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Friday, October 22, 2010

Floofy Friday: Purrs needed!


MomKat Trish here...Kona's bloodwork came back COMPLETELY NORMAL!  No diabetes, no thyroid problems, no renal failure.  Which is GREAT!  But...the vet is puzzled why she's lost so much weight.  She's bony under all that fluff.  (He mentioned the "C" word, but as a remote possibility.)  
Kona goes back in two weeks for a re-weigh; and you bet your boots I'm gonna stuff her full of all the food she can hold in the next 14 days.  I'm thinking a good quality high-calorie kitten food, and Nutra Cal.
Any other suggestions?

Love, and thank you all SO MUCH for your purrs!

Hi Kitties!

KonaKitty here.
Mommy has been a little concerned about me lately.

Over the Summer I shed a LOT, and the texture of my fur has changed.
I even got a couple of bald spots. 
Oooooh, Mommy, that feels great!

Do my ears!  Do my ears!
I've lost weight, too.

This is me in 2006.
I weighed 13 pounds...admittedly I was a little...ahem...famine resistent. 
When Grayce had her bladder stone surgery in March we all got switched from kibble to wet food.
We all slimmed down, but somehow I just kept going.

This is me in June of this year. 
Blissed out on the nip.

So today I got the dreaded trip to the VET.
It wasn't too horrible, I got to ride in the new SS Tuna, and I was quiet on the ride.
(Both ways, actually!)

Kitties, I only weigh 9 pounds!

The vet stole some of my bloods and lots of Mommy's green papers.  He thinks I either have thyroid problems, diabetes, or kidney disease.  Mommy hasn't seen me drinking lots of water or huge pees in the box, so she's hoping it's thyroid.  

Mommy has had a diabetic kitty (Fuzzy) and a kitty with CRF (Chuckles), so she's prepared for whatever might be wrong with me.

I'm not too worried, even though I'm 13 years old I come from tough alley cat stock.
Here's a picture off my Papa (Spooky) with a rat he killed!
Spooky was one of Mommy & Daddy's barn cats when they lived back in Illinois.
I'm the product of Papa's last fling with a neighborhood feral before he got snipped.
He was a tough ManCat, he loved being outside in all weather and he was a prodigeous hunter.
In fact, I lived Outdoors (for a year) too with my Papa!  I used to climb the huge Oak trees on the property next door and chase squirrels in the canopy.

So even though I'm old and there's something wrong with me, I'm not gonna stress.
I'm tough.
And I know Mommy & Daddy will take good care of me.

Happy Friday!

XX  KonaKitty

Note from MomKat Trish:  Other than the rapid weight loss, Kona seems fine.  She eats, plays, enjoys nip and occasionally even gets the crazies.  Fingers crossed it's something easily treatable and my sweet old gal will be around for many more years.  Who else will lovingly pierce my bubblies every night?

Can you all purr for good lab results?  I'll find out tomorrow and update as soon as I can.

Love &Thanks.


  1. Thanks for the purrthday wishes, it was a great day.

    Kona, we both hope you don't have anything serious, just a good slimming diet.

  2. We're sending lots of purrs and crossing paws that everything's okay with you Kona! We're sending you pawsitive thoughts!

  3. Good genes Kona, you have good sturdy genes in you! We are sure you will be fine but we all have fingers and paws crossed for good measure :-)

  4. Oh Kona... "famine resistent"? MOL! I claim that too... A 13 pound, not 3 years old, girlcat needs every excuse!


  5. KonaKitty, we are keeping our paws crossed it's nothing serious. But rest assured we know your momma will give you the best care out there! (((HUGS)))

  6. There's a loud purring cloud coming from northern FInland and it's really loud. We know you are writing a happy blog but you must all be very worried and have paws crossed- I bet Momcat didn't sleep so well...... Under all that floof you've been fading away! And our illnesses are so confusing: Rilli-ukko has crf but there's no way we would know that without tests. Only now do we see he drinks a bit more than us. Here Stran-veli's fur is thinning and Äiti is thinking there's something up with him (which we all fear) but he's got no symptoms. He is maybe 13 or more too. But we hope your blood-stealing will be worth it and will say what is wrong. And in the meantime, we hope you are still as happy a Kona-Kitty as ever. And we are really hoping your results are good - we'll be checking the blog all the time for updates............... Purrs and headbonks x

  7. We have hope that it is something that can be managed or fixed. Purrs!

  8. KO-KO-KO! NA-NA-NA!

    We'll all be purring for you!

  9. I know you are tough, Kona, but I'm sure that right now you could use lots of purrs! We are hoping that whatever it is that is affecting your fur and weight, it is something easily manageable or treatable! Please keep us posted!

  10. You have to thanks your mom a lots, give her a lots of hugs and kisses because she is a wonderful mom ! Look after you till you are in the good health. And don't forget she got 13 babies to look after. My mom adore her !!!

    By the way, I still keep purring for you to make sure you got zero problems

    Hugs and Purrs

  11. Lots and lots of purrs, Kona Kitty. The fur loss made Mom think of thyroid. We do hope you don't have anything serious. Your Mom and Dad have lots of kitty experience so that is good. The story about your act dad, and your early life is very interesting.

  12. Oh Kona! We are purring like crazypants for you!! Please keep us updated.

  13. Of course you have my best purrs Kona!

  14. My sisters and I just started mega-purring for you Kona as soon as we found out, we're on it!!!

  15. Kona Kitty, you are in our hearts today. My kitties just told me that they are sending extra-special purrs your way xxx

  16. Oh Kona, you are such a brave and wise kitty! Harley and I are sending our best purrs that your bloods pass the tests and you have something easy to treat.

  17. Kona, we will be purring for you and hope you get good news on your bloods....Kassey

  18. We're sending big purrs to you, Kona! We are hoping you have something easily treatable! Your papa was a cutie!

  19. We're purring hard! You know Annie is hyper-thyroid, was diagnosed a year this past September. Mom neither can afford the very expensive I-131 treatment or has easy access to it (only one facility in Ottawa does it and that's 2 or so hours away). If it turns out to be hyper-t, feel free to contact mom about it, or Admiral Hestorb's mom. Also, the Yahoo Feline hyper-t group has a LOT of super information. Mom joined and was active for several months last year when Annie was first diagnosed.

    *Kitty kisses* to Kona and hugs to your mom!

  20. Lots of purrs coming your way Kona!!!
    Keep us posted.
    Hugs Madi and Mom

  21. You have my purrs for sure. Can you hear them from there. Loud and rumbly and full of love. I so hope the results are ok.. You are tough and will fight this.. Hugs GJ xx

  22. Konakitty we are all sending lots of purrs your way for a good lab result - and that's a lotta purrs. 13 is not so old - you will be around for a long while yet.

  23. Many purrs and lots of kisses from both me and mommy. We didn't see this yesterday and we wish we had. Because we believe very much in the power of purrayers and we'll both be purring (me) and purraying.
    You look beautiful, sweet one, and me and mommy will hold you in our paws and arms waiting on results your mommy and daddy are able to deal with.


  24. Kona, we both hope you don't have anything serious too. We are gonna PURR lots for yoo. The good thing is we KNOW yoor mommy and daddy will look after yoo whatever.

  25. We hope there is nothing too serious the matter with you Kona but your mom and dad will take good care of you cos they love you very much.
    (Whispers) as you get a little older you do get ailments but they can be treated with medication. We hope the v-e-t didn't steal too much blood from you - if he ever wants any more you'll have to tell him he must pay you for it not steal it!!

  26. Kona, we are all purring for great test results! We know you are one tough kitty, but it won't hurt to purr!

    PS. famine resistant... hehehehe. We are all a bit famine resistant around here, except for Gracie!

  27. Hi Kona! We're sorry you hadta go to the v-e-t and they stole your bloods. But we hope whatever may be ailing you is easily treatable. It's good that you are still acting normal and stuff. You got a good mom...we know she will take good care of you!!

    See ya later!!!

  28. My mummy lost some of her funny fur a few years ago and that was an overactive thyroid! She was cross she didn't loose any weight though. Hope like my mummy they can sort you out soon. Mummy enjoys telling people she is "normal" now mol :)

  29. Purring for good labs for KonaKitty! We know that a tough Midwestern cat is not going to be slowed down by any pesky health problem. Our sister Toot and brother Alex were both from Indiana and they had CRF and lived to be 22 & 23 years old!

  30. Sending lots of purrs for Kona today...hoping the vets will discover something easily treatable for her.

  31. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You :-)


  32. We are purring / praying that Kona is all right! We are hoping that the lab results show nothing serious and can be resolved easily.

    Kona, your papa looks very sleek - brave too with his catch of the day!! Best of all, we love his tail - it is so "still" and "straight"!

    We hope to hear good news on the labs soon.
    Till then, Wolfie wants to say that he thinks he looks very much like you!!!

  33. We're sending out lots of purrs for you Kona!!!

    Your Dad sure was a handsome mancat!

  34. We are purring as loudly as we can for you Kona!!!!!!!!! Love to all of you.

  35. Kona, We are just catching up on the daily blogs so we didn't know of your news until now,
    but we see we are maybe the first to see the Good News Update!
    We are glad your bloods are completely normal but it is still a puzzle isn't it?
    Eat Eat Eat Kona!

  36. Good Luck! I know first hand how much the purr-ayers can help. Albert, Elvis and I are sending only the best thoughts your way!

  37. Love you Kona Kitty. I am so glad your bloods passed the tests.

  38. We are glad your lab tests were a-ok...that eliminates a few reasons. I know changing from dry food to all canned can cause weight loss as there are much fewer carbs in it. In fact, a couple of years ago, I got Disco down from 15# to 12# by feeding just canned, in about 3 months.

    Other high calorie foods are Hill's a/d, Royal Canin Recovery

  39. Oh dear Kona, we are so sorry to hear that you might be sick. That is great news though that the blood work was good. Maybe you just haven't been eating as much with the switch over to the stinky goodies. There are several cats here that refuse to eat the canned cat food. But we will be purring like crazy and praying like crazy and also crossing our paws. Get well Kona Kitty. Take care and have a good week end.

  40. Kona, we're glad that your lab work came back normal! Have your mom give you some Innova Evo canned food. It's higher in calories, comes in some "exotic" flavors (we like the venison), and 95% meat. Also, will you drink some cat milk for extra calories? We love that, but rarely get any.

  41. I do hope that you enjoy eating more food and soon manage to put on that weight! xx

  42. Of course we are purring very loudly here for Kona's test results to be good ones. We are glad she is feeling well even if she's lost weight.

    What about feeding her vanilla ice cream or yogurt? Dante loves those things now and then. Hopefully they wouldn't be detrimental to Kona. Certainly, giving her more carbs should plump her up, which means more dry food again in addition to the wet.

    Wowsers! That Spooky sure was some hunter! That rat's almost as big as he is.

    Perhaps Kona's appetite is just more dainty now that she is a little older. I don't consider 13 really old. We have some 19 year olds in the CB. You've still got a long way to go, Kona!

  43. You sure bet we're all purring for good results over here -- and woo, that is a RAT to be reckoned with! Yes I bet you are tough!
    with love and fluffs...

  44. Good weekend and play very
    Ronrons of

  45. Hi Kona. Glad you were a good lady cat as you rode in HMS Tuna. We're kinda still convinced that it's thyroid...of course that's the most expensive blood test, but purrhaps your mom would be willing to shell out some more green papers to have your T-4 retested in two weeks? Fuzzy went from a very "famine-proof" (we MOLd about that expression...wonderful) 18 pounds to 14.5 when he became hyperthyroid. He's now on the transdermal gel twice daily and his weight is holding, he's not throwing up as much, and he's feeling fine (other than his arthuritis). Meowmy didn't take him for the Radiocat treatment because he gets so dreadfully car sick, the hour's drive to the nearest place that offers that treatment would probably kill him. Gingy and Lesley (one of the cats who went before) both had Radiocat treatment and it worked great. Good luck to you, beautiful lady!

  46. Oh my goodness KonaKitty!! Oh sweet gorgeous KonaKitty! Me and Charlie are so so so so so so sorry we are visiting so late!! You poor sweetie!! We are so glad that the blood test results are good. We hope and hope that you will soon gain all your weight back!! Please eat plenty of stinky noms and yummy treats!! We are purring and sending tons of hugs and kitty kisses to you and your mum and dad!
    p.s. Your daddy is GORGEOUS!!!

    Take care

  47. Not that I actually EAt catfood, but if I did I would indulge in Wellness. It is a very high quality grain free food and the only cat food I would even consider. It has nearly cured me of what was once quite bad asthma and if I don't say, it makes my coat luxurious. Allergies are common and can develop at any time manifesting themselves in odd ways-something to consider.

  48. We only just caught up with you and didn't know you had been to the vet. We are glad you have good blood test results. Mum stopped our crunchies at the beginning of the year and I have lost 3 lbs which she is happy about because she said 23lbs of mancat walking across her boobies in the middle of the night was not good.
    We are purring for you to not lose any more weight and to have nothing wrong with you.Could your very high temperatures have been affecting you?

  49. Kona
    We are glad your bloodwork all came back purrfect! We hope you just enjoy your new foods and put on some weight. We know you are from strong stock and that you'll do great no matter what. And we know your Mom and Dad will take really good care of you.


    Helllllooo Sylvester!

    shy Miss Gracie

  50. Maybe yoo just want to be a sooper model? Dad sez dey like to be just skin stretched over bone but dat dey don't look good dat way and dat der is something very wrong wif wanting to be dat way. So, yoo better put on some pounds or effuryone will think der is something wrong wif yoo too. We suggest, in addition to nommy kitten food and nutrical lots of treats and laying around doing nothing. Hey, it works fur our dad.

  51. We are so happy the tests were normal! ! Enjoy all the foods you Will get. äiti does wonder if the mineral balance in senior food is better than in kitten food? she says the crf.websites have some good suggestions for feeding up.

  52. We'll keep you in our prayers, Kona. It's a very good sign you are still feeling tough-as-nails and even get the crazies once a while. Keep up the fighting attitude, girl!

  53. oh, gosh! we are behint on checkin' out bloggies! kona, we is glad to hear that your bloods din't haf no nasty bugs in 'em--sometimes older kitties just begin losin' mussels they don't use as much enny more acause they is not chasin' around as they did when they was youngsters. usually their hindquarters gets narrower; mom wants ta know howcome she's gettin' older an' HER hocks are gettin' bigger!!!

    we hopes you takes good advantage of alla the yummy noms yer mom's gonna find for you!

    an' thanks for your comment on our bloggie--we're gonna make mom needlepoint it as our motto!!

  54. Hi Kona :) We are very happy you passed your tests!! We hope you start feeling well and keep feeling that way :) WE will send you BIG purrs :)
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  55. I missed the whole purr request! You know I would have been purring my hardest, we Grannies need to stick together. Glad you're okay. Mom says I need to eat alot more than I used to in order to stay plumped. Senior food helps to pack on the pounds and has more things we older ladies need. Purrs!

  56. So glad to hear that Kona's bloodwork is normal! If she's not eating enough, maybe some baked fish or chicken would be good to supplement the kitten food?

  57. Sending the warmest wishes and biggest purrs for everything to be OK!

    xo Catherine & Banjo

  58. Mom and I will be purring for Kona to get well soon....Kassey


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