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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sitting for a Portrait on Sunday


Felix here.

Daddy shot some photos of me.
This one has really nice composition...NOT.

Daddy, I look like the Leaning Tower of Felix!

Hey, there's a shadow horn growing out of my head.

I scorn your feeble attempts at capturing my Magnificent Ornjness!

Hey, who's that down there?

They went thataway...

That's it.  I have lost interest in this project.

I'm outta here!

Felix, looks like Daddy got a good one after all!
heh heh.
Check out those ear tips!

Happy Sunday!

XX  Felix  XX

In totally unrelated news, Mommy had a smooth return to work.  She only worked two days this week--next week she'll be back to her regularly scheduled programming, Friday through Tuesday.  If you want to read about her first day back, the link is HERE.  Mommy's feeling great, way better than she's felt in a long time, and she doesn't miss her defective hisser one bit.


  1. U are a very handsome kitteh! :)

  2. I love seeing those ear tips!!!

    Purrs to your mom as she returns to the day hunting place.

  3. Felix, we think your Dad got some good shots. You are one good looking orange boy! And we know orange.

  4. You look great! And we are glad that your Mum is feeling so good!

  5. Aren't you a handsome kitty!

    Love Soxy

  6. I see your Dad did not cut of one of your ears. Maybe he could give the Human some lessons.

    I think it was silly of your Mom to feel so well at work. She mighta been able to stay home with you for another month! MOL!

  7. Felix, You are a lucky boy ! My dad is useless about taking photo ! Even digital camera ! But my dad is the best masseuse : ) Like your ear tip, He can do as well. Come over sometime ! I will book him for your session : )


    PS : Your mom rocks ! Very fast healing !!! Must be Magic of thirteen purrs : ) I will do my best for my dad too

  8. I don't think kitties can take bad photos can they? You look cute to me!

    So glad mom is feeling better!
    xo Catherine

  9. When fotografing a kitty it is always da fotografers fawlt, neffur da kitty. Der is no such thing as a bad kitty foto! Our mom takes really bad piksher but da subject is always purrfect.

  10. Felix, even if the photos are not perfect, they still show off your handsomeness very well. That final one is especially good!
    Yay for your Mommy being all better!

  11. I know how those photo sessions go, Felix - the human spends so much time fiddling around it's not worth posing.

  12. Let's be honest, there's no camera that can capture the sheer beauty and style of ornjness that we exude. Not a bad attempt though from your Dad. We get a hint of your magnificence.
    We enjoyed reading about your Mom's first day back at work - Äiti remembered it all really well from her own de-hissing. Have a great Sunday guys and gals.

  13. Felix, your dad did a great job capturing your handsomeness. We like to think Annie's watching from the Bridge--probably she wants to make sure you don't mellow too much and lose any hissiness. ;-D

    P.S. We hope your mom is not quite so bored this week at work. Ha.

    -Fuzzy Tales

  14. It is indeed magnificent ornjness!

  15. Mr Felix!! You are just so gorgeous in your oranj-ness!!! Me and Charlie think your daddy captured your utter oranj glow in all its glory!!!!

    We are also glad that mum's first days at work went ok! We hope she remembers her KEYS for next time!! :-) Take care

  16. Nice Lynx ears, Felix!

    So glad to hear your Mom is feeling better. Our Mom is going to be on a shortened work schedule for the next week as well. No work tomorrow and then only a four hour day Tues-Fri as her elbow heals from her surgery. We're excited that we'll be getting dinner on time around here for a change!

  17. YOU are absolutely the epitome of orinjness and mancatlyness! Whoooo wheeee!
    Rupert's Lady

  18. Great news on mom!!! You all took very good care of her.

    Felix I totally agree with you. Give the peeps 1 maybe 2 minutes for a photo opt. If they can't get their act together we leave. After all what is so hard? We cats are always gorgeous.
    Hugs Madi

  19. Once word gets out that the Leaning Tower of Felix is at your house, tourists will probably be stopping by to take pictures of you with them in the foreground pretending to keep you from falling over.

  20. Felix, we don't think that's a shadow horn on your head - we think it looks like an awesome shadow mohawk!!

    May Ling, Simon will be over in a minute for some quality cuddling time!!

    ~Nico, Simon & JayJay :)

    ps. Hooray for your Mom's return to work!! We're glad she's feeling better!!

  21. Felix I think your Daddy did good! After all any shot of your gorgeousness has to be a good shot - right ?

    Im glad to hear your mum is doing great too and heading back to work.


  22. Looking devastatingly handsome, Felix! Glad to see your dad got at least one good photo of you. :)

    Hooray for your mom's successful return to work! So glad she's feeling better!

  23. The boyz are envious of your spectacular ear tips.

  24. Well Felix you actually look magnificent in all the pictures! And those ear tips rock!
    You are such a patient boy to put up with dad for as long as you did!

  25. I think they are all lovely pictures. So glad your mummy is feeling better x

  26. Felix, we think those photos of you are just fine. You should see what our assistant does to us.That last one is just purrfect. Hope all of you have a fantastic day and we sure are glad to hear that Mom is doing so well. That is great. Take care.

  27. Are those shadows from your invisable horns? Don't worry Mom says that Satan has gotten ahold of me too!

  28. Good news. Thanks for share with us.
    You´re so ORANGE! I have a cat-daughter orange and her name is Alemoa.
    Have a great week!
    Hugs from Brazil.

  29. Hello, Felix,

    I just wanted to say that here, in France and in Belgium, what you call "tuxedo" cats are "des chats Felix"... That's why it is so surprising to see a ginger cat called "Felix", but... don't worry, we love you, Felix or not...

  30. ha HA the daddeh wins! he got ya! :)

  31. Felix, we are glad you finally got a great shot!! Very handsome with cool eartips ;)
    Good thing your Mom is almost better,but too bad she has to go back to work.

    Purrs Tillie & Georgia

  32. Felix
    You are one handsome bunch of orinchness!


  33. Looking good handsome Felix!!! I'm very happy that Mom is doing so well, you all sure took really good care of her!

  34. Felix, you are a very handsome Mancat! We love those ear tips and your gorjuss eyes!

    We're so glad your mom is feeling so well and hope she has enjoys her weekend!

  35. You are one handsome mancat Felix.

  36. That last photo is a very handsome picture of you Felix.

  37. Felix, you didn't want to cooperate, but your dad got you anyway! Good job, daddy!!

  38. Very handsome this photo shoot. Dad got a good one and you didn't know it. Him is good.

    Here's to a good work week for Mom.

    Everyone have a good week. It's the only way to go.

    Later .....

  39. Oh Felix, it must be hard being so irresistibly handsome. Your daddy did get some good shots, though!


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