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Monday, November 8, 2010

Meeting up on Monday--We Have a Guest!


We had a package arrive on Friday!

We were all excited...Mommy opened it up and did a little happy dance...and then she PUT IT AWAY!
Mean, mean, mean, mean.

Finally, after 783 days today we got to see what (who) had arrived! 
It was Hugo the Hippo!  He stayed with Gracie last week, and helped her host a Spectacular Halloween Party.
And he brought us some fun stuff!
heh you see Mommy?  She's carrying Rupert...he's a little shy.

We got TREATS! 
Hugo arrived with pretty pink photo book  for us to add our pictures with him, and a little pouch for us to send a souvenir along to his Mom when he finishes his Journey.
Yes, this means Hugo could come visit YOU!
Leave us a comment if you would like a Small Purple Hippo Named Hugo come to YOUR house.

We got TOYS, too!  Thanks, Gracie and Hugo!

Sylvester and Grayce were first in line for treats!

Oops, this photo is out of order.  Mommy, you are lame.
Anyway, here we are unpacking the Box!

Felix and The Baby are enjoying the Whisker Lickins...

...and Felix whipped on his CrankyPants!
Run, The Baby, run!

Grayce and Hugo posed nicely together, they are good friends already.

Maui showed Hugo the Dead Lawn Latrine.
Just in case.

Watch out Johnny!  Incoming!

Uh oh...good to know a little weirdness won't distract John from snax.

Hugo is defending May Ling from her siblings, she's checking out the new nip toy.

Salem says hello!

CC was a little afraid.  He's never seen a Hippo before.

Felix, true to form!
He's a real butt sometimes.

Hugo and the Whitesters!
Now THAT'S a Good band name.
(Mommy plays the "Band Name " game a lot.) 

May Ling shakes her siblings, and beats the Nip outta "her" new toy.

Kitties, we and Hugo are WORN OUT!
Tomorrow we are gonna show him around the house and Catio...he says he can't wait to thunder on the skyways and throughout the house.
Gracie, Hugo says you were a wonderful hostess and he had a fun time at your house.
We sure enjoyed our treats and toys...THANK YOU!

Happy Monday,

The Lounge Kats


  1. I think we need to think about whether or not we'd want Hugo the Hippo to visit. Grete woofie sometimes takes our toys and ::shudder:: FLINGS them around the house. That might happen to sweet Hugo if he arrived. We need to chat with Grete long and it might be safer if he went to visit someone else after he visits with you.

    He seems like such a nice little Hippo!

  2. Wow! Looks like an adventure fulled day! And I bet the treats were tasty! Say hello to the hippo for me!

  3. Oh how lucky to have the Hippo visit!

  4. Well, Kitties, Nice to see (almost) everybody today! Hugo, I'd stay away from Felix if I were you! He looks too scary. I say stick with the Ladycats-I know they'll show you a good time :-)

    The Baby, You're looking very fine today. You'll take extra good care of Hugo, right? Because, you know, I don't think it would take much to rip the poor boy to shreds! (Oops, guess he better not come here!)

  5. How fun to have Hugo come visit you! He even came with treats and toys - that's the best kind of guest! He's going to have a great time seeing all of your house and catio!

  6. We bet Hugo has all kinds of interesting smells! We are excited about seeing his adventures at the Lounge!

  7. Oh man, yoo guys and Hugo is gonna haf a great time we bet! Mom sometimes plays da "band name game" wif dad...da weerdest one was Hickspity Kasplity, we don't even want to know 'bout dat one.

  8. I am sure that Hugo will have a great visit with you. It all looks very exciting.

  9. Hugo is a cute hippo ! and he can get along with you guys very well..He is pretty cool !
    I guess he has a multiple cats' smell !

  10. OH wow!! Hugo the gorgeous Hippo - c'est arrive a la Katnip Lounge!! And he's so settled in already!! Awwww!! What a cutie!!! He is so in with the lay-deez!! He's already charmed gorgeous May Ling and sweet Grayce and even the Whitesters!!!!! LOL!!

    A special mention to adorable Felix!! We hope that your sweetheart Annie is impressed by your supreme crankiness!! :-) Awwww!

    Hugo will really love haning out with lovely Maui and gorgeous Johnny!!And me and Charlie are sure that CC will warm up to him too!! Hello there Sylvester!!! :-)

    Enjoy your treats from wonderful Gracie!!! Have a great Monday!! Take care

  11. p.s. Haning = hanging!! So sorry!! :-)x

  12. Such cool pictures of almost all of you together! With Hugo, of course. :) I'm glad Maui showed Hugo the Dead Lawn Latrine.....better to be safe!

  13. Hugo looks like an awesome houseguest! The Band Name Game gets played a lot at this house, too.

    Hey, thanks heaps to your mum for her advice on getting me to eat my new special-diet wet food. I'm going ok with it... with a little help from my friend Mr Valium!

  14. Hugo is going to have FUN with all of you! We're looking forward to all his adventures.

    Felix, that shot of you getting your CrankyPants on sent Annie into a tizzy. And the back of disrespect shot? Almost too much crankiness for a crabby girl to bear! ::Swoon::

  15. Hugo looks like such a fun guest, we would love to have him come visit us in Florida!

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  16. Hugo is going to be kept busy with all you guys wanting his attention!

  17. Well Hugo looks fun ~ but we are a bit scared of Hippos so we are gonna let sumbuddy else have him to stay!

  18. I would like to meet Hugo as I have never met a hippo before. Is he allowed to travel internationally?

  19. How cool is Hugo! What an awesome visitor, and so sweet of him to come bearing gifts.

  20. I come to invite you for going to my blog and have participated in my 1st miaumiau luck .. would love ...
    Ronrons of

  21. We see that so many kitties already want Hugo and we can see why! We'd love to have him visit, but we're sure we will have to wait!

  22. Looks like Hugo is fitting in nicely with all of you. He is a great house guest and I know all of you will jave a great. I sure wish I could have difured out how to get out there too. Will be checkig back to see how he is doing.

  23. WOW! What a fine time on the Catio! Everyone was having the best of times. The fur family got to meet and play with Hugo and enjoy the treats he brought with him. How gracious was that!? I can't wait to hear how he did thundering thru the sky ways. He'll not have had that experience before I bet.

    My sweet suitor Rupert..I love any sight or mention of him. Please tell him that there is room in my nest for his slender self anytime he wishes to join me. We snuggle well together.♥
    Rupert amo.

  24. We just know Hugo is gonna have a blast with your family!!

  25. Well, that is PAWesome that Hugo came to visit ALL of you! You will all keep him so entertained. If anyone hasn't said so yet, we'd like to host him. Looking forward to all the fun he's going to have with you.

  26. That Hugo is so cute. Looks like everyone at the lounge likes him a lot. That was nice that you pointed out the latrine to him. Great pictures. Hope you have a nice visit Hugo. We would love for you to come visit us sometime but we see that there are other people in front of us which is all right. Take care everyone and have a super week.

  27. Wow, Hugo got a great welcome from all the kitties! He is going to have a great time with the Lounge 13!!!

  28. How fun! Hugo almost looks overwhelmed with all of you crowding around him! Can't wait to see what craziness you all get up to!

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  29. MOL you all certainly did show Hugo a good time.
    I bet he had to take a cat nap after partying with you all.

    I'm continue to be amazed at how well Sylvester has slipped right into your family. Good job mom and dad
    Madi and Mom

  30. Hey maybe Hugo should come visit me and our Moms can meet up for the trade off!

  31. hugo and the whitesters. tee hee.

  32. Excellent! Now we think Hugo should come to FInland to play in the snow with us. And we will make sure Risto doesn't go near him. And we will be very kind to him. Do hippos like saunas?

  33. This was a pawsomest Hugo report!

  34. YAY for your treats and for Hugo coming to visit. What fun y'all are having!!!!!!!!

    Our update is: we have found a place and are waiting to be approved......once the approval goes through, we should be moving this coming weekend!!!!!!! Our house is full of boxes.....most are taped up, but some of them we can crawl into yet!!!!!!!

    We love ya bunches.

  35. Hugo brought you some great presents as well as those nommy treats. He introduced himself to you all very nicely - what a polite hippo he is!

  36. What a distinguished visitor!
    Looks like he's going to have a fun time with all of you while he's there.
    Just incase he decides to use the latrine, maybe you should think of having some air freshners around. We don't think hippos bury their poops.

  37. What fun you are all having with Hugo...maybe he can visit us one day on his tour!

  38. I think there will be so much fun at your house. I was so hoping to get Hugo to visit me but I think it will be a wait in the queue mol.. Have fun HUgs GJ xx

  39. How wonderful to have a visit from Hugo! We would love to have him here but are not sure how gentle Tommy would be with him. Perhaps best to stick to all kitty households...

  40. I am so happy Hugo made it to your place safely! Hey, tell Hugo Goodness Gracie is missing him!

  41. How cool that you have Hugo now!! I'm sure he will have a blast in the warm Nevada air. Will you be taking him to the Dam for a photo shoot?

  42. What a great visitor! He's housebroken & her brings treats.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  43. How cool! We hope Hugo has a fun time at your house and please, please, please post lots of photos. Looks like all the snacks have been hoovered up too!

  44. What a great day at the Katnip Lounge! New toys, treats and best of all a new friend! Yay, Hugo!

    Most of the kitties seem to be quite interested in him. Can't wait to see the rest of his visit.

  45. Checking on my buddy and I can see that he is fitting in great with all. I miss him but I am much happier now seeing how happy he is at your place. I will teleport over tomorrow and share in some more fun with you all. Do you know where Hugo will visit next? I know lots of folks want him to visit.

  46. Wow, you guys are all havin a great time with Hugo visitin!

  47. Hello Hugo
    We can't wait to see how this part of adventure turns out. YOU will be a well travelled hippo when this is all over.


  48. We are happy to see that Hugo arrived safely at the Katnip Lounge. Love the pics! Can't wait to see more!

  49. It's nice to have visitors visit bearing gifts like treats and toys!! You guys are gonna have so much fun with Hugo! We can't wait to see him on the bridge to nowhere!!!

  50. Wow this is the perfect day for us to finally start getting caught up with everyone! We are so glad that Hugo gets to visit with all of you - we hope he takes notes on your catio because we totally want one like you have!! We can't wait to see what fun things he gets to do - with so many of you he will have so much fun - he is used to big families, but yours is HUGE (and mom thinks it is awesome - because it means she can get more kitties if we ever have room - though we don't agree!) We hope he is a good guest!!

  51. How wonderful all those treats are. Hugo the Hippo is so cute too. Looking at all the photos in your last few posts, it amazing me what a beautiful kitty friendly home this is. I think there must be so much love in this house. All these kitties are so lucky to live in such a terrific place!

    Keep having fun sweet furry friends!
    xo Catherine

  52. Wow! That looks like a ton of fun!!! Have fun with Hugo!

    Luf, Us


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