Hendrix the Kitty (it won't let me log in as myself!!

  41. Do you guys go to Fright Town for Halloween? We saw it on Halloween's Most Extreme on Travel Channel. Looks spooky. We love it.

    Mr Hendrix the Kitty

  42. Happy Gotcha Day to you, Salem!!! You all sure know how to throw a Halloween Party. That pumpkin is perfect for us. We're so glad we came over.

    We've had two little girls that looked like witches come to our door, yep,before 5:00pm! We hadda check them out and give them some human treats.

    Mindy, Moe, BonBon, Cookie & Mike

  43. Happy Gotcha Day to Salem!

    What a pawsome Gotcha Day/Halloween party this is!! Happy Halloween!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  44. WOW - what a great pawty you have going on. I sure am happy I stopped in at the right time. Happy Gottcha Day to Salem - what a handsome kitty he is.

  45. Haha! Looks like your humans really get into the festivities. Our mom will be wearing her stupid cat ears. Once a year, she thinks she's one of us. Yeah right!

    And Happy Gotcha Day, Salem! What a great day to celebrate! Ernie wants a pencil so he can whap it under the fridge so it can be with all the other pens and pencils that are under there.

    Happy Halloween!

  46. best fishes fur a treatful halloween! fanks fur the nommy treats! we haf a nip pile goin' fur ennycat who wants to haf a roll!!

  47. OMC you all know how to party even Mom and Dad are in the mood. They must be a ton of fun to live with. MOL Happy Gotcha day to Salem...
    We really enjoyed all of the pictures and all of the treats you have ready for your friends.
    madi and mom

  48. Happy Gotcha Anniversary to you Salem!

    We likes the humans costumes!

    Friskies Minis? Cool! I will be right on over!!

  49. You guys look great. Have a fun night, everyone. Hugs, Deb =^..^=x5

  50. Happy Halloween. Our waterfall is back. Pictures in a few days.

  51. Nip or Meat? That sounds super fun!! I love Mommy's Haloween kitty and Daddy's just being himself :-)
    Happy gotcha day, Salem! Enjoy your day!

  52. You all are very festive! Is Mr. Crazypants the Grand Poobah? Happy Halloween, Lounge Kitties!!

  53. Wow, those are some awesome Halloween treats! We love the Friskies Minis! We hope you have a great Halloween! And, Happy Gotchaversary to Salem!

  54. Wow!! Wow!! Wow!!!

    Happy Gotcha Day Salem!
    Now we know Halloween is not all about scary stuff eh? It is the day Salem found her love and forever home!!!!

    Those are awesome Halloween goodies, we are coming over!! Fur sure!! Save some for us!!

  55. Hey you guys look like you had a good time! We forgot it was Halloween but we'll have treats today.

  56. The Human wonders if Mr. Crazypants could wear Mrs. Crazypants's clown pants & shoes, since he has the nose? dearest, whaere are your JLLs today? Sadly lurking just beyond the frame. I shall have to use my imagination!

    And, Ru-Paul, dood, SCRUFFY?

  57. Happy Gotchaversary Salem! What a way to make an entrance! Happy Halloween to all of you!!

  58. Salem, we are glad you were gotcha'd by your fun loving pawrents........sorry we are late but all this past few weeks our humans have been finishing outside work before the snow flyz. Mommy said sometimes it takes longer finding the supplies than doing the job!
    Happy it is still not midnight, lol=^Y^=

  59. Happy gotcha day, Salem! You throw a heck of a party!

  60. Happy Gotcha day beautiful Salem!!! What a fantastic halloween party, thanks for inviting everyone :-)

  61. Thanks for the invite! We were late but managed to get a pencil that had rolled under the sofa! And Happy Gotcha Day, Salem!


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