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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tortie and Toy Tuesday


May Ling here.

The other day, I was hanging out on the Catio, having a lil' sunbath in this hammock.
la la la...

From out of nowhere, the Evil Feather Toy appeared! 

 Naturally, I had to get it.
::swat swat bat swat::

 I peeked through the slot, timing my attack...
I slay you with my claws, Evil Feather Toy!

Intense concentration was called for. 

Rats!  Missed.

 Then the Toy got clever.
The Handle tried to get me from underneath!
That drove me Crazypants.  I danced and pranced all over the hammock, killing it.  Many many many times!
It was totally dedded when I was finished.
::tappity tap, jump shuffle hop::

Kitties, it wore me out.

Happy Tuesday!

XX  May Ling


  1. Wow, great kill May Ling! We are impressed. You smacked that wand fevver all around big time!

  2. That'll teach it...I bet it never disturbs your sunbath again!

  3. Great job of deading that evil fevver toy May Ling! How dare it come and disturb your sunbath!

  4. I think you'll be surprised at how many extra lives that fevver toy has, 'specially the handle part.

    And, you know, you're kind of cute. Too.

  5. Looks like you had fun in the process of killing that feather, May Ling. They sure are sneaky the way they disturb kitty nap times - happens to us too!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  6. That feather toy will know better than to wake you up next time, May Ling. You are the Tortie terror!

  7. I had a similar thing happen to me just earlier today! Only I was on the bed and the end of the feather toy kept sneaking up underneath the comforter! These feather wands are tricky!

  8. I agree with Sparkle~
    Feather wands is very hard to understood~~

  9. Good job May Ling...we'z found dat dem things haf a tendancy to come back to life over and over again! It's spooky.

  10. Bravo May Ling, what a wonderful performance!
    Lovely sequence of pictures, and fabulous work!
    You are very athletic dear friend!

  11. May Ling!!!

    We are very impressed with your skills to overcome the evil feather toy!!
    Bravo - you won!!!
    Victory!! Yeah!

  12. I'm so proud of you, May Ling

    No one can bet you !!! The Winner !!!!!

  13. Awwww beautiful May Ling!! Me and Charlie are clapping and clapping at your fierce and very clever maneouvres!! You showed that evil feather toy who is top kitty!! Yay!!!!

    We are so in AWE with your hunting prowess!! :-)

    We hope you have extra tasty noms now! And lots of naps! Take care

  14. That's some FAB fevver slaying! And the Handle too! Hope you got to finish your sunbath afterwards, and get in a nap too.

  15. Fevver victory exhaustion is the best kind of exhaustion, isn't it May Ling! Your furs looks mighty pretty in the sunshines.

  16. Good joy May Ling making that fevver wand all dedded. We like your fighting skills. I notice though that you never did get off the hammick is even better.
    Hope all of lounge kitties have a fun day.

  17. I am glad you were victorious!

  18. Gosh ~ you are one action packed cat!!! :)

    xo Catherine

  19. May Ling the Moms can be very very aggravating sometimes but we have to put up with it 'cause they are the ones with thumbs to open our pop top
    FF cans.
    Hugs Madi

  20. May Ling, you obviously are a mighty huntress, an incomparable Warrior Princes! Good for you!

  21. Whew, I'm happy you finally got it. I bet you needed a nice long nap after all dat work.

  22. You need a rest May Ling after such a ferocious battle!

  23. After that epic battle with that fevver wand (which of course you won easily) we think you deserve treats and a snooze - you'd better be prepared in case that fevver wand rallies and tries to fight you again.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  24. Way to catch it, May Ling! You are the queen of the feathers!

  25. Those evil things attack when the kitty least expects it! They are finely tuned instruments of annoyance and know that when the cat is at rest, that is the prime time to strike.
    You handled it with aplomb and style May Ling!

  26. hai! i has not been around, i missed the acquisition of Sylvester?! so cool, welcome dude! (and nice swatting, ML.)

  27. Feather fun plumb tuckered you out, May Ling. Now you can rest.....Kassey

  28. Way to go May Ling! We love a girl who can deadded a feather toy like that! We have the same problem with feather toys - showing up when you least expect them!

  29. May Ling..we Torties are mighty Huntresses and make all things we go after dedder then ded! We can ded them better'n ANY other kitty.

    I haver to say that I was surprised that, well..let's face it..Spitty MAY be two timin' your sisfur The Baby...he is sure flirting with you. I think Tortie's appeal to him a lot, don't you? he is manly though.

    PEE ESS Roopadoop...bring those long arms and toes straight on over and we'll find one another in the puzzle box openings in our search for...THE TOYS!


  30. YAY, May Ling, good job!!!!!!!!!!!


  31. May Ling ~ 1
    Evil Feather Toy ~ 0

    WOO~HOO...excellent slay!

  32. May Ling, I am impressed with your hunting skillz!!! I'll bet that evil feather doesn't come near you again!!

  33. Yay May Ling
    You are an expert at deadding the feather toy!

    Miss Gracie sends her regards to Sylvester!


  34. For some reason this type of thing completely amuses the humans. I bet they do it again, or try it with another of the kitties. You did good.

  35. Hope later in the day that you were able to get some rest. You certainly had to stay on guard this morning.
    I need you to email the mom before the weekend with your address so Hugo can make travel plans. You can email me at:

  36. Phew! Watching all that fev-ver attacking has tired us out.

  37. Well... wow. We are impressed! All of that done on the safety and comfort of your Hammick!

    bonks to you May Ling

  38. May Ling, that feather toy didn't stand a chance with you!!

  39. Hooray!! You killed that evil toy - you're beautiful AND a great hunter!!



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