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Friday, November 19, 2010



Mommy had a day off, and you all know what that means:

Breakfast was LATE!

Normally we are served breakfast no later than 5:45.  At 7:14 we were starving, and by 7:36 the situation was dire.
SomeCat (we aren't saying Who) decided enough was enough, and with their last ounce of strength pushed the food dish off the feeding station whereupon it landed on the tile floor with a giant china clatter.
Mission accomplished; Mommy got up and fed us.
Scouty, wasting away.

After eating our Friskies Fillets in Gravy it was time to get busy!
There's a lot of stuff to do before our BIG HUGE KICK-BUTT PAWTY tomorrow.

Mommy cleaned our water fountains, and KonaKitty performed Water Quality Control Tests. 
Yup, the water supports my Floof purrfectly.

Then, DISASTER struck!
The faucet started leaking, and Daddy couldn't fix it; it needed to be replaced.
So Mommy  & Daddy went off to the Home Repair Store, spent money, came home, and did some plumbing. 
Baby:  How's She doing in there, Maui?
Maui:  Almost done...good thing Mommy fits under the P-trap!
Baby:  Whew!  Daddy's shoulders didn't fit...

Then all the Boxes got scooped, the carpets vacuumed, and the Cat beds shaken out & fluffed. 
Johnny approves the Bedding.

Kitties, it's a darn good thing we got Mommy up early on her day off.
We made had a lot of work for her to do.

Kitties, we hope to see you all tomorrow, bring your fursibs and your People, too!

Happy Friday!

XX  The Lounge Kats


  1. I'll be back for the party tomorrow. Your mom sure stayed busy on her day off.

  2. I will try to make your party tomorrow - my human is at the Cat Writers Conference and making an appearance for my book (as photographer - don't worry, she is NOT taking credit for writing it) at a cat show in White Plains. And she took the laptop with her. So internet may be a little sketchy for me!

  3. Wow. You survived so long without food - that is a magnificent achievement. We would have carried the bowl to your Mummy and dumped it on her head. We love the way KonaKitty is doing the water tests - is that how they do it at your Mummy's work too ?
    We hope to pop in for the party but sorry we can't bring any valerian toys - they are not allowed to leave our house (rules, you see). But we can enjoy them for you. And we are really looking forward to hearing The Baby's story. Have a great time with all that clean clean bedding to re-fluff.

  4. Whoa, waiting until 7:36am?? We start fussing at 5:01am...

  5. Pawty? PAWTY? Sheesh, I'm gone for like 20 minutes and suddenly there's a PAWTY I don't know about? What the heck is this?

    This was a very exciting story. The suspense over when your food was going to arrive was almost unbearable! Thank Bast no one starved to death!

  6. I'm hoping to be back tomorrow for your pawty - but I never know about Pellie and if she will turn the computer on for me.


  7. Yow! We can't wait!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  8. It seems you do have to wake up your people so you can get fed! And Maui you were such a clever helper! I don't know how your dad would of gotten on without you!

  9. Good job waking your Mom up to feed you. In fact, if you hadn't maybe the house would have flooded due to the faucet problem! You should all get extra treats for waking her up!

    see you Saturday!

  10. You are furry tough on your mummy! I like the way you got her out of bed though. Sneaky yet as subtle as a brick through the window....

  11. Good thing you got the day started and snoopervised the plumbing repair.

  12. We hope you have a great pawty! and make sure your Mom and Dad tend to all those last minute things properly.... gotta keep a paw on them at all times, y'know.

  13. That's a great way to get instant room service! LOL!

  14. Oh yea, I'll be here tomorrow!

  15. I can tell you were all about to waste away from hunger!!!

  16. Your Mom is multi-talented, guys - even plumbing! I am impressed.

    See you at the PAWTY!

  17. So much to do ~ I'm glad you all finally got fed! Banjo has a timed feeder that opens automatically at 5 am every morning. Sometimes he sits and stares at it until it opens. :)

    Have a good weekend kitties!
    xo Catherine

  18. Will there be a special award ceremony to give a medal to the food hero kitty?

  19. Your Mom sure had a busy day off! We're glad she was there to save the day!

  20. Wow, what a job to get ready for the party! Our mom is impressed that your mom could do the plumbing. Really.

    We can't wait; we'll be here tomorrow to help celebrate!

  21. Wow, lots of preparations underway for the big party! It's nice that KonaKitty could do the water quality tests and give mum a break from that stuff...does she use SCADA or TONGUE? :-)

    We'll see you kitties tomorrow!

  22. Oh my I feel for you all I know how it gets around my house when Mom catches the cleaning bug.

    We are glad to see you all were there to help!!!
    Happy Friday
    Madi and Mom

  23. the nerve of some people thinking that they can actually sleep in...

  24. I'm worried about Scouty. He looks emaciated.

  25. Scouty looks like he's make a pretty thin Cream o'Scouty Stew these days. Poor guy. I've been bladder walking on mom around 4:30-5 am. She's none too happy either. -Shaggy

    Our word verification word is: CATIO !!!!!

  26. Wow, you guys had a busy day. Looks like you're about ready for the purr-ty! And sorry about the plumbing. We've been there several times ourselves.

  27. Good thing you guys woke Mommy up. Didn't she know you all were starving. You all did have a very busy day. Especially with the plumbing! Bet it feels good now that all the cleaning is done.

  28. I can tell you all were suffering terrible hunger pangs. Thank goodness the un-named kitty had the common sense to knock the loud china place off the feeding station. Otherwise, you might have to have waited till EIGHT AM!

    I test the quality of my water with my floof too. I have a permanent wet bib!

    Can't wait for the pawty. Hope that mom's human son whom I love, will be gone so I can go.

  29. We are so glad that disaster was averted!!! Kudos to your humans!

    We can hardly wait for tomorrow!

  30. we're glad that gotted fixed. we poke sissy wiff owr claws until she gets up ta feed us.

  31. Remington lives with 2 cats and 1 kitten...he is absolutely a GENTLE Giant. The kitten Ozabella aka Oz thinks Rem is her mom. You should check out their blog lots of pictures of Oz and Rem!!!

    Hugs Madi and Mom

  32. We thought only cats were allowed to sleep in not mums! We think she should be allowed some leniency though as she did plumbing so she may have needed extra sleep time.
    We are looking forward to your party so we'll get an early night as we don't want to miss anything good.

  33. Goodness, that is a long time to go without food. In fact it is horrible. That norty Mom. She needs to be punished. But at least she finally got up and fed you. At least she fixed the leak. And cleaned etc. She did have a lot to do. Our Mom knows how she feels.Can't wait for the Pawty.
    Take care and have a fun week end.

  34. glad everything was able to be fixed in time for the pawty!!!! See you tomorrow!

  35. Awwww Kitties of Katnip Lounge!! Me and Charlie are so happy to hear that your super amazing mum got to finally feed you all!! Yay for Whomever woke your mum up!!! LOL!

    We are so looking forward to sweet Sweet Pea's Pawty!! It's gonna be awesome!!!!

    Scouty - we hope you got extra treats and stinky goodness!!
    Gorgeous KonaKitty - it's great to see you looking lovely!! We are glad the water passed your quality control!
    The Baby and Maui - you both did a great job helping mum fix the faucet!!!
    And Johnny - sweet dreams!
    Take care

  36. We are looking forward to partying with y'all tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love to all of you.

  37. Hello sweet friends,
    Delay to serve breakfast is inadmissible!
    purrs and love

  38. " Breakfast was LATE! " I know what you means, my mom does that too but the good thing is...she has so much time with me much more than her working day !

    KonaKitty , you are absolutely your mom's kid. " Water Quality Control " : )

    Maui and Baby, you two are genius to help dad fix the faucet

    Johnny , you are real smart and care , after they done all chores, they will need the bed to nap ! ...good to be approve by you first !

    By the way, we can't wait for The Baby's Birthday Party today. My day is 20/11 now. I will be handsome as possible for your party : )

  39. I'm really impressed that you didn't all faint from starvation having to wait SOOOO long!! And that you only pushed one plate to the floor...I think I would have started shoving EVERYTHING to the floor. The nerve of your Mom to sleep in....lazy bones!! You were absolutely right to get her up and at it...we are soooo looking forward to your pawty tomorrow!! yay!! Yay!! AND THE BEST PART IS THAT THE WOOD IS NOT INVITED!!! HAHAHA!! Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  40. Looks like it was a busy day off. We will be back for the party.

  41. Whew! We thought when the faucet broke, the party tomorrow would hafta be cancelled! We're so glad that it got fixed and all the other stuff got done. We'll be back for the kick-butt party. We're really looking forward to it!

  42. ~~~~ Oh RUPERT~~~~ Oh MY! Um...the cube is warm and inviting and I have been resting in it, waiting your visit. I have the Niptini's ready, cold and delicious with some premium 'Nip to scatter on our little fleece cube bottom. Maybe some..Pawty Mix? Hm?

  43. Oh you sweet, sweet kitties! Don't be too hard on your wonderful mom!!

    Our mom, sometime sleeps till 10.00 am! Still, we are okay with it as she gives us with a big bowl of biscuits before bed!

    Our dad is a DIY f.r.e.a.k - seriously, we will soon leak out photos of his uncompleted projects that drives mom crazy .. meowahahhahaha


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