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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The SS Tuna is Legal!


The plates (tags) for Mommy's new car came!

She got personalized plates, guess what she got?

She's thrilled!
Daddy went out in the pouring rain and installed them as soon as they arrived.
(Yes, it's been RAINING here.  All week!)

In other news, KonaKitty's bloodwork came back normal!
The Vet was a little stumped why Kona has lost so much weight.  Since she's feeling good and spunky, he wants to see her in two weeks for a re-weigh.  Mommy is planning on feeding her all sorts of nutritious hi-cal Cat foods in the meanwhile.  Thank you for all your food suggestions!  She's kind of a picky eater so we bet we'll end up getting some primo chow, too!
Mommy figures if KonaKitty is just getting old, she'll fatten her up a little, and if she has the awful "C" word, Mommy wants her to have the best nutrition possible.

We want to thank all of you for your Purrs.
You all are such wonderful friends!

XX  Lounge Kats


  1. Whoo Hoo we're first to comment!!!
    The SS Tuna is an awesome machine!!
    Now she can carry all manner of green stuff and not be questioned by the cops if she gets pulled over.

    Kona, we are keeping you close to our hearts.

  2. That is perplexing about Kona. I wonder what is up.

  3. That is the cool plate I've ever seen !

    By the way,it's so delightful to hear your blood test is normal and your mom is going to fat you up : )

  4. That's the best license plate ever! I'm surprised somebody didn't already have it. I'm glad that Kona's blood test came out normal, but like everykitty else, I am puzzled as to what else could be going on. I hope the new food helps her gain some weight back!

  5. A great day in Nevada! You got awesome plates for the SS Tuna and KonaKitty's labs came back clean! Life is good!

    Raining here too, but they say we are going to have a dry Winter, so we are going to take whatever water we can get.

  6. Kona, I would like to say thank you to your mom for leaving a really good advice for me " You should learn from him as he's most likely wiser than you " And please, tell her I might can't do it straight away but I will try.

  7. We are so sorry we weren't here to offer our purrs for your v-e-t visit yesterday, you were so brave to let them steal your bloods! Mummy is reading your progress with interest because our Pricilla is the same age and she is starting to slim down too. We've just put it down to the move for now so we'll see how she bounces back.

    Enjoy all yummy foods your Mummy has planned for you!!!

    We LOVE LOVE LOVE the personalised plate!!!

    Purrrs, Keiko, Kenji, Pricilla & Yuji

  8. Now thats a flash plate!

    Purrs for KonaKitty


  9. We're very glad Kona's blood work was normal and will keep our paws crossed and purr loudly for everything to be ok for her; she is a real beauty...Love the license plate, really cool!...We hope you all will be able to stop by Calle and Halle's birthday party today=we have nip birthday cake and lots of toys!...kisses, sweet friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. What an appropriate car plate! Very cool!!!

    We are happy that KonaKitty's blood results came back normal!
    We pray and purr that "C" will never come into the picture ... stay away "C".

    Keep us posted, we will continue our power purrs that KonaKitty will eat and gets all the nutrient she needs to build up the extra fa..t ... oopss we mean muscles!

    Love, Lucky & Co, Bin too!

  11. We're glad Kona's blood results were good but the weight loss is puzzling. maybe she just went off her food for a while and ate less, and lost some weight gradually. We'll continue with healing PURRS just to be on the safe side.

  12. Oh gorgeous KonaKitty!! Me and Charlie are purring and purring for you! We hope you eat up lots and lots and lots of yummy stinky special hi-cal foods!!! And get FAT!! :-) Seriously though - we hope you are ok! Lots of hugs and purrs sweet Kona!

    Awwww YAYAYAYAYYAYAY!! for your KATNIP car plate!!!! Oh that's just so brilliant!! We love it!! It really makes the SS Tuna unique and completes it!! Brilliant!!

    Take care all at katnip lounge! x

  13. We're glad the blood work is normal. Did they test the T3 as well as the T4 (for thyroid)? Sometimes if the T4 is still in the upper range of normal/borderline, they need the T3 to determine hyper-thyroidism. That weight loss IS puzzling, because it's significant. But if it were cancer, you'd see something amiss in the blood work, surely.

    Continued purrs and Light to Kona (and all the kitties of Lounge).

    BTW, the license plate is so cool! :-)

  14. We LOVE your new license plate, is it neat-O! I am so glad that Kona's bloodwork came back good.

  15. Love the license plate. That is cool. Also great news about Kona's blood work. Hopefully the new food will help her gain some weight. Hope all of you have a great week end.

  16. We're so glad to hear that the bloodwork was NOM Kona, NOM!! We're still gonna purr for you.
    Cool license plate BTW!

  17. Great plates!

    Maybe as she is getting older, Kona Kitty's sense of taste is getting less, and with all the rest of the gang to compete with for food, she just isn't eating enough. As Kea said, we would think something would have shown up in the bloodwork if she had cancer. Will purr for good appetite!

  18. I recommend ham. It solves everything.

  19. What great licence plates - we think they are purrfect for your mom.
    We are puzzled about Kona's blood test results too - we wondered if she was standing back and letting the others eat first and would only be able to eat what was left over. Perhaps she needs to get some food apart from the others.

  20. Mommy and I love your new license plates! How nice of your Daddy to outfit the US Tuna right away!!!

    Kona, we love you, precious one.

  21. We love the Katnip plate on the SS Tuna! We're so glad to hear that Kona's blood work was normal. We were worried about her and are happy she just needs to eat more foods!

  22. Kona, my mom has some extra weight she'd be glad to give you! Stay well!

    Love the plate! Our state's design changed this year to celebrate the centennial--we don't know anyone who likes them but Mom does. Maybe I can talk her into getting something like this, and then she'd get the new design, too!

  23. Kona, we are so sorry mom was a SLACKER and we are just now catching up on your news. Can you believe she blamed work???

    We are so happy that your bloodwork turned out ok...and we are laughing because now we are going to start calling our Nigel "famine resistant"...MOL!!!!

    Your mom has the best license plate in the state! How cool is that? So now will she go out and fill it with catnip and bring it home to you? of my favorite treats in the whole wide world is Tillamook extra sharp cheddar cheese. Mom complains all the time that cheese makes her maybe it will work for you?

  24. We're so glad to hear that your bloodwork turned out OK, Kona. We hope you stop losing weight so everybuddy can stop worrying!

    Oh, and we just read ^Cory's comment^... Whitey loves cheez, too. He's gained almost 5 pounds since he was gotcha'd 17 months ago.

  25. What cool personalized plates!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kona, we are happy that all your tests have come back ok.......but we will continue purraying for you. Please start eating more. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  26. Those are the best plates ever! Mum wishes we were allowed to personalise our plates like that.
    We are very glad Kona Kitty's bloodwork results were good.

  27. Those plates are to DIE FOR! Way cool!

    We are very happy Kona Kitty's bloodwork came back good! Just got to fatten that little girl up now!

  28. What great plates for the SS Tuna! We too are surprised Katnip wouldn't all ready be taken.

    Purrs for Kona. We are glad her blood work all came back ok but the mystery of what is going on is no fun! Eat lots, little one!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  29. Kona, its gud to know yoo has gud blood works. Keep feelin gud and enjoy sum nip on us!


  30. Love Love love the new plate!!! And a high five to Dad for his devotion!!
    The dark background on the plate and white letters makes it stand out nicely. Our plates are white background,
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  31. We hope KonaKitty puts on some weight and starts to feel better soon. We love her photo!

    Those new license plates are awesome, the white "KATNIP" really shows up on the blue.

    Mindy, Moe, BonBon, Cookie & Mike

  32. Love the plates! Hoping that KonaKitty starts filling out her waistline and feeling better!


  33. We love those plates! Speedy sez he can spare an extra 5 pounds or so fur Kona, all we hafta do is figger a way to transfer it.

  34. Coool! I need to convince my human beans to get a liscense plate that says DANIELLE now. MOL!

    Hope you get a little meat on your bones, Kona! It never hurts to have a little.

  35. We love the new car plate! TBT rtried ta get personal plates, but did something wrong on the computer an ended up with just new numbers. :(

    We hope ya gain some weight back, Kona!

  36. I totally love the plates, purrfect!!! We are all still sending you purrs sweet Kona!

  37. We love your plates! Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my bloggie. I am an older cat, and I slimmed down, too. But mama says I am "chunking up" for a long cold winter. That's not nice for her to say, but *sigh* true.

  38. I'm sorry I didn't know about Kona but glad to hear she's most likely ok. I'm looking forward to hearing a final outcome. I'm sure she'll fill out again with all the care you're planning on giving her. I don't want Lucy to be sick, but man I wish she had the problem of needing to gain weight. Glad to hear the SS Tuna is official!

  39. Love those plates!!!! I want a CAT CHAT one!! xoxoxo

  40. We love that plate!! Let us know how other humans react when they see it!!!

    And we're glad Kona's blood work came back okay. We hope your mom can fatten her up....and all the rest of you in the process!!

  41. We hope the new foods will perk up Kona, she's a sweetheart as are all kitties. Love the plate for your car.

  42. I'm sorry, I just now saw these posts on Miss Kona Kitty. For several years, all 3 of my cats ate dry KD food, since my 2 boys both had bad kidneys. When Snuggles passed in Sept. '09 (Zachary passed in Nov. '07) and I adopted Zoe in Oct. '10, I just started feeding both of the girls adult indoor cat foods - mostly dry with Fancy Feast as a treat. Fuzzy lost a ton of weight in 4-5 months, so I took her to the vet for a wellness exam. Everything was great. I took her back for another one last month, and her blood is still perfect. She's not a big eater - never has been. It's just my experience that cats get skinny as they get old. Some old records show that she was once 15 pounds (which I don't think is right, but whatever), and now she is just over 7 pounds. It freaks me out that she's a bit bony, but if the vets say she's healthy and she acts normal, I guess that's as good as it gets!

    Good luck! :)


  43. Oh my dearest darling KonaKitty! I'm gone for a couple days and LOOK WHAT HAPPENS! I am so relieved that all the bloods that Bad Man stole from you looked so good--well, of course they did! They're YOUR bloods! Now, you start eating all that nice fattening food now, y'hear?

  44. Oh nose, KonaKitty! So sorry to hear you're losing weight! Our Maya was losing weight too and mom switched him to Royal Canin Special 33 and he's gained it back. Have you ever tried Missing Link cat supplement to mix in your food?
    Hope at your next recheck you will have gained some weight back!

    Love the license plate!

  45. Dennis is amazed at the koolness of your katnip plates!

  46. Sending healing purrs to you!

  47. COOL plates! Continued purrs for Kona kitty.


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