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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Spy Mission


Top Secret Spy Hugo reporting.

The Lounge Kats gave me a mission, seeing how I don't mind traveling...I snuck into The Mommy's bag and went to work with her!  The Kats have been curious as, well, cats to find out what she does all day.
Here I am...Mommy found me when she unpacked her fruit snax.  She was SO suprised!

But she thought it was a great idea to show me around. 
Here's where you sit to operate the water treatment plant.  Do you see the two mugs?  She's drinking on the job!  Coffee and hot chocolate...hee hee!

Look who's on Mommy's PC.
Tiny Johnson!

I'm learning the computer system, it's called SCADA.
 That's short for:
 Supervisory Control And Data Aquisition.

Here's the laboratory for water ananlyis. 
Do you see me?

I'm ready to work! 
This lab is just for the Operators and they only do a few analyses; there's a whole building next door that performs all the complex stuff.

Mommy works at two different plants. 
The view at this one is spectacular.
Way in the distance is The Strip, and further out the white speck is snow on Mount Charleston.

SCADA generated an alarm that an instrument wasn't performing correctly, so Mommy packed me and some portable lab stuff up and off we went.
Boy, I was glad for the lift; this place is BIG!

We had to go way down into the bowels of the plant...SIX flights of stairs.  That's another reason Mommy likes working here, it's a good work out. 
Here I am inspecting the analyzers!  I'm right in the center of the photo.

To make the water extra safe to drink, it's ozonated as part of the treatment process.
A good way to think of it is creating lightening in a bottle.  You know that smell after a thunderstorm?  That's ozone! 
I posed by one of the ozone generators for you to see.

Then Mommy took me around for a little tour. 
This is a section of a 72" diameter pipe.

 My mighty Hippo Weight held this check valve closed!
heh heh.

Now I'm ready to run the plant!

Kitties, Water Treatment is Fun.

Now all I need to do is go home and prepare a Full Report for the Lounge you think they'll be suprised at what their Mommy does?

Mission Accomplished!

Happy Saturday!
Stay tuned for tomorrow...

XX  Hugo the Spy


  1. Looks like an interesting job! And way more exciting than mine :)

  2. A fascinating tour and enjoyable especially with the commentary by Hugo!!!

  3. Thanks for showing us 'round Hugo! (Get it? Everything seemed to be round! MOL!) That was a fun and informative tour of where The Mommy works. We bet the Lounge cats enjoyed your report too!

  4. I didn't think that your Mommy's tour could be as interesting as your Daddy's tour yesterday, but I was WRONG (and that almost NEVER happens)!
    The Human thought it was very interesting to learn about all the water. In San Francisco, our water comes from Hetch Hetchy, which the Human says is somewhere in "Yo-sem-mit-tee" wherever that is. I don't know if there's a great big Water Station like the one your Mommy works at, and the Human is a little fuzzy about that too. We think the Hetch Hetchy water is real good; we are not sure we want our water to taste like ozone. Is that tasty?

  5. Oh how nicies! I wish that i's could gos with my human mom tew work! Wait my human mom works at home n i has tew snoopervise her work so does that count as goin tew work with her?

  6. Wow, This is really interesting job. Thanks Hugo to take us a tour but I just wonder if all of her cats do this tour, what is going to be ? ...heee...heee....must be fun !!!!

    Don't give me a look, Mom Trish. I'm just kidding : )

  7. The Katnip Lounge Mom sure has a cool job! We loved the tour! Thanks Hugo!

  8. Wow, dat place is HUGE! Where mom useta work da bilding was two blocks long, one block wide, had three floors, a basement and a sub-basement. When yoo went da three flights down and one block over yoo gots to pick up a try-sikle and ride it around da area where dey bilt da elektronik stuff (if yoo wanted and der was still one parked der). Mom sed she always gots a work out cuz she worked on da top floor on da north end of da bilding and da peepul dat she hadda deal wif worked on da furst floor on da south end of da wonder she is gaining wayte since she is home, she don't do dat much walking in a week now!

  9. What a pawesome and interesting place to work! That view is spectacular. Our mom likes scientific stuff too, even though she doesn't do it for work. That looks like a very technologically advanced water treatment plant.

  10. WOW! AWESOME! Yoo did a great job Hugo ~ or shud we call yoo 007!

  11. Hugo, thanks for taking us along to the Mommy's work place, that was most interesting. We bet the cats at home interviewed you for hours.
    Oh, and please tell Maui that I'm a leaf magnet too. Escpecially the tail furs. Thinking back, it all started in January 2009 - check out this video.
    Siena Snowfox

  12. Wow! A kitty could get lost there!

  13. What a great tour! Our mom thinks going up and down six flights of stairs multiple times a day would be a fabulous workout, no gym or treadmill or elliptical required. :-P

    Hugo, you're have an amazing adventure! We're not sure if you next stop can possibly top your visit to the Lounge!

  14. What an interesting day you had at work with Mommy! That is an awesome treatment plant. Everything looks so super clean and tidy too. The Kats are going to be glad to have your report, Hugo.

  15. Whoa! What a cool place to work. That was very interesting! Thanks for the tour, Hugo.

  16. Oh Hugo the pink hippo!!! Oh my goodness!! You make an incredible spy!! The CIA should snap you up and make you their Big Boss!!!! Me and Charlie are most impressed and in AWE.

    But look at what The Mummy of Katnip Lounge does!! WOW!!! How incredible!! The Mummy does very important and very complicated and very essential work in keeping waters safe and sound and drinkable!! Wow!! Look at those BIG pipes and valves and HUGE computer screens!! And The Mummy understands all of that - Yay!!!!!!

    We hope all the kitties at Katnip Lounge are as impressed with their amazing mum as we are!!!!

    Thank you lovely Hugo!! We have learned so so so much today. Take care

  17. Hugo, that was a great tour you gave us. The Mommy and the Daddy were very gracious to you, weren't they?

    My Mom thought her place of work with their 24 inch pipes was something, She got a look at the 72" one and her eyes rolled back in her head. But then, she didn't work where the water was treated for the City. She worked in a place that was like a small town in size and they needed lotsa lotsa water.

    Did you get a chance to run the Water Treatment Plant for awhile, Hugo? I hope so. Bet the water was purple in your honor.


  18. Wow, Hippo, that was a great tour. Thanks Mom for taking Hugo so we could see too. What fun that was. Sounds way to complicated to us. Hugo we sure have enjoyed your visit.
    Take care and have a fun day.

  19. Hugo - you would make a good roving reporter on the television news - your report was full of facts and interesting too.
    Will you become a "spokeshippo" on the news channel?

  20. That was cool! I just read about your kitties at PBU! Great post! I'm going to look forward to following!
    Have a great day!

  21. That is one big place that the Katnip Lounge's mommie works at. What an important job she has. Now that you have gone through the training at the plant do you think you will seek employment there?

  22. Wow. Your mom works in a very impressive looking place.

  23. The Mom is like the Grande Fromage around there!
    Looks like every day something different comes up to keep her on her toes!

  24. wow how cool is that! we love these!

  25. What fun Hugo posts; it looks like he is having a fabulous time in Las Vegas and of course, with all of you guys on the catio...We are trying to catch up with our wonderful friends on the weekends; our Mommy's new job, along with her part time one, makes it difficult to visit during the week now...We hope you all enjoy a fun weekend together, sweet friends...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  26. That was a great tour Hugo. Mum has a very important job doesn't she!!!

    We saw your feature on PBU today...very cool :-)

  27. Hugo, you sure get around! Everything at the treatment place sure is huge (and complicated!) We think the Lounge 13 will be surprised by what thier mom does all day.

  28. Thanks for this great tour Hugo the Hippo.
    I am glad you took us around your mom's hunting place.
    Have a bonk fun week-end!

  29. OH MY CATS AND HIPPOS...your mom is surrounded by is a wonder she even wants to look at a 'puter at home!!! We are in awe of Mom and what she does.
    Hugo you nearly lost me when you were sitting on the rail way up high...Holy Smoke.

    Hugs and happy Saturday,
    Madi and Mom

  30. That was a very, very interesting tour you took us on! Your Mom has a very important job, too!!
    We'll be looking forward to seeing more of your trips.
    ~ Napoleon

  31. Wow Hugo, you had quite the tour! I've seen our humans water our plants but that's the first water plant I've seen!

  32. Mom and I are in awe of where the Mom works and all those big puters. And you and the Mom were up so high. We thank you, Hugo for showing us where the Mom works.
    Thanks, Kassey

  33. No wonder my water is so delicious!!

  34. That was a very interesting tour Hugo. You did a very good job of holding the check valve closed.

  35. Wow, what an interesting tour! I'm glad you showed us around. I was really impressed with all of the valves and pipes and things that go whoosh! You are a great guide! Thanks, Hugo!


  36. Gasp! The Mommy MAKES water? Ours doesnt. Thats amazin...

  37. Hugo! That sure was fun!! Thanks for taking us on that tour. All the Lounge Kats are gonna be so jealous that you got to see where their mom works!!

  38. WOWIE!!! Hugo you are so exciting!! Thanks for sharing your adventures at the Katnip Lounge with us!!! And a plant that makes water!! COOL!!!!
    Your TX furiends

  39. Hugo,you did a super job showing the Lounge Mom's work place :) We hope you are enjoying your visit!! You have been to lots of places already since you got there ;)
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  40. Hugo, you are having such an amazing adventure! I would just love to be able to do what you are doing this week, but I'm guessing that it takes a special hippo to hide with the fruit snacks and get into the water treatment plant. You know if there was any cheese in that bag, I would have given myself away...but you Hugo, you are quite the quiet traveler. I you ever come to my place I'm going to have you follow my mom around and tell me what she's doing all day long when she should be home with us kitties!

  41. Hugo is having some terrific adventures! Awesome!
    xo Catherine

  42. We can't even begin to tell you how impurressed we are with the Katnip's mom's jobbie! Very cool place to work and we can't get over how clean it is! How lucky you were to go to work with her and thank you so much for sharing the pictures!

  43. Wow, your mom does some important work. You are lucky to get such a behind-the-scenes tour.

  44. Wowie, your momma's SCADA system is neato! Our mom knows what SCADA is! But the ones she's worked with monitor natural gas meters and systems, not water. Still, cool!

    Your friends, Fuzzy and Zoe


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