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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Exciting News!


FrankenKitty Tiny Johnson here.

Thank you SO much for all your purrs and get well wishes.
I'm feeling a whole lot better today.  I slept all night with Daddy, and I left my drain tubes alone so no lampshade for me!  Mommy combed my ruff this morning and sponged the ick out of it.
It was so nice and warm this afternoon on the Catio, I hung out in the sunshine and had a nice beam bath.
Do you see the nood spot on my arm?  Not only did I get turned into FrankenKitty yesterday, the Vet STOLE my furs!

I was a little bit embarrassed to do a close up...

But Mommy said I should show y'all how good I'm healing. 
My skin is patterned!  Of course I already knew this but it was a surprise for Mommy.

OK!  Enough pictures! 
Me and the rest of the Lounge Kats are headed over to Gracie's today for a Party!
I need a couple Niptinis and pretty Nurses...any takers?


Guess who Mommy is having coffee with in the morning?

FIN'S Mom!!!

She's all excited.  In fact, we bet she'll never even notice we've left for Gracie's house...

Happy Saturday!
Thank You again for all your purrs, they really helped me a lot.

XX  Johnny


  1. Oh! Maybe your middle name is Penrose? We are glad you got lots of snuggle time in and no 'party hat' aka lampshade, too!

  2. Hello Johnny Boy!
    We are pleased to hear that you are much better!
    We will see you at Gracies!

  3. Ah Tiny, purrs to feeling better!!

    Mom's excited too!

  4. Johnny, That's some kind of miracle ! you heal so quick. My mom and me feel release : )

    And thanks to let's us know about Mad Catter Birthday Party. I see you there !
    Please Take Care

  5. I am glad you are doing well. Isn't it exciting for our humans when they get to meet?!

  6. Mr. TJ, we're so glad to hear that you're feeling better. We were very worried about you. We've already been over to Gracie's, but we had to come check on you! Purrs!

    Your friends, Fuzzy and Zoe

    P.S. I like to chase my little sister, too! But it's only to play - we don't fight, and she likes it when I chase her, honest! Ask my mom! Love, Fuzzy

  7. That is fantastic news! I'm so happy to read that you're on the mend and that you didn't need the lampshade...Have a great time at Gracie's birthday party! :)

  8. Glad you had a good night's sleep with your Pop, Johnny. You look like you are on the mend. Good job not itching that drain hose. xoxo

  9. Great news that you're healing all up and don't have to wear a lampshade! We hope you have a fun time at Gracie's party!

  10. Hi, Johnny, I heard from Admiral about you and was getting ready to come over, when all of a sudden I saw ya'll following ME! Well, we are tickled pink, I tell ya, and we are following you guys, too. When we came to your door, our eyes got bigger and bigger and then we started grinnin' and grinnin' and we were IN LOVE with your place. What a mansion! And 13 of you, too! There used to be 9 of us and we know there's never too many, right? The more the merrier we always say :D See you soon! Sending mega head bonks.

  11. Holy smoke, I forgot to say what I came for to begin with. I wanted to say that we are SO happy that you are recovering and feeling so much better!

  12. Johnny, my man! You're looking simply mah-vellous. The Human and I are so impressed with how brave you are being about that Giant Tube of Horror in your beautiful head. You are such a good boy not to be bothering the GToH. I think you need lots of delectable fudz and comfy naps and special attention from Mom & Dad. And I think there's a pretty good chance you'll be getting all of that!

  13. Fantastic healing powers, Johnny-boy. Stran-veli had a lamp for about 2 hours after he had his eye removed but he was so well-behaved Äiti took it off as he didn't like it. He tried to scratch once and Äiti said no, and he obeyed - never touched the scar again. Your skin is so lovely and you are healing so so well- we are really happy. But we'll keep purring anyway.

  14. Wow Johnny, you really ARE frankenkitty! I am glad you are leaving all the vet's work alone, otherwise you'd be even more frightening looking!

    My human is envious that your human is having coffee with Fin's human. She keeps wanting to go to Las Vegas to see the Popovich Family Circus (with the trained cats) and visit her friends who are about to become parents for the first time. And she was hoping to maybe meet your human or Fin's too! But she hasn't been able to work it into her schedule yet.

  15. Glad to see you are feeling better. You will be the centre of attention showing off your bravery patch on your leggypeg xx

  16. Those drains aren't very pretty, are they? But I can tell you are feeling MUCH better! Abscesses are No Good. Mom tells me they used to have problems with them with Smudge, their first kitty. He was an outside cat and tangled with some other cat(s). His abscesses were on his neck, and less obvious, hidden more beneath his fur. Mom and I are glad you go the vet attention promptly so you can get better.

    See you at Gracie's party!

  17. I hopes that you gets better! Have lots of fun at the party!

    Cool! Your mom gets to meet Fin's mom!!!!

  18. Whoops! We think we just lost our comment! We'll type it again!

    Fank goodness the healing purrs are werking ~ yoo had us worried for a minute! Let's go party at Gracie's.

  19. We're glad you're getting better, Johnny! That drain tube looks pretty scary to us, though. Continued purrs and universal Light!

    We bet your mom and Fin's mom will have a great time, maybe we'll get an update in another post. And pics.

    Anyway, we'll see you all over at Gracie's!

  20. Oh goodness, your ouchie is looking so much better! You are very good not to bother that drain; I think I would rub and rub and rub on it until I got to wear a lampshade on my head.

  21. Oh my Cod! What an uber brave mancat you are! We are adding lots of get well purrs to the throng. I had an itty bitty abscess on my chin and that was crapola, you're very tough to deal with such a big one. Warwounds are good for impressing the ladycats... ;)


  22. Wow..I am wicked impurrest with your good spirits, my friend! So glad all the healing purrayers and purrs worked! Continued healing and howdies from Julie to your mom and Fin's! We'll be dropping in at Gracie's later this evening. Hope to see you there!


  23. Oh Mr Johnson!!!! Me and Charlie are super glad that you are feeling better!! Oh but that tube thing does look so painful!!! We are sending your tons and tons of purrs and hugs!! Please get better, rest, nap, have extra treats and take things easy!!!

    Yay that your mum is seeing Fin's mum!! How exciting!! We hope she has a fabulous time!!

    Enjoy Gracie's party - sounds excellent!!! Take care

  24. No cone of shame for you!!
    wow you are a good kitty!

  25. Johnny! What an excellent boy you are not to rub and scratch at the drain tube. Rupert and all of the man cats I know said it was OK to come over and be your nursie. I hope your ouchie is not hurting and that you're all better now. xoxox

  26. We are glad you are feeling better and being good about not scratching your Frankenstein tubes. We hope your mum and Fin's mum have a good old chin wag over a cup of coffee, (or maybe a glass of wine.)

  27. we are so glad you are healing! we just caught up on what happened. We are so sorry about your face, but it looks like the vet did a good job! we are surprised that they put a drain in though... most vets don't because cats HATE drains.

  28. I'm so glad you are feeling some better! Tell HH we said howdy!

  29. Johnny you look so much better today - we'll see you all later at Gracies. You are such a brave mancat not to be hiding in a corner.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  30. Johnny, did you get any offers of pretty lady cat nurses to come take care of you? My momma Ellie is the best nurse around and I'm sure you could meow nicely and she'd come lick your head until it's all better.

    How fun that your mom is meeting up with Fin's mom. My mom would just love to be there.

  31. So glad you are feeling better!
    xo Catherine

  32. glad your doing okay well keep sending purrs till your all healed up

  33. Well Tiny, we sure are glad you are feeling so much better. Probably all the snuggling with Dad last night. Sorry you have to have a tube in your head. But at least it will drain all that icky stuff out of there.
    What fun that your Mom is having coffee with Fin's Mom. That is so great. Can't wait to hear all about it.
    Take care and feel better Tiny Johnson

  34. YAY, Johnny, we're so pleased you're doing so well........we will keep you in our purrayers until you are 100% again.

    How cool that your mom and Fin's mom are having coffee together!!!!!

    Love to all of you.

  35. Oh Johnny - we are so happy you are doing okay. Dat looks like quite a big owie on your bootiful face too. More purrs for continued healing. purrrrrrrrrrrrr

  36. Sweet Johnny we are so glad to hear that you are on the mend!!!

  37. So glad you are doing well. That is healing nicely. You will feel even better when the drain comes out.. See you at the party.. Hugs GJ xx

  38. Ouch that looks sore! Hope you feel better soon Johnny!

  39. Keep up the good work, pal!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  40. Johnny
    We are all so glad to see how good (well you always look good!!) your owie is healing. *whew* That was a close call and we are glad that all will end well. We can't wait to hear how your Mom visit with Fin's Mom goes!


  41. Tiny Johnson, I am so glad you are doing much better. In the picture, you look so relaxed. And don't worry, your fur will grow back soon :-)

  42. Hi Johnny! We're so glad you are doing better today. And we like your patterned skin! How cool!

    And double-cool that your mom is getting together with Fin's mom! Our mom would love to be there too!!

    We'll see you at Gracie's!!

  43. Thank cod you are feeling better! Once that drain comes out, you should replace it with a way cool piercing to show what a tough dude you are Johnny!

  44. Oh my goodness! We must have missed what happened. We're going to go check your blog right now but that drain looks crazy! We're just glad that you're doing better!

  45. What a good boy is Johnny -- leaving his tube alone! He will heal all the quicker that way. I bet he's feeling so much better already with the infection drained and all.

    We're still purring for you to be 100 PURR Cent better!

  46. Dear Johnny, you are a great and brave mancat, and you do look like a fierce tiger too
    Get better soon!!


  47. Johnny, you look so much better! We're glad you're doing better, and now you'll have some manly battle scars to brag about too.

  48. We are so glad you are doing better, and did not have to wear the lampshade!
    ~ The Bunch!


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