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and...*Angels Grayce, KonaKitty, and Sylvester* always loved, never forgotten

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hello, Kitty!



The Katnip Lounge Thirteen are pretty worn out from their party, so they asked me, Miss Hello BatKitty, to host today's post.
How exciting!
Gosh, we had so much fun yesterday with all of you...we'll have to have another party soon!

Since this is MY post, I decided to ask the Kats how they liked their first party.

Felix enjoyed showing off his mad skyway skillz.
He was thrilled His Gal Annie sent him Extra-Scary Hisses!

KonaKitty loved eating all the snax...she needs to GAIN weight, that lucky Kat!

May Ling is recovering from too much Ghoul-Ade.
Mommy makes a MEAN Kitty Kocktail!

Salem is...SALEM!!!  Quit sniffing my parts!

CC is kind of a Scairdy Kat; he had fun but apologizes for not talking to much to all y'all.
(Of course Scouty didn't want to talk...he's a real poop sometimes!)

Grayce was recovering and declined to be photographed.

The Baby had to be restrained for questioning!
Towels and laundry were strewn all over...heh heh.

Did anybody see Maui do his Sideways Crabwalk?
It's his famous move!

Sylvester had a wonderful time meeting everycat.
He's so happy to have such great friends.

Rupert's resting in his hot bed after too much nip.
Boy, it's nice and cozy warm here...I'll be back later!

Johnny had too much of everything:  nip, snax, refreshments, you name it!
I couldn't get a coherent comment.

Sweet Pea said she needed a pair of sunglasses!
The sun was a tiny bit bright for her bleary eyes.

Thanks so much, all of you, for celebrating Salem's Gotcha Day with us!

Happy Monday!

XX  Miss Hello BatKitty


  1. Thanks for showing us what everyone did this weekend. You are an excellent host!

  2. Sounds like it was a fun Halloween in the Katnip Lounge! Thanks for your reporting on it Miss Hello BatKitty!

  3. Looks like a very fun Halloween there!

  4. Looks like it was a great party and the recovering will take very many sleeps. We don't do Halloween quite so enthusiastically here in Finland and no visitors came trick or treating which is just as well because we wanted to keep it all for ourselves. We had nip AND meat. Happy hangovers guys and gals.

  5. My human wants one of those Hello BatKitties - she was making such a big deal out of it, I could barely pay attention to how my pals were doing! Sheesh.

  6. It was a pawsome party! We wonder if Sylvester has to pinch himself everyday he's in the Lounge, because he can't believe his new life is real and not a wonderful dream! xoxo

  7. That was awesome interview. Batkitties did a great job !
    and my mom is so interested in your mom's cocktail recipes " MEAN Kitty Kocktail " : )

  8. Um, when we gots home we notice dat Sadie was missing...she kinda looks like Salem and Sylvester so if yoor mom sees an extra black and white tuxie she can just tell her to come home, okay...we hadded such a good time! Hmm, maybe Sadie had to much of yoor moms kitty kocktails!

  9. That is a very "Halloween" Kitty toy,

  10. What a fun party!...We appreciate the update on all of you and hope you guys recuperate quickly!...Happy week, sweet friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  11. Efurryone had a great time, that's for sure!

  12. Hello there sweet Miss Hello Bat Kitty!! Me and Charlie are very pleased to meet you!! You are a very pretty little stuffie!

    We love your roving reporting piece on the After-effects of a Katnip Pawty on the Kitties of Katnip Lounge Special!!! Thank you!!!

    We are pleased to discover that handsome Felix enjoyed his hisses from his sweetheart the lovely Annie!!

    We wish lovely KonaKitty continues to eat lots and lots and lots and lots of snax!!!! So more pawties please!! Purrs to her!!

    Miss Hello Batt Kitty! You are very brave staying in there with fabulous and hung over May Ling!

    Being a roving reporter kitty has its many risks - like being sniffed in odd places by adorable Salem!

    We are glad to hear that pretty CC and Scouty had a great time - they're just not speaking to roving reporters like proper celebrities!!

    Awww we love The Baby!!! She's innocent!!

    We hope you get an exclusive on lovely Maui's crabwalk soon Miss Hello Bat Kitty!!

    You look like you had a wonderful chat with sweet Sylvester and fabulous Rupert Miss Hello Bat Kitty!!

    Awww you are so sweet for not waking adorable Mr Johnson up from his snooze!!! He's a true party animal!!!

    Oooh we hope you found a pair of cool shades for adorable Sweet Pea!!

    Have a lovely Monday Miss Hello Bat Kitty - see you soon!!! Take care

  13. How did I miss the party? I hope it was a good one.

  14. You all know how to party! I am a little bit sad I was looking the other way when Maui did the Sideways Crabwalk.

  15. We are having hangover from the kat koktail ...

    Love, Lucky & Co

  16. Oh my! Looks like we are very tardy for the party! How could this happen!?!? We blame our slacker mom!

    Happy belated Gotcha Day, Salem!

  17. The Lounge sure throws a great party! No wonder everycat is having to recover this morning. Good of HelloBatKitty to take care of the post today.

  18. BatKitty, we think you are just, well, the cat's meow! MOL! Very good of you to take over the post, considering how partied out everyone is. We're feeling a little sluggish ourselves, from your fab party and Gracie's too!

    P.S. Mom Kim says forget the cats coming to live with you all, SHE wants to come live with you--you guys just have so much fun. She's an easy keeper and likes vacuuming, if that helps.

  19. I can tell everyone sure had a great time!

  20. Wow dat was some party. Everyone looks very tired out.

  21. We think it's cool that Hello Batkitty visited everyone this Halloween. Don't tell the other cats, but we are really falling for Sylvester. He is a photogenic boy. :-)

  22. Just checking to see if you all made it home safely from my Halloween party. Thanks so much for stopping by. We must do something like this again.

    Hugo is looking forward to getting to your place. Though we will miss each other bunches he is ready for the next adventure. He is hoping that Miss BatKittie will still be there and they can meet. He has some last minute shopping to do and I will let you know when he is on his way.

  23. Wow!! You kitties seemed to have a GREAT party yesterday for Howll -o-ween!! We hid upstairs when those kids started ringing the doorbell, well most of us anyway! Simon wanted to see the costumes (& the kids LOVED him!)

    We're sorry to have missed such a party - but our Mom has apologized to us (& given us LOTSA treats) for missing out & said we could post & visit a bit... Yay!! Simon's especially happy 'cause he gets to visit with May Ling more!!

    Have a happy day!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

  24. Gosh, good jog Kona kitty interviewing everyone, at least the ones that were able to Meow. Looks like everyone is worn out. Kona kitty you are quite attractive.
    Hope all have a good week.

  25. What a wild weekend! We are recoverin from all the parties - glad to see you all survived and none the worse for wear. Sylvester, it was great to meat you and Mau, your Sideways Crabwalk is cat-tastic! Salem, concats again and here's to many more fun years ahead!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  26. We enjoyed Miss Kona Kitty's interviews - she had to be very purrsistant after everycat had had a few refreshing drinks too many [nod, nod, wink, wink!].

  27. I hope all of you kitties have a well deserved rest today !!!

  28. Happy Monday all.

    You know things might not by cheaper by the baker's dozen but they certainly are more fun!!
    You all know how to have a good time.
    Hugs Madi

  29. Miss Hello BatKitty you are an excellent roving reporter.
    Sylvester is quite the photogenic poser isn't he?

  30. Gee!! You cats really know how to PAAAAAWWWW-TEE!! I think we are going to move house...seriously...we live in such a boring house where there are never any pawtees...not even for Halloween (Mom says it is because Halloween isn't really celebrated here), but I say "Who cares? Let's pawtee anyway!!" But our old stick-in-the-mudd beans just don't do the pawtee stuff...but we do get lotsa treats and loving so maybe we won't move...yet... We're glad you had such a great time yesterday and are sorry we couldn't make it...Mom and Dad had us helping them do outside chores since the weather was so nice and, well, after, we were so pooped that we crashed after!! (We are seniors kitties afterall!) We loved all the pictures of you guys. We still (and always will) think you have THE BEST house!! Your beans look pretty cool, too! Love that red nose of your Dad's...and our Mom does the same thing as your Mom...yeah, wishful thinking, huh?! Lotsa purrs to all of you, Lautrec and Tiny and the Dog (aka Ellwood)

  31. Very nice reporting job, Hello Batkitty! We're glad everyone is doing ok today - we hope they all get lots of rest!

    Your friends, Fuzzy and Zoe

  32. Hilarious!! "Quit sniffin' my parts!" This post is totally cracking me up. Sounds like it was quite the shindig!

  33. Bummer!!! We missed the party! Looks like a good time was had by all!

    We wouldn't mind coming to stay with you while Meowm is gone either! Wish you were closer!

  34. You Lounge Kats sure know how to throw a party!! We had a great time!! Can't wait for the next one!!

  35. Oh no OH NOOOOOO I missed the party. How could Momma do this to me? I will never be invited again and it's all Momma fault. I am sorry I wasn't there Sylvester.If Momma had been a better Momma I would have.
    I am just heartbroken....

    Miss Gracie

  36. Your house is our favorite house to visit! And our mom is going crazy over your bat kitty!

  37. I love BatKitty! Looks like one great Halloween Pawty!

  38. Bet you all had a great Halloween. Hello BatKitty!


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