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Thursday, November 18, 2010



The Baby here.


Daddy took pity on me and unhooked my leash for a while today.  I still have that !$##&$ Dratted Harness on, but it's not stealing my bones as much as it used too.
I'm over in the Nursery Garden, where Daddy puts plants temporarily if he's moving them, or sickies that need extra care.
 The black hosey things ARE hoses!  They're for the drip irrigation system.  Daddy keeps them long and unburied so he can move them around easily to accomodate different plants.

Above me is a Mexican Honeysuckle.  This is a wonderful desert plant because it blooms twice a year, in Spring AND Fall. 
You can grow it as a vine or a bush.

It requires very little water, and enjoys a good haircut occasionally. 
I'm looking at the trellis behind the honeysuckle...The vine has totally covered it!
This plant is also a fast grower.
The broken vase?  The pieces get put around the yard for snax lizards to hide in.

Look at the gorgeous blossoms! 
Thank you Daddy, for such a lovely photograph.

heh leash is on the ground over by the bench. 
I'd make a break for the Wall to Freedom but the Dratted Harness sucks all the running power out of my body.

Which is too bad. 
Because my Evil nemesis is back!

Kitties, for more garden posts visit Jonsie and check out the links.

Happy Thursday, and get your paws dirty!

XX  The Baby


  1. Oh, The Baby! Just the sight of your curvaceous little backside (picture 2) made my heart go all pitty-pat!

  2. No, no, you must never break run for freedom. Believe us this place you are in is heaven on earth. Stay put.

  3. The Baby, there is no place better than where you're at on the other side of that wall so you stay right there! Your backyard is very pretty and now we know where our hummingbirds went. Did he tell you we said hi!

  4. Nice, nice pictures. Him and Her keep saying they are going to get me a harness. I told them leashes are for dogs!

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  6. Hey Baby, Your Mexican Honeysuckle are gorgeous !!! Especially against the yellow wall. and my mom love your wall decoration. It's really pretty : )

    Your Evil nemesis is a very lucky hummingbirds ! Look at that glass ball hummingbird beautiful !!! My mom just curious " Inside the ball is normal water or sugar water ? " and Is it glows in the dark ?

    And baby, do you know why I love to go outside :
    1. Because, I got no brother or sister like you !
    2. I love to visit my ex-owner because they rescued me from street and I still love them too. + I can play with my cat brother and cat sister.

    So Stay in please ! you got everything in your catio

  7. The honeysuckle is very pretty. Thanks for another great look around your garden, The Baby. Our mom puts snax shelters out in our yard too :). We also like your various wall hanging ornaments.

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  8. That is a very cool hummingbird feeder. We're loving the honeysuckle too. We think it's nice that you have shelters in the yard for all the Georges. We have a turned over pot in our yard for the frogs.

  9. Why would yoo want to make a break fur freedom when yoo haf heaven on earth right der at da Katnip Lounge? If yoo ran away we would be sad, yoor beins would be heart broken and yoor furry siblings would miss yoo!

  10. My human likes your Mexican honeysuckle and thinks it would go great in her yard! Maybe she will do something about that one of these days.

  11. if you look like you are relaxed and quiet off the leash, you can suddenly make a break for it when the humans are distracted. Love Darcy and Bingley xx

  12. Hi Baby,
    Yoor garden is looking awesome ... and as for that cute birdie ... yummy!

  13. The Mexican Honeysuckle is very pretty! I can't wait for Sweet Pea's party too.

  14. Thank you for the tour, The Baby! I think the honeysuckle plant is wonderful. I hope I get to go Outside again soon.

  15. Awwww The Baby!! Me and Charlie are so glad that you no longer lose your bones when you have the harness on!!! We think it really suits you too!!

    We love your dad's Mexican Honeysuckle!! The blooms are truly beautiful! Your daddy is a fab gardener and we are so so so impressed with how he's transforming your garden! Yay!!

    Awwww we hope you get lots of Georges and hummers - lots and lots cos we love them! :-)

    Take care

  16. Baby let us assure you that things are never greener on the other side of the wall!!! It is scary over there, lots of cars and not stinky goodness is served either. Stay put you have a good life!!!!
    Hugs Madi

  17. Your garden looks fabulous! Those little tiny birdies look yummy too!

  18. The Baby, it's a complete illusion that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. So to speak. We think you have a fabulous garden with plenty to investigate and hold your attention, right at home!

  19. what a gorgeous garden you have! Your Dad does such a good job!

    Uh-oh, that "evil nemesis" has a sharp beak! Probably better that you can't escape!

  20. We love seeing pictures of your garden. Your daddy does a great job at keeping it up. We know it must take a lot of time and toonas, but it is worth it. Mom's friend gets hummingbirds in her yard. We don't have anything to attract them in ours. But we do get squirrels, chipmunks, and possums! Mom likes the possums (she's weird) but we think they are scary!

  21. Baby, whatever you do, DO NOT make a break for freedom. Freedom sucks if you go too far from home.
    Enjoy your garden and then purr for the great life you have in the house and in the world famous catio!

  22. The Baby...enjoy your outside time without the bone stealing leash and don't think about the other side. Over there, you wouldn't have your brothers and sisters and your mommy and daddy. ♥

  23. The Baby dad is using psychological shenanigans with you. By leaving the harness on he makes you think you are still leashed. That's the kind of sneaky stuff our mom pulls!
    Your Meh-he-can honeysuckle is beautiful. Especially to our winter(already) worn eyes. Mom would love to bring a book and sit on that bench!

  24. Baby we are pleased to hear your bones didn't go missing while you were outside - we get worried you won't find them again.

  25. had just enough time to run by and check in - heh heh I love the snax vs lizards comment! Run free, Baby!

  26. Such a beautiful seeing the desert plants, which are so different from what we have around here.

  27. Baby, what a lovely garden you have! We love seeing your interesting flowers and plants.

    Please don't make a break for freedom. We understand you want to explore more, but you are very safe where you are and that is a good thing.

  28. wow, what a cool place to explore... the most excitement my boyz get is exploring a dirty pile of laundry.

  29. What a wonderful garden tour, sweet and beautiful, Baby.

    Love to the baker's dozen and to mom and dad.

  30. That was such a good tour Baby, ya done good!

  31. Pssstt! I can undo your harness if you come over here, Baby! OK, just kidding! We think its completely NUTS that you have things blooming and hummingbirds humming while we have some snow on the ground! It must be awfully nice weather down there.

  32. Great tour and we are glad you did not try to escape!

  33. Such a great gardening post, The Baby! I'm actually glad that the harness constricts you because then you cannot scale the fence and get away.

    That's a gorgeous honeysuckle! I've never seen one like it before. The colour is stunning. I heard that kitties love honeysuckle, almost as much as they like catnip. Is this true?

  34. Baby
    The honeysuckle is gorgeous! I bet is smells terrific too. Great garden tour.

    Please tell Sylvester I said "hello"!


  35. The Baby!! How cool that you were free for awhile!! And thanks for the tour of your yard. We love the honeysuckle!! Does it smell good too??

    And that hummer is pretty darn lucky you got that harness on.

  36. Where the heck would you want to run to? You've got it made, Baby!

  37. What with the evil nemesis and the harness you are having a most exciting time. Love your garden.

  38. hafe a gud tyme baby. drat we're jealous. we hafe pitbulls next door and a chain link fence so we no can go owt.

  39. Baby! Stay put!
    You are in the best'est' hands!


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