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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"You're Asking For It!" Number 1


Welcome to our first installment of "You're Asking For It!", where we answer questions you have about life here at the Lounge.

Today we're going to address sleeping arrangements!
Many of you wondered who slept where, with who, and if we shuffle around.
Here are all our sleeping secrets, revealed!

For various reasons (snoring, different schedules, Mr. Hot Flash) Mommy and Daddy sleep in separate rooms.  This is great because we have TWO beds to hog occupy.  Daddy sleeps with the Titans, Jupiter (Johnny) and Uranus (Maui).  They stay pretty much out of his way and sleep in regular spots, although Maui does sleep in Daddy's knee-bows occasionally.
The Titans.

Sylvester doesn't like being on beds!  He says he wasn't Allowed to before, and beds still weird him out a little bit.  He prefers to sleep in his heaty box in the Living Room, solo.
Nip 'maters make good pillows.

The Baby sleeps in the Laundry Room on her throne.
The Personal Pillow with fuzzy blanket!

Sweet Pea loves HER round bed on the Dining Table. 
She is a "floater" in Mommy's bed...she likes to sleep under the covers, maybe once a week or so.
If Mommy isn't, you know, gassy!
Where's the Tail?

Here are some of the Regulars that sleep with Mommy every night.  (Except for Johnny.)
Felix is in HIS bed, in HIS corner.
Rupert and CC are in the spot where KonaKitty sleeps.
Scouty comes up late, after Mommy conks out.  He also sleeps with Daddy, especially if he can snuggle with Johnny, whom he LOVES.

Moving up the bed, Salem snoozes in the corner by Mommy's pillows. 
Grayce, Rupert and CC sleep on the other side.  CC is a huge encroacher cuddlebug and he snuggles Mommy over to the other edge of the bed.

So that's six, sometimes seven Cats with Mommy!  We all purr and snuggle together in a big pile. Sometimes Mommy can't sleep and she'll pet us until she's tired and drifts off.  She says our purrs are so relaxing. 
KonaKitty, dreaming of crunchy snax.

Sometimes Mommy whines about us making her "hot", but we just cuddle in closer.  We know that's her way of saying she loves us lots. 
Getting the bed "Just Right"

So Kitties, that's where we like to sleep, especially in the Winter.  In the Summer, we crash outside on the Catio quite a bit.  But by morning, we all gather in Mommy's room, waiting for Breakfast.

Which brings us to next week's subject:  Feeding the Horde!

Happy Tuesday!

XX  The Lounge Kats


  1. Sounds like you all have a brilliant sleeping arrangement!

  2. I wish the Woman would kick the male out. It would be much more peaceful in the bedroom without him. He could take Ichiro. I like that idea...

  3. Greetings,

    We can only marvel as how well things are organized and each one seems to have a spot. We particularly love the pictures that accompanies your post.

    This series of yours is not only an eye opener but also serves to teach others planning to have more felines in their house.

    Warmest regards,
    Miss Kitty and Egmont

  4. I bet your mom and dad have to watch where they step when they get up in the middle of the night.

  5. That was fascinating! My momma Ellie is the undercover girl around here loving to get under the covers with mom and purring her to sleep.

    The rest of us pile on too...but Ginger and Jonesie sleep on their own. Ever since we got a cat cube, that's where Bennette sleeps (guarding it!).

  6. Nice sleeping arrangements.
    We love that picture of Sylvester using Nip 'maters as pillow. He's real smart!

  7. Wow, you have very complicated sleeping arrangements!

  8. I loved reading about all your sleep places, especially The Baby's and Salem's of course. But I just also saw that your Mommy was sick yesterday! For a few moments, I was terrified, but then I read that she WAS able to feed you after all, so then I relaxed. It was real nice of y'all to purr her bad headache away like that. See what good kitties you are? Treats all around!

  9. That was one of our questions and we enjoyed reading your answer! We were very surprised that Scouty sleeps with your mommy and daddy too! Sylvester looks quite content with his nip 'mater!

  10. Pawsome! Just two of us sleep with our mom in the winter - and she misses us in the summer :) but it is too hot.

    We gotta get one of those nip 'maters...

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  11. We are thinking we have to draw a map as to where you all sleep. Having two human hot water bottles in different rooms sounds great as you get a choice! We have, usually, a three on the bed situation - but that is usually just because I play with Mirsku and that occupies the space of at least 19 kitties.
    We are looking forward to the next in the series :)

  12. Fascinating! Thanks for sharing. We can't wait to read about the feeding rituals!

  13. I know your mummy doesn't mind the snuggles even if it does mean being a bit warm.

  14. Six or seven Cats with Mommy on the bed But by morning, you all gather in Mommy's room. It's bring me wonder for more questions
    " How you guys wake mom up ? " One cat @ the time or All of you wake her up in one hit ? " and How ?....Please...Please..Put Nip on top...Please answers my questions "
    I'm dying to KNOW !

  15. See mom and dad, I need some roommates!

  16. Wow, two spots fur kitties. Mom and dad sleep in seperate rooms too. Daddy is a kicker in his sleep and mom was tired of explaining all da bruzes. But, we only sleep wif mom, fur da same reason mom sleeps in her own bed.

  17. That's a lot of you on one bed with Mom! In our house, Jack sleeps on the bed. Baby, from time to time, tries the bed out, but I think Jack makes her feel unwelcome. Mostly she sleeps on top of the desk, or in her paper bag, or in a box.

  18. I do not think that my mum would like so many cats on the bed. She's a bed hog anyway.

  19. We're guessing it's difficult for your mom to get out bed in the middle of the night, if she needs to use her litter box! :-D

  20. My mom is jealous of all the kitties in the bed. Im jealous that that im not enough for her! :\ cant wait for the feeding question!

  21. Awww Yay!! Me and Charlie love all your sleeping arrangements!! Awww!! We love that you pile up on Mum and keep her company and help her relax!! And The Titans are of course with Big Titan Dadday (is he Neptune?!?)!!!

    Felix - of course you must have your bed in your corner!! LOL!!

    And The Baby is such an independent soul, isn't she?!?!

    We hope that sweet Sylvester will love beds again!!

    Thanks so much for this fun q&a!! We can't wait for the next one! Yay! Take care

  22. How lucky you are! Such a beautiful post!I loved those beds and colorful blankets!
    purrs and love
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  23. Dat is one supersized cuddle pile in mama's bed. Dat would be rather nice here in the winter cuz my peeps turn down the heat at night, so I snuggle as close to M as I can get. She said a couple more kitties would really keep her nice and warm.

  24. What a complex and interesting sleeping plan! And I love the term "knee-bow" - that's where Harley likes to sleep sometimes. I like to be close to Mommeh's face when I sleep.

  25. That is a lot of cats your Mom sleeps with!! Samson and I both sleep with our Mom and she complains about the hots! We can imagine how she'd whine if she lived there!


  26. You have worked out good sleeping arrangements. We had visions of two Beans suffocating under a mountain of kitties.

  27. MOL I'm exhausted after reading about the sleeping arrangements at the Katnip Lounge!!!

    Hugs Madi

  28. There is nothing nicer than a pile 'o cats as far as I'm concerned!!! Robert and I have four cats in the bed now that Jimmy is with us. This pales in comparison to you situation, but we are already shopping for a king size bed - lol!

    PS - I am completely envious of your beautiful dryer :-)

  29. Wow Mom you sure have a lot of company in your bed!!

    So funny! I was going to comment about the dryer too until I just saw that Cat did....I love it!

    I was also going to ask about feeding all of you so I can't wait to read about it next week!

  30. What a great post!!!!!!!!! We loved learning where everycat sleeps.


  31. glad you're able to get some sleeping done with all those choices.

  32. I loved reading about your sleeping arrangements, and who sleeps with whom and where. My man cat Rupert...I bet he doesn't mind snuggling and grooming with me for a change once in a while. (I an such a hussy. (I mean flirty).

    I sleep at mommy's face or snugged into her chest and neck.


  33. LOVE IT! Maestro sleeps on one side of mom's pillow and Tommy sleeps on the other. Tim sleeps next to her legs and Mozart is usually by her feet. Ivy takes up the bottom corner of the bed. Mom discovered the other day that Spud is sleeping on the floor directly under the bed where her pillow is. Weird. Junior only comes to visit once the lights are out. And Chiclet tends to wander at night.

  34. We both sleep with mum - one each side of her legs so she can't move about!! She's such a grouse saying her legs have gone dead!!

  35. That all sounds so familiar. I usually have around nine or ten cats in the house with me during the winter and it is so interesting to see who is on my bed with me when I wake up. It is also really interesting to me how they all get along when the lights go out and it is time to sleep. Loved this post. Can't wait to hear about the feeding schedule. Hope you have a great day.

  36. Very organized your cats ! But my four too ! Pookie and Kim sleep with snoring Mr. G and Rosie with me also in another room. Arthur always changes but he never sleeps in Mr. G's room. He chooses between my wardrobe, an armchair in the living room and occasionally in my bed. But not very often. Always for about 4 to 6 weeks then he needs a changement ! lol !

  37. That sounds like a great sleeping set up--TWO beds for kitties to choose from! We love all your beds and fleece blankets, especially the Hello Kitty one! You guys have the best fleeces. Also, Sylvester with the tomato is so adorable. Maybe someday he will sneak into bed too.

  38. We cats are such creatures of habit that any disruption the the routine is a major deal. We too have our favorite places to sleep and the people know if they can't find one of us where to look first!

  39. Wow, y'all got it made fur sure, I just fall asleep wherever I'm at!

  40. That was a cool tour of the sleeping arrangements! Fuzzy likes to sleep on my pillow, but sometimes she sleeps at the foot of the bed, on the heated throw. Zoe took FOREVER to sleep on the bed, but now she's a regular. Sometimes on the heated throw, sometimes not. Rarely on the pillow.

  41. Sounds like you have all got it sorted just right to me. Sounds realy cosy. Hugs GJ x

  42. Wow! That is very informative! And a lot of kitties to keep track of, too. I guess when it's an everyday occurrence (or every night) you get to know what's happening.

    The Mom and Dad in our house sleep in sePURRate rooms, too, because of snoring and yes, gasses! I think it's becoming more of a common thing.

    So it's good with all those cats, that you have two big beds for them to choose from.

    Here, Dylan is the only one that sleeps on the bed. Domino comes to visit, and Dante is like Sylvester -- grew up without being on beds in his formative months.

  43. We can't imagine sleeping anywhere at night except with our Meowm! We have various places on the bed we sleep, but almost always right next to Meowm. Especially right now!

    Fun to learn about your sleeping spots! Can't wait for feeding time!

  44. It sounds like everybody has worked out this sleeping thing very well.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  45. I just want to snuggle up to Sylvester and his nip 'mater.

    Mom said she used to sleep just with Boo. Then I got sick so she started letting me stay in the BIG sleepy room. So, I kicked Boo out of her spot and claimed Momma when I got well, and now Boo sleeps next to Mom by her feet and I sleep next to Mom and protect my property.

  46. Wow. Your mom must be a pretty sound sleeper to have SIX cats in bed. My human bean could not do that!

    PS Glad the blogroll trick worked out for ya!

  47. Wow! Those are some awesome sleeping arrangements you all have!! But personally, I'm with Sylvester...I like my nip tomato as a pillow too!!!


  48. Such sweet little babies. They are precious and I am sure they are all having happy dreams.

  49. ameowzing that you all have a 'spot'! when we still had a kitty she would sleep where ever she wanted. but if she wanted something she knew she could wake moma up the easiest. our doggy took turns on the side of the bed and parents... but if a storm was coming she would be up by dads neck & shaking! it felt like an earth quake at times! Glad your mommy is feeling better! I get those nasty migraines too, been a lot lately, I think it is winter ;p!

  50. Wow dats gud to know, we thought we was weird wif our own beds in different rooms - us kittehs dun like to sleep together.

  51. Sounds like you have a great routine going! Your mama is so lucky to get to sleep with a big pile o' kitties! Mine are a bit territorial with the bed, so only one is on there at a time until it's time to get up, at which point they both sit on me and glare until I get up and feed them.

  52. So many comfy places to sleep at your house! Every kitty looks so warm, comfy and loved. Very nice! :)
    xo Catherine


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