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Friday, November 12, 2010

Viva Las Vegas!


Hugo the Hippo here.

I did something really exciting today...I got to run around town with Mr. Crazypants! 
(The Mommy said I could call him that.) 

The Katnip Lounge house isn't actually in Las Vegas, it's in the City of Henderson, southeast of of the bright lights, big city.  In fact, their house is on the other side of a small mountain range called Calico Ridge.  You can't see The Strip at all from the Lounge!

Mr. Crazypants drove me up to the top of the mountain so I could see where we were going to go:
See The Strip on the upper right?

Here we go! 
:: on the road again::

We drove by this *gasp* V-E-T! 
hmmmm...I thought Kitties groomed themselves.
I'll have to research this.

This was a business trip, so we hit a few Salvation Army stores, looking for cassette tapes. 

 I helped pick out good ones for resale on eBay!
It's amazing what Humans will buy.

Finally, we rolled down to The Strip! 
Mr Crazypants took my picture with this famous sign.

And a close up! 

Cruising down The Strip... 
::Luck, be a Lady, tonight::

I got so excited I did the Little Purple Hippo Dance! 

This is my first time EVER playing video poker. 
I saved the pair of fours...always save a pair.

This time I saved the Queens! 
I have great strategy...

...but not such great cards. 
Hey!  Where's my winnings!?!

Oh, that's why they call it Gambling, not Sure Thinging.
(I'm glad I played with Mr. Crazypants' money!)

We had a fun day out, andI hear I'm going to have ANOTHER adventure tomorrow!
I can hardly wait.

Happy Friday,

Love, Hugo the Non-Gambling Hippo

Pee Ess:  The Florida Furkids were the first to comment and request me to visit them next...guess where I'm headed off to next...Sunny Florida!  It's great to be a Little Purple Hippo.


  1. You certainly are getting to see all the sights on your visit - so nice of the beans to take you on a road trip!

  2. That's one brave hippo. We hope one day he can pack his thermal underwear and come here

  3. You are having a great time in Las Vegas Hugo! That's so cool you got to go with Mr. Crazypants to the Strip! We are trying to figure out the grooming thing at the Cat vet. Maybe they have observation windows that people can come in and watch a cat groom.

  4. Wow, Hugo! Mr. Crazypants really gave you a good tour! My Human has never actually been to Sin City herself, though she has frequented to Tahoe/Reno area from time to time, though she is the Biggest Loser ever, and she don't mean of weight, either, cause that would be okay.

    She figures she might as well stay home and flush dollar bills down the toilet!

    We loved today's story! I can't wait till tomorrow!

  5. Your town looks interesting. Sort of cowboyish modern with all those low houses.

  6. WOAH!! Tell me, do they have bootiful dancing girl kitties in Vegas?

  7. Hi, Hugo,
    Our Mom and Dad visited Vegas for the first time this summer. They went to the light show but did not have enough time to go to the Strip. They did get to play Double Double Bonus like you for a little while at Sam's Town. Mom got a crappy hand and held a Jack. Then she got 4 4's on the draw! Amazing!
    Thanks for showing us some of the Strip.
    MamaCat & the FurryPurries
    Ozzy, Alice, Bootsie, Freckles, Lola, Dandelo, Honey & Pinkie

  8. Queens up usually loses, Hugo! Sorry...

  9. Hmm, is dat why mom and dad call it Lost Wages Nevada? Yoo make us wish we were little purrple hippos, Hugo, den we wouldn't mind traveling so much. It's good dat yoo share dis stuff wif us and are willing to go to places dat we would like to see but wouldn't be brave enuff to go.

  10. That was funs! It must be interesting to gamble... hmmmm! My mom says am too young!

  11. Wow Hugo, even my mum and dad who have been all over the world have never been to Vegas!

  12. We enjoyed watching yoor adventure. Mom said it was nice seeing Las Vegas again ~ its such a unique place.

  13. Wow, Hugo, you're having an amazing adventure! Careful you don't get addicted to gambling. MOL!

  14. My human keeps wondering if your humans ever read Corey Levitan's stuff in the Las Vegas Review Journal - because she and her boyfriend are longtime friends of his!

  15. What a wonderful outing you had, Hugo! I must say the V-E-T actually looks very nice. :) Have a good trip to Sunny Florida!

  16. Hugo, Mom and I are really enjoying your posts. How nice of Mr Crazypants to take you in to see the big city lights.

  17. Oh my Cod, Hugo, you got to go inside a real CASINO? That is very cool.

  18. That was a great trip to Las Vegas Hugo. Our mum said she thinks they went through Henderson last year when they visited the Hoover Dam, and they stopped in Boulder City for lunch.

  19. Hugo! You're a lucky little hippo going on such an adventure!

  20. Well Hugo you certainly is one very lucky hippo!!!
    Overseas trip soon??

    Thanks for sharing with us the lovely photos of Las Vegas!! :) Looks like an exciting city!

  21. You are one hip Hippo and a man about town...thanks for the wonderful tour!!!
    Happy Weekend and have fun in Florida...
    Madi and Mom

  22. WOW!!! Awwww Viva Las Vegas!! How lovely of Mr Crazypants to bring you to the big bright lights of this wonderful place - fantastic!!!

    Hugo you are the bestest most wonderful most pinkest travelled hippo on this planet!!!! You go to the bestest places!!!

    You looked like you had such fun too and you got to use Mr Crazypants' money to play with!! yay!!

    We love your little hippo jig!!

    Thank you for such a lovely tour of Viva Las Vegas!!! Take care

  23. Hugo, do you know how lucky you are? I want you to come visit me and my family but mom said it might be best if you waited until next spring because then you could garden with Jonesie and go on nice walkies with Grete. Enjoy your remaining time in Nevada and have a safe trip to Florida!

  24. Wow, what a busy day! I loved the hippo dance photo.

  25. Ha! Awesome! It was great that I finally know myself what that's like on the Strip! (I still have blisters.) Great Hippo tour!

  26. Hugo, you must be older than we thought! Don't you have to be 21 to be inside a casino? Looks like a great adventure in Vegas! Safe travels to Florida.

  27. What a week you've had Hugo!
    It's been great fun for us too.

    Scooby has been eating more canned food since our moms talked and his fur is already looking less dandruffy and oily.

  28. You will have a great time at the Florida Furkids house. Hope you have a good trip getting there Hugo.
    Thanks for that great tour of Las Vegas. It was fun to see all the scenery and you sitting there waiting for your winnings.
    Those are terrific pictures.
    Take care everyone and have a super week end.

  29. Cool! Our mom took the little tour on the double decker bus that brought them up and down the strip and all the way out to the 'Welcome' sign. She said it was awesome! But she was glad when it was over.

  30. Hugo, are you old enough to be gambling? Did you get carded? We are glad you got to see the Strip in Sin City!

  31. My goodness, the cat's and mommy and daddy at the Lounge have been excellent hosts, Hugo. Hope to see more of your adventures soon as you get to Florida.

  32. Hugo it looks as though you had a great day with Mr. Crazypants although we are sorry you didn't win the jackpot at the casino!

  33. Great fun Hugo, did you see Elvis???

  34. Haven't been there since 1978. *Gasp*
    Glad you had a hoot!

  35. times playing with the slots..."sure thinging!" is pretty funny.

  36. Hugo

    We understand what happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas....woo hoo....I bet you are havin lots of fun!

    Wave to us as you go by -- we're in Florida too.


  37. Another great day in Nevada! Wow!I didn't know you all collected the tapes. The folks here have some that are doing nothing. What types of tapes do you like? Let us know and I bet they will part with them.
    I must tell Hugo that it is the law to wear a seatbelt while riding in the car. Don't let the law catch you without one on.

  38. Hugo! what a great trip!!! thanks for sharing all those fantastic photos!!!

  39. Hey, Hugo! We thought was happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas! But now you've shown the whole innernets what you did! Haha!!

    Our mom says she's heard of Henderson because she watches CSI....

  40. Sorry you didn't win anything for Mr Crazypants. looks like you had fun.

  41. How fun! We aren't allowed to gamble :( but we guess that's really a good thing.

    Looks like you are having a great time there with the Lounge Cats. Loved the Purple Hippo Dance :). Can't wait to see tomorrow's adventure!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie

  42. Hugo - you are a great tour guide - what a fun day!!!

  43. Wow that hippo gets around! :-)

  44. Mom is doing the Little Purple Hippo Dance right now!

  45. Hugo, we saw the tour on the Mom's job. And now you go with Mr. Crazypants to Sin City. Now that was some tour. The purple hippo dance was cool.

  46. WHOA~!!! You got to go to Vegas??? we know that what happens in Vegas...stays in Vegas!


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