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Monday, March 14, 2011

Mishmash Monday


Welcome to MishMash Monday, where we tell you a whole bunch of unrelated stuff!

First up:
Do you see Mommy Hard at Work at her desk?
There's hardly enough room for us to help!
We think that Mommy needs to buy some more home office furniture, preferably another HUGE desk, a book case, and several chairs just for us--complete with cushions and pillows, naturally.  She could shop the CSN stores...hint hint, Mommy!

May Ling, Salem & The Baby, paying bills.

Now, when Mommy blogs, she sits on the sofa.
We like to help with that too...well actually, we tell Mommy what to write, since this is, after all, OUR bloggie!
KonaKitty, Rupert & CC dictating to Mommy.

However, the other day we turned Mommy loose, and you'll never believe what she did!

She wrote an ARTICLE about us kitties for Mews Nooz!
We subscribe to Mews Nooz, and every week we learn fun stuff and meet new friends.  If you don't already subscribe, you should go do it right now--and you can read about how Mommy and Daddy got all us kitties while you're there.

Today we have STRANGERS in our house.  They are blowing fluffy stuff up into the attic, and we're stuck out on the Catio!  Even though we (mostly) do Not Like strangers, it's not fair that we're not being allowed to help, or at least inspect the goings on.  Especially because the hole in the ceiling in the closet is open and we would LOVE to go up there and look around.

Tomorrow is another edition of "You're Asking For It"!, where we will answer some more of your questions about life here at the Lounge.  We got some good ones for all y'all!

Now, we gotta go and try to sneak into the closet...wish us luck!

Happy Monday!

XX  The Katnip Lounge Kats  XX


  1. Yup, I have days like that. Sometimes cats just have to be in-your-face. And about the hole in the ceiling- one time one of my cats was up in our attic for a day and fought with us when we tried to get her down. (I'll always wonder what was so interesting up there, because all there is is insulation and support beams.) Cats. =) Thanks for following my blog by the way, it's always nice to have a new reader.

  2. I think that she definitely needs a bigger desk!

  3. That desk is WAY too small...but I think I see some introoder kitties that I'd personally think of whapping out of the way to make more room for the real thing!

    Uh...if you do that don't say I suggested you do anything like that.

    Purrs, Cory

  4. Your mom does need a much bigger desk so more of you can help her so she gets done faster and you have more time to blog! We'll check out her article too.

  5. I don't know how your Mommy gets much work done with all of you to come for bits of loving all the time. Mom is used to having one cat hanging out at the desk, but there, you guys have an endless supply of yourselves!

  6. I wouldn't complain about that catio if I were you...I wrote about catios the other day, and a WHOLE BUNCH of pet bloggers -- like, a zillion at least -- mentioned you kittehs and your fab catio!! So I know it must be a great place to hang out. =^..^=

  7. Yup, yoor mom need a bigger desk! Maybe one wif different levels so yoo can ALL hang out on it at da same time...

  8. Bigger desk, bigger sofa, bigger lap - it's all necessary. Just make sure you get bigger cuddles!

  9. New attic floof just in time for a hot Nevada Summer. Your house will feel nice and cool in July. Happy Monday!

  10. Yes! The new (and much larger desk), maybe an old fashioned one with cubbyholes built just the right size to stuff a purrball into. That would surely give more room for the work and stuff. Don't forget to put some papers in each cubbyhole. Can't sleep really good without paper to hold down.

    Yeah, and I think what with the bigger desk, it WOULD be good to have a bigger sofa, with LOTS of extra pillows and blankies and stuff.

    Of course all of this is no good without the Beans to pile on and swarm around and smother with kitty love.

    My first visit here, but I promise it will NOT be my last. Beautiful babies you have, and I love the pictures.

    Come visit sometime, if you can/will! The 6 Mouskateers of Five Oaks Manor are always ready for new visitors.

  11. MOL...Sorry I have to laugh ! All Bills have to be done by Grrls : )
    May be new desk should be U-shape, supported cats' surround sound system : )


    Ps 1 : I will check your ARTICLE at Mews Nooz!
    Ps 2 : I will stay tune for " You're Asking For It " : )
    Ps 3 : I hope your mom fell better

  12. Wow, a lot has been going on! I loved the story in Mews Nooz!

  13. Hahaha~~
    Your mommy is extremely busy~!
    Michico always can't concentrate with We are on her desk!
    I think your mom is very good!

  14. Yor mom needs a HUGE desk so she can accommodate yoo all! MOL!

  15. Me and Charlie absolutely loved your feature in Meowz News!! Yay!!!!!! It was great to read more about you fabulous kitties of Katnip Lounge!!

    Yay for snoopervising mum!! We hope you keep a watchful 13 pairs of eyes on mum as she recuperates though!!

    We also hope the Strangers have now Left and you may run around in the Closet!! Yay!! Take care

  16. CC please stay safe and away from the blowy stuff!

  17. We like the idea of bigger office furniture! There will be more room for you all!

    As for the blowy stuff...Being up in the attic sounds pretty exciting to us (okay, to Nicki), but the mom says stay safe and out of trouble.

    Moms are such spoilsports.

    -Nicki and Derry

  18. We have to agree that your Mom needs a bigger desk to fit all of you! How about a conference desk?

  19. Wow, that Mommy went nuts when you turned her loose. We love the article that she wrote. If I were you kitties, I sure wouldn't go up that hole where those strangers are. They might be scary. Hope all of you have a super day.

  20. i don't think there's a desk big enough for y'all. i think your dad is gonna have to build a conference room.

  21. My, but you and your furrmily have been busy. It's so good when a furrmily works together like you do.

    Thank you for the mention about Mews Nooz at Kittens 'n Things. We loved being able to share your story.

    The idea of a closet with a hole in the ceiling seems very inviting. No wonder your gang wants to check it out.

  22. Your Mommy is super nice to let you all help her around the house, my Mom would just give me the glare!

  23. Ooohhh new furniture is always great! And if you get big stuff just think of the nice boxes you'll get!!

  24. You mom needs a big desk with cushions on for all of you to be comfy while you help her with your blog.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  25. We're very curious about what kind of fluffy stuff the strangers were blowing up into the attic?

    Your Mom most definitely needs a bigger desk or better surrounding appointments!

    The Chans

  26. Morning to our favorite Baker's dz. Mom needs an Cat extension built onto her desk. Please tell your Mom she can have all my ice cream cause I don't like it at all. Butt that is about the only thing I don't like. MOL

  27. If you were to all get on the desk then mum would need a humongous one, I wonder do they come in that size. I will get mum to go check out that place and see whats going on. Hope your mum is feeling better.. Hugs GJ xx

  28. Just looks like us with our mom at our house! hee hee
    And we are locked in a bedroom today for the fourth day as mens are in our house working on mom's litter box, so we know how it is!

  29. We read your great article! All holes need investigating, and a hole in the ceiling sounds extra exciting.

  30. We HATE to be shut out of ANYTHING! If we were you, we would scream like we were being murdered - with 13 of you, that would be very loud! Then your Mommy would have to let you in the house or the police would come and arrest her.

  31. You Lounge cats are so busy! We wish we lived closer cause we would love to fluff up the fluffy stuff with all of you!
    the critters in The Cottage

  32. Your right -your mom needs a bigger desk to be accommodating for all of you guys.

    It's probably better that you can't get near those blowing stuff guys - I don't think that stuff is too healthy to lay or roll around in. But I know how you feel about being closed out.


  33. I sure think it is nice of you to help Mom, even if there wasn't quite enough room!

  34. my Mommy has tried to blog from the couch but she just can't get the balancing act down pat....she is the only person that uses a lap top that she never moves! lol

  35. MOL! I agree. Your mom needs a really big desk so all 13 of you can snoopervise her!

  36. What is it about computers? Definitely a popular place here, too.
    P.S. Loved the Sylvester update on 3/8.

  37. Your mommy needs a bigger desk AND a bigger couch!! LOL

  38. Mom should clear off that desk (ecept the puter) and cover it with cushions. We loved readin the ARTICLE about you guys!

    Ooh, I almos forgot. The new garage door opener is smaller than the old one, so there is a open part where I can hop from the top of the car to "inside" the ceiling. It is a great hidey spot!


  39. We agree...

    ....we think your Mommie needs a BIGGER desk!


  40. You kitties are always so helpful. Your mom should get each of you a nice furniture. And I agree, it is so unfair that you are not allowed to help strangers working around your house! Of course you will be a big help and not making mess :-)
    It is so cool that your mom wrote an article. I will go check!!

  41. Oh yes, holes are always exciting, too bad you can't get into it!

  42. We like how you guys help your mom blog. It's important that your mom gives you some scritches too...helps with the dictation.

  43. Tell your mom to get a door for a desk! This is what we have, and even right now there are three of us comfortably situated with room to spare!

  44. I like the pictures of your mama surrounded by kitties. I frequently wonder how two cats manage to swarm so effectively; an actual swarm must be pretty crazy!

  45. I think all 13 of you should storm that closet and just barge right on in and go up through that hole just like you want to! I mean, your Mom is still sort of broken a little bit and you could wait till your Dad goes out to the garage or something.

    I can't WAIT for the Q&A day. You know, I asked a long time ago if "The" was officially part of "The Baby" 's name and I don't believe I have ever gotten an answer. Just sayin'.


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