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Thursday, December 30, 2010

This and That Thursday


CC here, your host for This-n-That Thursday.

Let's see...what's new around here.

Danielle wrote us how to update our blogroll really quickly using our Reader.  WOW!  It worked great!  Please check and see if you're on there now.

Today starts Mommy's silly schedule, so our commenting opportunities are gonna be limited.  Sandy Claws didn't bring us any thumbs for Catsmas so we're still sorta dependent on her for for typing.

Hey!  Did y'all see our post  yesterday?  
We were bribed with snax to get the shot, and Mommy ran around tossing Cats to get us all in the frame.  
Here's a couple outtakes:

Priming the pumps.

Cat Tossing!

And we got an Award for our hard work from Amy & The House of Cats!

Thank You SO much!  What FUN!

We had LOTS of fun questions from all of you in our comments the other day!  Mommy printed them out and we got 'em all organized and sorted and color-coded and stuff.  There were so many, we're gonna start a new feature called "You're Asking For It!" once a week.

And here's the BIGBigbig news:
Sweet Dreams of Love.

I might have a LadyCat friend!

I'm so excited!  She's a little older than me, from the land of Oz, and she has a beautiful black coat.
Can you guess who it might be?

I think she wants to get to know me a little better, so I thought I'd better submit my CV:
Room for Two!

All About CC:

1.  I'm almost 4 (years)
2.  I'm Ginger and White, with a bullseye on each side, and I keep my furs spotless.  Also my spot #13.
3.  I'm Super Duper soft and plush
4.  I get along great and play with everybody!  Even Felix plays "Chase" with me.  Sometimes.
5.  I love to cuddle
6.  I'm Royal!  Mommy calls me Prince Not-so-Bright.
7.  I caught a birdy once!
8.  I love HAM, too
9.  I love a firm butt-spanking
10.  My purr sounds like a diesel train

Me, as a kitten with my Brofur Scouty.

Gosh, I sure hope Huffle my potential LadyCat likes me...

Happy Thursday!



  1. To get all of you in a picture, we think any bribes are OK!

  2. You get treats to pose, we get nothing, pic after stupd pic and we get nothing. Do you have room for me over there, I want to move in with you guys. Huffle is a sweetie.

  3. Congratulations on your award! We loved what your person went through to get you all in one shot!

  4. Congratulations on your award! We assumed there had to be some cat-tossing and bribery to get you all in one photo at the same time, but it obviously worked!

    We can't guess who your potential ladycat might be, CC, but we're sure she'll fall for you in a hearbeat!

  5. You guys certainly earned that award, letting your human toss you around like that.

    I did not even think of asking for thumbs for Christmas. I will have to remember that for next year.

  6. Cat tossing AND bribery! Now that's dedication! Huffle is a real beauty...and a great cat! CC I hope she returns your love.

    You know Bennette is still sweet on Sylvester...she won't admit it but I catch her looking at your blog.

  7. HOLLY COD ...From a couple outtakes photos, my mom is so glad to have just only me ! ...she didn't even know how to deal with one CONGRATULATION for an award !!!!

    CC. you just a big teaser !!!! Who it might be ? ... I might come back later cause now I got the home work !!!!


  8. Ahh treats, they do bring everyone together!

    Hey... waitasecond... not MY sweet Huffle? *wounded look*

  9. Hee hee! love the cat tossing out takes :D

    CC, your Ladycat friend ;) would be a crazycat not to like you! You may have to fight for her tho...

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  10. Prince not so bright? It's a good thing you have your looks!

  11. I love the outtakes. Cat tossing! Heehee.

    Can't wait to read the question feature :)

    P.S. CC, you are quite the catch. Huffle's a lucky gal.

  12. Cat tossing!!!! Oh no. Noooooooooo Mum MuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuUUUUUUUUUUuuuummmm

  13. Outtakes are fun! Treats are a huge motivator!

    That's a great award -- 13 cats in one shot is no small feat, even with the help of said treats.

    And Huffle has a couple of you under her paw, apparently; we saw Rumbles' comment!

    BTW, the mom says thanks to your mom for her comments re: Annie. She's not at death's door, obviously. She was tearing around the house in the middle of the night with her fluffy "ball," acting like she was 3 years old. But she's so thin and wasted-looking....It would be nice if a change in food would do the trick, even to carb-y-kibble. The mom would feed her whatever she had to, to fatten her up (if possible), so she says whatever works for KonaKitty is good! Anyway, we'll see what the v-e-t says, what the UA results are. The mom would be more surprised if there *wasn't* a kidney problem. She'll update later today or tomorrow on her Musings blog. *Thank you* for the support; it means a great deal.

  14. We think Huffle, erm ... we mean yoor potential ladycat, is gonna LOVE yoo!

  15. Good luck... Huffle..umm.. the ladycat would be a wonderful girlfriend for you.

  16. Awe im sure your lady friend will like you.. my mom is embarassed, but wants me to ask what blogroll is? :P

  17. Awww Beautiful and ever so kinky CC!!! Me and Charlie think you have a thoroughly amazing CV!! Your soon to be potential lady kitty friend should be most impressed!!! You are just perfect and perfectly adorable!!!!!

    Yay for your mum getting an award for her sterling efforts to get all you fabulous 13 kitties in one shot!! What a STAR!!!

    Have a fabulous day - and please do let us now if your Potential Beloved capitulated under such supreme CC cuteness!!!! take care

  18. Oh man. Why didn't we think of asking for thumbs?!?!?!

  19. Mommy can't get all five of uSSSS in one picture....wait....we are in one picture our PTUs!!!

    Love all the pictures!

  20. Huffle is a lovely ladycat. CC, you are like me, I like a good spanking too. It is nearly as good as nip.
    We thought there must have been a bit of bribery going on yesterday.

  21. I can't imagine how she couldn't love you!!

  22. Congratulations on the award. That was quite a feat to get them all together. Like I said, that is going to be a challenge for us but not to worry, it probably won't work because most of us stay outside. But that was a super picture. We just don't know who the lady cat might be. Take care.

  23. CC, we can't imagine, we mean your LadyCat, wouldn't love you!! And we love that she's going for a younger mancat!!

  24. Hi CC!!! Please tell your Mom THANK YOU so much for adding us to your Blog Roll!
    Soooo happy you may have a girlfriend! Hubba, hubba!!
    Can't wait for the new feature in your blog, answering all the questions! That will be the best!!
    Happy New Year to ALL of you from ALL of us! xoxoxo

  25. We were wondering how they got you all into one picture. lol now we know, and congrats on the lady friend :) hope it works out.

  26. I loved the outtakes and who wouldn't love to love on you CC!

  27. What lady cat could turn down qualifications like that unless she is looking for a male cat with thumbs.

  28. Sweet, CC, how could Huffle not totally LOVE you????? We know you will win her heart......and we have to applaud your excellent choice as she's a true beauty.

  29. Hi CC - was nice to see you today. You are one very handsome cat, so I'm sure all the ladies will be flocking in your direction. If I were a ladycar, I'd sure be knocking at your door. Sounds like you have some good plans for the blog for 2011. Can't wait to see what all is going to be happening.

  30. Goodness, she'd be crazy not to like you! And congrats on the 13 in One Picture! How is your weather today? I'm iced out right now up here in the Seattle area, waiting for meltoff and being cranky about it. : )

  31. What fun to see the out takes. Great award, not too many others will ever get that one!

  32. Oh CC, you and Miss Huffle might be a couple? That's GREAT!!! She's very beautiful and sweet, and we bet her accent will drive you WILD!!

  33. Your outtakes were funny! We wondered what all went on to get a photo of the whole lounge! We don't see how Huffle could not find you adorable CC cause we all do!

  34. Hi CC! We bet that was kinda fun yesterday, all of you getting treats and tossed (gently) around.

    We hope your lady friend returns your affections!!!

  35. CC, we think yoor "potenchul lady cat" can't help but be imprest. Speedy like a good butt whaking too. Cat tossing, well, as long as yoor mom was gentle. Oh, and Sadie wants to know if any of da single mancats der are intrested in a older (10 yrs) lady cat wearing a tuxedo dress? We think maybe she is giving up on being da blogosphere flirt since Rocky's passing. She sez 10 is a good age to start thinking of settleing down...or not.

  36. WE think that even using treats and cat tossing it is impressive to have all 13 cats in one picture - because even with treats and tossing 6 is tough here! WE lucked into it once by accident and a good camera angle, but yep, even with treats it is highly unlikely.

    And CC your ladycat friend would be crazy not to fall for you! And don't worry about Rumbles - he is a total ladyscat - he loves all the ladycats so we think if your ladycat friend is looking for more of a one ladycat guy you are the perfect choice! And Rumbles will take it ok - he can still look even if she is your girlfriend, and he still has a lot of other ladies in the CB!

  37. CC
    We know your ladycat adore you just like I do Sylvester!
    We loved the outtakes on the photo session and CONCATS on the award, you definitely deserved it.

    *kitty kisses*

  38. Hi CC you have excellent taste in women...however you will need a magic carpet to get to from her house or you'll miss your curfew...

  39. ♫ Huffle and CC, sitting in a tree... ♫♫

    I think you two would be a wonderful couple!

  40. I don't see how any ladycat could not like you!

  41. Huffle Puff is one of my dearest friends you two would be cute together.

  42. All kitties together...and you make it look so easy! If only we could say the same - the best we've done is 3 and even that didn't work for long.

  43. You sound irresistible, esp with that butt spanking thing which Au loves too.

    Happy New Year to all of you! May 2011 be everything you wish for.

  44. Cat tossing might be illegal...just saying :-)

    Huffle is a lucky ladycat to have such a wonderful suitor as CC!!!

  45. Oh CC, I am blushing! It's taken me ages to get mum off the computer so I can have my turn, so I'm a bit late, but I think your CV is perfect. Do you want to read mine?

  46. Oh man, a potential kitty romance, *sigh*. How romantical!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  47. Stopping by from Huffle's blog. Boy you cats are very spoiled. You have quite the set-up and lounge. Totally Awesome.

  48. The green eyed monster is stirring:

  49. Wow! This is my first time to your blog and I am IMPRESSED with your kitty room. Your cats are beautiful (all 13) and seem very happy. Thanks for taking such good care of them. I'm a kitty mom, but I only have one.

  50. Romance is in the air!!! We like!!!!

    ~Slash & Bronzy

  51. CC, your list of qualifications is quite impressive and you'd be one lucky Mancat to have the beautiful Huffle Mawson interested in you!

  52. Awww we love the romance blossoming! We think you have an great CV!!!

  53. Concats, big fella.
    Just don't mess with Poppy Q. I have dibs on her.


Oh Boy...this is gonna be GREAT!