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Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Q & A, and Other Stuff


Today we need to take care of  Very Important Business, namely answering some of your questions from our comments!

Milo and Alfie wondered what color Felix's Cranky Pants are.
All we ever see is his Regular Ornj color.  That way he can keep us guessing whether he's cranky or not.
Felix is pretty diabolical.

Rene, the Mom of Tucker, Benny & Sadie wanted to know where we got our Beatles bed:
It's a fleece fabric bed-cover Mommy sewed to fit over a box top.  She got the fabric on eBay last winter, but   it's prolly still available.  We have a Yellow Submarine themed cover, too!

Cory wondered if we have any cheese in the refrigerator.  YES we do!  Not Tillamook, but it IS extra-sharp cheddar, white Irish cheddar in fact!

Many of you commented on Daddy taking away Mister Hopper from Felix.
Kitties, Hoppers that large are bitter and they make you FOAM!  So they have great toy value, and scaring the pants offa Mommy value, but they make lousy snax.  Unfortunately, we never remember that until AFTER the foaming starts.  Hence the Hopper removal service from Daddy.

Mommy was OK with hoppers until a few summers ago.  She was working the afternoon shift and when she went out to do plant inspection, there were literally THOUSANDS of 'em all over!  The big huge ones.  Locusts.   It was a bumper crop year for hoppers.
They have given her the Heebie-Jeebies ever since.
Shaggy, Scooby & Scout, Mommy will gladly use your Dad's hockey stick to ded any and all hoppers in her vicinity.

We got our toy order from Nip and Bones!
Kitties, you need to shop there.  SRSLY.  Baby Patches and her Mom have great things in their store.

Lastly, our pals Au and Target's Mom has a new book out!
The title is "Blackmail Bride", and a portion of the sales is going to help our furry friends.

Here's a link:
It's in Kindle, B&N and Sony ebook format as well as PDF. Check out the blurb and first chapter at our blog 10% goes to Friends Furry Farm, a no kill animal sanctuary.

Now we have a question for you...Maui's gotcha day is Christmas, so we thought we'd move the pawty to Monday, 12/20...does that work for y'all?

You know that AnyCat is welcome anytime to come over and play!
And eat snax!

Happy Friday!

XX  Lounge Kats


  1. Oh My Cod--Look at that pawsome paint job on your new play structure! Want, want, WANT! My Human is sooooo boring. Not to mention lazy.

  2. We love the colors of your new bookcase condo! So cool! We like the answers to the questions too. We didn't know we wondered that stuff until we read the answers. We'll be ready for Maui's pawty any time!

  3. We think Dec 20th is great for a gotcha party for the Maui and we'll be there! However, we also think you have to have a tiny little party on the day itself just in case we forget such an important day. After all, you have plenty of nip to go round, hehehehe. Can you make sure that there's loads of space on the bookshelves for us, and that a store of hoppers. We are not sure about the foaming bit but we'd love to chase them round, they sound ace.

  4. Oh no, that is sad news about the grasshoppers making kitty mouths foam - I was all ready to go hunt one down for a (big!) tasty snack! I do like the paint job on the bookcase, though! What a pawsome addition to the Catio! December 20 works okay for me.

  5. Yes--we will be writing about Au and Target's mom's new book too! It is fantastic that you can read a free chapter.

  6. Thanks for all the A's to our Q's! Our gotcha day (#6) is Christmas eve. It's a great time of year to be gotcha'd.

  7. The new painted bookcase is fabalous!!!

  8. We love that multi-coloured bookcase condo.
    Captain Jack Sparrow HAWK's gotcha day is the same as Maui but we won't have a party. We'll come to your party.

  9. Oh, we is up fur a party anytime! We do love yoor know bookshelf climby toy. We don't ever worry about Zippy putting on her cranky pants 'cuz she never takes dem off.

  10. Simba says we don't get hoppers like that. He said that is definitely good cause otherwise mummy would do some seriously stoopid dancing and screeeeaming and it would be so very very embarressing for everyone else! Good idea to move the Gotcha day. Much more special if it doesn't clash with Christmas. AND you get two parties then hee he

  11. Whoohoo! Thanks for the mention! It's pawsome.

    We want to party all the time; except for Au who is a bit grumpy. But that book case would cheer him up in a second.

  12. What great Q&A!!!! Yay for Felix and his tranparent crankypants!!! LOL!

    But my goodness one locust is ok but a whole swarm of them - and all of them that hummungus size - is just a horror film! Yay for your dad taking that big Locust out!

    Awwwww we would love to attend sweet Maui's Gotcha Day on the 20th!! Thank you for the invite!! That's gonna be so much fun!!!

    We are now going to check out Au and Target's book link!!!

    Take care

  13. harley has decided that he officially wants to become a lounge cat.
    you guys have the most amazing scratchy towers and play things.
    ooo, another gotcha day! we're in!


  14. Thanks for answering questions, that was very interesting! We think Baby Patches' store is awesome because our freeze-dried snacks come from there.

  15. You all have such wonderful and creative toys and treats there! How lucky you are!
    It's purrrfect!
    purrs and love

  16. Morning to my fave 13!!!
    Great Q&A!!! Mom said she would have needed CPR if she was in a room with that many hoppers.

    Dec 20 is marked in red on a calendar!!!
    Hugs and Happy Hopper Hunting,
    Madi and Mom

  17. WOW! Where did Felix get his INVISIBLE cranky pants from ~ we want some!

    AND we think the paint job on yoor noo climbing book case is AWESOME! Yoor dad is SO talented!!!

    AND .. we were wondering ... are yoo up for a challenge? We'd love to see a Katnip Lounge header pic wiv ALL the kitties in it at the same time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That would be REALLY AWESOME!

  18. Thanks for letting us know about the hoppers. I think we'd be having nightmares if we saw as many as your mom saw. Yikes!!! I'll stick with cheese as a snack.

    We'll definitely be there for Maui's party! know every kitty in the CB wants to play in your catio!

  19. It is so cool that Felix found invisible crankypants. For some reason EVERYONE knows when I have my crazypants on. Your paintjob looks PAWESOME!!!!

  20. We are looking forward to Maui's party and have made a note of the date so we don't miss it. Suddenly those hoppers don't sound so enjoyable as they did before!! We don't fancy foaming at the mouth. Did Felix get his invisible creankypants off ebay?

  21. Great Q & A today! Mommy just loves your Catio!!! Hmmm covering the box with fabric, what a great idea!

  22. Wow, what a fabulous room you have there! Very colorful!!

  23. Love the colors on the bookshelf! Thanks for telling us about the bitter hopper...that doesn't sound tasty at all!

  24. Wow, your painted book shelf looks fantastic!!! Just when I think the catio is finished, something new pops up :-) We think a part on the 20 would be great...looking forward to it!

  25. Thank you for answering my question! I will check eBay for Beatles fabric. I know Walmart used to carry some but I've never found any in the stores around here. Putting it over a box is clever.

    Dec 20 sounds like a great party day. Maui should have her own day for a party. :-)

  26. Yes, we are in favor of you moving Maui's day to the 20th......that way he won't get lost in the celebration of Christmas.

    We loved learning more about y'all.


  27. Your book case looks AWESOME! I love the colours! I can see how your Mum wants to ded any hoppers she see after that scare!
    I can't wait to attend the pawty!!!!!

  28. WOW your finished bookcase is awesome! What a happy place the Catio is! We guess on the party day you will find our how many kitties it will hold before total collapse!

    Mom loves some writer guy named Stephen King and said your locust story could be right out of the pages of one of his books. Our mom would have nightmares for decades!

  29. I have MY cranky pants on. But don't let Rupert read why. I would be embarrassed. I want to keep his regard and love.

    I love Nip and Bones shop and I have some freeze dried chicken treats from Baby Patches too. And my Nip nanner and Plague ratsie came from her too.

    Love and hugs to Rupert and I could do with an ear wash..hint.

  30. Bugs that make you foam are No Good, so we guess we're glad Daddy took it away. It would probably still make us cranky, though. Our mom will be abandoning us early for Christmas this year - her mom's 70th birthday is the 20th, so she and her brother have decided to go to their mom's house for that instead of Christmas. So, since we'll be home alone, we can teleport over for Maui's party! We won't be typing anything, though, cuz then our mom would know we teleported and we'd get in bad trouble.

  31. Good things to know about you guys!
    Chester says that he is ready to pawty with Maui any day!

  32. Dear Mom Kat. Rupert's here with the Travel Cat Spa..he'll get in the flying box and be home in the morning, Tell Kona Kitty and everyone else not to wait up. You know...amo, amas, amat? wink wink nod nod.

  33. Great answers to great questions! I will celebrate Maui's special day anytime at all, but the 20th works for me too!

  34. We all love your new bookcase. We also like to read answers to the questions. That would be something fun to read every week!
    Happy Friday!
    ~ Anna Sue

  35. How the HECK do you have so many & not have cat pee everywhere??? I'd have more than what I do if I could solve this problem!!! As a foster mom for two Bengals who must remain separated from each other as well as everyone else, and mom to three of my own I can assure you I'm fed up with this issue. So that's my question! :)


  36. Now that paint job for your cat-bookcase is more like what we were expecting. :)

    And grashoppers everywhere would freak out my hoomin out too. I, however, would have a ball trying to catch them. Hehehe!

  37. Thanks for answering all those interesting questions -- especially about the hopper. Now I understand.

    The new cat climbing shelves look marvelous all painted. Now they fit in with everything else that is so colourful in the Katnip Lounge. Some cat magazine should do a spread on you or something!

    Of course, anytime you have a party, my 3-Ds will be right over!

  38. Great answers to all the questions. Love the part about Felix's cranky pants. They are orange. Or does he change them. Dec. 20th is purrfect for Maui's gotcha day. Hope Maui doesn't mind. We will sure be there. Sorry we are so late, Mom had to go help a friend of hers. Have a great evening.

  39. Those answers were interesting to us. We are glad that our hoppers don't get big and give us foamy mouths. We like to catch them in the summer and they are nice and crunchy. Toads and frogs give us foamy mouths though. They taste icky! We will be there for Maui's party.

  40. We just love the catio, Mom asked how your Mom and Dad kept it so clean. It's positively pawsome!Party on the 20th...checking calender ... yep we'll be it marked.


    *kiss kiss to my sweet Sylvester*

  41. the paint looks fantastic on the shelves! Great job!
    Thanks for the answers to those wonderful questions!
    I didn't know about the foaming....ewwwwwww!!!!

  42. Thanks for answers to those questions! Our mom freaks a little when she sees hoppers...or bugs in general...she woulda passed out if she saw all those hoppers like your mom did!!

    Hey, somebuddy painted the big bookcase!! Those are great colors!!

    We got our toy order into Nip and Bones too!! Zoey's getting a new bed too!

    We're cool with December 20 for Maui's party...we can't wait!!


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