Live from the Katnip Lounge, The Kat Pack!

Starring: The Baby *Tiny Johnson * Felix * Rupert * Scouty * CC * Sweet Pea * Maui * May Ling * Salem

and...*Angels Grayce, KonaKitty, and Sylvester* always loved, never forgotten

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Learning the Lounge, By Hugo


Hi everybody, Hugo here!

So today me and the Lounge Kats hung out, having fun.  I did a Tour around the House and Catio,  here's what I saw:

I enjoyed The Baby's bed on the dryer.  She has a whole pillow, wrapped up in a fuzzy wuzzy blanket!  When the dryer runs her bed gets REALLY warm.

Then I checked out the living room...Sylvester was laying on the chair with the heating pad and Johnny came up to see what was shakin'.  This chair is prime real estate!  Practically everybody wants to sleep on it.

May Ling was bathing in the other chair.  Boy, she's got a looong pink tongue!   She was amazed that Hippos actually ENJOY water.  For bathing, and other stuff.

KonaKitty was on the sofa. 
Kitties, do you see the power cord?  There's another heating pad here!

Salem showed me how to get to the chicken jerky pieces...but I declined; Hippos are vegetarians.
I think I'll have a salad instead.

Eewwwww!  How can you EAT that, The Baby?
They don't call it STINKY Goodness for nothing.

Felix showed me his tummy furz out on the catio.
Maybe not on purpose.

I climbed up a Cat Tree to visit Sweet Pea and she said I should climb up even higher, there was more to see...

...and I found Salem again!
These skyways are fun, I decided to explore them some more later.

I was thirsty after all that clambering around, so KonaKitty showed me the Outside fountain.
::slurp slurp::

Then I went back inside, 
CC was in the Big Cat Tree in the Big Bed room.
Supposedly CC has a brother named Scouty, but I have yet to meet him. 
(I wonder if the Lounge Kats are pulling my stubby legs that Scouty exists.)

Look who was on the Big Bed!  Me and Maui enjoyed a good snuggle together.  His curly tummy furz are SO nice and soft.

Rupert and Felix were crashed out on the other end of the Big Bed.  They trade off on sleeping in the round bed and just curling up "plain".

After my nap I wandered into the Yellow Room where Grayce was hanging out.
Grayce was plotting how to get extra snax.  She's a kibbaholic and she LIVES for snax!

My last stop was to visit with Johnny.  Do you see his forehead?  He had an abscess!   Daddy opened & drained it last night, and today it looks much better.  I'm checking it out to give my Medical Opinion.
I think he'll live to scrap and rassel another day.

Happy Tuesday!

This has been Hugo the Hippo reporting on the Lounge 13.



  1. Hugo! You really got around the Lounge (how come they gots so many heaty things? Don't they live in the DESERT?)

    I haven't seen Scouty in awhile. DO you suppose they have done something with him? Surely his brother would tell, don't you think? I'm worried, though.

    The Baby, Salem, KonaKitty, Grayce and the other Lounge Ladycats are showing you a real good time, right?

  2. Hugo--you are certainly a busy cat checking everything out!

  3. Wow, you are a busy hippo! And those are some seriously lucky kitties, with all those special toasty spots.

  4. Wowww~~~
    Looks everyone has great place to stay and having good time!

  5. Man Hugo, yoo landed in a great place! Hmm, we haf not seen Scouty in awhile but we know he egzists...maybe yoo need to do some more egsporashuns.

  6. Hugo, you did a great job !
    my favorite part is every shots about FOOD !!!!...Look YUMMMM
    and I love cool fountain
    Thanks for take us a great tour.
    Hugo, you know, This is a really cool lounge !!! YOU ARE SO LUCKY !!!!!

  7. Looks like you are having a pretty interesting time there, Hugo. As we predicted! My, those kitties have it good inside as well as on the catio - heating pads, snuggly spots on the dryer ...... That is a wonderfully cat-oriented home. Have fun!

  8. Wow you have a big cat family. they do look lovely - even Johnny with his poor head wound.

  9. Where IS Scouty? Maybe you can find him, Hugo!

  10. Wow you've been keeping a busy schedule Hugo! Looks like you're having fun though.

  11. Bonjour dear Hugo, wow I love your colour!
    So nice that you have met all friends , they are very busy there, aren't they? The Lounge is always adorable and I love all pictures here and so creative idea about this post!
    purrs and love
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  12. Hugo, you had a great tour. It looks like everyone is getting along nicely with you. Those Lounge kitties have a super home with all those heating pads. Like we said before, we would like to move there. Can;t wait to see some more adventures Hugo. Take care.

  13. Hugo!! You are so an honourary Katnip Lounge member!!! Awwww! Me and Charlie are so impressed that you're getting along so famously with The Baby, Sylvester, Johnny, CC, Sweet Pea, Kona Kitty, Maui, Grayce, Rupert, Salem and even the ever so fabulous Felix!!! Awwwww!! And it's brilliant to see KonaKitty looking floofy and showing you around the drinking fountain!!!

    Goodness you've got lots of adventures already!! There's Johnny with his abscess!! We think Dad is a super duper amazing dad - he not only builds fab skywalks but he also is able to drain yucky abscesses!! Ew!!! And then there's you waaaaaaaaaay up on the skywalk with Salem! And you underneath Felix - that's really brave!!! And sniffing the sticky yummy noms!!! LOL!!!

    We can't wait to see what you'll be up to next time we visit katnip lounge!! Maybe even see elusive Scouty! Yay! Take care

  14. Hugo, you sure are having funs! I especially liked when you did the Limbo under Felix's belly!

  15. You sure have been a busy hippo, Hugo! I enjoyed the picture tour :)

  16. You've been a busy hippo, Hugo! And a wonderful guest to take the time to spend time with each and every one of your hosts!

  17. Hugo, you're really getting to know the kitties at the KL very well! We can see you're enjoying your stay there.

  18. Wow, Hugo, we think you might want to stay at the Lounge permanently! We know we would! Er, except for having some human drain any abscesses, 'cause that's just gross.

    Maybe your next report will include Scouty!

  19. Hugo will have lots of lovely aromas on him by the time he reaches his next B&B!!! Great post and pictures....thank goodness Hugo doesn't like Fancy Feast..for I fear there would have been blood drawn.
    Hugs Madi

  20. are really enjoying your visit. I love seeing Felix's tummy furs with you. Did KonaKitty go and sing her Wagner opera arias yet?

  21. that's probably the best report i've ever read from a hippo.

  22. Wow, there is tons of action at the Lounge!!! Looks like hugo is enjoying himself with all of you :-)

    A lot of kitties there seem to have heating pads, I thought it was warm in Vegas?

  23. We just love wandering round the lounge wiv yoo, checking owt the hot 13! All those heated pads make us jealous ~ and don't even mention the fabulous catio lounge wiv sky walks and stuff. Now that is prime real estate! :sigh:

  24. What a fun time you are having. If you don't need naps I bet there are soooooo many kitties at their place that someone will always be up to play. Glad you are taking care of Johnny's little head. You are the best buddy anyone can have. I still miss you but I am having fun teleporting over to your place to play with all of you.

  25. Excellent report Hugo!
    There's always something happenin' at the Lounge!

    Hehheh...our verification word is "skermish". We bet there's a few of those that happen too!

  26. It's nice to see you visiting with the Katnip Loungers. They have the most wonderful walkways and we see you have been exploring them and getting to know them all better. Enjoy your visit with them.

  27. We were wondering about the heated pads too - isn't it warm there? Maybe the A/C is cold? Fun time with Hugo - he won't want to leave!

  28. Great tour of the Katnip Lounge Hugo! There's a lot going on there and it was fun to see everything except we miss seeing Scouty. Maybe you can find him before you leave!

  29. Hugo thank you for the great tour with the fabulous 13! There certainly is a lot to take in for a little hippo like yourself, but I think you will settle in quite nicely.

    purrs and hugs

  30. Aww, Baby looks so happy and scrunchy on the dryer. And poor Johnny. We hope his owiee heals soon. That has to hurt.

  31. You sure have been busy at the Lounge, Hugo! Did you take a soak in the water pool?

    We hope Johonny is feelin better soon. We biggified the picture ta see the abcess...

  32. Hugo, you must have been exhausted after visiting all 13 Lounge Cats! Never a dull moment at their house!

  33. Hugo, I enjoyed your tour. I loved all the pictures. Oh they are just so cute. I especially loved the picture of Felix stretching. It is a great shot :-)

  34. Yow! There sure is a lot to see there at the Lounge, huh Hugo? You and Grayce looked like you were plotting some hijinks...Give Johnny a smooch for us to feel better...ok, maybe you'll just want to shake his paw...

    Have fun!
    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  35. Wow Hugo it is so cool that you are meeting all the lounge kitties! And we have seen pictures of Scouty so we know he exists. We are so glad you are having fun but you know you should be sure to be polite and help out. We think you did a great job checking out Johnny's abcess, but well, we know you didn't mean to sound rude about the stinky goodness - but hey, you should be used to it by now! Just smile politely and say no thank you (mom made us tell you that). WE miss you tons but are so glad you get to visit all our friends, since we don't have that chance! We can't wait to see what else happens there - we know it will be fun!

  36. so much fun...we like all the heating pads!

  37. Uh Hugo, you were very brave to go up to Maui, but I think it's a good thing he's asleep. To use Lounge Kat lingo, he is a little bit crazypants. You may lose some stuffing if you encounter him while he is awake. Oh, and I'm here to tell you that Scouty DOES exist - he looks a lot like me, so he is a very beautiful kitty.

    Your friend, Zoe

  38. Thanks for the tour, Hugo!! Looks like you're really enjoying yourself around the catio....and all the Lounge Kats are showing you a good time!!

  39. Wow Hugo has got a lot of kitties to visit with. You will show him a good time.


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