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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Road to Nowhere


Daddy had a piece of plywood left over from a project, and he knew exactly what to do with it.
First he painted it red.

Then he stencilled Kitties on it.

He flipped the board over, and stapled carpet on the bare side.

And then...he got out all these neat cat toys hardware bits & pieces!

A Ladder appeared on the Catio. 
Salem did a Ladder Safety Check.

It was Hard Work! 
I'm concentrating on doing a thorough inspection.
See my tongue?

OK Daddy, it's safe!

 Daddy attached one end of the plywood to the Orange Road.

He hung the other end in space!
He made us a Road to Nowhere, just like the song by the Talking Heads.
Another safety inspection, testing for level.

He used some of the enticing useful hardware to hang the board up. 

 Sweet Pea checked out the installation.
Can you see the stencils underneath?
I'll give this work a "PASS"!

Stress test. 
No worries, Daddy!

Then Sweet Pea gave Daddy a raspberry... 

 ...and settled in for a nap.
Kitties, our Road to Nowhere will eventually stretch all the way across the Catio...this is only Part One of the project.  Daddy is gonna do the other half  for us soon.

We can hardly wait!

Happy Tuesday!

XX  Lounge Kats


  1. Ok, that's it...I've had just about enough. You guys get the COOLEST we're all packing our kit bags and moving in with you. Oh why not...what's 9 more cats in the catio? Our mom and dad are clearly slacking.

    Ummm, uh wait a second. Mom said she'd cry if we left. I suppose we'll give her another chance.

  2. Wow! That's so cool!!

    Guess what? Our dad did something similar in our room too but, dad, being 'our' dad - it was just bare plywood! Nothing near your dad's artistic / fun works!

    We are going to show "dad" this post!!

    Love, Lucky & Co.

  3. Yow! that is so cool. Love the color and the stencil kitties, and the song...

    -Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

    pee ess: Salem, I like to climb ladders too! Sometimes even if it's folded up against the wall :) -Pip

  4. Maybe you can build it over to my place!

  5. Just when we think your catio can't get any cooler it does! Your daddy is so wonderful to make you the road to nowhere! Great job helping him Salem and Sweet Pea!

  6. You guys are so spoiled and I love it!

  7. Every time I read this blog, I realize just how very useless my Human is. Sigh.

    On the plus side: JLLs today! And close ups of Salem. Woot!

    The Human is all atwitter (no, not that Twitter, just regular twitter) and screeching like a crazy person (well, crazy-er). So, the Giants proved they were not cursed by Stan himself, eh? Well, good. Maybe the service will improve around here. Me? I had a nice refreshing three-hour nap!

  8. Youse sure have a talented daddy! looks more like a highway to heaven for kitties! well, when it is done, I bet it will ;)

  9. No one can beat your catio...Coolest cat place !

  10. We want to arrange for your Daddy to fly over here for a holiday. We will supply the wood, tools, carpet, ladders - he just has to get building.

    Wow. Very jealous!

  11. You kitties have quite the awesome setup there on your catio! Scarlett and Melly are jealous because they only have a boring cat tree and a dresser with a blanket.

  12. Ooo, does it jiggle when you run on it? Like a rope bridge?

    What happened to the stenciled kitties?

  13. When are you 13 going to start having guiding tours of your Lounge? We want to sign up for the first tour group please!

  14. Um, that's guided, not guiding. Sorry! We were so flustered by your road to nowhere...

  15. Shoot, our dad is handy but lazy...our mom is handy but bizzy...dat leaves us wif no road to anywhere!

  16. OK, all of us Blogosphere kitties are chartering a bus and coming for a visit ASAP!!! Anyone know a bus company that allows cats...we promise not to shred the seats=^Y^=

  17. Wow! How does your human dream these things up? You are so lucky he is so handy AND creative!

  18. Oh my goodness!!! WOW!!! Me and Charlie are so so so so so so IN AWE!!! with beautiful Salem and gorgeous Sweet Pea for doing a brilliant inspection and snoopervising job with your Dad!! He deserves lots of raspberries!!! LOL!!

    Oh but seriously!! Kitties of Katnip Lounge - you have one amazing Dad and lovely Mum!! Really and truly!!! We only have one word for them:


    Take care

  19. Oh noes, now I have that song going through my head! What a great road though.

  20. When I go to sleep at night I dream of having a catio one day!

  21. Holy Cod! That is great!
    ps - thx for putting up our sidebar!

  22. Wow I'm impressed,your dad is so talented! it's wonderful and you are such a great climber!

  23. I want to move in with you, too!

  24. Wow, you guys have the best Dad!! So talented!

  25. OMC! We're packing our kitty bags and moving in. Seriously.


  26. Hi to my fav 13...I, Madi, would like to make a reservation at the Catnip Lounge. I will be arriving on Nov. 3. As long as there are fun toys, roads to no where and etc my departure date is wide open!!! Your Dad is very very thoughtful and handy. He makes the nicest things to keep you all entertained.
    Hugs and Purrs
    Madi and Mom

  27. That's right about all the Blogosphere cats chartering a bus and headed your way, Kitties! I'm gonna be ON me. I know Rupert will save me a little space in his apartment.


  28. Yoor Dad is the best! Do yoo loan him owt? Could he come over and build us a Catio just like yoors? Yoo have the best catio in the werld.

  29. You guys have the best house!!! I just love your "road to nowhere" :-)

  30. OMC - I'm moving in with you guys. You have the neatest living space.

  31. Hot diggity, I have to bring my katz over to YOUR house, it would be like Disneyland! Hey, I wanted to say again thanks for taking part of the giveaway and I just know you will win another time!

  32. clapping paws together!!! OMC OMC OMC!! You have a talented Daddy!!!!

    I want to come over and play on your catio!!
    It is like a Kitty Wonderland!!

    Love, Cody

  33. Your Daddy is so clever making that road to nowhere - and with all those kitties stencils too. We think the number of kitties residing at the Katnip Lounge is going to get somewhat bigger when we all catio crash!

  34. You kitties have an AWESOME dad to make that for you. He did a great job, and we love the kitty stencils.

  35. That is one cool place to just laze about or just as a look out!

  36. Salem & Sweet Pea you are both very good snoopervisors!! Daddy never sould have finished if not for you two!
    What an awesome addition to your catio runs and walkways!

  37. Your Daddy is totally PAWSOME!!!!!!!!!

    Good job, Daddy, Salem and Sweet Pea.

    Love to all of you.

  38. Your daddy is super handy!! We love all the walkways and stuff in the catio!

  39. Can we borrow your Daddy?

    We love the road to nowhere!


  40. Can you see that we are green with envy? We wish, even more now, that you could be our catsitter.

  41. What a talented and innovative Daddy you have! You kitties are just the luckiest!!!

    Your 'Road to Nowhere' is really the love from your Daddy's heart and that makes it someplace special.

  42. Man, the catio keeps getting better and better!! We love the Road to Nowhere!! And we can't wait to see the next addition! Can we borrow your daddy??

  43. Wow, great work, Daddy! I'd love him to come over our house and build a dreamy catio here.
    That is a cute raspberry, Sweet Pea :-)

  44. Awesome!

    Amazing work and attention to detail. The stenciling is inspired!!

  45. You are some lucky felines for sure. I'm afraid my vertigo won't allow me to hop to such heights however. Or maybe it's my ptsd from that time I fell from a pine tree in my reckless youth...

  46. When I become a millionaire, something which is bound to happen sometime I'm sure, I'm going to ask your dad to do up our house!

  47. Greetings,

    Is this cool or what!

    When ever I see this I give daddy a look that says 'why did you not do this when I was younger?'

    Your cat retreat is heaven on earth and I know I said it before but it is true.

    Wishing you all the best,
    Ms Kitty and Egmont

  48. We are still trying to figure out how we can get a catio like yours. That is just so amazing, we love it!


Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!