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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Touching Tuesday, Plus Something ELSE!


Scouty here.

I have something absolutely AWFUL to report.
In one day.

Here's evidence of a sort:
 Mommy just grabbed my TAIL!
I was all sacked out and sleeping and stuff, and I lost track of my tail.
Just because it was all dangly-down and floofy does NOT give Mommy the right to sneak up on me.

After this terrible intrusion on my person I needed a nap, so I went and slept on another ramp.
So deeply, Daddy snuck up on me and STROKED me, like four or five times!
I'm ashamed to admit I was enjoying it until I woke up and realized I was being violated and not having a really good dream involving pretty GirlCats.

Kitties, it was horrible.

I don't know how The Baby endures this:
 I mean, really!

Look at how Mommy is dressed!
 It's hard to decide which is worse.

The touching,
or the fashion faux paws.

Speaking of The Baby, I have some really BIG NEWS to report:

She's the featured Kitty on Katt Food!

Check it out...she's a verreh tasty dish, indeed.

Happy Tuesday!

XX  Scouty


  1. I am not anti-touching, per se, but I do like to be the judge when the timing is appropriate. And I prefer to be touched when there is a brush attached to the hand. Then, it is almost always permissible.

  2. Scouty, Bro--this isn't right. Sneaking up on a boy when he's all sleepies like that is just wrong. I mean, I might expect it from your Mommeh (who dresses her, by the way? --I've got a big red plastic nose she might like), but I would have thought your Daddeh had more manly respect for your furry little person. Stalking is a crime you know.

    (I didn't really mean any of that mean stuff about your Mommeh's outfit you know, just venting my outrage at the violation of your personal space. I mean, I want to stay on the good side of the person who sent me all that cool stuff.)

  3. I hate it when people sneak up on me. I have given up on the fashion faux paws as that is hopeless in my home...

  4. Oh Scouty, just give in to your inner kitten . Let it out and let yourself feel what a really good human scritch of the ears can feel like. One day you'll understand! Otherwise you'll never know what you're missing out on

  5. If you enjoyed it while you were half asleep, I'd give it another go!

  6. We really love The Baby. We think the blog should be renamed "The Baby presents The Katnip Lounge".

  7. How dare they invade your personal space!

    I'm all for cuddles and smoochies from my parentals, but it really bugs me when they touch me when I'm sleeping. Sleepy time is not cuddle Oscar time!

    Plan your revenge! muhahaha

  8. I think I like being touched by my hoomans. Trouble is it means staying still for a bit. I can't stay still!!! There is just soooo much to do :)prrrrr

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  10. I'm the same way as Princess Jasmine. When I'm being touch, it like press my purr button...I just keep purring : )
    by the way I like the fashion today ! your mom look comfy and for me the most important is " Parent's smell !!!! "


  11. Maybe yoo'll grow to like it! Being stroked is nice as long as it's on yoor terms.

  12. We like being touched! Snuggles and neck scritches are the BEST!! And jane goes all jello for back massage/scritches.
    Alice whispers: *she even drools a little*

    Pee Ess - Momma was excited 'bout your Mom's outfit and said it's proof that others have her same (non)sense of fashion.

  13. The NERVE of the humans!! They better give you some decent noms to apologize...

  14. Faux paws! I love it! Your mommy dresses like I do sometimes :)

    My kitties are not fans of having their floofy tail touched, but I still do it sometimes...I cannot resist!

    Thanks for the link to Katt Food! And thanks for submitting the pic! Baby is a heaping bowl of tastiness :)

  15. Awwwwwww pretty Scouty!! Me and Charlie are horrified!! We wonder if you should impose a "No Touch Exclusion Zone" around you??? Or at least charge 1 cup of tasty noms per touch! Or maybe 3 nips to half a cup of stinky treats per stroke. It's a win-win situation!! :-)

    But we love your mum's outrageous outfit!! Pink and polka dots are just so NOW!! Yes they are and if not they should be!! :-)

    And yay for The Baby!! We've just popped over to see her being served up as dish of the day! Yay!!!!

    Take care

  16. I have a confession to make: I enjoy being petted. A lot.

  17. Oh Scouty...Mom & Dad just want to love you up a bit ! And, tell your Mom I love her outfit ! I'm in an similar outfit just mine's plaid...but, I'm thinkin' I need some polka dots after seeing your Mom's !! And, The Baby's picture just 'bowled' me over !

    Eva & Gracie's Mom

  18. I'd nom that sister of yours right up, Scouty! Is that a bit of an elevator bum skritch we see there?
    I dribble myself silly when I'm in the mood for skritches. When I'm not, I'll bite the hand that skritches me!

  19. We must confess that we all fight to be petted... except Gracie has a few definite rules about what she will allow. Never ever ever can she be picked up. Silly girl.

  20. Scouty, that is just outrageous that they touched you twice. Maybe you should touch them back in the way of a good whack. Most of us do like being touched even though we are feral kitties.
    Don't let those beans get near you again. You need to sleep with one eye open.

  21. Oh, no, touched without permission! Such a violation!

    Of course, in our house, you can just look at Nicki and he starts to purr. Derry's a snuggle bug most of the time and even Annie enjoys attention and scritches from the human--on her own terms, of course.

    Are you sure you might not come to like this even a tiny bit, Scouty?

    Congrats to The Baby! We'll check her out there. :-)

  22. We actually love touching...I know, very shocking, but we can't help it!

  23. We like being stroked and cuddled....but it has to be on our terms!
    When I scrolled down to the first picture of Baby, the first thing that struck me was your Mummy's dressing! It's so daringly cute!

  24. Scouty are you a touch me not? MOL....give up sweetie getting a nice belly rub is amazing...

  25. Oh Baby..I can't get enough of you. Scouty, it all comes with being a cat, the touchy stuff. Mom, where did you get those pants?

  26. Scouty you might just end up liking it!!!

  27. Scouty! You must give your mommy and daddy a chance there. Pets and rubs and scritches are heavenly. Give it another chance but on the other hand, tell them they may do that at your direction and on your terms. That will keep them on their toes.

    I know I swore myself to secrecy but your pet food store here is flourishing. I loved that manly pose of yours on the counter so much. I also loved seeing you making biscuits in the air while being admired. I won't tell your mommy and daddy though. It's between us.

    Pee Ess: Please tell Rupert that my house is big enough for him too IF we snuggle. Mommy is gonna decorate.

  28. Oh we all like to be scritched and petted at our house. And some of us even LOVE tummy rubs! Yes we do!!!!

    Clarissa & Co.

  29. Oh dear Scouty - we love to be kissed and cuddled by our mum - we also love belly rubs and scritches. We think scritches are the bestest thing ever. Please try and let this happen again cos you'll find it's good and you'll get to enjoy it.

  30. We don't mind touching.....if they touch us when we want to be touched!!!!!!!! And the "petting" is really grand when we're in the mood for it.

    Your mama is going to set a new fashion standard, we're sure!!!!!

    Concats, Baby, we will check you out!!!!!!!!!

  31. We hope you learn to get at least a little used to it, Scouty. We all LOVE to be touched - in fact, sometimes we drive our humans crazy because we won't leave them alone! We can't understand this at all.

    P.S. Our mom says she can't see what's wrong with your mom's outfit?

  32. Scouty, we think you can learn to love touches and pets. We do! And we think your mom's outfit is cute.

  33. Oh you poor Darling! That is just too awful... NOT!!!!!!

  34. Scouty that was very brave of you, even if you weren't expecting it.

    Smokey always enjoyed pets, but not always being took him 5 years before he felt safe enough to lay on my lap in the living room. Now he's usually waiting on the couch for me!

  35. Maybe you'll grow to like being touched as much as The Baby does Scouty! We love being petted and scritched. It feels so good!

    We want to see your mom's entire outfit!

  36. Scouty, I am sorry you do not like to be touched. That tail thing your Mom did was over the line. Dad stroking you, not so bad. You should watch the Baby and see it really can be quite nice, so long as it is on your terms.

    I like your ?new? header picture (or have I just not noticed the change?)

  37. Aw Scouty, we hope you start to like getting touched - it's great!! ...'cept that our Mom goes too far & picks us up, flips us on our backs & kisses our tummies!! I'm ok with the abuse - sometimes (unless i'm being "fussy"), Simon is getting used to it - our Mom guesses that he hasn't had that kind of attention before & well, Jay HATES the kissing noises!! He doesn't mind getting flipped on his back or cuddled, but the smoochy noises make his whiskers twitch!! (we think she does it on PURPOSE!!)

    Congrats to the Baby!! YAY!!

    Have a great day!!

    Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

    ps. May Ling, Simon will be RIGHT over to snuggle!! & he promises this time to bring some good fudz from Chi-town!!

  38. Scouty maybe little by little you will get used to being touched and stroked by the humans that love you.

  39. Dude, when dey stroke yoo while yoor sleeping just relax and enjoy it. Purrtend it's dem cute lady cats doing it...Speedy
    Yoor mom and our mom haf dat dressing weerd thing in common. Right now our mom is wearing pants wif AC/DC printed all over in orange and yellow on black wif a dark blue shirt wif shiny studs on it and bright cobalt blue sox. We consider dis outfit one of her less 'barrasing ones.

  40. We hafta admit it, we love being touched.Strokes and scritches, cuddles and pets, bring 'em on!
    We are going to see The Baby on Katt Food now.

  41. We like bein touched when we expect it. But sometimes The Big Thing surprises us when we are asleep. Iffen he is REAL careful at first, we wake halfway up an enjoy it. Burt iffen it is too sudden, we poof!

  42. Scouty, while it was not cool to be snuck up on unawares, you have to admit that more of those scritches might be a nice thing.

  43. Oh I love touching my furry kids. They sometimes like but other times don't. I hope you will enjoy it as we humans can't help it.

  44. Greetings everyone,

    First off let me comment on the new masthead, which we think is terrific. We also like the reuse of the club for a little extra protection of any cat burglars.

    I love being touched but my tail is OFF LIMITS too! Humans should know better by now. Maybe a few paw wacks should keep her in line.

    Wishing you a wonderful day,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont (dad)

  45. Look at Baby's blissful face - you don't realize what you're missing!

    Here's a secret, the more untouchable and fluffy you are, the more you will be snuck up on by daring, possibly batty, human beings. Be warned!

    Faux 'paws' - OMG!!!!

  46. We confess we prefer to be petted on our own terms but chin scritches and cheek rubs...::drools::...we love that! Oh, and the brush!...Sorry Scouty, I guess we aren't much help...

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  47. Man, Scouty, we love getting pets and scritches so we can't help you. Maybe you should give it a chance...just sayin'...

  48. Your Mom sure knows how to rock those fancy pants!

  49. Scouty, dude, we understand your feelings, but humans have lots of good qualities too.


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