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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday in the Garden with The Baby


The Baby here.

Time for another stroll in the garden...with one change.

I found out what a "HARNESS" is!

It's a device that makes me lose all my bones the second it gets put on me.

I would say it's unbearably awful but Mommy says it's the only way I can go outside anymore, because of my unquenchable urge to wander.  And I can't talk Daddy into running nekkid in the yard, either...that's ME being nekkid, not Daddy.  He can do whatever he wants.

Anyway, any nood pictures of me are old, and the trussed up like a turkey harnessed pictures are new.

So, today we're gonna explore the Lantana Garden.

Lantana grows great in the desert.  It LOVES heat and bright hot sun.  There's drip irrigation in the bed, and Daddy fertilizes it in the Spring.  Other than giving it a haircut a couple times a Summer, it's very easy to grow and is a good choice for xeriscaping. 

Plus, there's lot's of colors, and it's inexspensive.

  And the shade cover shelters tons of Georges!!


The plants make berries in the fall, which birdies like to eat.
The flowers attract lots of butterflys and moths.
Here's Mister Mockingbird looking for bugs to eat.

We would like to eat Mister Mockerbird.
heh heh.

Have a Great Gardening Thursday, Kitties!

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XX  The Baby


  1. But Baby, Atticus says you should never eat a mockingbird!

  2. My human needs to get some lantana so we can have lots of bird and lizard TV! In fact, I think she should grow it in the house so we have have them in the house too! My human says that putting lantana in the house won't bring lizards and birds inside, but what does she know?

  3. Oh Baby, I am so sorry to see you in that horrible torture device. Once, the Human tried to put one of those on ME. Can you even imagine? Neither of us like to think about that occasion, so we will quickly draw a veil over the whole affair.

    However, since you like the Great Outdoors so much, I guess it's a reasonable trade-off. And I hear if you're really fast & twisty, you really can slip right out of one a those things.

  4. Mom just adores lantana! She can only grow it here as an annual. It one of mom's most favorite flowers!

    I'm afraid I might become boneless if someone tried to put a harness on me.

  5. You will get used to the harness Baby and your bones will come back, I promise! Wow that Lantana looks like a great multi-purpose plant :-)

  6. Baby, thanks for teeling me about Lantana, That's a kind of plants my mom love it, Tuff !!!
    and I like the way you all can see the flowers from your louge, That's awesome.
    By the way, CC, you look so cool with lizard in your mouth, That's my fav shot !

  7. Ha ha! Ray turns into jello with a harness on too! He flops all over the place.

    We love your Lantana. Thanks to your garden report, we think we know what killed our last Lantana. Not enough sun and too much water. We may try to plant some next Spring. Maybe we can attract some Georges.

  8. Sorry to hear about the harness! My girls are not fans either. Scarlett can get out of her harness, no matter how tight I make it. I think she's double jointed. She had to become an indoor-only kitty because of that - you wouldn't want that to happen to you, would you?

  9. We saw your pretty blue harness and are rocking on that! How lucky! And the garden is lovely!

  10. your Lantana looks amazing! Don't eat that mocking bird though kitties...

  11. The color of your harness is beautiful on you , Baby. I still don't like mine. Mom puts it on me when I go on the deck sometimes, and all I do is lie in one place and hardly move. Which she says works for her. If I go out in the yard with it, I also wont' move much. Hmmmmpphh.I hope you do much better with yours, like Yuu-Chan was with his.

    The lantana is very pretty and I do like Mr Mockingbird.

  12. We have that plant in Australia! But it's considered a weed here.

  13. Oh the Baby!! Your days of being NAKED are so over!!! LOL! Awwww look at you with your magic blue harness that makes you lose all your bones!!! Awwwwwwww!! Me and Charlie are so sure you'll soon re-grow your bones and get used to being blue!! Awwwww big hugs The Baby!!!!

    Lantana looks so lovely! We wish we could grow it here! We love plants that attract all sorts of critters and birdies! That is our first Mockingbird ever!! WOW!!!! What a beauty!!!!

    Gorgeous CC!!! My goodness!! Is that George sticking out of your mouth?!!? LOL!! Charlie is most envious! LOL!

    Have a gorgeous Thursday in your gorgeous garden Kitties of Katnip Lounge! Glad your dad does whatever he wants in the garden! :-)

    Take care

  14. The lantana is so pretty. We have not seen it before. We used to walk all jelly legged when we got our harnesses. We promise you will get used to it :)

  15. Baby, we fort we shud give yoo some advice abowt yoor noo harness. We LOVE our harnesses ~ but they took a while to get used to.

    At first we both refused to walk on them and went all "no bones" ~ but with patience and purr-sistance we got used to them. And now we feel we get the best of both werlds ~ cos we can go owtside and stay safe!

    Now mom says we now walk like regular cats and yoo'd never know we were wearing harnesses. Mom said the key is to attach a LOOOOOONG retractable lead to the harness ~ so yoo can wander abowt as if yoo are free.

    Praps yoor mom wil do a video of yoo walking on harness, as soon as yoo get used to it?

  16. Your lantana is very pretty! Is that a Puppia harness you got? The blue color is beautiful on you, Baby!

  17. Poor Baby. I know just how you feel about the harness thingy. I don't really like mine either, but it's the only way I'm allowed outside. I do like to go outside, so .........
    You will get used to it - not like it, but get used toit.

  18. Morning Baby....oh me oh my a kitty with wander lust is hard to harness!!! Remember it is for your own good. Great pictures and MOM loves lantana's too because they attract hummingbirds.
    She especially likes the yellow and white ones she says they remind her of popcorn.


  19. Oh that harness doesn't look like much fun, but it sure does look pretty against your furs, Baby!

    George looks delicious! Enjoy, CC!

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Good Morning Baby! What a lovely tour of the garden. My mommy needs to try to attract more lizards for me to eat. I only get the ones who make a wrong turn and slide in under the storm door screen.

    To get to other business let me say that I too had dissolving bones once upon a day when my mommy put a harness on me. there is something sinister about those things, They make cats fall down and we are suddenly bags of jelly or something. I KNOW! It's Cat Kryptonite!!!

    I'm gonna meow at my Catgressman and see what can be done about this debilitating scourge!!


  22. That was a great tour, complete with lizard lunch!

  23. Lovely harness you have, Baby! That looks like a Puppia harness.... and it's such a pretty colour! Mummy's been meaning to get us those, but as usual, hasn't got around to it.
    We like lantanas too, but we noticed that you're not wearing your harness in those pics. he he!
    No wonder those flowers grow so well in Australia (they're actually invasive so discouraged there)

  24. We don't suppose you could mail us a lizard to nom - we would like to know what lizard tastes of - is it like chickhen or rabbit.
    We are sorry your bones dissolve when that harness goes on - we think we'd dissolve too if we had to wear one.

  25. Eeeekkkk!!! A harness!!! Mom tried to harness train both me (Clarissa) and Sable and we wouldn't have anything to do with it. We both became boneless, and Sable doesn't want anything to do with outside anyway.

    We want to know if that lizard was yummy? We've never had lizard meat before!

  26. Sorry about the harness, Baby. Did you know it has paralzying properties at first, but soon it releases its grip and you'll really like it.

  27. Baby that was a great tour even if you were unable to move properly! We love Lantana, although we are having a hard time finding one that will return year after year. We had some at our other house that you could not get rid of, but now we only have it for one season, then we have to get another one.

    George looks mighty tasty!

  28. We don't ever go outside Baby, so we don't have to worry about harnesses thank goodness, because we'd hate to lose all our bones ... hee hee! And your Lantana plants are so pretty and the mockingbird looks so tasty ;)
    Purrs and headbutts,
    Sabrina, Sam and Simon

  29. That is a pretty harness, but it is scary that it makes your bones disappear. Those flowers are pretty. We wish we had them because then we might find Georges underneath them.

  30. Sammy here:......Baby, I am so sad to hear you have a halter....that is the only way I ever got to go outside, too. Nowdays I don't even get to go outside that can be sooooooooo unfair!!!!!!! Thanks for a lovely tour.

    How cool is this??????? Our verification word was catie!!!!!!!

    Love to all of you from all of us.

  31. We have never had an actual puppia harness, just a regular one... and our bones disintegrated, too, Baby!

    Gandalf and Grayson

  32. Oh nooos Baby. That is terrible that you have to wear a harness. Hopefully you will get used to it so you can go outside, not naked any more. We are sorry you are going through that. Do you want us to come steal you away. We have never had to wear a harness. Take care.

  33. Hi ya, Baby!! I hafta wear a harness when I go outside too...I didn't like it much at first, but when I realized it was the only way I could go outside, I finally came to terms with it. I still don't like it, but I like going outside so much more!!!

    We had lantana growing in a pot this summer. It smells really good!! But we hadta throw it out now because it's way too cold here and it won't survive. We think it's cool that it just grows wild at your house!!

    And we would like to see your dad running nekkid in the yard...hehehe!!

  34. Oh Baby...I forgot to sign my name to my message...that was me, Wally. Ernie and Zoey never get to go out...harness or not. Ernie just rolls in the dirt when he goes out there, so mom said no more for him. And Zoey, well, she's a big ol' scaredy cat and doesn't want to go out.

    See ya!

  35. Baby, we are sorry you have to wear that harness, but we are glad you still get to go outside. Those are some interesting plants....we would like them because of the Georges.

  36. My bones held up very well when I got my harness on cuz I slipped right out of it and nearly escaped through the fence, but my Aunt caught me.I will not let Mom harness me again.I never get to chase lizards or mice....ever....Kassey

  37. I have to wear a harness too, but thats because i'm only little and not used to going out yet. At least yours is very pretty. Mine is boring black. I shall ask mummy for a nice pink sparkly one :) I like your garden, its ever so pretty. I think mummy needs to do a lot of work on ours to make it half as good!

  38. Baby
    That (torture) device looks medieval. We think it's been outlawed, Yeah that's right. Maybe you can get the Mom on some technicality.Get out of having to wear that 'thing'.*sigh* We are afraid that the Mom will win this one, but it's worth a try. OOOO CC you caught a nice snack and we see you are really enjoying it! NOM!


  39. Harnesses dont werk on me neither. But cause no matter how @*!% tight, I just flow right out of them...


  40. GREAT pictures! wow. Nice beeeeyootiful garden too.
    I want to taste a lizard.
    Baby you are realy pretty and white just like Prinnie was. I like that.


  41. How I hate the Mockingtons!! Get em!!

  42. I found I didn't like my harness either until my Abbey loosened it a bit, and then it was okay. Your garden looks lovely too

  43. Our mom busted out laughing at that picture of CC! We have heard that harnesses steal your bones, but then we've seen other cats who use them just fine... so are there somecats who don't need bones to walk????


Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!