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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Extra! Extra!


Felix here, reporting on HUGE developments at the Lounge! 
Our Mommy and Fin's Mom met for coffee Saturday morning, and Mommy had a super fun time!
Mommy came home pretty amped from a big cup of hi-test...and talking non-stop for two hours...

Johnny gets his drain tubes out today and soon he'll look like this again! 

Although THIS is how we think he prefers us to see him:
Thank You Mr. Puddy for the FANTASTIC Graphic!!!
We're gonna ask Johnny where he got his sword, we all want one too, or at least a spear or something.

The dryer repairman came!

Scouty and CC snuggled!

and Rupert had a little too much nip! 

Oh, and Kitties...Henry the Stray has been coming in to eat earlier in the day, and we have lots more pictures!
More on that tomorrow...

Happy Sunday!

XX  Felix

Pee Ess:  Sylvester's advice to the Kitty who is unsure about having a GirlfriendCat:
See if she want to be exclusive, perhaps she doesn't mind sharing.
You could have a Harem, that way you can love lots of LadyCats, I know you have LOTS of love in you. 

 Us big Tuxie Boys just are Love in a Cat Suit.

Or, you could just say your Mom thinks you're too young.  That might be easier!


  1. Wow, there is LOTS happening at your place! All that is going on here is that my human is prepping her 2010 business taxes and Binga is hogging all THAT fun. I love the graphic of Johnny, the 13th Warrior!!

  2. What a day! We bet it was tons of fun to meet another blogger! And we absolutely LOVE the graphic Mr. Puddy made for you! He is just the sweetest boy. :) And the photo of CC and Scouty - just too precious. AND Miss The Baby getting her dryer fixed - what could be better!? AND Felix looks super in his bow tie... and gosh, what else? Rupert looks crazypants (trademarked by the Katnip Lounge Mom!). And good news about Henry. And (we think this is the end), nice of Mr. Sylvester to be the Dear Abby of the CB. :D

  3. I just love Johnny's warrior graphic, I hope he is healing quickly and is able to get the tube out soon!

    Felix is sporting a very dapper bow tie, he reminds me so much of Archie :-)

  4. he he - you are so right. We tuxie boys are love in a cat suit.

  5. Wow! What a day! I am glad your person had such fun meeting Fin's mom!

  6. What a big day at the Lounge! We like Johnny's graphic too but are glad he'll be back to his untubed self soon. Can't wait to see pictures of the 14th kitty, uh, we mean Henry!

  7. Johnny, Thanks Cod ! You took the tube out today
    Purrs still continuing for your healing !
    And Using the Nip Sward should turns FrankenKitty to be friend : )

    Sylvester , Your advice is cool !

    Have a great Sunday !!!

  8. Wow, what a big day! Good advice Sylvester. What do dey call a lady cats harem? A himem? Sadie wants to know...

  9. Nothing but great news! Thanks for the updates, Felix. We hope you all have a great Sunday!

    The Chans

  10. What a news day! It feels like it was Christmas again in the Katnip Lounge! We are glad Warrior TJ is healing so well. Äiti likes the snuggle picture loads: Scouty and CC look great. And Sylvester, as you spent so much time in that awful prison at the vet listening to everyone, did you learn the art of counselling and therapy ? You could charge for your professional advice ? Hehehe.

  11. Felix, Annie thinks you look *so* dapper in your bow tie. Wow, clothes do make the mancat!

    We're glad Johnny is doing well; that's a pawsome graphic. We'd love to have swords too, but the mom says over her dead body...which we guess it might be, if we actually had swords. (Unintentionally, of course!)

    We're also thrilled your mom and Fin's mom had a great time! What fun to actually meet face-to-face!

    Oh, and any chance Henry eventually will be #14 at the Lounge?

  12. Finny is one of my best friends! I hope your mum and her mum had a great time together.

    Where can I get my own sword?

  13. MOL! I just LOVE that statement: "Us big Tuxie Boys just are Love in a Cat Suit" !!

    Milo (a BIG Tuxie boy!) xx

  14. Wow, the lounge is a very busy place these days. Glad Johnson gets his drain tubes out. We can't wait to hear all about the big meeting with Fin's Mom. We also can't wait to see pictures of the New Lounge kitty, Henry. That is so exciting. Have a very fine day.

  15. That's a heck of a lot of goings on!

  16. My goodness, what a lot of things going on!

  17. We think Henry is going to be the next new Katnip Lounger. We're glad your mom enjoyed herself with Fin's mom - we bet she heard about Fin's "little ways"!!
    We love the graphic Mr Puddy had done for Johnny - we hope he's not too sore after his drains are taken out.

  18. Whattttt!!! No pictures of Sweet Pea? Johnny looks very good as the 13th warrior.
    We are glad your mum enjoyed coffee with Fin's mum.

  19. Johnny sure look good as the 13th warrior!
    And a lot of happenings in 'the lounge'!

  20. Beautiful Felix!! You look ever so suave and gentlemankitty with your bow tie!! Me and Charlie hope a certain gorgeous beauty in Canada is mighty impressed by your sophistication!!! :-)

    WOW!! Look at Mr Johnny Warrior Kitty!!! We think he should now be Sir Johnny Knight of the Round Kitty Table with treats!!!

    Awww sweet CC and adorable Scouty are so cute together!!

    We are thinking the kitty on the dryer is probably Sweet Pea but it could be the Baby!! LOL!! Either way, we just know there was good supervision of the man who came to fix the dryer!! :-)

    We hope handsome Rupert has extra munchies after!! LOL!!!

    Mr Sylvester!!!!! You are one smoothie!!! We think you make a fantastic Agony Uncle for lovelorn kitties everywhere!!!

    We are so glad mum had a brilliant caffeine filled time with Fin's mum!!!! And we look forward to more of adorable Henry!!!! Take care

  21. So much going on - how do you keep track? Great warrior Johnny! Soon your fur will grow back and nobody will ever know about your abscess adventure.

    How awesome about meeting Fin's Mom!

  22. Oh Johnson...I am SO glad you'll get those drain tubes out! You have been so good about not bothering them. I love the graphic Mr. Puddy sent you and that is exactly what you are..a Warrior. A Ninja Warrior!

    What good advice from Sylvester to Mr.Puddy. he is so handsome and has such a winning purrsonality that no lady cat could resist him. Me, I am looking straight at Rupert as I type this.

    So glad you got to meet Fin's mommy! How cool was THAT! My mommy hasn't met any CB mommy's yet.


  23. Hi all great up date on the happenings at your pad. Mom spent the last two days struggling download the new software that goes with our new camera...There were several HBO words and frustration. Finally a friend suggested she dowload from the internet it worked beautifully
    Hugs Madi

  24. are a warrior!! We love that really fits! We hope you continue to feel better and heal quickly!!

    And how fun that your mom got to meet Fin's mom!! And that the dryer got fixed. That's important, y'know!

    Have a good Sunday!

  25. Tuxie boys are "love in a cat suit"! Ha! Figaro just loves that because he knows it's true. Bennette is biased and she thinks Tuxie girls are love in cat suits too!

    Mom is so happy your mom had a great time with Fin's mom. She wishes she could have been there.

    Johnny, we love the warrior graphic!

  26. haha I love the graphic of Johnny!

  27. Goodness ~ there's a lot of action at your place ~ hope you find time to relax!
    xo Catherine

  28. Hope Rupert found a soft quiet spot to nap off his nip.

  29. Happy Sunday kitties and 'rents. Another wonderful post........we love y'all and fell so blessed to have your friendship.

  30. We're glad to read so much good news! Especially the part about Henry the Stray. He may be working up his trust and courage -- we hope so!

  31. Happy Sunday, furiends!! Glad to hear Henry the Stray is coming around more and earlier in the day!

  32. It looks as though it has been a very busy time at your place. Simba loves that collar and bow tie. Perhaps I could get him one for his birthday :)

  33. I'm glad your war wound is healing goodz. I have one too and my human is so mad. I got a tear in my ear from my brofur's claw. Mom sayz I look like a big Tomcat who wanders around looking for fightz outside, but I'm a responsible mancat who stayz inside all the time. When I got rescued by finding some nice humanz, I was cold, wet and sick from being outside. I never want to go outside again.

  34. We thought Henry was already a part of the insiders. He'll come around, I'm sure.
    Rupert, take it easy on the nip. Felix, I love a mancat in a bowtie. Scouty and CC sure look cute snuggling together, watching the goings-on in the Lounge.
    Johnny, I sure hope you heal soon and keep your sword handy. Hey, I need one to replace my claws. Pretty white kitty, keep a check on the dryer man.

    Much Love, kitties, Kassey

  35. What fun that the Mommies got together! And man, that is a bad-ASS graphic of Johnny. He'll be all better soon!

  36. Now Harley wants a sword, too!

  37. Hey Johnny - great pic - they definitely caught your best angle....!
    Oh and your collar! Need to get my humanoid to buy me one of's purrrrfect.
    Love from the cutest kitten x

  38. Wow, it is busy around there. I just love the picture of Johnny has a warrior! Sounds like Sylvester is becoming quite the ladies' guy! I bet Baby is happy the dryer is fixed!

  39. So much going on at your Catio. Love the warrior picture.

  40. So much going on at the Catio!
    Oh Johnny we love your warrior graphic!
    Sylvester love in a cat suit....oh my!

  41. Goodness! Your mommey has had her paws full with all the goings on at your lounge! So happy to here that Jonny is healing good and didn't need no cone head, I hate those too! so embarrassing :( You look really scary but heroic in the warrior poster! and Felix, swoon, I luw your bow tie! you guys have been so busy you better let mommey get another day out with a good friend for that caffeine stuff she likes. who knows, she may bring home some creams, I here those caffeine places usually haf lots of extra!

  42. How exciting that you got to meet Fin's mom. Bet you traded some good stories, too.

    What neat pictures here of all your "kids".

    Thanks for stopping by "Kittens 'n Things". Sounds like your AngelKitty Chuck and our Mikey know how to "work the system" to get attention.

  43. First, Sam & I want to say how happy we are that Johnny is better day by day and we LOVE his battle gear! That's just right for the strong mancat he is.
    Felix, awwww, Felix, I saw what you said to Puddy. Sigh, he is SO irresistible and Sam finally understood that. We weren't sure what to do since it's tough being "in headbonk love" with 2 mancats at the same time, but we had a Professional to talk to and we wrote about it today. Sam adores Puddy, too, so we wanted to keep him and guess what -- we found the way! Felix, you MUST come and see what The Elder said. I think he must have conferred with you, too. Do you and Elder have a business going?
    We are sending you big nose licks and head bonks for being so wise and so good. We are very happy we know you :D

  44. That is so cool that your Mom got to me Fin's Mom!!! I think I called her HH the other day, oops, wrong family. Whew, so much going on there. Have a great week y'all!!!

  45. It is soooo much fun to meet bloggie friends isn't it? I bet you had the best time!

  46. Ever since Mom came home it was all "She was so funny and cool" and "It was so great to met her"

    I'm so sorry she came only packing one mouse... ::Shakes head in shame::

  47. Lots news from you today. Glad Johnny is feeling better and that your mom met Fin's. we like the warrior pic! Hope you had a great day! We posted on our new temp blog again - still waiting for our old blog to return.

  48. That is a lotta neat news about you guys... We're not sure about the advice to the kitty about girlfriendcats, but we know thats a mancat thing...

    Thanks fer comin to our Gotcha Day party. You helped make it a wunnerful day...


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