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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Gardening with Sylvester


Sylvester here.
When I came to live here I didn't know that Daddy was crazypants.
But he IS!
He's spent the past week outside, heaving rocks, tossing boulders and dragging dirt all over the yard.  He gets hot and sweaty and it looks like a lot of work, to me.  And work is Bad, in my opinion.
I've had to watch him every minute, except for naps, that is.

This is the corner Daddy has been working in, as seen from the Lime Lemon Tree.
He's done several things with this corner and they just haven't been right.

Finally he decided what to do! 
First, he laid patio blocks along the wall.

Then, he shoveled the pond rock onto the patio... 
...and built a walled raised garden.

Then he had to put everything back; the stepping stones, the pond rock, and because he's a glutton for punishment perfectionist he redefined the lantana garden, too, which is when the boulder tossing happened.
Here it is, almost done.

Another view. 
 The plants on either side of the (desert willow/catalpa hybrid) tree are bottle brush plants.
  Daddy decorated with some fun things!

And Mommy tried it out. 
It's a hit!  This corner of the yard gets the least sun in the summer, so it will be a lovely cool spot to sit in the shade of the tree and smell the limes lemons ripening.
Mommy plans to enjoy many G & T's here after work...

Oh, and listen to us whine from the Catio!
Happy Thursday!

XX  Sylvester  XX

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pee ess:  can you all spare a purr for my sister, The Baby?  She's been feeling puny and got packed off to the vet yesterday for blood work and other awful stuff.  We'll know more tomorrow.  Thanks, Sly xx


  1. Oh man, da heaving of rocks is not our idea of fun...but it looks really nice. We'll sure purr fur The Baby, did she pee on da vet when dey stole her bloods? Zippy does it!

  2. We are purring for The Baby over here at thekittenpile!

  3. Your daddy did a lot of work! We hope you got lots of naps in because that probably took a long time to snoopervise! Everything turned out really nice too!

    We're sending lots of purrs for The Baby and hope she gets better soon!

  4. Oh noes! The Baby? Of course I will purr and purr and purr and purr, and then I will purr some more! Nosetaps and kissies.

    The garden looks nice, but my Human shudders at how hot it must be there most of the time!

  5. we want your Daddy to come and shift rocks and build stuff here. It's nice and cool here too. He might have to crack through a foot of ice though.
    We hope The Baby is okay - we'll be glued to the blog waiting for an update. Paws are crossed.

  6. Wow your daddy sure did a lot of work to make make a place to sit out in the sun.
    I pretty much just sit any where I feel like it and never care what it looks like - but I guess humans are kind of funny that way - they like things to look pretty.
    Pellie said the new outdoor spot is just delightful - so I guess it's cool.


  7. Dad has been doing some good werk around yer yard!

  8. I did that rock shifting thingie for years, and now that we are settled in our forever home I'm too d#$% old to do it anymore. So, I need volunteers. Pay is poor, the food is good though, and the kitty purrs and kisses are plentiful. Even have two outsider kitty girls to keep ya company.

    The 6 Mouskateers and their two humons, Lisa and Roy, send their best wishes and thoughts to the baby. Hope all reads well when the test results come back.

    We'll be back .....

    Later .....

  9. Boy ! Your dad sure iz Crazypantz!!! Datz lotzo work!!! He did a pretty good job for a bean!

    We puraying for da Baby , we hopez she'z ok~

    Thanx for stopping by for Penelope'z Pawty, we'll be pawting Alllll day ~

  10. It looks pretty cool, but his piece de resistance is still the catio!

    I am purring lots for The Baby - I hope she will be okay!!!

  11. Oh The Baby!!! Oh beautiful Sylvester!!! Me and Charlie are purring and praying for your gorgeous and amazing sisfur - we hope she's ok!!!! Hugs!!!

    Your daddy is way tooo fabulous!!! WOW!!!! We are in AWE!!!!!! What a wonderful peaceful corner of the garden he's created for mum to have lots of g&t in!! Yay!!!!

    Take care

  12. Me and my mom love what your dad did in the garden. It give a relax space for your mom and dad. And we do like the butterflies on the wall. It's so pretty : )

    Claws crossed for The Baby and I'm sending a ton of purrs for a good results.
    Hugs and Purrs

  13. wow I like your garden a lot!Your dad is talented!
    Looks cozy and I love all decoration!
    Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing!

  14. The yarden looks great and you Dad sue did do lots out there! My sisters and I are sure sending lots and lots of purrs to The Baby!

  15. We're sending huge purrs for The baby. We hope she's 100% well again soonest!

    It certainly looks like your Daddy likes hard work! Nothing like that ever happens around here...

    The garden redecorating looks lovely but our favourite photo today has to be the last one with all the lovely cubbyholes with comfy beds!

    The Chans

  16. Healing purrs for The Baby. We has our paws crossed that she is OK, please keep us updated.

    We love what your Dad did it looks marvelous and we really likes the butterflies on the wall.

  17. Wow,what a yard for you kitties! Marmie is jealous of the green thumb necessary to grow all that prettiness. She'd love a lemon tree of her own.

  18. What a wonderful yard! Looks like there will be lots of relaxing going on!!
    xo Catherine

  19. Slyvester your dad is one hard working man with a very creative eye. Well done Dad.

    Baby we are so sorry your aren't feeling very good. BIg hug and lots of purrs,
    Madi and Mom

  20. Wow, that new corner in the garden is fabulous. What a nice place to sit outside.
    We sure are sending tons of purrs and prayers to Baby that the bloods came back all right. We will be checking back for updates. Baby we sure want you to feel better quickly.

  21. Your garden looks fantastic, that was a job well done and worth all the hard work and boulder tossing!!! We are certainly hoping that Baby is okay, paws and fingers crossed for good test results!

  22. Sylvester, I'm not much for gardening, but I'll teleport over NOW and sit with you in the catio and we can watch the boulder tossing together!

    xoxo Bennette

    We are all sending purrs to the Baby!

  23. We love the way the corner looks now that your dad is finished. The raised bed is just lovely.

  24. You Dad has done a pretty corner bed in the garden - we see your mom likes it.
    We are sending lots of purrs to Baby and hope her test results come through showing nothing serious.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  25. That is a lot of work your daddy has done but it looks as though your mummy appreciates. Lots of purrs for the baby, I know how traumatic vets can be! xx

  26. Your daddy did a wonderful job!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We are purraying for The Baby....that all will be okay.

    We send our love to each and every one of you.

  27. Looks awesome! Aren't those brick things wonderful! They are cheap & make instant raised beds and look great! Course, I have to get help getting them in the car; out of the car & back to the yard with my horrid back. :( Since our neighbor boys are almost all grown it's not easy finding strong backs! You go girl! And GREAT job Daddy crazypants!

    That Woman

  28. Daddy is not crazy pants....he's an ar-teest!
    That looks like a nice place to sit for the people!

    Purring for The Baby!

  29. Your dad did a great job--it looks so nice. We are sure you will appreciate the nice view you have.

    Oh, we hope The Baby is ok. Purrs.

  30. Good job supervising, Sylvester - your crazypants Daddy did a great job! The lime/lemon tree always cracks us up. We'll send purrs for The Baby. We hope nothing is terribly wrong. Maybe she just ate a rotten lizard.

  31. Your Daddy is very clever when it comes to the garden, huh? I'll bet your Mom really enjoys sitting out there and enjoying all his hard work. Just be glad he doesn't want YOU doing any of the rock-heaving!!

  32. WOLW Mr. Crazy Pants is doing a really pawsome job. It looks so nice. I think you are all crying maybe cuz you want to be out there supervising.

  33. Whew! Sylvester, that soundslike a lot of work, watching your Dad do all that stuff! But it looks great!

    We will be purring and purring for the Baby!!!

  34. This a very nice garden report Sylvester. Your daddy sure does good works. Under your snoopervision, of course. We hopes you mommy gets lots of G&Ts in the shade.
    Love, TK and Squashies

  35. When it comes to purrs for our sick furiends, we've always got more to give. Please feel well soon, The Baby! We love you!

    And your Dad is such a hard worker, both inside and outside -- and so very creative, too!

    It's nice to see your Mom enjoying the benefits of his labour. Maybe she should make your Dad a G&T, too -- or would he prefer a beer?

  36. Oh no not another of my friends not well I will purr for baby and hope all is well. Your dad ahd worked hard in the garden and it looks great.. Hugs GJ xx

  37. Wow if you're done with your yard you could come help me. I'm a great hole digger! You & your dad did a great job.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  38. That corner is almost as beautiful as your catio! We are purring for Baby that she feels better and nothing is seriously wrong. (((HUGS)))

  39. The landscaping looks totally gorgeous! Do you neighbors ever come over and visit the catio?

    Harley and I are purring and purring for The Baby.

  40. {Sylvester}
    Your Daddy is a genius!
    How beautiful your garden looks.
    My Mom and Dad are discussing redoing one flower bed that has (rotten)timbers and putting up the pavers so they won't have to re-do it again. So we think that is a project they are going to do this weekend????
    Crazy I tell you.

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  41. Have a nice weekend!!!!!!!!!!
    Ps.: I love gardens!

  42. Your garden is looking really good! Your dad sure worked hard. He's like our dad...our dad is always changing stuff in our yard...much to our mom's soon as she gets used to things one way, he's changing it!!

    We're purring for The Baby and hope it's nothing serious bothering her.

  43. Wow - very impressive job Pop! It all looks super!

  44. WOW! Yoor daddy did an awesome job. Mom said she is in envy abowt the lemom/lime tree. She said does yoor mom have fresh lemon/lime slices in her G & T? Does she reach up and pick fresh fruit and then add a slice to ice? Mom sid it sounds like bliss.

  45. Wonderful garden! Uh, you guys should not whine from your catio.....we should whine from our house when we see what a great catio you have!


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