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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

You're Asking For It--Award Edition, Part THRICE!


We feel extra special AWESOME--we were given this award by MORE bloggers!

We are humbled, thank you so much--

So we must tell you seven things about us.  Luckily, Mr. Puddy sent us a list of seven questions!

1.  How do we stay so healthy?
Well, we go to the vet when we need to.  Our Vet doesn't do vaccinations unless requested or if we have to have surgery.  Mommy and Daddy watch us like hawks (aaiieeee!!!) and if we are off our game, off to the Vet we go!  The 'rents have dealt with diabetes, renal failure, bladder stones, broken bones, and plain old age; we trust them to keep us ticking, and help us to journey on when it's our time to go.

Felix:  After my knee surgery.  I tore my patella loose!

2.  How did  a) Sylvester win so many girls and b)  what does he like to do?
a)  Charisma
b)  I love to play on the ESS, sleep in the sun, chase Felix, eat, and CATNIP!  I also love my Daddy the bestest in the whole wide world.

3.  What are our favorite toys?
Hands down, we like Fevvers-onna-Stick!  We ALL love to play with it! 
::swat swat::

4.  Who is the most talkative and who is the quietest?
May Ling:  I LOVE to talk!

CC:  I'm the strong, silent type.

5.  Who is the Naughtiest?
The Baby!!
I'm an escape artist,  I shoot fur everywhere, I get into everything, and I'm the WORST Cat in the world!
heh heh.

6.  Who is the funniest?
Maui:  They don't call me Mister Crazypants for nuffin'!

7.  Who is the most active?
Johnny:  I ALWAYS have to know what's happening...I'm super-duper nosy and I have to check everything out, all the time!

So there you have it, kitties!
We know this award has been going around, in fact we are LATE with posting about it (Mommy, you are in trouble), so please consider yourselves all awesome and take it if you would like!

Happy Tuesday!

XX  The Katnip Lounge Kats  XX


  1. We loved all the new stuff ya told us. This is almost sad, but what surprised us the most was the horizontal sisal rope thing! What a great idea. Ours are all upwards.

  2. Such a good post!!! I haven't been on in a while! I've missed it!

  3. Just ask Bennette why Sylvester wins all the girls....

    Bennette here! Answer? Because there's something in his cattitude...something about that Tuxie boy that makes me swoon!!! I can't help it.

  4. We enjoyed learning more about you in this fun post! Those were great questions and we loved the answers. We also love Sylvester!

  5. Enjoyed the post. The pictures are fantastic. I, too, had to back track and see the horizontal rope shelf. So, back to the drawing board .... lemme see, the shelf between the one over the door and the one over the closet door would be a good place ...... maybe it .....

  6. It is always so interesting to learn new stuff about you 13. Thanks for the answers!

  7. Ah yes, Sylvester and his charisma....mmmmhmmm...we is envious dat yoo don't get shotted. Here in Whiskerconsin we hafta get da rabies, it's da law! But we did get da parvo and leukemia vaccines 'cuz of Zippy, she goes outside, outside means germs and stuff. Mom haf seen kitties come to da shelter to be kwaranteened 'cuz dey haf da parvo and she sez it isn't purrty. Da good vets at da shelter haf saved many lives tho, but still, we don't want skwirty bloody poop and our insides going all kaflooy and stuff.

  8. This is a really great post and it is good to learn all about you like this - cheers to Mr Puddy for a good set of questions. Interesting about your vaccs too...... We don't have to have them here but as Lewis and Stran both have nasties from the UK when they weren't given jabs, Äiti makes sure we have all the needles possible. Yuck.
    One question - how many cats have been in your family in total (including Those Who Have Gone Before, that is )?

  9. Brilliant Post !!!! I love ..Love..Love..all answers !!!!..heh..heh..hee I'm nosy : )

    * Felix knee after surgery look like an extra tail ( Soory ! I tried to not laughing )
    * Sylvester, No way I can copy you.Too many qualification !
    * Fevvers-onna-Stick , That's the list, mom have to buy me : )
    * May Ling, You are too scary !!! but I do love you.
    * CC, you should take May Ling's lesson.
    * The Baby, This is hard to believe ! you have an innocent look !!!
    * Maui, My mom falling in love you instantly
    * Johnny, Never disappointed in you. You always be my idol : )

    Thank you to replied, I told mom to take a note ! Lots of things to learn from you. Do you want more questions ?..hee..hee..hee


  10. Terrific post. Interesting about the innoculations. I suppose that with you all being indoors, you're pretty safe! Love the pics, esp that of May Ling.

  11. I LOVED learning all this new stuff about you guys!

  12. That was great, guys! We don't get shotted anymore either, though the mom would if we roamed outdoors. She believes in having kittens done, but then after that....not for indoor kitties! So we're lucky in that regard too!

    -Nicki and Derry

  13. Wonderful pictures, I see you all are enjoying your day there!
    And congratulations for the award, it's nice!
    purrs and love

  14. Concats on your award. We liked seeing all the pictures and answers to the questions. We have a question. How can The Baby be a naughty cat when she looks so sweet and innocent?

  15. This was so much fun - learning all this great new information about you guys.
    Now if only I can remember it all.


  16. The Baby cracks me up about shooting fur all over! Our (holistic) vet doesn't give vaccines, either. And Harley is not allowed to ever get vaccinated again because of his EGC. His immune system goes wacky!

  17. Me and Simba really enjoyed reading all about you kitties. We so want some feathers on a sticky to play with muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum xx

  18. Great pictures and very informative Q&A!!
    We love Johnny's picture.
    Hugs Madi

  19. i'm with you cc. the fewer words the better.

  20. Yay for your fabulous awards and amazing anwers to the ever so adorable Mr Puddy's questions!!!

    Lovely Felix - me and Charlie are so glad your knee is ok now!
    Handsome Sylvester - you have charm and style and super sexiness!!
    Gorgeous May Ling - we love that you like to talk - talking is fun!!!
    Sweet CC!! You are strong and silent is and just super smoochy!
    The Baby!! Yay for being the naughtiest!!
    And Yay Maui for being The Mr Crazypants!
    Mr Johnson!!! What can we say?!!? We swoon at the sight of your utter gorgeousness!! Take care



  22. I"m packing my bags as we speak, do you think your Mom would take just one more? Your house seems just so fabulous for a kitty like me!

  23. Your mum and dad look after you so well!!! Congratulations on your award kitties and thanks to Mr. Puddy for supplying the interesting questions :-)

  24. We really love these little glimpses into your lives!

  25. We enjoyed reading all your answers. We are mad that we have to go and be stabbed at the
    v-e-t place every year and you don't - can we move in with you please - we're sure your mom and dad wouldn't notice another two.

  26. LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures & captions! I am doing a short visit today but wanted to say HI and conCATulations!

    MS. Stella O'Houligan

  27. It's always so fun to learn more about you kitties! You keep your Mom and Dad very busy indeed but they do a swell job of keeping you well and happy!
    the critters in The Cottage

  28. The only thing better than the Mr Puddy questions were the Catio answers! Yep, awesome fur sure!

  29. Awesome'ness blog!

    Love reading this all the time.

    From a cute cat x

  30. What a fun post...loved reading about your gang.

    That photo of Felix is a hoot. What a position...but then if I had broken my leg I might sit somewhat like that, too.

    And "The Baby" reminds me so much of "Snowflake", our kitty from "our first family". Which was Muffy, Snowflake, Jonny Cat I, and Scooter. When they all eventually passed on, we then got "The Boys" we have now (with Daniel and Cody, too).

  31. Sylvester is C-H-A-R-I-S-M-A!

    fluttering eyelids

  32. Congratulations on your award. I always learning new stuffs about my furriends.

  33. Concats! Those were great questions...and even better answers! :-)

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  34. Congrats on your award!! We're always learning more good stuff about all of you!!

  35. I always knew my CC was the strong silent type.


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