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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday in the Garden with The Baby


The Baby here.

Kitties,  I am starting to get my bones back when I have the Dreaded Harness on.
And I have decided on a fitting revenge.

I'm gonna TATTLE on Mommy & Daddy.
heh heh.


 We have two citrus trees in our backyard, an Orange and a Lemon.
Their blossoms smell wonderful in the Spring.
Here I am undernearth the Orange tree.  Do you orange see the Orange hanging down?  There's a lot of them! 
Citrus fruit takes a loooong time to ripen, Daddy will pick them in late December or early January.


 OK, here's the tattle.
This is the Lemon tree when it first came home.  Daddy buys a lot of reject sale plants at the end of the year, and gives 'em his special "Green Thumb" treatment--and they thrive!
Sometimes the plant ID tags are missing.
Sometimes Daddy loses them and forgets what he bought...which was the case with the Lemon tree.  Daddy thought it was a LIME tree!

So the "Lime" tree grew and grew, and made fruit for the first time last year.
Mommy & Daddy picked the "Limes"  in November, thinking they were ripe.
The Lemon tree in Spring 2010.

 Here are some of the "Limes".  They were (according to Mommy & Daddy) "Pretty Dang Tart!", although they made a kick-butt margarita.
Then, in February, Mommy made a discovery.  She found a few more fruits in the tree, and they were YELLOW!  The Lime tree was really a LEMON!


Lemon Tree = 1
Pawrents = 0

Happy Thursday, and for more Gardening Posts, visit Jonsie's blog!

XX  The Baby


  1. I'm having a lot of trouble keeping the Human focused on my interests tonight. And tomorrow will be even worse, since she is actually GOING to the game. She should probably return to normal by the weekend!

    You know, I bet they made perfectly good limes, too. Perhaps it is the legendary lemon-lime tree from which 7-Up is made? (Can you see how distracted I am? I'm even making excuses for Humans!)

  2. The first house my human bought had both a lime and a lemon tree, so my human never got a chance to make that mistake. Lucky for her - she would have been a shoo-in to do that otherwise.

  3. I think those lemons look pretty limey to me too! Glad your bones are back baby :-)

  4. You are lucky to have such a nice garden! We love going out in our yard, but the garden is kind of haphazardly kept. Lots of acorns fall and the squirrels chatter us sometimes, so we have to mind our little heads and plug up our ears.

  5. That's purrty funny! Guess with trees give you limes, you make lemonade!

    Baby, we're glad your bones are back so you can get outside and enjoy your garden!

  6. What a lovely lemon tree. I have a puny little lemon tree that needs to come inside during our cold wet winters. We had such a long spring this year in Oregon that alas-only one of my lemons ripened. I shall heed your advice on the margaritas and pick those suckers green and make some tasty cocktails for my friends!

  7. My mom said " a kick-butt margarita " sound great !!!

    By the way,'s so nice outside, isn't it ? Have a great day : )

  8. Wow~
    That is great~
    Michico doesn't know who to plant,
    I think your bean doing great job!!

  9. Hahahahahaaaaa! So when they picked the limes ~ they were just unripe lemons? Hahahahaaaaa. Easy mistake to make though! Haaaaahahahahhaa!

    BTW yoor dad must have green thumbs wiv owt doubt.

  10. Oh gorgeous The Baby!!! Me and Charlie are so glad that some of your bones are beginning to grow again! LOL!! You look very pretty with your blue harness on btw! :-)

    Awwww your dad has brilliant green fingers!! Look at your fantastic orange and lemon/lime trees wow!! Perfect for margaritas and sangrias!! Wow!!!

    Awww the Baby!! We think your pawrents should get half a point for getting the "L" right! LOL!!

    Take care

  11. they should have checked with you first! But reckon they will taste lovely anyway. We liked the colour of your collar and lead. Love Darcy and Bingley xx

  12. Hee hee hee.....that's funny! We think you and Simba are having the same harness trubble. Maybe you can put your heads together and think of a solution. That's cool that you can grow fruit for your humans, even if they can't figure out when it's ripe!!! *giggle*

  13. Well, I can say your garden is fabulous!And about those lemons! WOW
    MEowwwww ;)
    I also use that "leash"to go outside with my mommy, she says it keeps me safe!I don't mind!It's cool!
    Love all pictures, thanks so much for sharing!

  14. Well, lemonade tastes better than limeade anyway!

  15. We have either a lemon or a lime tree we don't know which as it has never produced fruit. The Mom thinks it may need another citrus type tree around for pollination. Maybe your Dad can advise her on how to care for it. We do know snakeapillar (Mommy apparently can't tell snakes from caterpillars) liked eating it and turned into a pretty butterfly.

  16. That's too funny! We're kind of glad you tattled on your parents because...well because it's fun!

    Jonesie is a bit jealous because we can't grow citrus trees here unless we grew them inside...and if plants come inside mom kills them. Sad but true.

  17. Hi Baby revenge is definitely sweet....or sour in your peeps case. MOL I crack myself up.

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Baby! You look smashingly fashionable and beautiful in that turquoise harness. Thank goodness you got some bones back inside though in accounta it looks not-too-well when mommy or daddy have this white sheet they're dragging along. (I know..they would never do that. It's my early morning warped sense of humor).

    Mon had 1 ea. lemon and lime trees (no, not lemon-lime) while she lived in FL. Nice. I think she went out and picked OTHER PEOPLE'S oranges! Yes, she DID!

  20. Baby we are pleased that you bones are beginning to fight back and beat that dreaded harness. We had to giggle at your dad and the lemon/lime tree - still it didn't sound as though it spoiled the margaritas.

  21. You are sooooo lucky you can grow citrus trees in your yard. We can't here. We hope you have some great lemonade next year. :-)

  22. Those must have been some very interesting margaritas!

  23. MOL!!!!!!!!!!! Our parents can be so silly at times!!!!!!!!!

    You look fantastic in your new harness, Baby...that is a wonderful color for you!!!!!

  24. Sounds like something our people would do!

  25. How lucky that you have citrus trees! I'd love a lemon tree, but in Minnesota...not so much.

    I wish I could join your mama and you kitties for one of those margaritas!!

  26. MOL! Oh gosh, Miss The Baby, that story made us and our mom crack up! She bets that not only are limes-that-are-really-lemons really sour, but they probably tasted really bad, too! haha, we're still laughing!!!

    Your snickering friends, Fuzzy and Zoe

  27. Hah, our mom sez by da time she finishes a kickbutt margerita she wouldn't care if it was lemon or lime!

  28. Baby, that was the perfect tattle! It made all of us laugh!

  29. Do you help Mom knock, I mean pick the lemons and limes, seems like fun to just knock them off.....Kassey

  30. Baby we are glad you are getting your bones back! And boy that was a funny story about your mom and dad and the lemon tree! Oh we bet they were surprised when they tasted the "limes"!

  31. Baby
    That was a lovely tour and a great tattle!


  32. Hey Baby! I'm back from vacation! And that's a great story about the (heh heh) lime tree. You guys must have so much fun there!

  33. Haha! Baby, that was a funny story!! Those did look like limes at first! And how cool that you got citrus trees...our mom hasta pick our citrus fruit at the store.

  34. "Lemon tree very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet
    but the fruit of the poor lemon is impossible to eat."

    Not being in citrus country, I never considered that unripe lemons looked like limes. I can imagine the surprise. On the other hand, I don't like either of them much

    But the part about Dad saving unwanted, unknown plants? I get that very well. More than half my houseplants are "rescues" from office trash cans!

    PS. While I am planning a new cat-friendly and secure "catio", I am thinking of names to give it. Yours is so great it is a difficult decision. "MewsRoom" is at the top of the list, with "Mewseum" and "Mewsium" behind a bit.

    I may have a contest but not yet...

    The Big Thing

  35. haha, that's funny. Your dad has such an excellent green thumb though. We're jealous.

  36. That harness is such a lovely color against your white fur.

  37. Baby, you are so pretty! My mom tries to have a green thumb but sometimes she kills stuff!

  38. We rented a house in Florida with lemon lime, orange and grapefruit trees - hard to tell which is which until it is time to pick! You could hear the grapefruit falling off at night with a loud thump!


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